April 26, 2014:

The monstrous creature called DOOMSDAY attacks Metropolis.


A pleasant park adjacent to a charming neighborhood with brownstones set over family-run businesses.


NPCs: Lex Luthor (gloating) - Mastermind of Evil, Doomsday - Unbeatable Killing Machine, John (Jonathan Macmillan) - Copter Pilot, and MANY victims as themselves.


Mood Music: [* Nero - DOOMSDAY]

Fade In…

One Hour Ago

"Mr. Luthor," says the scientist says through a microphone and from behind glass a foot thick. "We are now putting the DNA we retrieved from Superman into the specimen. If all goes well we will begin the unfreezing process at our next test."

"Very well," Luthor says as he folds his arms over his chest. "You may proceed."

For Luthor this is the best of what's left. He wanted to be the one to end Superman. He wanted to watch him die. Certainly, while it was his power plant that finally ended the Man of Steel the victory was bittersweet. He'd finished him, but only on a tertiary level. Using the Kryptonian DNA in the latest project, this one being done through the Aspen subsidiary, would have to do.

The scientist ascends the stairwell and sticks the needle in, slowly filling the shoulder with the Kryptonian DNA.

"Fantastic. All the readouts are looking great," says a second scientist.

"What the hell was that?"

"What was what?"

"It just moved."

"That's impossible it — "

But that's all the farther things ever get. The beast rises to full height and kills the scientists in one fell swoop. Luthor is clearly shocked, but luckily for him the beast decides to go the other way, easily smashing through the side wall and leaping out towards Metropolis.

- - - - -


"Mommy, look at the big monster?" The kid can't be more than three and is seated at an outdoor cafe, where he and his mother are enjoying the breeze from the bay.

"Monster," says the mom with a smile as she dips into the ice cream. "Oooh! Is it a scary monster?" Clearly she thinks it's some bit of boy's imagination, until she hears a large crashing sound. She looks over her shoulder just in time to see a red Honda come billowing through the air and into the side of a building, crashing through the windows as people begin to scream.

"Oh my g — " The woman says as she corrals her child and tries to get the hell out of there as fast as possible. Behind her, a covered giant is maurading through the street destroying everything in its past. Where the canvas has been ripped away, bony protrusions poke out at parts of the grey skin underneath.

Giant. Monster. "This is way beyond your usual civil service requirement," Simon Williams says into his phone. "Look, I don't care about the litter, there's a giant grey spikey monster throwing Hondas, and it's not a commercial. I'll call you later."
He puts the phone into its pocket in his jacket, zips it shut so it won't fall out, and leaps to land directly in front of the spikey green-canvas and skin-and-bone-covered thing.

Up in the sky, a bird! A plane! A Cayuse helicopter! Evelyn's tagged along with another mission to help the city or something, probably with her superiors whining again about her risking her life for things common soldiers should be doing, but that doesn't matter to her. It's for the families like the woman and her child, to help them. Her hands are both on an M60C Machine Gun pointed out the side door. Their flying altitude is something like 'super fucking high' and they are coming around for a lower sweep, still quite out of the giant's reach.
Evelyn is wearing her regular issued gear, a ballistic vest with attachments. Her clothes are thick and baggy, a military uniform without top, just a grey tanktop beneath it. A rifle is strapped to the rack on the back of the helicopter, and her sidearm is strapped to her leg. Brushing some hair out of her eyes, she speaks over her headset.
"Okay, John. Take us in, circle around between those two buildings. I think we can get it from behind and draw it back through where it's already come from." Evacuation should already be clearing civilians, hopefully.

Lunair, fortunately, has her armor with her today! She was probably off quietly training somewhere. Maybe in a park, where she gets mistaken for a Power Ranger knock off. And really, that's just fine by her. And THIS TIME, she's not entering battle frantically pulling on pants and shoes. Because not everyone gets a personal phone booth, henshin sequence or abs hard enough to deflect bullets. Life's just cruel that way.

Sneaking behind some conveniently located shrubs (hiding in bushes mostly seems to get her spotted by friendly, passing flying folks. Seriously, was she out using the restroom when they handed out cute comic bodies, super soldier serum and awesome travel powers? Apparently), she re-dons her helmet, the visor flipping down and sealing. "…" And then she sees what people are freaking out about. "Oh… kay…" Where's her giant robot when she needs one? Well, whatever. Time for MASSIVE OVERCOMPENSATION TIME! (it's a good thing she's not a dude or the bad jokes would /never end/). And while there's a strong urge to see what happens if she gets this monster with the Twerker (can we say never ending nightmares? We can!), good sense prevails. An alarmingly large, slender silver plasma cannon appears. It's big enough that Lunair has to drag it more than wield it, and she uses most of herself to support and aim. But she has a giant cannon that looks more at home on a Gundam or some giant robot show. Aiming… nice and steady now. No one wants to lose an eye.

