No Tolerance

March 06, 2019:

The Sentinels come for Tony Stark. But he is not easy to catch, and he has friends. (emits by Nate).

Stark Tower. Mostly the bunker level.


NPCs: Number Two


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~I just want your company~

Tony sits down in the workshop squeezing a hand grip as the computer runs the simulation with the new safety parameters in place. He was expecting visitors, but it seems unlikely that he'd be able to receive one of them until after hours at Stark Towers, so he was busily getting some more work down in the meantime. Sitting on the table is a half-eaten sandwich from Angelos and some sludge like green beverage that has fruit/vegi floaties in it.

Over the loudspeakers, is Hed(pe).

Tony has one knee propped up against the edge of the table and he's wearing one of his athletics shirts with the neural pathways to connect up with his suit. One finger reaches out to plug in a new figure on the keyboard to change the diagram running with a little frown. Across the room sits the actual machine what he is running the holograph simulation on. It looks like a giant arc reactor but with pylons constructed up at various points around it.

All of this takes place in the floor beneath his Penthouse affectionately named the Bunker. The floor isn't on any documented blue prints and doesn't ''officially'' exist on Stark Tower records.

~No momma don't trust me tonight~

Everyone is burning the late night oil. Pepper back into those heeled pumps comes up the stairway from her private office and is soon sliding her keycard against the penthouse reader. The beep and chime as she clears the strip is followed by a push of her shoulder into the door. In she steps and in another armload of things to go over. She gives a toss of her red hair and with long strides and the tell tale -click-click-click of her heels across the floor, Pepper approaches Tony. The navy blouse flutters a bit in the wake of her movement and she lowers her armload onto the table near him and stands there.

"I have a few more things for your to look over and I have hired on Nightcrawler to help with the Stark Community Wellness program. He is unable to direct the division himself so he is brining me a lost of names from those he works with in the city. I will find someone to take over soon enough." She is saying this as she is sorting out hard copy files for him to sign and pulling them up in duplicate on her clear tablet. "I did not want to have to come up here but a few more things cleared and it's best to just get them on their way. There is another board meeting in a few days."

She sounds tired, exhausted really as she shuffles things around for him so she can read or sign them as he sees fit - Pepper reads everything anyways.

The Punisher is not someone anyone would expect to enter Stark Tower… yet Frank needed expertise beyond him and Microchips ability, and Stark was the best bet in this field.

It's about a minute after Pepper arrives that there's a newcomer through the door to the 'bunker'. Outside is a trenchcoat wearing Frank Castle with his infamous white skull vest… and he's carrying a backpack? "Special delivery." He quips.

It has actually been a pretty nice day for early march. Sunny, relatively warm. The night is cooler, but not really cold. Manhattan again looks like the busy center of the world it is, with all the damage of the so-called Demon Invasion already repaired in all the main streets. And even most of the poorest sections, like Mutant Town, look quite like their old selves. Maybe a little cleaner in the new construction, but the pollution and grime produced by millions of New Yorkers will return everything to normal soon.

But the night is not quiet. Three large shadows fly a few yards over the buildings. Propelled by newly installed antigravity systems. And concealed in part by holographic and anti-radar military technology. They have managed to avoid the sophisticated but mundane air-control detection systems blanketing the city. Assaulting Stark Tower, however, requires far stronger measures.

"Sir, I am detecting a total communication failure on all the land lines, both main and the back-ups. We are still connected through wi-fi radio and satelli… correction, we lost wi-fi signal too." There is a brief flicker on the lights. "We have been disconnected from the cellphone networks and from New York power grid. Sir, I don't detect any damage or malfunction in our systems."

Meanwhile, down on the street, Microchip is talking to Frank through the secure lines of the battle van, parked a few city blocks away. "I have to say I wouldn't mind to meet in person with Stark myself," states Micro not for the first time in the last hour. He wanted to be in the meeting, took a while to convince him to stay home. There is a burst of static in the line.

"Frank? Can you hear me?" Asks Micro, sounding concerned. "Interssskkffss… I am trying to compensate. Damnit, it looks like what the cyborg did last time. I am losing you."

