Power Coffee?

February 27, 2019:

Damian Wayne meets Power Girl in a coffee shop. they seem to hit it off.

//Park Ridge - Metropolis //

Park Ridge is Metropolis' oldest incorporated borough dating back to the
1800's. In the beginning this is where the cities wealthiest families had
their homes, though the rise of St, Martin's Island has made the migration
of such things out of this borough. Despite that it still remains a
powerfully historic region and the area remains a stronghold of old money
and the upper middle class.

Currently banners claiming this area as the "City of Yesterday" hang above
the cobblestone streets keeping it shown that it is still loved by the local
artists, craftsmen and carpenters that maintain the Victorian Era
architecture down to the road that centralizes and is called Antiques Row.

The streets are clean, broad and well lit, the homes manicured and well
maintained and the businesses all sleek and orderly. Indeed if anything
is missing it's a bit of that chaotic old town feel that folks find
rustic and charming. Still, there are much, much worse places to be.


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Fade In…

It's about 2pm in the afternoon, and the crazy rush to get coffee here in the great city of metropolis has finally passed. So, it's the perfect time for people who don't want to deal with the craziness (or epeople who don't want all eyes on them) to show up. Damian Wayne, son of the great Bruce Wayne, arrives.

Dressed in a black trench coat to ward off the cold, and dark jeans and a simple black turtleneck, emerald green eyes shift around the place, as if trying to find who was there and who wasn't, before he approaches the counter, ordering himself a black coffee.

Nice and bitter.

Once he gets it, he turns and moves to a seat, relaxing lightly upon it. He tends to meet some interesting people in this place…would he meet another?


Coffee is not the usual indulgence of someone who needs only solar energy to keep their, well, energy. However, shops like these sell a truly -staggering- amount of sweet treats and almost milkshake-like 'coffee' mixes. This is what brings not a rich executive, but one of Metropolis' own guardians to this cafe.

It is a quiet moment in Metropolis, after all- which means that, rather surprisingly, outside onto the sidewalk drifts the impressive form of Power Girl, who quietly presses her way into the cafe as if it was a place that her arrival wasn't in any way out of place. Stepping up to the counter, the order that she puts in is… Gratuitous. Several cookies, a veritable mountain of whipped cream on top of some espresso drink that is already forty-percent sugar, to be sure… And three cans of an energy drink, all paid for by cash that she had stored in the forearm portion of her right glove.


Damian is just sipping his coffee before he notices the superhero bombshell that walks in. He thinks he heard something about her getting upset with people staring at her…

but she dresses like THAT and expects to be ignored?

Either way, she has Damian's eye for now. Yes, he's checking her out. No, he's not staring for too long. It's a quick once-over, before he seems to wave at her. Did she recognize billionare geniuses? eh, probably not, but why not be friendly?

If anything, he can enjoy a conversation with a well-known Metropolis hero.

but…that is way too many cookies!


Too many Cookies is a subjective thing. Normal people order and eat four on their own. Normal people wash that down with something developed by someone who would unironically use the phrase 'coffee scientist.' It's not common knowledge just how much garbage Kryptonians eat, typically.

Therefore, Power Girl waits, standing at one edge of the counter just like any other customer, semi-nonplussed due to how much waiting is involved… But she has her impatience in check. It also helps that she gets the cookies and energy drinks immediately, so she's currently chowing down on one while waiting for the overly-complex espresso-abomination. She scans the room, of course- idly looking over the people present. Whether she's angry at people staring or not isn't exactly evidence, but one of the people who is more overt about it than Damian does garner a roll of her eyes.


Okay, too many cookies is fair. It IS subjectivebased upon how people see what counts as 'too much' and is usually entirely based on the preference of the one eating the cookiest. With this in mind, Damian does notice that she rolls her eyes at someone who is probably whistling and cat calling at her.

Damian though, approaches this man, and gives him one solid glare.

He is no longer cat calling and/or sexually harassing Power Girl.

Damian does approach her, with a very soft smile. "Hello. You're a hero, right? Power Girl? It's nice to meet you." he extends a hand. "Damian. Damian Wayne."


Power Girl directs her attention to Damian, her brow raising, when he approaches. She doesn't necessrily take any time recognizing him. She's seen Bruce before and- back home- she knew a little more than she's really allowed to let on now that she's in -this- dimension. She has good manners, of course: She doesn't speak with her mouth full, and she knows more than enough control to give Damian only a firm shake for a human. When it's near-enough possible for you to throw a city if you get the right leverage, people are usually cautious about shaking your hand.

