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Rogue and Kurt meet after a 2 year span of time.

X School Foyer


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Crawling along the wall above the main thoroughfare, waving to a few as he goes, Nightcrawler makes his way along. Somewhat relaxed now among 'his own kind' in the mansion, looking about with a pensive curiosity, trying to spy another of the X-Men, rather than the students as he moves.

Rogue appears from the top of the stairs in the main foyer, she's holding a stack of books against her torso and is moving down the stairs, not looking up at the ceiling. She's wearing a dark green sweater with a dark red scarf wrapped around her neck and draped down her chest and back. A black skirt and some black leather shoes complete her outfit, beyond the dark red gloves on her hands. She's humming a quiet tune to herself and seems to be in fine spirits as she descends.

Hearing the humming and then spotting the flash of white hair, Nightcrawler calls out, "Ach! kleine Schwester! I had been away from the mansion so long, you are looking the belle as ever!" beaming as he waves, waiting until he has her attention before flipping to the floor in a quick twist to stand nearby.

Rogue ends up at the base of the staircase before he speaks and she stops as he does. It doesn't take her but a second to recognize his voice and when she does she looks up and smiles real big at him. Its been almost two years since she'd seen him, she thinks anyway, and when he drops down onto the floor she sets the items in her arms aside and then moves to give him a hug. "Where the heck've you been, Mistah?" She asks him while hugging him, before pulling back. "This place has been way more dull without you, Kurt!"

Returning the embrace, Kurt's smile is all kind friendliness and pointed teeth. "Oh, you could say I had to attend to my faith, and a few other things, ja?" He scratcches lightly at the beard covering the lower half of his face now "Caught up in my own thoughts before He directed me back to those whom I should be with, rather than with myself." he ducks his head, abashed, "Forgive me, would I have at least written it would be better I suppose." he brings around a package with his tail, "I was coming to see you first though, once I got the courage to return to the mansion. Brought a few things from back home that I thought you might like." offering the wrapped parcel to her.

Rogue holds a grin at him and keeps her right gloved hand on his elbow for a moment before she pulls it back. "Hey. I'm just glad t'see ya and know that you're okay. Things have been pretty crazy around here, so its nice t'see another familiar face." But when he sweeps the tail around and presents her with a present, she lets her eyes open wider and then looks from the package up to Kurt, then back to the package. "For me?!" She asks, reaching out now to take the package and hold it up to beam happily at it! "Thats so sweet, Kurt! … Can I open it?" She doesn't wait for an answer, she steps off to a chair beside the steps, sits down and palces it in her lap where she starts to open it up!

"Of course, kleine Schwester." laughing gently, Kurt watches her, slipping into his more customary crouch nearby, watching her reaction as selections of bavarian chocolates, a few small bottles of french perfume, a little carved figurine of a norse troll, and a pair of forearm length gloves, of italian leather, are revealed, bit by bit. "Likely not as spectacular as what Remy or other would be suitors would bring, but I figure… a lady, a southern flower… I believe is the phrase usd? French perfume, and if you must wear gloves at times - you may as well be comfortable, and stylish, ja?" winking.

Rogue continues to unwrap it until she can see all the items inside of the packaging and she then looks up at Kurt and tilts her head to him, a big smile on her lips, but its a warm one, an endearing one to show that she thinks the world of him giving her this grab bag of swag. "You're the sweetest drinka tea in the whole wide world." She says then to him, looking down for a second and then back up at him. "I love it." She says back further. "All of it." A grin shows up then and she reaches out to touch the side of his face with her gloved hand. "It means the world t'me, Kurt, really. Especially with how stuff has been around here of late…"

Nodding, even leaning into the touch, Kurt smiles, golden eyes flashing, "Ja, I have heard, sentinels." he frowns, "I was called to a luncheon at Stark Tower, when I resuced one Dame Pott's bag from a mugger, and was called back again to give ideas for a few good will projects in the city. We were attacked by three. They were after Iron Man, and you can imagine what they did when they 'detected a mutant' in their midst.
"I have spoken with Herr Strange, and he introduced me to Donna Troy of the Justice League… We may be sharing data between ourselves, them, and the Avengers to find a way to put this matter down hard."
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Rogue listens to him explain all of this while she looks down to the box that he filled up with gifts for her and she picks up one or two items here and there before she sets them back down and looks back up to him again. "Do be careful." Rogue warns him about the Sentienls. "We're not able t'hit them as strong as I wish we were. I've been stayin' around here as much as I can t'keep the students feel safer. So I've not been leapin' at missions away from the school. We're… hopin' that groups like the League and the Avengers can handle it. Or at least, I am, I guess."

"It is good you are here to protect die Kinder, Anna. You are stronger, more durable… you can fly." Kurt gives a fleeting smile as he rattles off her advantages. "I am fast, and… well I can get places = quicker than most of us. So I can scout, and for those who can recouperate quickly from traveling my way - I can move them to where they need to be." he reaches to pat her shoulder, "There may be a point you are called to join us at the front, little sister. I think you feel the need to watch over the children is Gott telling you that you are to be here, to protect them." looking at her ernestly, "but I believe He put me there to know that I must stand at the front lines, to give His protection to the righteous, whether they acknowledge His love and championing of them, as they champion man-mind… So, Weiter christlicher Soldat, ja?"

Rogue admired Kurt's religious beliefs, even if she always rebelled against her aunt whenever her aunt would try to get her to go to church on Sunday mornings growing up. Mostly though, it was because her aunt wanted her to put on fancy/pretty dresses and Rogue—Anna-Marie was entirely against that. She liked her jeans, tanktops and flannel shirts… country girl style. One of many ways she and her guardian, Aunt Carrie, butted heads before Rogue eventually ran away to Mystique where she met Kurt.

Right now, she just grins lightly at him. "I don't know nothin' about that, but it sounds romantic and believable, so I can dig it and I'll go along with it." She tells him. "Just make sure t'be extra careful. Cause you're important t'me, and… now I gotta get ya a good welcome home gift. Guess I'll have'ta go shoppin', see what I can scrouge up."

Laughing melodically, Kurt gives her shoulder one more squeeze, "Your kindness is gift enough for me, Anna. It is good to see you again, I feared I would have stumbled onto Logan upon my initial arrival, and I suspect that would have been a rougher calling to home." he tips a wink, "I am glad you like it all, the chocolates are from where I grew up, some have coffee liquer… and I think some were mixed with proper schnapps, so they will have a little kick, ja?" he shrugs with a waggle of his brows, "We will talk more later, though. I am going to see how my room has fared in my absence… and see whom I have to track down to get back my stuff." all smiles once more. "Tschuss, Lieber." and he springs over her neatly, twisting to put his feet on the wall before springbording and disappearing into a cloud of indigo smoke and a BAMF of displaced air.

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