Appearing in a cloud of indigo smoke that is whipped away by the winds shortly after his arrival. Nightcrawler hangs from Pepper's office balcony, as promised, lifting himself up to peek in to check for other people in office, only to find it empty. *BAMF* displaced again, a cloud of brimstone wafts around the mutant as he steps from the cloud and into the office proper.

Considering a moment, weighing the potential problems of appearing in the penthouse, summoned or otherwise, Wagner frowns and paces for a moment. Drawing out the phone he has been employing, and frowns when an attempt to dial simply returns with a 'no signal' alert and heaves a sigh. A moment more is used, and finally he decides to test something. "Urhm… Jarvis?"

"JARVIS, end music playback." The music ends as Pepper appears with her box of goodies and Tony leans towards it once she's set it down. Not like he's got anything else to do while he waits, might as well look like he's got a company to run. "Just make sure Happy has his biometric in the security system. I'll have them downloaded to your tablet." He points at said tablet and the download is already started. All the scans JARVIS took of Nightcrawler from the previous few visits.

The lights flickering is problematic, but the Bunker isn't on the New York power grid as is the unsecured sections of Stark Tower. It would be a universally bad thing if some of his experiments were suddenly deactivated because of a brownout when some joker down in Tribeca decided he wanted to watch Mystery Singer AND cook a hotpocket at the same time. Likewise, JARVIS may server drives are connected to the huge arc reactor in the sub-levels of the Tower protected by every piece of technology Tony can think of to shield it against assautl.

Sometimes, just sometimes, it's good to be paranoid.

"Heeey, Frankie boy. Come on in.." Narrowing his eyes at the flickering light, "You doing this? This isn't cool man, you're not Batman… JARVIS, what the hell is going on?"

"Sir, it appears as if all standard methods of communication and power are being systematically deactivated. I have initiated a shift to reactor power for the time being." JARVIS says all around the room.

"Yeah.." Squinting, Tony heads straight back to a computer and brings up one of Stark Techs satelites, "This something to do with the city damage? I thought we fixed all this… Frank, put that down right over there.." He points towards one of his other stations with a huge bank of servers, "I'll hook it up in a second and see what I can yank out of it."

"Everything is already taken care of, I am going to see if our blue friend would appear otherwise or if we are to keep his moniker for everything. He actually should be arriving and I now realize where. Likely my office." Pepper is already lifts her head to gaze at the overhead lights as they flicker, a red brow arching before he is pushing documents towards Tony, already marked where he needs to sign. A pen - foreign thing that it is - is set down before him.

"JARVIS, when our friend arrives please tell him to come to the penthouse, I nearly forgot." Busy bee.

"Yes, Miss Potts he has just arrived."

Back in Pepper's office just one level down JARVIS speaks up. "Miss Potts would like you to join her in the penthouse."

Pepper turns her head and glances then at Frank, gathering up a few folders in her arms as she nods to him. "Since Tony forgot to, would you like something to drink?" Though her nerves are a bit on edge with things going down she shakes it off and moves the electronic copy of the document and motions, "Fingerprint."

A finger is placed on the transceiver on his ear, "I hear you." Frank replies to the air. Whether or not Microchip heard him is another matter. Nonetheless, Frank turns to Tony with an utterly serious expression. "You have incoming Sentinels, Stark. If you want this big eyesore to have a chance, get ready for combat."

The backpack is taken from his shoulder and tossed to a nearby table. It'd have to keep. For now, he pulls a custom Remington 870 saed off from a trenchcoat holster, and checks the tube magazine. "I'll do what I can. I have experience with these things." He grates out as he takes in the room… especially through the windows, if there are any.

BAMF. Nightcrawler appears in the penthouse, in a corner, close to the cieling clinging to the wall in a crouch, the shadows naturally beginning to wrap around him. The sound is hard to miss, as is the puff of smoke - but up on the wall is less likely to have someone 'there' for him to teleport into.

Dropping with a forward roll to land in a crouch, Nightcrawler looks about the room, commenting aloud, "Dame Potts, it is a curious sort of disturbance outside, ja. While I suppose this would be one of the more secure locations, should you wish to be moved to safety, I could transport you… and apologize in advance for how you will feel." remaining crouched, off to the side. It's comfortable there.