Sara Pezzini had a few days off after closing a case, and after visiting Gotham, she decided to hit up Metropolis for a ball game before heading back home. Apparently she picked a bad time, because a post-game walk has turned into something a little less relaxing. "That's…great," she mutters under her breath when she catches sight of whatever is rampaging down the street. The locals seem to have evacuation down, though, which means… Before she consciously makes the decision, the bracelet at her wrist starts to move, tendrils of silvery material spreading over her hand and up her shoulder as she walks toward the source of the problem. By the time she's close enough to engage, it's a full covering of armor, close as a second skin with spiny protrusions of its own. Which is an odd contrast to the very normal, very simple gun in her hand.

It's been a nice day. One spent thinking about things said during a visit with someone recently while spending time in a city she doesn't often allow herself to visit. She's done lunch and sight seeing and all the cool touristy stuff, happy to not have obligations with school or anyone or anything else today.

Of course things go and ruin it. Lovely.

Helena finds herself perhaps half a city block away from the trouble-of-the-day, frowning when she realizes she's not armed and is kind of feeling vulnerable as a result. Oh well. Maybe she can help in other ways. With a sigh she rushes, going to try and clear innocent bystanders and do crowd control if needed.

It's not clear if Doomsday heard Wonder Man or not, it's not even clear if the monster has ears. But what is clear is that it's not very happy.

The bolts from Evelyn rain down upon Doomsday, but it doesn't seem as though he even can see it. He raises a mighty hand and brings it down upon a Metropolis SWAT truck that just arrives. He crushes it like someone stepping on an empty can of soda, folding it up like an accordion. All 6 men on the interior die immediately.'

His attention turns back to Simon now as he begins to run. The weight and force are so much that those close enough can even feel the ground tremble.

In Lunair's sights she'll eventually begin to settle on Doomsday. He moves quickly, so getting him in frame and pulling the trigger will take some work, but to use an old Top Gun reference, eventually she's able to 'get tone.'

Out in front of Sara, who comes into frame walking up behind Simon, she'll notice Doomsday coming her way. Though it's impossible to see his red eyes behind the bony eyebrows that come down over to its cheeks, it seems to be honing in Wonder Man, ready to unleash its brutality.

Huntress gets moving getting people out of the way, but the problem is that Doomsday will get to her quickly if he should get through Wonder Man and Witchblade.

"Oh no," Simon says at the sight of the SWAT truck, and the ooze that isn't only oil and gasoline coming out of it. "No. You murdering … " Script? Lines? No, Wonder Man is too angry to come up with the cool epithets right now. He doesn't go thud when he heads for the monster. He makes the air move out of his way, sprinting then coming to a stop in front of the doomsday beast, turning his momentum into more force behind the punch he aims at the solar plexus of the monster.

As the giant begins moving, Evelyn urges her pilot, "Come on, John. I need some heroics, please? I know you can do i-wooah!" The whole chopper begins to tilt sideways as John brings it down in a sharp angle-of-attack. Eve really needs to cling to the gun as they move to sweep down around Doomsday. It doesn't take long for her to get him in her sights, and she opens fire. The whole assembly shakes as the bullets rain down towards Doomday's back and shoulders. Bright muzzle flashes signal each round, with reports that sound like one heck of a shot.
She's not trying to be too accurate, just trying to get its attention enough for it to follow them instead. "Come on you jerk."
The helicopter itself seem to sort of orbit around the hulky-manbeast, John is just laughing, "Yeah! Eve! Give it one for!"
"Shut up, John!"

Oh snap. He crushed that truck like a frat boy crushing a beer can on his forehead. Thankfully, he didn't proceed to do a keg stand and the worm after. Either way, Lunair is going to make sure she's aiming. And heywait, it's that particle man! Particle man, partic— NO! FOCUS! He's one of those ionic guys anyway and … she really hates having a broken mind sometimes. But for now, once she gets Doomsday in frame and isn't going to startle Wonderman with a blast from behind (or put his eye out or take his head off - for you see, friendly fire is still FIRE).