"Oh yeah, you're Bruce's son, right? You guys do make the headlines, I'm surprised to see you all the way over here in Metropolis for coffee. Here on business for Wayne Enterprises?"


Power Girl will discover that Damian's shake is surprisingly strong for someone who's supposed to be a normal human. Genetic experimentation for the win! But, Damian does smile very softly to her.

"Yes, I am his son. We certainly try, though he's the one always trying to date models, I'm the one doing the work." he's more being humorous, as his tone might suggest. "But yes. I'm supposedly on hand to help make a business deal between Starrware and Wayne Industries. Hopefully one that will allow us to share our technologies and expertise to mutually benefit all."

He shrugs. "But…more curiously, what brings you here to a place like this? For some reason." once over. "Something tells me you're mor ethe type to be flying in the sky, knocking over some kind of robot." he made a fair point.


Power Girl nods along, quietly listening to Damian's reasoning and taking it in. Being that she, you know, owns Starrware, she's pretty well-versed in the upcoming business dealings. Regardless, the only statement she makes is "If only we could all have his luck." she states, though what she's regarding in terms of Bruce's fortune isn't exactly clear.

"Me? Well, there isn't always a robot to punch into orbit. There's… -Often- a robot, but not -always- a robot. In between robots I try and visit as much of the city as I can. Make sure everyone's doing well, and get some of this coffee." Of course, the phrase 'coffee' isn't exactly accurate. She starts taking the first few drinks through the straw, as the coffee itself is delivered while they're talking.


I'm not certian that luck is the word wwe're looking for here, but I guess it's one that makes sense." of course, Damian hasn't pieced together yet that Power Girl is Karen Starr. But…give him a minute. The younger version of the World's Greatest Detective is at work.

"That's fair. Forgive me for making a pretty shitty assumption." he chuckles lightly "Well, do I get a few moments longer to talk to you? Or do you have to go save the day again now that you have your coffee?" it's an honest question.


Power Girl offers this small shrug, at that. Luck is the term she'd use, but admittedly, there's more at play than that. Regardless, she is sipping along through her 'coffee' in silence, before responding in kind. "Well, I do probably have a few things I could attend to, but if you need something, I can spare a few minutes. Keep in mind, I'm not the type for press conferences or publicity stunts. I don't do anything like that."


Sipping his coffee, Damian smiles. "Excellent. Not everyday you get to talk to a superhero. I would compliment your appearance…but something tells me you get overwhelmed by such already." because….Power Girl. Window.

Need he say anything else?

"I don't need anything, I'm merely enjoying the conversation." and yes, he's looking into her eyes.


Her nice crystal blues.


She's used to the staring. She gets that a lot, so it's a mild change of pace that Damian isn't staring. "Yeah, It's not exactly rare for some intergalactic playboy to drop his space ship in Manhattan or somewhere in order to conquer Earth, just to hit on this 'incredible space princess.' She mimes a quick gag for a moment, before returning to the subject at hand. "Well, that's all well and good, but I don't necessarily have time for idle chit-chat."

To be fair, for someone like her, a few minutes is a veritable eternity. For the moment, she seems content to polish off her coffee-drink fully.


opefully a good change of pace. She was a bombshell, but she does't need to be told how much of a bombshell she is every bloody day.

He tilts his head though. "Did that actually happen?" he asks in legitimate curiousity. He sure as hell does't have intergalactic princesses coming after his identity as Robin.

"Well, you don't have to stick around. Only promise that I'll end up seeing you again." Did he ask her out? or is he actually just enjoying her company right now?

"Don't let me keep you if you have to take off. Literally."


Power Girl is someone who gets hit on. A lot. She wasn't exaggerating about the story, either: "Yeah, it uh… It did. He looked like a slightly younger version of Sean Connery when he was in that one film… Zardoz I think? Not exactly an appealing prospect."

There's a short nod as she bags up the remaining cookie- how she had time to eat -three- of them is not particularly apparent, other than if she did so using super-speed. The energy drinks that remain go in as well. "Yeah I uh- Do have a few things to do around the city. So I do have to take off. Literally." the retort isn't exactly in the best tone. She's not angry, mind- but she does seem, just ever so slightly, annoyed.


"Hey, I guess you're considered an intergalactic beauty. Props to you." How does he even know about intergalactic things? Who is this guy? But, Damian does notice how annoyed she looks and sounds. "and sorry if I offended. I really did enjoy teh conversation though." he gives her a soft smile, and will wait until she leaves. "Have fun taking off."

there's something warm about it. It's not flirtatious, it's like how one friend would bid farewell to another. "See you."

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