They Took Our Wizard!

February 24, 2019:

A Sentinel rampaging through Brooklyn? X-Men to the rescue of… half of the Frightful Four, it seems. (Emits by Nate)


Brooklyn Warehouse Rows


NPCs: The Trapster, Hydro-Man

Mentions: The Wingless Wizard

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Fade In…

You know what is now fashionable in Mutant Town? Sentinel Watch.

It is a Halotube-like channel, working from Darknet servers (or so they say). To monitor Sentinel Services operations and look for the missing 'rogue' Sentinels. Not that the conspiranoic webmasters believe they are rogue at all. It is all a plan by the US military-industrial complex, allied with the Friends of Humanity!

It is a very popular website among Brotherhood members. Much of the content about Sentinel Services is real and highly objectionable, showing a good deal of abuse of power and excessive force, if also presented in a very incendiary way. The giant robot sightings are much less believable.

Until about five minutes ago. At 11 pm of a fine Sunday evening in New York.

Live feed right now! A huge, maybe 18 feet tall, robot is demolishing a warehouse in a place the blurry cellphone capture identifies as Glenwood road, Brooklyn. The robot is painted black, and it is hard to see the details due to the darkness and the distance, but for those familiar, it looks like a Sentinel.

The brave, or reckless, person doing the uploading races through an alleyway and appears just at the side of the warehouse. The cell is raised and there seems to be huge wave of water, the image flickers among loud cursing, then goes black.

Lorna was working on the security of her building, as well as that of the local area of Mutant Town nearest to it. Her building was on the edges, and as a result, it could effectively become a barrier for those seeking to do harm going in or out of this section of the city.. At least, that was her hope. She'd been working closely with those that lived in the area, trying to figure out escape plans and back up plans for children or the elderly. A constant stream of people came to visit her and speak with her about issues regarding the attack and she tried her best to make time for them all.

Of course, that meant that she had her computer propped open to various streams and watch groups. The sound abrupt sounds of the chat channel blowing up and crashing of something loud and cursing followed, drawing her attention. As quickly as she could, Lorna brought up the tab, looking over the chaos and cursing under her breath as she twisted around to grab her gear and double check the street address.

Neon wasn't exacty the sort to be working on her own building, but she was certainly the sort to be hanging in mutant town itself. It wouldn't exactly take much for people to talk about a rogue Sentinel. The 'Icecream' mutant wasn't much for talking, but she was up for listening. She wasn't one for staying idle, and once the she knew the address? She was gone.

A rush of neon color and frosted air, the young mutant's cold-light jumps speed her towards the Sentinel attack.

It is only a few minutes later Polaris and Neon arrive to the event scene, but two minutes is a long time in a fight. Instead of a giant robot, they find a scene of destruction, a partially demolished warehouse is burning. There are a dozen wrecked vehicles in the street. Curious people are coming to watch, although cautiously. Half a dozen of police cruisers are rushing into the street, though, but they have to stop because of fallen light posts and rubble.

Most of the lightning in the street is gone, smoke and steam covers the city block. All points out the Sentinels met some serious resistance.

Rogue is flying high in the sky, she's got her leather trenchcoat on, with the dark green hood up and her gold/green suit on beneath all of that. She's observing the buildings and streets of Mutant Town. "Got some action down there?" She asks, suddenly deactivating her flight power to free fall down out of the sky about 75 feet and land on the edge of a building with a croush… and then a rise back up to her full height. She walks over to the edge of the building and plants one yellow-booted leg up onto the ledge, she leans forward a bit to look over the building with her leather jacket whipping in the winter winds out beside her on her left.

It was too long, even Lorna knew it, as she flew through the skies to land at the remains of the building among the wreckage and darkness of the place that had clearly seen something. She scowled, flicking on her comms properly, as she walked about the area, popping out her phone and using it as a light as she inspected what she could. It wasn't as if she could repair power lines in the dark, and even then, with the police coming.. she figured time would be limited.

Obviously, something had happened in the few minutes it had taken for her to approach. As Rogue spoke, she sighed. "Saw a video online, it looked like a Sentinel or something. The street has been taken out. Looks to be suffering some serious damages."

Ne's arrival wasn't exactly subtle, even if she could speak up to the pair. While she was still perhaps the most junior on the X-Men team now, the mutant skids to a stop and raises a hand in greeting before looking towards the damage. How in the world could something that big get away without anyone spotting it or it leaving a trail? It wasn't likely. There had to be something.

Four police agents leave the cruisers and move forward, shouting warnings to the people to stay away from the obviously dangerous warehouse. Other two agents remain behind to talk on their radios. More sirens wail in the distance, more cops, and also the fire department. Maybe ambulances, although there doesn't seems to be anyone injured in the street.

Then they spot Lorna. "Halt, police!" One of them yells, as if it was necessary. The curious in the street step back when they see Polaris in uniform, some of them recognizing Magneto's daughter.

And then one of the police cruisers jumps ten foot into the air. Riding on a geyser!