The Tower own power supply is still working, but it looks like the building has been insulated from the rest of the city. "Satellite communications are down too," announces JARVIS. "Sir, I am under attack. They seem US military attack programs. I am blocking them but they are scanning and shifting with surprising alacrity." But not good enough to take down a virtual intelligence like JARVIS. "I have been forced to shut down some peripheral systems. Like the sensors outside…"

A shadow hides the lights of the buildings outside. "Which perhaps was the enemy's intention," adds JARVIS sounding apologetic.

The windows shatter, a huge hand crashing through. "Anthony Stark," booms a robotic voice. "You are needed. Compliancy is advised. This unit is authorized to use lethal force."

Those are probably not the 'Sentinels' Frank had in mind! That robot is 18 feet tall, painted black, and floating silently just outside Stark Tower.

And the second Kurt bamf-in a second robot appears. While the first one tries to grab Tony, the second Sentinel stays still a few seconds. "WARNING. Mutant detected. Secondary objectives upgraded. Scanning… mutant codename: Nightcrawler. Beta level threat." Large machine guns deploy from the robot shoulders, laser sights trying to track Nightcrawler through the windows.

Tony glances at Frank when he indicates there's Sentinels, "JARVIS, power up the MK VI and unlock Pepper's Rescue suit. Initiate protocol 'not in my house'." He's surprisingly calm for a guy who's about to get attacked by 18 foot tall robots.

One of those huge fists smashes through the glass of the Penthouse and Tony glances upwards with a frown. On all other undamaged windows, blast shields drop into place to protect the Tower from intrution. Tony is jogging towards the section where he keeps his armors, zipping up his vest even as the front of the armor slides apart like segmented plates to allow him access. It closes around him once he's leaning back, helmet clicking into place. The eyes ignite in a light blue/white and he stalks forward off the platform with his palms flexing.

When he speaks, it's through directional mics, "Hey Frank, catch." He grabs off an energy based rifle from an assortment of various weaponry lining one wall and tosses it in the Punisher's direction. "I'll be right back, I don't think these guys are selling Girl Scout cookies."

There's a section of the floor that slides away and allows access to the penthouse through the ceiling of the Bunker. "Excuse me for being a stickler about things, but I really have to ask if you've got an appointment.. Busy guy, lots of things going on. How about we reschedule for Next Tuesday?"

One of those meat paws grabs hold of him where he's hovering and begins to yank him out of the open window, "Rude." The suit releases an EMP pulse counter measure, "Unhand me villain."

Looking to Nightcrawler as he suddenly appears, Pepper is about to say something when the window shatters. Decisions are made in the blink of an eye and without an answer to Kurt she is kicking off her heels and running full force across the room to the lockers. JARVIS has it open for her already and so she quickly touches the case as it flips open and slides forward towards her. She extends both hands out towards the case with its waiting suit segments and they seize upon the bracelets she is already wearing. Instantly they tighten and the armor begins to slide up her body, segmenting and fitting together as snuggly as any Iron Man suit. It glides up her chest and down her legs and with soft clicks and clacks the vertebrae settling into place with whooshes. She gives a shake of her head to clear her face of hair and then that helmet cascades up the back of her head and flips over the front to cover her the eyes light up.

She turns then as Tony is grabbed and with the clink clank that sounds heavier then the heels she had arrived in she crosses the floor towards him and lifts off the ground as she points her fingers and releases a sudden ready stream of lasers from their tips, trying to cleave the head off the robot.

It'd almost look like it was practiced, except the Punisher was just that good as he catches the rifle in mid-air. The shotgun is on the floor, discarded, as Frank looks over the basics of it. If it's anything like a normal design, he'll easily figure it out and be behind cover within moments.

Then, he's taking pot shots at the incoming black robots, aiming right for the forehead for a clean 'kill'.

"Frank Castle is dead." Frank offers in a statement to Iron Man as he suits up.

