No plan ever survives contact with superheroes or sun gods.

March 10, 2019:

An armoured car robbery doesn't go entirely to plan.

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New York was getting a little hot for him recently, normally he tries to fly under the radar not normally too hard given the capes and supervillians getting around. But in the end no matter what people are going to pay attention to the heavily armed well trained squad of men hitting banks and armoured cars. He didn't really want to operate in New York again, at least for a while. But the score was just too good in the end, so he decided on one last score before leaving New York to his more legitimate business, hell maybe his heists would stir up even more business on that side of things.

A private armored convoy, moving a citizens private hoard of gold and even a couple of near 'priceless' artifacts. Hard to fence, not something he would normally go after. But if he is hitting it anyway, why the hell not? The convoy looks like one right out of the movies. Two black SUV's as the rear and lead vehicle with a larger vehicle in between them.

When the ambush happens it is sudden, it is violent and it is not subtle in the slightest. A manhole cover explodes from the street propelled by high explosive right through the engine block of the lead vehicle, shattering it in a brutal display of shrapnel. A small rocket whooshes out of an alleyway punching into the side of the armoured SUV bringing up the rear, exploding the left side of the engine open before the vehicle flips and slides in a shower of sparks on its side to a rest. The middle vehicle just seems to slow before finally coming to a stop just behind the shattered lead vehicle, the more observant among the pedestrians may notice the massive bullet holes through the radiator.


Sitting in the back of an armoured Pym Industries limousine Nadia Van Dyne was, up until moments ago, trying her utmost to cope with the boredom of traffic. And it seems her wish for something to liven up her journey has unfortunately come true as the driver swerves as the traffic brakes to avoid the incident.

She frantically fumbles with the catch for the skylight and pokes her head up to get a better view of whatever is happening. Perhaps not the wisest course of action when people are shooting guns, but hey if they weren't shooting at her car to start with it's fair to assume she's not the target.


New York, it had been as central a hub as Amaterasu had used during her time here on earth. Of course, she'd decided to take a more direct hand in the world these days than she had in a very long time. There weren't all that many praying for prosperity and health to the sun goddess, but the demon invasion and the actions of a certain half-sibling had shown here there were more ways for the gods to try and help people.

The explosion filling the street, the seemingly normal looking Japanese girl in the cafe simply drops the mug she'd been holding to the tabletop and starts to run out onto the street, making her way the opposite direction most would be fleeing.


It is only after the explosion the team really reveals itself. They come pouring out of the alleyways a couple even hauling themselves out of the now exploded manhole cover. They are all dressed more or less the same in black fatigues, plate carriers loaded with gear and full face masks equipped with voice modulaters. They carry an assortment of gear assault rifles, shotguns and a couple have LAW tubes slung just in case. They fan out weapons pointed towards the windows and doors of the stopped vehicles making sure that they security inside can't risk so much as propping a door open without getting riddled with bullets. A couple more watch the crowd, this is America afterall anyone could be packing.

The final team consisting of Billy and three men make it for the last vehicle, attaching a long strip of what looks like thick dark cloth to the rear doors. "Open the fucking doors, or we will blow them open. It is your call!" He backs away and thumbs a detonater infront of the window, it is even complete with a little red button.


The sudden arrival of a hoard of armed goons spurs Nadia into action. She ducks back down into the safety of her limo and opens the pendant with her Wasp costume inside. Seconds later she's shrinking herself so rapidly she seems to vanish only to return to normal size a blink of a moment later prepared for heroics.

Launching herself skywards the teenage supergenius yells out "Please throw down your weapons and surrender peacefully. I have called for the authorities and if you continue to endanger people I will be forced to use force to stop you!" An amplifier in her suit making her voice carry even over the chaos that's unfolding.


Ami herself doesn't shrink, nor does she have quite the same style of more classical 'hero' costume. But her approach is no less dramatic! Leaping high, she clears the truck entirely to land between the men and the van, her form wreathed in swirling flame for a few moments. Civilian 'street' clothing melts away, baring skin for only the smallest fraction of a second before the 'goddess' stands, wrapped in her armor and brandishing her sword. A frown rests on her lips…she knew these men.

"Stand down," she speaks, accent hanging on her words in English. "You will not get the same mercy this time."


"Well can't say I was expecting to see you again, not when no one but my crew knew that I would be here today. Might need to do some restructuring." He shakes his head before thumbing the protective cover off his movie style detonator. "Guess we are doing this the hard way." His finger presses down on the big red button and the street is once again smothered by the sound of EXPLOSION! The van explodes behind Amaterasu with all the force a couple blocks of platic explosive. Luckily most of the shrapnel is thrown up or into the vehicle rather than towards her, but the force, the force cannot be dampened too much and hits her full force.

As for Nadia she is met with a hail of gunfire from both the shotguns and assault rifles of the assembled men. The gunfire is accurate and disciplined afterall unknown to her but easily enough guessed these men are all highly trained most likely ex-special forces soldiers. To make matters worse most of the men with AR's are packing AP rounds. They were expecting the security here to be wearing armour.


