You're A Brave One

February 25, 2019:

After fleeing Metropolis, Zoom offers Cold an express lift to discuss business.

Desert, Middle of Nowhere


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Metropolis was not her city. There was something too clean about it. It had a glow to it that was…unsettling. Central was a 'clean' place but nothing held a bar toward the Man from Krypton himself. Thankfully, slums are slums, and she was still gifted enough to weave her way through smaller places and dark passages. Before long, the more towering structures of the skyline are at her back and ice is at her feet. Gliding was faster than running, after all.

Sirens were blaring in the distance, smoke rolls up and into the sky; the explosion wasn't massive. This city had seen its fair share of destruction, but taking down a three story building was still something to write home about. She didn't make that party happen, nor did her companions at the time, but being linked to such a thing was not good for her. Another blast of cold and she skids around a side stretch of quiet street. Panting, she stalls out, eyeing behind herself through the slender frame of her visors. She wasn't being followed. Good.

Licking her dark lips for moisture, she chuckles and scoffs at herself. "This is why you don't work with a crew, Snart. Shit goes side-ways far, far too easily." Reaching up she presses back her hood and gives a shake of her hair, freeing her dark locks.


Of course, she's already decided to have a 'partner.

Or rather, agreed to work for one of the Fastest Men Alive in exchange for something that he is, quite literally, the only person in the world who can give it to her… and it's been a while since Lena has heard a word from Professor Zoom. A man with that much power doesn't just die without people noticing, so he's disappeared. Or he's busy.

But then… he probably didn't expect her to be linked to a massive 'terrorist' attack either.

It takes all of a minute for Eobard to don his yellow suit, and zoom his way down to Luthors Kingdom. It takes another minute to find where the police are; he is literally searching the entire city from north to south looking for her, and making a bit of a mess as he goes.

Eventually though, a familiar looking red lightning trail moves past her instantly to her senses, and up ahead on that quiet street, the man in the yellow suit watches from afar for just a second.. before he starts to run up and down the nearby buildings, into them, and then around the block. It's an obvious search that takes all of five seconds, before he zooms right in front of Lena about a dozen feet from in front of her, and those red, glowing eyes stare at her.

That distorted, vibrating voice has a tone of amusement to it as he speaks, "That's a lot of police."


The sound. The kick of wind. The glow. It was all she needed to level up her cold gun. The yellow, though, the burning red and the voice is the only thing that gives her pause. Twitching, she lowers the gun and allows it to settle on her thing and into its holster. "Mmm. More than I'd like, but hey…I didn't make that mess." A glance back, she walks forward, her head following to take him in directly. "I'm also not looking to stick around for a cape to clean it up, either." Pause. "What can I do for you, Zoom? I'm in a bit of a hurry."


The telltale red sparks going along his body flare up for a moment as he watches her. "I noticed. I don't care about the rest of your colleague, but I do need you to make my plan work."

Without so much as another word, Zoom zooms right up to her, and she can feel her surroundings shift immediately as suddenly the entire world is going by too fast for her senses to keep up with. It's like watching a DVD at 1000000x. Within seconds, she's…. somewhere in a desert?

She's also extremely high up in that desert, on top of a dune. "We need to talk."


By the time she has her bearings again, where she was being carried, she's now standing on her own two feet once again. Behind Professor Zoom is a massive trail going through the sand from his passage.

There's no end to the desert, from here.


"That makes two of us. I'm not sure I give a damn about them either." She muses, smirking all the while. Her lips part to answer him only to feel herself taken over by the rush of speed. Her gloved hands dig against the yellow of his suit, her clothing and armor suctions to her form. She doesn't even remember to breathe.

Down on her feet, her body goes slightly limp before she balances herself and coughs. Panting in, then out, she growls in reaction only to notice where she was. The rolling dunes, the cool night, the expansive void spreading far and wide in every direction.

"Can never say you don't know how to pick up a girl." Sighing, she slips off her visors. "I'm listening."


"I know what I need, and I have four different places to find it." Zoom replies, "I need vibranium as an anchor point for my project. I have everything else I need, but the vibranium is the key. Breaching the dimensional fabric of this reality and holding it open means the stress needs to go somewhere, and it's the only material on this planet that can handle reality breaking, and remain stable enough to keep the tunnel open for more than a few minutes. Even Adamantium will be ruined under the pressure."

Then, he frowns slightly, "WayneTech and the Stark Industries might have the quantity I need. LexTech… I don't know enough about what they have. STAR Labs is also a candidate."


"Vibranium." She repeats, hooking her shades against her collar, crossing her arms over her chest. "I could hit WayneTech, I only request it not happen in Gotham. Stark Industries? Pity I never got a call back for a job from Stark. That would have been /useful/. LexTech? I've been there before once, at least I know the layout there already." STAR Labs has her nibbling at her lower lip. "Which Labs? Where, I mean. I'd…rather not go back to Central if I can help it, either. But I'll go where I have to."