"Ayiee!" Nightcrawler calls out in legitimate fear, disappearing in a cloud of smoke again, pressing himself up into a corner, golden eyes squeezed shut as his feet cling to the wall, his hands clasped before him, murmuring low to himself "Gott im Himmel, schutze mich, aber wenn dies mein Tag ist, endlich an deiner Seite zu stehen, lass mich gut sterben!"
Eyes opening, lips twisted into a frown, scanning the room. He spies something close, head tilting at the shape and he springboards from the wall, twisting mid-air and curling to spring again from the floor, landing on the wall. "Vas… is das?"
Lifting up what looks like a rapier that is suddenly wreathed in energy, that cannot quite cut through the shadows that wreathe his form. "Meine Gott!" he looks to the sentinel, pointed teeth showing in the sudden smile. "Danke Vater"

The first Sentinel has succeeded to grab Stark but not in time to prevent him from armoring-up. "Negative. This unit primary mission requires to bring designate Anthony Stark… ssssscrack…"

Several things happen at once to the Sentinel. Like being hit point-blank with an electromagnetic pulse. It is very well shielded, but still this close its hand suffers a cascade of short-circuits and electronic damage. And then Rescue and Punisher fire at its head, causing deep laser cuts and the explosion of one of his eyes.

But that is only some sensor gear and the speakers, not critical damage. It pulls back, likely dragging Iron Man out of the building with his damaged hand. At least the Sentinel can't squeeze.

The second Sentinel opens fire on Nightcrawler, only to have metal sheets covering the windows. Heavy machine gun rounds slam against the metal very loudly, but the projectiles fail to penetrate. The sentinel shifts tactics, renouncing to a precision attack for brute force. The plasma burst from the palm of his hand blows the metal covers into the room, shattered and half-melted, along with a considerable amount of fire and light.


Authorized to use lethal force, indeed.

"How very Punny." Tony says to Frank, funny+punisher.. it's a work. They'll probably get better as the night goes on. Tony careens out the window in what remains of the Sentinel's grip, but prys himself out as they fall and rockets away on his repulsors into a tight mid-air turn that has him pointing back at the molten glow that was one of the blast shields, "JARVIS, get active scans on these things." Truth is, they probably picked the exact wrong person to send robots to fight.

Small missile pods rise up on either shoulder of the red and gold armor and fire off a series of high impact, low yield mini-warheads at designated target points along the damaged Sentinel. Iron Man raises one hand to send a steady stream of repulsor burn off at the sectional junction between head and shoulder at a second. JARVIS, routs communications to the Penthouse from Tony's suit, "We need to lure them away from the city center, I've notified emergency vehicles incase there's any debrie falling to ground level, but if one of these things explodes it's going to get really nasty down on the street."

They want him right?

Let's see how fast they can move. "You want me?" Hovering backwards after his attacks, "Come get me."

"I need bigger guns." Punisher grumps as he continues to fire. That eye looks burnt out…

Taking a moment to breath out, Punisher takes steady aim, and starts to fire a steady stream of energy from that rifle Stark gave him, trying to burn a hole right through them. "Going to need to go and grab some gear after this."

The explosion above turns Rescue's head but Tony being drug out of the tower is her first concern. She hits the ground and goes running forward with the heavy CLINK CLANK of her suited feet. Up she jumps and out the window as she hovers mid-air, circling higher above the sentinel and aiming down with the repulsive blast from her right hand aiming for the eye that Punisher managed to explode. «Tony, ideas of where it might be weak. JARVIS, give me a read out." She does not stay still, quickly leaning and flying about a tight circle as she aims. When Tony starts to take off she looks back at the tower and then frowns. «I am going back in. Tony…» She drops back in and quickly rushes through the bunker at full tilt. She twists midair and flips her repulsors out on her feet to come to a quick stop and her hands whip forward and uses her force fields to rush around the sentinel and prevent it from getting free. «GO! Get him out of here and follow Tony!» Pepper tries to hold the sentinel with a reversal implementation of her force fields.

One of the half-melted shreds of shutters bounces and slams into the wall just before Nightcrawler's eyes, causing him to duck back, looking along the path of its trajectory,
"Christus sei mit uns" Kurt frowns,and looks to Rescue when she crashes in "Nein, meine Dame! I will fight!" he disappears in an explosion of smoke, appearing next to Frank, "Punisher. I will draw it's attention you… do what you do." He knows of Frank Castle, everyone who's done vigilante work knows The Punisher. The smart ones know what he is best at too.
Nightcrawler looks out the way the second Sentinal was, that blasted through the shutters, leaping as he disappears with a *BAMF* energy blade ignited and in the air behind the head of the unit that called him by name, driving to slam the energy blade into the back of the robot's head. Hopefully.

