Of Gott and Blue Elves

March 05, 2019:

Pepper is doing some leg work in the Bronx when she's mugged. A humanitarian blue elf stops the robber.

The Bronx - New York City


NPCs: Happy Hogan

Mentions: Tony Stark


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One Pepper Potts steps out of an small run down building that is being refashioned as an art gallery. The sky overhead is letting loose rain down past the high rises to those below and out comes her black umbrella as she tends in that doorway a moment to key up her phone and then make sure her Bluetooth is hooked up. She inserts the ear piece with a toss of strawberry blonde hair and she glances up the street with its trash bags piled up for the coming collection later that day. She wrinkles her nose at the smell and hesitates in entering the foot traffic. "Happy, I am heading down to pick up a few things, yes on foot. Driving would take twice as long. Just meet me there and we will head back. Thank you."

She ends the call and lifts her large bag with its sample prints to her shoulder. Her red pumps click on the ground as she finally starts up the street, one of many black umbrellas and as she get around the corner there is a sharp tug on her arm and she feels the straps of her bag give as a knife slices through them. Off goes that open topped bag with its prints, her purse, her tablet, and some of her information in it. "HEY!" Comes her started cry and she drops the umbrella to give pursuit but is not doing so well as he zips down the alley and she is in her heels and pencil skirt. "Of course.." she mutters and then splashing through the stinking collection of run off and water that fills the pot holes and dips in the back alley.


Standing by a small group of tables, down the way from the rundown building, image inducer making him appear as a simple man in a leather jacket and turtleneck, Kurt Wagner moves swiftly, handing out small nylon zipper bags designed to insulate food to men, women, and children approaching the group he is working with. Smiling as he hands out the parcels, which are loaded with non-perishable foods, in addition to foil wrapped hot sandwiches and thermoses filled with hot drinks. "Gott segne dich, Bruder" said to one man, and a kindly smile to a child whom he rests a hand on the shoulder of, "Gott gebe dir Kraft, Kleiner" slipping into his native tongue as he works.

At the calling for help, he turns and frowns, looking to the others. "Vergib mir, I will be back as soon as I can me." The others nod and smile to the shorter man before he takes off, quick-walking into a side-door of the building prepping the parcels and then into an alley before he disappears with a distinct rush of air filling a vacuum and a ploom of blue-black smoke. Appearing near the sound of the voice, and scouting for the direction of the thief, spotting pepper and BAMFing again "No fear, meine Dame!" the blue fuzzy elf bows before the redhead while he walks at her pace. "Vhere did they go?"


Pepper's pace is all of shuffling forward in a waddle like run and it is irritating her and leaving her somewhat breathless with the effort. A blue elf?! That causes her to falter a step and nearly trip over her own feet which only makes the bow even more absurd to her. "I am sorry.." she's forgotten her bag for the moment and then glances up and down the alley, "I think he went right at the end." She admits and glance a bit more wide eyed at the mutant. "I thought I had seen everything…"

But she is already dialing Happy again. "Problem. I lost my bag by way of thief." She is hurrying along, trying to pick up the pace. The phone is all she really has left of her items as rain begins to thunder down in the streets and Pepper looks more and more drowned than she did moments before.


BAMF!, the figure disappears into another cloud of brimstone smelling smoke, and reappearing at the end of the alley almost instantaneously. He points down one direction. "Hey! Halt!" and then he leaps, grabbing onto the side of the building before springing free to spin through the air and out of sight. People are making a ruckus, calling out, and a few even screaming as a sound of a scuffle starts to break out, and then end with a man hollering before landing at the mouth of the alley right. A faint bamf! can be heard, with a matching sound somewhere behind Pepper before the mutant re-appears again, far enough ahead to give her time to stop, a little bit of sweat tinging the fur of his brow. He bows again, genteelly holding out her bag, and the umbrella left behind on the street. "I am sorry, but he appears to have damaged the bag straps, but he vas not able to take your things." he beams, pointed teeth showing in the smile.