Ready. Steady. FIRE! Graceful motes of energy gather at the weapon's barrel, betraying the thing's power. It really just does look an overly long, fancy launcher of some sort. A beam of plasma that would probably put holes through buildings or take out a giant robot gets launched towards Doomsday once she can 'get tone'. What does that mean? Should she start lifting bro? She'll figure it out later. Shooting now.

Sara has a moment to consider Doomsday, and consider the gun in her hand. And, on second thought, the .22 is probably not the best weapon for the job. More of the armor material flashes out from her hand, and in place of the gun, there's a broad-bladed sword in her hand. While Simon takes the creature straight on, she gets into a running start. Simon goes up, and Sara goes down, falling into a slide and slicing at Doomsday's legs.

Huh. That… guy is tall. Not that the fact that he's easily twice her height, if not more, cows Helena. She's faced worst odds more than once in her life. But she isn't looking forward to having to try and deal with him unarmed and without protection. Grumbling, she pauses when she notices he's heading towards her and she does something brave (read: stupid as eff) and puts herself between Doomsday and the group of people she has been trying to herd away from the walking wrecking ball.

Doomsday barrels towards Wonder Man and the two collide in a massive mixture of energy and a massive shockwave erupts between them that knocks both of them backwards. Wonder Man takes it worse than the abomination and goes flying, but Doomsday staggers. Sara too, who was approaching, swings, but gets hit by the shockwave as she's in the middle and goes careening over a minivan. Doomsday rights himself, and looks back up at the helicopter. The bullets do not harm him but they do keep him still long enough for Lunair to get him off his feet and send the beast flying into a building.

After the smoke settles, however, Doomsday gets back up and plods along the ground, looking to annihilate those who are attacking him.

A car is picked up and flung upwards, crashing into the tail end of the helicopter and putting Evelyn and John into a tail spin.

A lamppost is taken and pulled from its wires before being thrown at Wonder Man!

And Lunair? She gets a bus thrown at her.

Wonder Man finds himself hurtling towards a building, and tumbles in a completely not-choreographed random spin until he can kick on his rocket belt and take control of this uncontrolled WHAM Oh, right, remember the building. At least he didn't break it this time. He pushes off the side of the structure, letting the jets move him as he heads back for the monstrosity. Which throws a lamp-post at him, as if it were a spear. And if he doesn't stop it, then it goes into the building behind him, which is no doubt an orphanage with puppies and kittens visiting, because that's how it would be written in the movie.

WHUD! Catching the lamp-post isn't easy — in fact, he catches it partly with his face, breaking his glasses — but it's now in his hands and he lines it up like a harpoon, and flings it back at the now-smaller patch of canvas covering the monster's head.

Blam blam blam blam! Eve fires rounds out of the now smoking machine gun in a parade of hot metal. A small victory as her gunfire annoys the beast enough to stop and get hit by the energy blast, "Good deal!" She shouts to no one in particular, but are grin fades as it crawls out from the rubble. "Shit. John, go."
But there's hardly a moment's reprieve as the beast hurls a crunched car towards the helicopter, car alarm blaring as it neatly takes off the tail end of the aircraft, sending a cascade of alarms off and nearly knocking Evelyn out of the craft as it begins to spin out of control, spewing black smoke out of its tail end. Quickly she braces herself as John flies across the controls to try and stabilize it until the last moment.
The helicopter crashes into the glass windows of a building, sending it part ways into the building, half teetering on edge. Evelyn is knocked clean out of the aircraft and into an empty cubicle and desk. Her armor more or less protects her, but John has been cleanly impaled through the windscreen with a piece of rebar from the building. The aircraft is on fire, fuel having already ignited. Groaning, Evelyn slowly checks her body for wounds before sort of stumbling to her feet, "Fuck. John, are you there?" No reply.
Slowly she staggers for the helicopter, unlucky enough to not be able to check on her friend before the helicopter slides out from the building's structure. The helicopter turns to scrap metal and fire as it crashes again, now into the street. Evelyn just stands there at the edge of the third story of the building, near the hole where the helicopter was, teary eyed. "Man. Not again."

Okay. No one damage the canvas covering him because otherwise things might get non-comic code compliant. And Censor Bar man isn't here. Although, one admires the fact he survived the 90s by becoming a chiropractor for Liefieldian characters and then kinda went back to the censor bar thing. And then and then… Then Particle Man is getting whooped up on and suddenly one of the few buses on time ever (a creature rarer than happy monday morning and free donuts) comes flying her way. Lunair was happy the gun seemed to work. But she's slightly less happy about the bus.