JARVIS response to Stark comes with a burst of interferences, but so close to the tower it manages to get through. "Sir. It looks like an standard Mark II Sentinel, built by Trask Industries. Specifics are classified top secret. However the flight system is clearly not standard."

Top secret, but still there has been some reports on the capabilities of these robots. And Iron Man fought variants of them in Genosha, so. "Frontal chest armor is the thickest. Main CPU and the fusion reactor are underneath. Not in the head. The power plant is only a 4% as efficient as an arc reactor, but much larger so the full output is comparable to the Iron Man mk IV suit. Back armor is a 35% weaker. Main weaponry includes plasma ejectors in the hands, ballistic weaponry in several areas and non-lethal options including tear gas, electric shocks." There are no blueprints, just reports.

As Iron Man manages to free himself, the damaged Sentinel hovers in place, taking more shots to the head that shatter more ceramic and metal plates from it. But as JARVIS hinted. Nothing important is inside the head.

And yet. "Warning, critical damage to anti-grav systems detected," the 15 tons metal monster is falling towards the busy street below!

The second Sentinel is intercepted by Rescue forcefield, and pinned against the building, where Nightcrawler stands it in the head with an energy blade. Its response is a powerful electrical discharge over his body, trying to electrocute those touching it.

"Thanks buddy." Tony says to JARVIS as the information is relayed and he makes good on its use… or would if one of the sentinels hadn't suddenly gone critical and started falling towards the street below. "No!" Iron Man is off and rocketing towards the falling metal monstrocity, then past its descent to come up from beneath with his head bent to one side and his shoulder eating the brunt of the falling force. Both hands press in against the damaged, falling, weapon to add stability as he fires both foot mounted repulsors and stabilizer thrusters in his ankles to add more umph to the counter speed.

"Pepper, you still got the number to that interior decorator?" Because of course he's making jokes. It's a defense mechanism.

When Nightcrawler comes about and goes back in, Pepper starts to make a sound of frustration but releases the thing moments before the sword is plunged towards it. She hisses inside the Rescue armor and watches as it discharges while Kurt is close. She reaches out and unleashes that laser blast from her fingers once more concentrating on its neck to try to sever the head in hopes that will slow it down or ruin any sort of sensors it has.

Hearing Tony causes her head to shake. «Focus now, jokes later, Tony!» That is her voice coming through the suit as she suddenly rushes the sentinel when its finally powered through its electrical discharge.

With the one disabled and Iron Man going for it already, Punisher turns his attention towards the one being pinned. First things first; the rifle is aimed at the sensors, precise shots trying to shatter those, before he focuses on the known weapons.

Frank is shooting to disable, not to turn these things into slag. This will be his best shot at learning how these things work.

The moment the tingle of electricity starts to make his fur stand on end, Nightcrawler disappears again, calling out in pain as he feels the beginning of the shock before reappearing within the penthouse. Landing in a heap, gasping as he shakes. "Cursed things!" he groans.
He keeps near Frank, ready to grab and teleport if needbe, while working to unnumb himself, and steel himself for his next little trick, should he need to go for a blitz.

But when Iron Man comes close the Sentinel suddenly recovers, stabilizes and tries to grab him with his left hand! A lying Sentinel is definitely new! "Shrrks… whrrl," whatever it is trying to say goes unheard; the damage to his head and speakers is too much, but he tries to squeeze the breath out of Tony and carry him away.

Apparently Sentinel heads are a popular target, because Sentinel two is also taking a lot of shots there from Punisher. But although it does damage and impairs it some, it is not the right way to deal with one of these killing machines. "Identified: Frank Castle. Countermeasures deployed." Which means electrified nets shoot at the vigilante. Non lethal, because he is human. Kurt does not get the same consideration. The machine fires the machineguns to the German acrobat with no mercy. Apparently Rescue is not considered a real threat, since she has not done real damage to the robot yet.

