The Great Train Heist

March 04, 2019:

Supergirl tries to stop Gorilla Boss from robbing a train, while Ghost watches on, but things don't work out quite as expected.



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Syndicateers from outside Gotham City's accepted set of La Cosa Nostra and affiliates have been running rackets through Gotham City, violating Gotham's Mafiaso neutrality in a declared international crime war between a resurgent Medallin Cartel and one of their rivals, Boston's MS-13. Gotham's various racketeers have decided to remain neutral in the matter after a sitdown vote, and the issue was placed in the Gorilla Boss's hands, should either side violate Gotham City's closed space.

Gotham City's rails are quite tempting, with the cover of payoffs and corruptions allowing them to run goods north, from Miami, into New England.

Unfortunately for them, Gorilla Boss is good at his job.

As a freight train rumbles north, through Otisburg and along the wharfs just east, a switch circuit flips, thrown by a man in a black trenchcoat with a balaclava. He hurries off into the night, as the magnetic locks on the rails flicker and crack, before the freight train's pathway is disrupted by warning signs. Inside the train, the conductor sweats and quickly throws his coffee cup away, the other conductor shouting in frustration as he braces himself. Together, as computer warning signals go off, they flip switches and pull levels, the entire training screeching and slowing down, narrowly coming to a halt in front of the shut down track.

There's a distant revv, as factory cranes and a flatbed truck roll along near the train.

Then, in the night, a large shape emerges from the darkness, throwing itself up in the air. A huge gorilla, in a blue pinstriped suit, lands on the train, slamming down atop a car. In one hand is an oversized, menacing Thompson gun, and in his mouth is a cocktail stick.


While she has about zero understanding in the crime world of this world, let alone the further narrowed down La Cosa Nostra types, Supergirl does know that she very much would love to emulate her cousin and become a famous hero! Right now, she's only ever done one operation, with Spoiler as a babysitter of sorts, and all in all it wasn't a failure. So there's that!

This time, however, she was out on her own. On the plus side, coming down from the air, from far enough and moving as fast as she does, one might mistake her for Superman and actually panic. She spies the train slowing down with her super senses, and zooms downwards to land on its roof when it comes to a stop. Not quite trusting the gorilla.

"Excuse me, but do you have a ticket!?" Kara asks with an accusatory finger pointing at Gorilla Boss. Clearly, she's not stunned by the fact he's a huge gorilla. On the other hand, she's actually thinking the crime being committed, is that he's trying to board the train without a ticket.

Another thing, from up close, she really looks nothing like Superman, costume aside, and even that is derivative.


Ava tehcnically works for SHIELD but most of the time they take a fairly hands off approach. She's long been in pretty deep with criminal elements and while some of that information was relayed back to her superiors some of it, by necessity, had to be kept for herself. She had the dubious honour of monitoring this particular run of weapons herself and watching to see where it might end up.

Not anticipating anything particularly noteworthy Ava had lined up some of her favourite music and found and appropriate perch from which to watch, dressed in the white suit and facemask with its conspicuously red eye pieces. She monitored local raido feeds for information on what was going down nearby and had even decided to lift up her mask so that she could enjoy a faovurite snack. Most likely, if not for the presence of a giant gorilla on the scene Ghost would have had to do nothing at all but relax in her chosen hiding spot overlooking the whards and keep an eye on the sundry criminal enterprises for which GOtham City is known.

They say the best laid plans of mice and man oft go awry. It goes double, it seems, when a Gorilla might be involved. Even that almost didn't draw Ava away from her mini pizzas. …And then there was a Kryptonian zipping through the yard. The woman was grumbling as she pulled down her mask and stepped *through* the wall of the building she'd hidden alongside and into the wharfs proper. There was no time for doors when she could simply clip through the intervening structures, after all.


George "Gorilla Boss" Dyke swings his head around slowly and cranes it up, to look at the descending Kryptonian, before stepping to face her. He grimaces and bares his teeth, cocktail stick emerging from his mouth like a little thorn, as he looks distinctly annoyed.

"Do I look like I need a ticket, lady? I'm a giant f***ing gorilla."

The cranes and flatbed truck, meanwhile, halt alongside the railcar Gorilla Boss stands atop, and Irish thugs get out. They're dressed in black coats with balaclavas, and little toffer hats, scurrying around the railcar and moving between the two sides, carrying spanners with them to jam out the links to the train proper. The cranes, meanwhile, make beeping noises and pnuematic hisses, as the long structures move about to move to either end of the railcar.

The gorilla points his huge machine gun at Kara, squinting his eyes.

"Are you going to make my day difficult by being Batman except without a college degree in the school of hard knocks?"


"So!?" Supergirl immediately counters, still pointing at Gorilla Boss, "just because you're big doesn't mean you can ride a train without a ticket!" Clearly, the fact Gorilla Boss was a gorilla doesn't seem to be what she thought he meant, she just might be clueless.