"…" At least she didn't wet her pants (personally at the battle of - wait). But there's no witty banter. Most people forget you really don't have time for dialogue. The brain goes "OH F***!" ALL SYSTEMS SET TO RUN LIKE SCHOOLGIRL IN A CALAMARI BAR! The huge cannon disappears and Lunair looks almost comical, bolting fast enough to leave some dust in her wake. But there's debris and she goes bouncing along with it like those gals from Dead or Alive volleyball. Owch.

Thank God for armor, because Sara goes skidding when she lands, striking sparks off the pavement and slamming hard into the side of a building. "Visit Metropolis, I say," she mutters as she staggers, slowly pushing herself up. "It's safe there. Take in a ball game." Armor extends up over her head, tendrils curling over a cut on her cheekbone as she gathers her bearings once more. "But no. I pick the one day…" Her first few steps are clumsy, but they take her back toward Doomsday, the Witchblade bulking up around her as she goes, sprouting wicked hooks and barbs around her shoulders and at elbows and knees. "Hey!" she shouts at the creature, and as she throws out a hand, a wrist-thick rope of barbed metal shoots toward his neck.

Good news: Nothing seems to get thrown at Helena.

Bad news: Not having to dodge vehicles, lightposts and other such things gives the woman entirely too much time to think. Thinking during dangerous events is not always a good thing.

Frowning, Helena starts to sprint towards the hulking figure, screaming something at it in Italian as she does. Could be a war cry or some deeply profound quote befitting a situation like this but it's probably really just her cussing at Doomsday and choosing to do so in the other language in case children are passing by.

Doomsday doesn't seem to notice Helena going apeshit with her language at him. It's unclear if he could understand language at all, really. Luthor didn't create him to be very smart, after all. But he does notice her running towards him. Just then, he takes a lamppost off the head from Wonder Man. While it does no damage, it does tear off more of the canvas, revealing the true ugliness of the creature.

While Evelyn and Lunair lick their wounds, Doomsday gets throated by Witchblade and her spiky attack. The magic seems to cut into him, and definitely punctures his skin. That being said, it only serves to gain his notice and his run turns hard to the left as now he's headed straight from where Helena was going to be now towards Witchblade.

Closer and closer, moving almost faster than the eye, the beast comes upon her. She can feel the tremors of his feet, and the anger behind the fist coming her way. Should it connect, it will most likely be the death of near anyone on the planet. Superhuman or not.


From on high everything looks terrible. Shattered glass. Broken vehicles. Death. Destruction. The city, his city, is smoldering and smoking. From on high Superman floats, getting precious rays from the sun. His telescopic vision gets a better view of what's happening, and it's not any better when he looks close.

From outward appearances, he looks a bit different. Deep circles under his eyes make him look tired and weary. Angry. Evil almost. The normal blue suit has been destroyed. He wears the only one he's got left, a black formal Kryptonian suit with the silver insignia of his family name. His family on Krypton, all who perished. Now the same fate is coming to Metropolis in a different way.


As the fist comes flying towards Sara, bony protrusions like spears are about to slice right through her, but instead, the fist is met with another fist. Much smaller.

Doomsday leaps back in pain as a pet might when they get stepped on.

"Not in my town," Superman says before delivering a punch to Doomsday's face that knocks the beast clear off its feet. It's down, but not out. Nowhere even close.

Simon Williams has been dead. He didn't like it. He doesn't want to be dead again, and he's pretty sure that this doomsday beast will kill him while he tries to stop it. But he doesn't have a choice, now, does he? There are so many more people who will be murdered by the thing, and he has to stop it.

And then the miracle. The S-shield, the voice… Somehow, he's alive?

"You're alive!" Wonder Man shouts, and every negative thought vanishes, as he focuses his will into an all-out attack on the monstrous beast. He moves up to it with a crack and a contrail, and slams a fist into each side of its head, then goes into a series of punch after punch after punch, yelling in inchoate fury at the murderous monstrosity.

Now upset, Evelyn grabs an external truss to the building and leaps from the gaping wound of the structure. She falls at least a couple stories before she tightens her grip on the external support, busting off sidings as her boots dig into the metal, sending off sparks. When she's finally at the ground, she's able to leap off the post and roll into a run towards the beast with minimal effort.
"Get punched, you bastard!" shotus a crying Evelyn as she pulls out a combat knife and makes to leap on the beast, quickly trying to climb to its shoulder and lodge the knife right into a nerve cluster should she succeed. It doesn't even matter to her that Superman is also beating the crap out of it.