"Oh you cheeky bugger!" Tony is caught in the sneak attack, but he far out guns these sentinels, especially if they're already damaged. "Don't chip the paint…" He tells the robot making hissy sounds that it probably thinks are words. One of his fists slams into the side of the breast plate, still keeping the pair of him and a 18 foot assassin afloat with his foot repulsors, and tears at it with both hands once he's created a gap big enough for his fingers.

"Guys! Stop shooting these things in the head. You're just giving them speech impediments. The chest.. aim for the chest. The power source is in the chest." Tearing, twisting, just need to get a hand in there and grab hold of the reactor.

With the sentinel in the tower not giving her much mind, Pepper gets in behind it and reaches forward with the repuslors to press directly at its back. As they fire to life she fires up the stabilizers in her feet to keep her there, close and pressing her luck with the direct damage the suit will do. She moves her hand along that spine with the focused force from the pads trying to rip the thing open from behind, rending the metal frame moot so that the functioning systems inside can be torn out and apart

«Tony? Are you okay?» Pepper starts to reach in the moment she can so she can target the internal systems of the thing, as she hovers just behind it.

With the sentinel in the tower not giving her much mind, Pepper gets in behind it and reaches forward with the repuslors to press directly at its back. As they fire to life she fires up the stabilizers in her feet to keep her there, close and pressing her luck with the direct damage the suit will do. She moves her hand along that spine with the focused force from the pads trying to rip the thing open from behind, rending the metal frame moot so that the functioning systems inside can be torn out and apart

«Tony? Are you okay?» Pepper starts to reach in the moment she can so she can target the internal systems of the thing, as she hovers just behind it.

Rifle blasts continue to pepper (HA!) the Sentinel inside the building from the front… this time Punisher is aiming dead center at the chest… or he was. The sudden net launch has him ducking behind his cover again. "I need a new position." Punisher grates to Nightcrawler as he checks the rifle.

Watching one of the electro-nets wrap around a piece of furniture, while scrabling to keep out of the track of the auto-guns, Kurt frowns. "This will not be pleasent, meine herr!" and he slaps a hand onto Frank's back, the pair disappearing in a sudden vacuume. The following BAMF and puff of smoke resulting on a building opposite the street. Moving to support Frank, due to how disorienting, and fatiguing, trans-dimensional teleportation can be, he looks up at the back of the Sentinal, whom he has put the Punisher behind.

Although the chest armor of the Sentinel is able to repel light anti-tank weapons a combination of energy beams and punches manages to shatter it, and Stark damages the reactor before the Sentinel can drag him more than a few hundred feet from the tower. Those anti-gravity systems (not standard!) are surprisingly strong. But at the end they don't save the Sentinel that goes into flames and crashes on the East River.

Sentinel two misses its targets, likely due to the severe damage in the targeting sensors. Still, it is going to try again, this time flooding the whole floor with plasma. But it miscalculated disregarding Rescue. Point blank and on its back Pepper's repulsors punch through the Sentinel's armor and the machine's brain. It freezes, clinging to the side of the tower, a hand inside. "Attention. Damage to the core detected. Self-destruction enabled."

Three seconds later it explodes, taking a good chunk of three floors of the building. Fortunately the explosion seems to be turned inwards, not outwards, leaving a charred metal skeleton covered in ultrahard ceramics behind.

And JARVIS speaks, this time mostly without interference: "Sir? Sentinels work in trios. I detected laser IR communications. 23 degrees to your left."

Sure enough. A third Sentinel hovers a few feet over the roof of one of the city skyscrapers. It is far larger than the others. Over 20 feet, roughly twice the mass. It is not moving.

The Armor is blackened along the right side where handling a raw reactor core caused significant carbon scoring, but his systems remain fully green after the short midair combat with the tumbling sentinel trying to capture him. Once he's satisfied that it is properly destroyed, and he's directed harbor patrol to the coordinates where they can find the wreckage to be brought back to his lab, he turns at the indicated direction noted by JARVIS.