"Wait…you're not going to ride the train…you're going to take it, aren't you?" Kara notes as she looks at the cranes, utter oblivious to the fact what Gorilla Boss is aiming at her is indeed a weapon. "I won't have it, stop!" She calls out, and fires rays of heat vision from her eyes towards the crane, intending to damage them so they won't be able to lift the train car off the tracks.


"This just— became a problem," Ava begins in a rather distressed tone as the chaos begins to erupt and heat vision starts flying out toward the carnes in the distance. She immediately shift gears. Instead of dahing for the train she ducks through a warehouse full of fishing supplies, sprinting toward the location of the crane.

"Ugh. Have they *ever* cleaned this boat…?" The woman asks, wrinkling her nose as she dashes through an old, grimy fishing trawler someone had put into portage earlier in the year. It didn't leave anything on her skin but the stench of it would e with her for hours yet. On through the buckets, the nets, and out the other side of the building. Back into the cool air. Ava's form shimmered as she phased back into sync with current reality.

Ghost emerges not too far from the flatbed, surveying the people located there to see who was operating it- and how they were armed. A figure in white armour, unarmoured, was going to draw some attention on the approach. "I really hope that crane doesn't fall on us. The paperwork will be *monumental*…"


"Dammit," Gorilla Boss mutters, as his head swings to look at the crane as it leans over, damaged by the heat vision.

There's a yawning of metal as the yellow crane leans and bends at the point of the melted metal, before he collapses onto the street, away from the train, and there's a resounding crash and wave of dust in all directions.

Gorilla Boss slaps his face with his hand, rubbing it. "Honey, this railcar has a bunch of guns in it, bound up north, for a gangwar between a bunch of psychos. I'm a representative of the Gotham Mob. We declared our city neutral in this whole shindig they're running upstate, and now, these guys are running guns through our city."

Gorilla lowers his gun, and removes his cocktail stick with his left hand, gesturing at Supergirl with it.

"So, how about we come to a compromise?"

There are half a dozen Irish Mafia on the flatbed, each one of them armed with a pistol in their black trenchcoats, faces hidden by balaclavas and little black golf hats on their head. There's a handful of them, numbering another half dozen, around the train cars, retreating now that one of the cranes have been destroyed, back to their friends. None of them have their hidden weapons (inside shoulder holsters) drawn.


Strangely enough, it seems that Gorilla Boss' attempt to reason, rather than resort to fighting, is proving a rather good gamble. "What!? Weapons for psychos? Why would anyone send weapons to psychos!? That's dangerous! Innocents could be harmed!" Yes, Supergirl is very much concerned about protecting the innocents.

"I can take this train car away so it won't wind up in the hands of psychos," Kara offers what to her seems a very reasonable solution, "I know a place where they will never find it!"


For a moment, Ghost is left to stare in wonderment and consternation at Krypton's last daughter as she confronts the Gorilla Boss. "What on earth is that girl thinking?" Rather than worry about it, she goes back to surveying the scene and determining her course of action. For now, she cdecides, shes' going to hang out near the cranes and watch to see if there's something she can do to prevent utter disaster.

Supergirl is peetty entertaining to observe, anyway. At a safe distance… Or if you happen to be more or less immaterial. This decided, Ava resolves to circle past the flatbed and make her way toward the second crane. If someone happens to see her, well… She'll deal with that then. Her head is already starting to heart from all the phasing. Hopefully they're too busy watching the mayhem.


Gorilla Boss nods sluggishly, with a bob to his head. He turns about and trundles across the top of the freight car, the inside shaking beneath his ponderously huge paws, before he bends his knees and drops off with a grunt. There's an earth-rattling pound as he lands, and he walks towards his thugs.

The various Mafiaso all rally around him as he climbs onto the flatbed truck, the other Irish climbing atop as well, and he turns around to face Kara.

"Alright, lady, you just make sure this cargo doesn't end up in the wrong hands, and you'll be straight with me. This isn't a hijack, this is a shakedown." He puts his cocktail stick back in his mouth, and points with a softly pointed finger. "You just remember, crime's got a purpose, too. We've all got politics, and while I ain't no Jack Kennedy, I ain't Sirhan Sirhan either."


"You know, you're a good guy, keeping weapons away from psychos is a very worthy cause!" Supergirl smiles at Gorilla Boss, before flying off the roof of the train car, and moving to pick it up from beneath, simply flying off to the air with it. Unless Ghost has some trick up her sleeve, Supergirl will simply fly away with a train car full of mob weapons.


Ava stares upward as Kara flies away with an entire train car full of illegal weaponry. FInally, she shakes her head and breathes a deep sigh. With a shake of her head and a mental note to track Supergirl down and find out just what is going on in the pretty little blonde head ofh rs Ghost quietly turns and departs the scene. She ends up strolling right past the gathered thugs and mobsters and back into the wharves.

Ava's podcast started ten minutes ago, after all. Priorities.


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