Sara has absolutely no intention of standing still to get smashed. Definitely not in the playbook. Thankfully, she doesn't have to find out if she's faster than Doomsday, because the sheriff shows up. Though she has to look up from crouching behind a shield to see it. There's a distinct sigh of relief before she remembers that there's still a problem here, and it's the sort of problem that's probably going to take a few more hits to go down. As the others dive in, Sara trades shield for blade once more, stalking forward to look for a clean place to hit without getting any of her erstwhile allies.

Angry.Lady has an Italian counterpart! Lunair thinks that is Duchess Cursealotta. Yup. She's got this whole name thing figured right out, yes indeedy. And it's probably a good thing she doesn't hand out codenames. While Lunair hasn't been dead, she was sick and weak long enough to feel close. She's not cool enough to get to come back from the dead. So she strives very much to avoid it.

She's got another cannon. This one is laser based and then suddenly, a wild Superman appears! "… I really need to get in on that martial arts thing …" As Doomsday is getting more punch than an entire Hawaiian Punch factory. Nevertheless, she'll take a pot shot with her laser when the opportunity to hit without nailing an ally presents itself. Pewpew! But it's a burst, not a pewpew really.

Also, she is totally happy Superman showed up. Even slightly reformed, murderous mercenaries might just think Superman is nifty.

Superman's timely arrival and such has Helena feeling a bit deflated, like that proverbial third wheel that really is not necessary. Oh well. As the saying goes, 'in for a penny, in for a pound'. Helena's not about to stop now. The screaming ceases as she pushes forward, trying to find something… ah. A metal trash can lid. It won't hurt Doomsday but if she throws it and it hits him it might cause a distraction.

It's Helena's trash can that once again takes Doomsday's attention. He is such a dangerous creature, but feeble minded. Full of rage, but no discretion. It's enough to allow Lunair's shot to knock Doomsday to the side. Even as the beast staggers, Evelyn comes flying in to bury a knife in its back. She hangs there precariously as it howls with rage.

Superman delivers his second punch to its face with such ferocity, it would clearly have killed almost any beast on the planet. Any beast but this.

But as it falls, Superman grabs Evelyn at superspeeds and pulls her off the Doomsday. This woman, obviously mortified at what this creation has done, is obviously at wits end. Instead of saying anything, Superman simply holds her in his arms as the beast crashes to the ground right in front of Sara.

There it is, the clear shot. Allies likely to take any harm are out of the picture, the beast is distracted, and Sara's mind is crystal clear. One of the benefits of years on the NYPD is training and experience. She wouldn't hesitate to pull the trigger, not when it has to be done, and she doesn't hesitate now. Doomsday crashes to the pavement in front of her, and Sara moves swiftly, swinging that strange blade in a glittering arc across his throat. Whatever it's made of, it hardly slows as it meets craggy flesh, severing muscle and sinew as the woman goes to one knee with the force of her blow.

Doomsday wriggles around, even after its head rolls around on the pavement, giving concern that it might jump up and continue the fight. After another few moments, though, it's clearly over.

Depleted after hammering the thing and being shrugged — slapped? Whatever it did that knocked him back, it was a good thing tactically, because he was out of the way for the blaster shot — Wonder Man is flat on his back on top of one of the crushed cars.
"Wait, did I hear 'squelch-thud?' I'm sure I heard 'squelch-thud.'" He sits up, cracks his neck, and walks, limping slightly, over to where the Man of Steel, the Woman of Spiky All Over Blades, and the apparently un-powered women are watching the grotesque object leak onto the asphalt.
"Welcome back," he says.

Evelyn is clinging for dear life on the back of the montrosity, knife buried deep into its shoulder. She seems intent on destroying this thing. When it finally begins to fall, she oofs, now in another's arms. It takes a moment for her sensory data to realign with reality, she probably caught more of that movement than most humans would with her processors ticking at full bore. Now from a different perspective she sees the beast fall, finally. Some kind of cathartic emotion rolls over her and she wraps her arms around the Man of Steel. For support, literally and figuratively, as she silently cries.