That quick disappearance causes her heeled foot to slide in the muck of the alley only to see him reappear at the end of it and disappear. Pepper stands there a moment, the phone in her hand being turned off as Happy echoes in her ear asking what is wrong. Picking her pace back up, she starts to near the end fo the block and the alley that leads into some of the bigger buildings with back entrances. That is until she hears the noises and she doubles her efforts dripping rain water and promising herself that no matter what she will wear more sensible shoes while walking in New York.

She jumps slightly when he reappears not far ahead of her - give or take a few feet as he holds both of her things. The bag is expected perhaps the umbrella? Bonus. She reaches out to take the bag first and opening it the plastic wrapped art prints and then her tablet and key card for Stark Tower inside he lets out a breath of relief. "Thank you." She says and reaches out then for her umbrella but this she holds up for them both then with her bag clutched to her chest. "I am in your debt…" her head tilts and she regards him. "I am Pepper Potts..I have to admit I have never seen anything like that before." She is artfully not commenting on how he looks.


"Und yet, you do not find me wounded, Dame Potts." Nightcrawler notes, falling into step, respectful of her space as he holds the umbrella more for her than him. "I am doing as I was meant to, but I am glad you were not hurt, and I was here to help you." He stands, head ducking slightly at the number of people coming to gawp and stare at the dark blue creature, his expression apparently used to the quiet intrigue.


Once Happy has been called, Pepper watches him and then everyone else looking at him. She reaches into her bag and pulls out her card. Pepper Potts - Personal Assistant to Tony Stark - Stark Tower. Then there is her number and email on a nice heavy weight cardstock in gold lettering. She smiles at him. "I think my employer might like to meet you, but if you ever need anything, please. Call me." She says and tilts her head, "I am normally not on this side of town but we just cut the ribbon on the new Orphanage this morning." She explains.

Pepper does not shy around him, not with everything in her life that has happened. Instead she gives him another curious look. "What exactly would you call that…I mean what you did?"

"Perhaps you and Herr Stark should spend more time in areas like this. I do hope that you're not planning gentrification here. It makes things so much harder when the trendy new things roll in. Property values skyrocket, people end up having to move because their rent shoots up." Kurt's features draw down, looking to some of the people headed into the alley to the street he was working on. "Too many people gaze into their own light, and not into the light of Gott… and blind themselves so that they cannot see those in need right in front of them."


"Gott…oh God," Pepper is understanding suddenly and she smiles at him as she nods, "I see what you are saying. Do you often work in these areas?" Meaner lower income. Happy is still caught in traffic with those pesky pedestrians of course holding him further. "I think we should have a meeting. Perhaps you can help me start an initiative for the area, one that would both help and not gentrify the area, as you say." There is a great deal of interest from her as she tilts her head and considers him. "I wish you would call me…Nightcrawler. I will do what I can we do have an extensive charity fund that can be used to help programs that are already in place. But suggestions are always helpful." She glances then again at his tail holding the umbrella, a smile forming further on her lips.


Pepper listens with that genuine interest that she can summon when the topic of conversation is not a new piece of tech. "You are not wrong but truly the tax benefits are not why Mister Stark does what he does. Consider the invitation offered for you to visit when you are able. I am usually always there so you will likely find me in my office. With your particular talent I have this feeling you will easily find your way into the building without much trouble." She considers that fact a moment and then dips her chin.

Down the way she can see Happy in the black town car, having to wait for another light as she lifts her hand to show him where she is - drenched despite having an umbrella now over her. "I can say though I was mugged, it has been a good day and a remarkable one at that." The bag chimes a few times - indicating messages are incoming and she pulls up her phone to look down at the little notifications on her screen. She swipes them over and then hits call and holds up a finger. "Do forgive me, This is Pepper Potts, yes. No. We are set to arrive in a week. Yes, he will be making an appearance in the suit. If you have any further questions contact me. Thank you." She clicks off the call and gives him an apologetic look.


"No need to apologize, and do know, if I am invited I would use the front door… unless you und Herr Stark prefer I move more stealthily." Lips pursing for a moment, Kurt stands oblivious to the rain on his body, causing his fur to press down like an animals. "I would not wish to cause a media uproar downtown, I am sure Herr Stark deals with enough of those." toes curling up slightly as he looks sidelong at the people staring at him.


