February 27, 2019:

Lorna comes back to visit, runs into Nate and Laura in the hall.



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It had been weeks and Lorna had remained in her building in Mutant Town. She'd been active there, adding more and more iron alloys to the building itself and networking with the mutants that remained in town after the massive attacks that had last happened there. She hadn't been back to the school, rather, it seemed about right to say she was avoiding it. Marcos hadn't been around since their argument on Genosha and no one else had seen him either.

It wasn't hard to put two and two together in terms of why the green haired woman was keeping to herself as a result. Still, she came by when called over to discuss things, such was the case today. She sighed, stepping into the Mansion and shucking off her coat, tapping her boots on the door mat in the entry way and glancing around briefly as she entered.


Nate is spending more time in Gotham than in New York lately. Not explaining why, but those who know him from might suspect the reason. A bit of his usually gloomy disposition seems to be gone.

Today he is at the mansion, and he spots/senses Lorna's arrival, going to meet the young woman with the usual mug of coffee at hand. "Lorna, good to see you. How is Mutant Town coping with the aftermath of the attack? I heard a Sentinel was spotted in Brooklyn, too."


A shrug followed, "We took out a few would be criminals that apparently had their buddy snatched by a Sentinel. We got there too late for that, but Rogue knocked a guy out and should have written up a report on what she got from him." She shrugged, pushing her hair out of her face as she shoved one hand into the pocket of her jeans and took the offered mug from Nate with her free hand.

"It was on a site though that was monitoring that type of thing. I'll see if I can't get a the video for you, if you want."


Laura pads her way down the stairs, effortlessly silent as usual, and nods down to Nate & Lorna by the doorway. "Hello," she offers simply as she takes a sniff of the air, letting scent fill in the little details about what people have been doing. "Are we expecting a Sentinel attack on the mansion?"


"Laura, we are -always- expecting a Sentinel attack on the mansion," replies Nate, smiling when the shorter girl wanders in. "There are at least seven different Danger Room scenarios about it."

To Lorna he frowns. "They took a mutant? I gotta check that report. It is weird. I wonder if it is the same 'rogue' Sentinel that hit Ryker's." Because even a single Sentinel can cause a good deal of death and destruction. Most mutants aren't trained to fight giant robots. In fact most mutants can't do much against giant robots.


A shrug and Lorna glanced toward Laura, nodding to the other young woman as she sipped at her drink, inhaling the steaming coffee's scent with a long, drawn, breath. "Hey Laura, what's up?" She turned green eyes back toward Nate, arching a thin green eyebrow upwards.

"Yeah, I guess? The others in this guy's crew weren't mutants as far as I could tell. Well, one guy had amp'ed up water powers, but he reverted to a normal state after I shocked him." She made a dismissive wave of her hand. "Other guy was like Traplord or something." She exhaled a breath, "People in Mutant Town are scared and they're angry. A lot of them want to leave or do something."


Laura Kinney rolls her eyes. "I've come up with over five thousand training variations for Sentinel combat. Including zero gravity and one in a volcanoe. It's just I delete them once they are no longer a challenge." She stops part way up the stairs and leans on the bannister. "I have been fine though. Tracking a few leads."


Nate eyes Laura. "Don't delete them, I want to try them," even if he doesn't believe for a second it has been five thousand. Laura has not been in the mansion long enough for five thousand Danger Room sessions. Hell, Nate is close to one thousand, but he has been around four years.

"Hmm, definitely we should try to find him with Cerebro," well, except Bentley Wittman is not a mutant. He is, however, a fairly famous super-genius criminal. Usually a thorn in the Fantastic Four's collective side.


Lorna had no idea either way, nor did she overly care about the man kidnapped by a Sentinel. Her hands were full and her interpersonal dramas had eroded away what little worry the green haired woman had as of late. Perhaps it was a bad sign that she didn't care overly. Either way, she shrugged, Nate's comments on the Danger Room however had her rolling her eyes and shaking her head.

"Right, well, thanks for the coffee.. If you two are going to start in on 'who spends more time in the Danger Room competitions.. I'll be around for a little while before I head back to Mutant Town."


"Not every simulation needs to be in the Danger Room," Laura points out with a shrug. "I can run through simpler scenarios in my head. It's easy if you have trained in the right meditation techniques." Her head tilts and she glances at Lorna. "Are you okay? You seem under more pressure than is usual."


"I am going to stay for dinner, I guess," replies Nate. "Try to catch up with Ray. She might be angry about me dropping a giant Sentinel in the Reaver's simulation the other day," he remembers Illyana wasn't too happy either. But as mentioned other times: no one likes Nate's Danger Room sessions. Fairness is inexistent and beating the room a rare thing. Even icy Sage was irritated.


A pause and Lorna glanced at the two over the edge of her mug. "Well, there's nothing like having the whole of Mutant Town's population under constant threat and having people trying to murder you with plastic and ceramic to keep one's stress levels up." She smiled thinly, but it didn't so much as reach her eyes. There was a new brittleness to her voice that hadn't been there before she'd been shot.

Her husband was gone. He hadn't even shown up since she had been shot.

What did that mean for her marriage?

It hounded her and was at least one reason why she wasn't sleeping well.. if at all, as she edged ever further down the manic spectrum.

"Anyways, I gotta go get some stuff done while I'm here. I'll see you all at dinner or something I guess." She offered with a two fingered salute as she made to leave.


"Food not very nice in Gotham?" Laura wonders, giving Lorna a wave farewell. "You should probably just learn to cook. I'm sure your recent company would appreciate it. Perhaps you could also make your training groups some baked goods to make up for your unpopular training routines." She nods to herself. "It would be a very efficient use of your time."


Nate opens his mouth. Closes it. Mock-glares to Laura.

"I liked you more when you barely spoke," he teases. "Gotham's food is alright. Most of the rest, not so alright. And I can't cook to save my life. Anything beyond coffee or microwave pizza and the kitchen ends up in flames. I think I was cursed. Yeah, I am going to blame Loki."

Most importantly: Cafeteria food is free, and Nate is always short of cash. "I am going to find Rachel, talk to you later, Shorty."

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