Poor Evelyn. It's never easy to lose a friend. But at least Superman is really nice and stuff. Lunair managed to help and didn't murder witnesses! It's a good day. Lunair peers over from her cover. She watches Wonderman going. Wavewave to Superman and the others, and off she goes. It's best not to intrude on the touching moment. She seems aware of her place and it's not really around most other people. It's a quietly ambivalent status. But there's no more giant cannons or what have you. She's not sure what to think, that she doesn't feel a lot about the killing itself. Even if she's glad angry canvas guy is dead and that the red extra from Mad Max (that is what Massacre was cosplaying as, right?) was wrong about Superman being dead. Still, all these heroics and smiles - she's not sure. It doesn't feel like belongs, her very touch ruining the moment and wrinkling it like dry rot pulling away wax paper. The sorrowful crackle, wrinkle and disappearance.

Although, it'd probably be more poignant if she had like, flight and not just foot power.

Maybe it's overkill, but Sara isn't taking anything for granted with whatever that thing was. Once she pushes herself to her feet, she uses the blade to poke/kick Doomsday's head into some nice, burning wreckage for proper disposal, and then turns to give the rest of the body a very long look. Just in case another head is coming. Or it gets back up. When she doesn't see any of that, she sighs. "So much for vacation."

So much happens in such a short period of time. Fighting, flying… fighting was mentioned, yes? Somehow, somewhere at the battle's conclusion a huge chunk of debris is kicked up and hits Helena square in the arm, causing her to yelp in pain. Having been hurt like this a lot in her past, she knows that something's not right as soon as that limb goes numb from mid-forearm all the way down to her finger tips. "Shit." Well! Looks like someone gets to experience Metropolis' health care first hand, today. Go her!

Even with her injury the fact that the thing has literally lost its head does not escape Helena's notice. But with the shock she's feeling all she can do is give an inadequate 'huh' in response.

As Superman stands there, it's clear he's not thrilled with Sara slicing the head off the beast, but how can he possibly protest? Clearly if allowed to live, this being was a blood thirsty, neigh unstoppable beast. He doesn't feel great about it, he just doesn't mention it. As Evelyn cries into his chest he turns to his friend, Wonder Man, and nods. "Thanks," he says quietly. "It's good to be back."

Simon notices that the woman who was cursing in italian a few minutes ago — you thought he wasn't paying attention? To a gorgeous woman speaking dirty? Yes, he has priorities. — she's holding her arm like it was hit or broken. He didn't quite see Lunair, though he was aware of an armored figure with gun.
"Miss? Do you need a doctor?" he says, walking over to Huntress. His limp is rapidly vanishing, as the red and purple krackle leaking from his skin slowly subsides.

After a little bit, the woman in the military uniform lifts her head from Superman's shoulder, wiping her eyes with her arm. She seems to be calming down a bit. "Thanks," Evelyn sighs, wiping her eyes again. If Superman sets her to stand, she'll stand again.

Lunair doesn't seem too ruffled. She's seen Wonder Man before. And that's sort of the life of a mercenary. Invisible, dirty and faceless. Except not because she can already FEEL Cal's disapproving stare at the mere thought of offing more badguys. It's almost Pavlovian at this point. How does he DO that ? Nevertheless, Lunair just feels compelled to quietly not ruin the moment. As sometimes shattered as her thoughts are, she's aware of her status as an outsider. It has pluses and minuses.

And she really, really needs one of those travel powers. But then, they probably frown on rocket jumping in town.

Sara Pezzini glances toward the guardian of Metropolis, lifting one shoulder in a not quite sheepish shrug when she catches the look. "It was him or the civilians taking cover around here," she says, pointing a thumb over her shoulder. "They win every time." With the battle over, though, the Witchblade starts to fade, slowly drawing back from her face first. The cuts on her face are faded to scrapes and a few pale bruises now, though there isn't much of a chance to see them as she turns away. Bit by bit the armor fades, but Sara is moving at a purposeful walk, head low and hands in her pockets. Just another woman in jeans and a jacket.

"Oh, no," comes a hurried answer before Helena shakes her head, that being in response to the man who asks if she needs help. "I'm fine. Honest. Nothing serious. I'll get it checked out." Leery of most strangers, even those who are obviously heroic in nature, she hurriedly takes a step back. And then several more. "Thanks, though!" Insert a hurried departure and a following hunt for a cab.

Superman sets Evelyn down and looks to Sara with a hesitant look. It seems as though he was about to nod, but simply could not bring himself to do it. Instead he simply watches her go, ghost faced, as he awaits the SRD to arrive.

In short order they do and collect Doomsday's body for processing. Where did it come from? Are there more? No one is really sure at this point.

No one except for Lex Luthor; who stands now in his tower peering at Superman.

A small smile comes across his face.

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