"I go wherever He directs me Dame Potts" He bows one hand pressed to his chest. "For his Will is that those who are strong can shield the weak and bring His love to those who feel lost." He stands again, holding the card she provided him, "Perhaps I will, Dame Potts, it would be most interesting to see what a mogul like Herr Stark would see in projects for genuine humanitarianism. Forgive me for my judgements," his free hand moves as if he were thumbing over a count in a rosary, by his side, "So many companies like Stark, und Hammer. They give to charity because it alleviates their tax costs. If Herr Stark is genuine in giving and helping, I will be most happy to meet und speak with him, ja?"


"Well that is a good question. I would say if you plan to arrive as you are …" how to answer that. Pepper considers him a moment and though she may be fascinated she is not in any sense considering him to be less for how he looks. "You are welcome at Stark Tower in any way at any time. I believe we have had worse press," she admits and makes a motion. "We all the world is more than it appears, no reason the people in it won't be as well."

Happy is pulling up and she is lifting her hand again to let him know where to pull over. The man behind the wheel sees who is next to her and almost forgets to hit the breaks because he is staring. Pepper give him a nod and then turns to face Kurt with a dip of her head. "Thank you, Nightcrawler. I look forward to hearing from you."


"That is most kind, mein Dame." A small smile splits Nightcrawler's features. The movement of the car drawing an instinctive hand to her shoulder, but the stopping halts him from doing further. "Please speak with Herr Stark, you may explain my condition. I will understand if he wishes for my visit to be clandestine. To be so open and accepting is a rare thing, Dame Potts. I appreciate it." He shifts to approach her door, to open it while his tail keeps the umbrella firmly over her head. "But Herr Stark is a businessman, and people are not very accepting of my kind, unless we look like you and our gifts are hidden." He looks again to the people, and leans slightly to allow a child to touch his face before her mother pulls her back. There is another small smile at the wonder the child has before the mutant looks to the adult, bowing to her and then looking back to Pepper. "Please, mein dame. It is wet, und I would feel responsible if you were laid ill for remaining in this any longer, I suspect the press calls for being in pleasent company with a mutant will be difficult enough to wade through. Gott be with you, and may He bless you for the compassion that you can still feel. Auf Wiedersehen." still moving, nimble as a sprite as he goes to usher her into her car, bowing his head at happy through the window as well.


Glancing to his hand on her shoulder she regards him curiously before he is leaning towards that child and allowing her to touch him. That brings a crook of a smile to Pepper's lips before the reaction of the others around them. For a moment the glorified secretary seems lost to though with a worried furrow to her brow. "I think you may be surprised, Nightcrawler. But reach out, please. As for what will go around this city something will come around to sweep it away and soon it will be forgotten." She is shivering a little and had not really been thinking about it while the crowd around them grows moment after moment, especially when there are words shared amongst those around them about Stark. "I will be okay. Nothing hot coffee and a fresh set of clothe won't fix." She says and slipping into the car she will take the umbrella from him and shake it out. "Be well, Nightcrawler," she replies to him falling quite a bit short from how he bid her farewell. Once inside it's hard to see Pepper if at all but the fact he is still smiling causes her to watch him.

Happy is turned about staring at the mutant from his position in the front seat. Pepper finally notes this the longer they sit there and clears her throat. "Back to the tower, Happy." He blinks, "Ahhh right, yeah. What…who was that?"

Pepper looks out the back as they pull away into traffic. "An ally perhaps."


Once the door is closed, and the driver's attention back to where it needs to be Kurt disappears in a puff of smoke and the BAMF of air filling the vacuume left by his disappearance. People whom had been gathering around, phones out, taking pictures or video calling out in shock.

Three quarters of a block away, atop a building, clinging to the shadows, his hands and feet holding him against the vertical surface, Kurt crouches, looking at all of the people whom had been staring and who now call in shock, delight, or fear. The smile is still on his face, though somewhat pained now, quietly praying peace for each and every single figure still gathered where he was, ticking off beads on his rosary.

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