"Well look't that big guy…" He breaths with a little frown behind the hologenic glow of his helmets internal HUD. «I'm fine Pepper, how's everyone inside? I'm not getting sued am I? Does our insurence cover this…» More jokes, more defense mechanism. «Oh, there's a third Sentinel, just ef. why. eye..» Important info.

Tony hovers on all four repulsors a good distance from the stationary sentinel, for now just watching. No sense picking a fight until he knows what it wants, right? "JARVIS, start recording a message to Trisk industries: Dear sir or Madame, stay off my lawn… Send message."

Pepper has just enough time to pull back and what little blow back she get the Rescue armor takes. Landing on the bunker floor and looking to the two still there with her she pauses, as if something is being transmitted. «JARVIS send me his location.» JARVIS keys up «He is not far away, Ms Potts.» She is given a map and she nods, turning to pull out of the Bunker and hover there. She looks or the other two but not immediately seeing them directs herself to join Tony.

«I am on my!» This said to Tony as she fires up and angles in the direction her readout is showing her. The others will likely see her do so, leaving an arch of light int he key.

For most people, Nightcrawler would be correct. The disorientation would be very unsettling… but the Punisher has dealt with that and more in his war; both of them, and he only takes a moment to take his bearings once again, "The fuck is it with these things and giant robots." Punisher grates out as he starts to look around for any other targets, with the two already destroyed. New vantage point, new potential hostiles. Then Rescue heads after the NEW giant robot, "are these things in a giant robot contest with one another?" Punisher grunts, before he aims… and fires, trying to get a bead on the big Sentinel. Energy gun fire lights up the night.

For most people, Nightcrawler would be correct. The disorientation would be very unsettling… but the Punisher has dealt with that and more in his war; both of them, and he only takes a moment to take his bearings once again, "The fuck is it with these things and giant robots." Punisher grates out as he starts to look around for any other targets, with the two already destroyed. New vantage point, new potential hostiles. Then Rescue heads after the NEW giant robot, "are these things in a giant robot contest with one another?" Punisher grunts, before he aims… and fires, trying to get a bead on the big Sentinel. Energy gun fire lights up the night.

"Meine Gott…" Kurt states, looking up in the direction that Punisher begins shooting. "Frank… do you have any grenades?" the look on his face tells him he knows its' a stupid question… but he has an idea.

"Sir, it must be a Mark III. Specs unknown, but reported to be four time as powerful as the Mark II," states JARVIS, trying to scan the robot with the sensors of the tower and failing miserably.

"Stark," the voice comes through the same channel as JARVIS. Rescue can hear him too. "This unit is designated Number Two. Further conflict unadvisable, and would lead only to your destruction. We only require the data to build Arc Reactors. Deliver it to us and you and your employees will be left alone."

Then an energy blast hits the robot. Contrarily to the other Sentinels there are not shattered armor plates. Tony can see how the robot heat dissipation capabilities are so efficient the blast leaves just a scorch mark.

"Awesome." Tony says to JARVIS not so good news. Still hovering above the street, far below them people have congregated to watch the arial spectacle taking place hundreds of stories in the air. Some staring from their windows across the street or looking through binoculars at Iron Man squaring off against some dark monstrocity atop another adjacent building. «Pepper, I want you to bring the Tower's defenses online. I'm going to draw it in close enough that the turbo lasers can get a firing solution on it.» He adjusts his flight pattern to slowly drift to the right, «Punisher, Nightcrawler, if you guys are eager to get out, now would be the time. No judgement, I'm not sure how we're going to do against this thing.. that blast didn't even scratch its paint.> Tony aint scuurred though. He's Iron Man and the leader of the Avengers. This is what he does.

He just usually has more people with him.


His own loud speakers open up to reply, "I'm sorry, can you repeat that? The call broke up… Hello?… Hello? Dammit, I think we got disconnected." He chides the robot, which probably doesn't care and doesn't get the joke anyways.

"Like Hot Rod said, this would be a good time to leave." Punisher offers to Kurt, "I'm going to see how well it's armored from the back, though. If it goes wrong, you can get us out."

Putting the rifle into a standby position, Punisher stops his fire, waiting for a perfect shot for the back.