"I don't care where we get it from, so STAR Labs and WayneTech are probably our best options. I'd rather not deal with being hunted by Luthor. He can't catch me, but he can have everyone in Metropolis coming after us both." Zoom responds, before he turns to look in a direction. "STAR Labs is probably the best target. They don't have a CEO that can make life hard if you get caught, and I can deal with the Flash if he shows his face."


Lena follows his gaze, looking off in a direction that only shows wilderness and sand to her. Her arms slack as she moves to stand by his side. Tightlipped, she swallows, glaring off at nothing in the darkness before nodding. "Fine." She relents. "We go, we get this done, how long until I get my cut?"


"Get me all the vibranium you can steal, and I can have my project working within a few weeks. I need to test for the vibrational frequency of this universe that won't shred the machinery as quickly. The more you get me, the more stable the anchor." He looks to Lena, and the blurring on his figure stops. The red glowing eyes remain, and so does the red lightning arcing all over his body… but she gets to see the Reverse-Flash symbol, along with the rest of it. "I have a few ideas on how to get inside. Tell me a dead-drop location you'd prefer, and I can have some blueprints and information delivered."


"That'll give me time to get my new armor set to my body and work up a few new weapons." She considers, tapping her chin briefly. When he stops shaking, she faces him once more, eyeing the symbol, the suit, before settling on his steady features. "You found me the first time, you can probably find me again. For now, I'm staying at a different location in New York. The Bronx this time, too many people knew I was in Chinatown." Smirking, the expression is brief. "You…can really get me back to see my dad?" She questions aloud, a hint of hope slipping through her voice. In that moment, she was a child again. "I-I have plans for when we get there. How much time do I have?" Pause, "What happens if I kill someone?"


"I can go anywhere in time, normally. The more you change, the more the effect ripples. My connection to the Negative Speed Force protects me from ruining my own timeline… but I can't say the same for you." Zoom frowns slightly in thought. "I've never had reason to consider bringing anyone along through the timestream."

There was a moment as he though, the red glow in those eyes suddenly flaring as he visibly channels more of the Speed Force for his thought processes; he's spending a great deal of thought on the matter, it seems. "How much time we have will depend entirely on how long it takes for the vibranium to be crushed under the weight of the anchoring effect. I need to run tests to confirm that. Killing people… I can't tell you what will happen, because this isn't my native Earth. Give me time to research a persons timeline, and I can tell you the probabilities."


"He means nothing. A worthless speck on this world that doesn't deserve what he got." The girl riles, her figure tensing before she forces herself to relax. A breeze rolls up, brushing against them and chilling her into a calm state. "Get me the information and I'll work on getting you as much of the metal as you require. If need be, I can hit multiple places." Scritching at her scalp, she glances around their perch atop the dune, her eyes following after the trail he'd left behind only now start to shift and fill itself back in. "Why are you offering to pay me anything? I've heard stories about you, most of us have if you're part of the underbelly of Central. Why not just threaten me to do the work for you?"


"Your opinion of research is noted." Zoom gives in a decidedly neutral manner.

Then, he smiles. It's a predators smile. Not cruel… but definitely a confidence behind it, "I'm a Speedster from another world learning about this Earth as I go. Threats are fairly universal, but if you have what someone wants, that's much better leverage. Most of the others who have done work for me… did not want anything I could offer, so I needed to threaten to take something away for leverage."

He squints slightly at her, "what you want is easily within my power, and you can't find it anywhere else. It's more than enough to ensure your loyalty to my goal."


"I never liked owing anyone. Nor have I ever liked something I couldn't take for myself set out before me. I'm proud, but not stupid." She had already made the deal, after all, and there was no movement to pull back from it. There was no turning away. The Speedster was the only true link she had to a massive piece of her very existance. "I'd ask some details about how it all works. What I can say, what I can do. What I can't do. I'll save it for later, though. The more I talk, the less we have to chat about later. As fun as it would be, I don't see us cackling in a warehouse somewhere, bloating our nefarious natures." Winking, she reaches down and returns the visors to her face. "You taking me home then?" A pause, "Do I offer you a drink when we get there? Not sure what qualifies as thanks for even flirting on your world."


"My original world was all but destroyed by an entity named Galactus and a group called the Justice Lords warring over it. I grew up in colonies where most of humanity were slaves to aliens who regarded us as weapons and free labor." Zoom offers in explanation, "Flirting… was very different from here."

Then, he looks around them… before looking back to Lena, "What do you want to go?"


"That sounds troubling." Walking closer she consider him once more before sighing and lifting her arms to be snatched up again. "Do you still drink? Maybe I'll need a bit more of an education that has less to do with a machine and the speed force, hmm?" Beat. "The Bronx. I'll show you where I'm staying so we don't have to split hairs and you don't have to find me later. Not that it'd take you long to do either."


"My metabolism is sped up considerably. I can enjoy the taste, but alcohol has no effect on me unless it's VERY strong." Zoom offers, before he smiles slightly, "you're a brave one. I might even take you up on that offer, after this is done… but for now, I need to focus on doing research. As soon as you tell me who you're interested in killing, I can get to work."

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