The moment the men turn their guns skywards the Wasp shrinks in size. They may well be exceptionally trained marksmen but it takes inhuman skill and advanced weapons tech to hit an insect in flight. Especially when it's moving at sixty miles an hour and twirling in the air, taking an unpredictable path as she closes on the nearest group of shooters.

It's once she gets close that she finally returns fire. Wrist mounted energy weapons emitting little zaps of searing light, scorching trigger hands and damaging weapons as she makes repeated strafing runs.


Amaterasu had been learning quite a bit about the modern world and its technologies. Certainly, whatever it was that made Nadia able to fly and shrink was interesting in itself. However, she hadn't quite managed to come across plastic explosive before, so the erruption behind her? It catches her by suprise. There's a noise of shock and a little angry words in her native tongue as Amaterasu is thrown forwards. She was resiliant, but not immune to physics!

Climbing back to her knees she gives a cry, extending a hand and sending a wave of flame washing out to keep the men backwards and threaten incineration if they try to force their way into the van. She cared more about the drivers than the gold, but she didn't really want these men getting away again.


"Well this is how things go isn't it, always super smooth." Billy drawls as he moves forward, luckily enough all of the loot was already bagged up for him for easy transport. That sure as hell made things a little more convenient. Two of the men move forward and grab the cargo, before backing away guns trained towards the very temporarily stunned god. Billy keys his radio talking to someone who is clearly not immediately present on th scene "Fates, target the Sun. Doubt even you can hit the…whatever that is." He starts to back away firing off small bursts from his own weapon towards the sun godess. Unseen by Amaterasu a scope is currently dialing in, loaded with the vehicle killing .50 BMG rounds that had the van screeching to a halt. Hopefully it will at least slow her down.

The wasp is…not something easy to deal with. Not something they had truly prepared for, they were ready for the Superman types or the street level vigilantes not this. But in the end his men are well armoured, their skin covered head to toe. So her attacks were at least limited in how effective they are. But they will have a lot of problems if none of their weapons work. They left the security guards alive on purpose after all. "Back, Back to the cars. Come on! Lets go." They have trouble targetting her small form already, and once she is among them they have to worry about each other.


Thankfully for Nadia her intent was never to cause any serious injury to the men. But as she gets closer the energy blasts she fires into the weapons are increased in potency until they can slice steel. And then she's in amongst them, flitting too and fro, striking with the full force and precision of a Red Room assassin condensed to the size of a bullet.

Of course the criminals can't be allowed to escape. And from her wrist mounted launchers each one gets targetted with a shrink capsule. Turning regular sized vehicles into childrens toys. She might not get them all before they can flee though. Although any of the tiny cars which try make an escape will find they have a lot further to travel!


Last time, she'd been forced to prioritize the hostages over stopping the attackers. But that time? She'd been alone. Light flares and the goddess disappears, but so too do the drivers, only to reappear several blocks over. No hostages, now there was only…copious amounts of collateral damage that could be inflicted. Certainly, populated cities made things complicated!

With a leap into the air, she's already making her way back across the sky towards the van. It'd be one hell of a shot for the sniper, but she certainly didn't know the marksman was tracking her either as she makes to land in the gunmen's midst. She didn't plan on cutting them down with the sword, but being punched by an Amatsu-kami probably wasn't going to be fun.


One of the men manages to reach into one of their escape vehicles as the one down the alley from him shrinks to the size of a childrens toy, wrenching out a gear bag to the ground before it too is shrunk. Well that is unfortunate, but if they must they can always aquire new vehicles or pile in. Several of the men reach into the gear bag and pull out grenades, but they are hardly regular grenades. They almost as one pull the pins and roll them into the alley. Within a single moment the entire alleyway is full of a white smoke like substance. To people full sized it is not much of an issue. An unpleasant residue and stickiness tacking up their gear, probably not too healthy to inhale. But to those shrunken down to a small size where the particles would seem much larger, the glue chaff grenade is devastating, working into essential workings or just weighing down and tacking on the the much smaller size making movement near immpossible. On top of that it is almost impossible to see through the thick fog. "Come on, move!"

Amaterasu is not easy to deal with, but her at least they are immediately ready for someone like her. But of course they are mere mortals so there is only so ready you can be. The sniper is an expert, but they don't normally fight beings that can move like that. The men with the LAW tubes can't target her easily when she is among their compatriots. So that leaves the AP AR's. They are in full retreat now, having the cargo they came for and dealing with more than they bargained for. Even Billy is running for it, reaching down for the S&W 500 holstered across his chest.


The Wasp suit has several gadgets which at least prevent the glue cloud from being instantly fatal. Internal life support systems prevent her from choking and sensors provide an overlay view of the world using radar, infra-red and other less conventional means of seeing. Her tiny fluttering wings start to stall as the glue gunks them up.