Even as Pepper gets closer in that Rescue armor she hears the words and glances up at the demonstration being made. She comes to a stop, hovering not far from Tony. «Right. I am on, Tony be careful.» Rescue turns back, aiming back for the tower and putting on the after burn to get back and slams into the ground with a TUNK as she enters the rather damaged bunker. She crosses towards the wall with the safety room. «JARVIS, vocal recognition for the safety room.» She waits. «Confirmed: Pepper Pott. Opening» As the door swings open she goes to control central and sits leans over the consoles.

Her helmet clinks and whirs open so that she can see everything directly. She begins to key in codes. "JARVIS bring everything online. All weapons online for the tower." She starts to key up everything and as images come to life on all the screens she then adds. "JARVIS Coordinate with Tony and be ready for incoming …uhhh robot."

Standing crouched, Kurt remains, watching from the rooftop, tail whipping back and forth. "Nein, I will stand. You will need a fast exit if things go south." Yellow eyes narrowed to slits, Nightcrawler remains, energy blade held at the ready as well.

Number Two's eyes flash red when Iron Man initiates an attack run, its head follows him, but otherwise it does not move. Then it detects the weapon systems of the tower trying to lock on him. No IR signature. Nothing in the radar. But at least there is an image. Mass detection confirmed. It has an anti-gravity sheath, too. The power signature matches some old files. Bentley Wittman's technology.

"It hacked the communication system," states JARVIS, again apologetic. "It is too fast, sir. I believe he is a true A.I., not just a simulation."

Number Two is wisely not turning his back to Punisher. "I'll be back," he responds to Iron Man. Out loud. Then gravity distorts, shifts, there is a loud thunderclap. And Number Two is gone. Teleported.

Leaving Tony with his preverbial dick in his hand.

There's a part of him that's glad they didnt' have to combat the bigger sentinel with their limited numbers and equally limited firepower, but he got good intel from this fight. Very good intel. Next time they attack, it wont be so easy to get in the Tower and he'll be ready for that. Attacking Iron Man might not be impossible, but attacking him and letting him live can quickly change that.

He's nothing if not adaptive.

When he lands, the armor segments slide away so that he can walk right out of the suit, glancing around at the damage to his penthouse and at the individuals still left behind, "Everyone okay? Pepper, you okay?" Heading directly for the panic room where he sent her to activate the defenses.

"It's…its just gone?" Pepper does not like the sound of that and frowns a measure or two. "JARVIS please start gathering. list of the damage done. We need to be start repairs right away." Pepper Potts organized as all hell. She pushes up from her seat and when that hears the voice from Tony in the Bunker. She hesitates a moment and then starts to step out nearly right into him. She clicks the bracelet midstep and as the armor shuffles back down into just gauntlets she reaches up and wraps her arms around him.

"What the hell were those?" That hug is short lived as she steps back and allows him access to the Tower's armaments.

"Punisher, let them know I am OK. I must away to inform the others of this development…" Kurt nods to Frank and then disappears in his customary *BAMF* headed for the X-Mansion, one leap at a time.


There he was on the opposite roof, with no easy way across. Punisher didn't even bring a grapnel gun with him because he expected an indoors fight, if anything. He hits transmit on his tranceiver, "Micro, you gettin' this? The giant robots are gone. Stark, I need a pickup on the other side of the street."

Tony wraps Pepper in a hug that probably betrays the tension he's been hiding beneath an outer shell of confidence. She was okay, he can breath now. So he does, a long drawn out sigh as she slips backwards a step with his hands still on her shoulders when the call comes in from Punisher. "Right, I suppose I should help the dead find the light…" With a wry grin, one hand laid on Pepper's cheek and then he steps away to deactive the Tower's defenses. There will definitely be modifications made to the overall security, but for now..

"Those were Sentinels." He informs her while typing on the small keyboard attached to the weatlh of weaponry designed specifically to protect them from this kind of attack. "Designed to capture or kill high powered mutants, I suppose they're just as effective against the Avengers." Which is problematic, there's a lot of data to go through.

"JARVIS, take one of the remote suits and go grab the Punisher." The suit Tony stepped out of closes up and takes off in Frank's direction. "Good evening, Mr. Punisher. If you would climb in my arms." They rise like a new husband prepared to carry his bride over the threshold.

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