For a moment it looks like Nadia may have been taken out. But shrinking isn't her only power and suddenly with a thundering crash a fifteen foot tall giant lurches out from the cloud of smoke. The increase in size and power allow her wings to tear themselves free from the glue. Her giant feet are driven into the ground at full speed with an immense crash that leaves a crater in the road. Snatching up the blasted off door to the armoured car she begins to follow the men into the alley, where the restricted space will make it incredibly hard for the rear guard to dodge her giant sweeping attacks.


Amaterau's sword was sheathed, that was a small mercy. But as the goddess reached out to hoist an armored man twice her size off the ground before throwing him hard into a nearby car door? It probably still hurt quite a bit. Those AP rounds? They might leave some welts, but they weren't big enough on their own to really be anything more than moving through heavy hail for her. Another sweep, a snap-kick sends a second man hurtling through the air with a few crushed ribs before she turns her path in time to spot Billy and his S&W. She remembered that gun, and the ring leader…but there was also the bag carriers.

Narrowing her eyes the woman crouches down and then… a blinding light fills the alleyway, intense enough to be seen to a measure behind closed eyelids. From within the light…or perhaps made of the light itself, a giant snarling 'dire-wolf' erupts and barrels towards the men carrying the bags.


Most of their Assault rifles and shotguns are not functioning anymore courtesy of her earlier attacks. But that does not leave them weaponless at all. They watch as she grows forming such a large shape in the smoke. Luckily for them they don't seem to have much issue dealing with the obscured vision either. Two of the men draw the LAW tubes from their backs and aim them at the incredibly large target infront of them. The other two fall back further drawing large calibre handguns as then drop into a tunnel of love formation. Falling back while others fire before they swap. If she swings the door, rather than using it as a shield she will leave herself exposed to the rocket launchers. They just need to make the street and steal a car and then they can get out of here. They are well and truly running out of tricks now. So it is now or never.

"What the fuck is that!" That he had not seen before. A giant fucking apparently supernatural wolf. "Kill that fucking thing! Get that .50 firing damnit." He fires off a couple of rounds from his massive hand cannon before turning and sprinting for their own armoured getaway vehicles. "Run, lets get the hell out of here." The men with the LAW tubes try to line her up before turning and running themselves. She is too fast, too easily lost among their own number and the obstructions of the city.


If only there was a way for Nadia to make the door big enough to attack with and shield her from attacks. Thankfully there's a Pym Particle for that. Suddenly the door is swelling in size, until even the LAW rounds the men are carrying will struggle to blast all the way through, the sides scrape at the nearby buildings as she shoves it forward. Battering into the men with a wall of steel.


Amaterasu looked bigger, meaner and deadlier. But she wasn't any less resistant to the hail of bullets that was coming her way. The massive wolf actually shuts its eyes for a moment as the heavier bullets slam into her head, but she leaps and slams down onto one of the bag men, pinning him under he bulk as she pounces and bares fangs that look like they could tear him apart. She snarls, exhaling a gout of flame towards the retreating men. When they got up today to rob a convoy, they almost certainly didn't plan for giants and freaking FIRE BREATHING bulletproof wolves!


Well this did not go down flawlessly, in fact this went about as bad as could be expected given the amount of damn prep work and planning that went into this damn heist. One of his teams is down, battered by a car door that must weigh at least a couple of tonnes that took even the heaviest of his weapons. That suit really must enhance her strength to an insane level to be carrying something like that let alone running down an alley battering aside all obstacles.

And on the other side they have a literal goddess of the sun that just halved their loot and hospitalised three of his men. Fantastic. That is going to take some fucking cleaning up. At least the rest of his men have reached their vehicles and are getting the hell out of dodge. Or New York. Same thing really. "Well fuck." He looks around the rest of his men in the SUV as it skids down the road. "Anyone else hurt? Cos we are going to have work to do later apparently."


With most of the goons in full retreat but a lot of chaos and collateral damage left in their wake Nadia has little choice but to call off the chase. Stray AP rounds could have caused all sorts of carnage to innocent bystanders in the surrounding buildings. And it's that which prompts her to revert to normal size and provide whatever first aid she can. At least once she's ensured the goons who didn't flee have been properly secured and hopefully not mauled and/or incinerated by the mythical wolf monster woman. It's just as well her utility belt includes a portable medical tent and what is functionally an animal cage but will serve as a temporary goon prison. It's good to be prepared after all.


Soon enough, the 'Wolf' would fade into glowing light, replaced by the youthful-looking Japanese girl dressed like she'd stepped out of some period piece. Red, gold and white designs over a full kimono, the goddess steps calmly off the half-crushed unconcious man and frowns. More of them escaped, but at least this time they might be tracked down. Part of her hoped that the men would take her seriously the next time she told them to surrender, but Amaterasu was almost certain they'd simply bring bigger guns.

A sigh, she begins to stride down the alleyway with the captive in tow and tosses him onto the pavement. He could be treated, but she'd make certain he was apprehended.

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