"I AM STILL ALIVE, YOU METAL BASTARD!!" Booms a rough voice. The water of the geyser twirls like a whirlwind, forming a large humanoid shape. "PIGS! That trashcan didn't do the job, but I am pissed off for reals!!" He kicks one of the cruisers, sending it rolling a few yards, a big dent on the side. "So where is your robot now, UH!?"

Rogue continues to stand on the ledge of the building as she listens to Lorna over comms. "Its always somethin'." She says dramatically. "Least we got Youtube now t'keep us up on recon." That is said with some sarcasm, and some truth.

The sound of the chaos starting up down where Lorna is draws Rogue's eyes back to it and she stands up on the building's ledge and starts to run down it toward that part of the street, hopping effortlessly over large gaps between the buildings as she runs with a fast stride to get there.

"Who's that with the big voice?" She asks to anyone on comms.

As the police cruisers pull up and the cops call out to her, Lorna slowly turns around, her hands held out at her sides and her cell phone open with the flash light on. It was quite clear what the young woman had been up to, and she kept her position. At least until the water spout ripped open and started slamming cop cars around followed by a loud, booming voice. A mutant, she figured, an angry one that likely had just gone through whatever it was that had happened.

"I dunno." She answered the comms, exhaling a breath before she shoved forward with a sweep of her magnetic fields.

"Hey! Hey! Stop it, and talk to me. What happened?" She called, hoping to be heard over the chaos.

Well, the other two hadn't really reacted to her arriving, but Neon wasn't the sort to be able to speak up about it just yet. There was a little too much distraction for sign language and no telepath for a mindnet this time. It hardly mattered anyway, as the booming voice and flying cars had her reflexively ducking and raising her hands defensively. Tapping her commlink to 'ping' her presence, the mute mutant holds back a step or two. She was still the newbie to this stuff after all, best she followed the lead of the more experienced.

The water giant turns to Lorna when she comes to him, "uh? Who are you?" He asks angrily. "Some kind of super-hero? Get out of here before I drown you like a… uh…" he hesitates and one of the cops shoots at him. But the bullets seem have no effect on the water-man beyond causing some small splashes on his side.

"Oh, trying to distract me, uh?" He decides, pointing with his arms and sending powerful streams of water to the cop and another to Lorna. They hit very hard, harder than a powerful fire hose. The cop will have several broken bones and so will Lorna if she gets hit.

A second figure steps forward, though. He is a masked man wearing a dark purple and tan outfit with a large number of gadgets in pouches. "Hydroman! Hey! It is me, Trapster. I made it out alive too, but lets get out of here before the Fantastic Four or Iron Man arrives!"

A blink of shock crosses Lorna's features as the man first started to actually respond to her before turning around and attacking as the police shot at him. She grunted as she dropped, rolling and pushing off the ground with the metal in her uniform clattering where it hit the pavement. She was up and flying into the air, well above the 'Hydroman' that had blasted her with a grimace twisting her features. "You know, I wanted to help find out what the hell was going on here Rogue, but now I'm more inclined to just let the police deal with it." She muttered, irritation coloring her tone as she threw out her hand to try to grab Trapster, by whatever was metallic on his person and hold him there as soon as he mentioned running away.

Rogue gets close enough now to observe the 'water' man doing his thing and she can hear his bragging words which makes her smirk. "Where do these a-holes keep comin' from?" She asks. "I mean, I don't think we have enough paper towels in the world t'fight this wet blanket."

It doesn't seem like he's spotted her up here on the edge of the building, but even if he did, she hasn't done anything to him yet, she just looks like a hot chick in a funny outfit talking to herself. "Polaris. I hear ya, for sure. But we'll score some major brownie points if we can box this guy up." She starts to look around the horizon on the buildings. "Maybe you can grab some'a these water towers up ontop'a these buildings and trap him inside one? Remember? I pushed one over the other night? This is like the opposite'a that." She says with a sly grin while she watches 'Hydroman' talking with someone.

Trapster is a veritable walking arsenal of devices, and also wearing some armor. Those devices are mostly traps, though. When Lorna 'grabs' him he yelps in surprise. "What the hell? Let me go you mutie bitch!" He raises a hand and from his wrist guards he shoots a… thing. It is looks like paste, but it is pretty much the equivalent to Spider-Man's web. Sticky. And hard as steel.

He used to go by as Pete Pot Paste. Armed with a super-glue gun. No kidding. Nowadays he has more tricks, but still goes back to the classics in a pitch.

Hydroman, meanwhile, was huffing at Trapster suggestion. "They got the Wizard, man. We gotta… hey, you!" He tries to reach Lorna, water arms stretching ala Mr. Fantastic's style. But she is too far. So instead he grabs the door of a police cruiser and tosses it to the young woman. It is a steel door, though.

A sound of surprise escaped Lorna as Trapster squirted her with effectively a Spiderman rip off thing.. She made a noise of disgust, as it glued itself to her own armor. A sneer and Loran reached out with the magnetic fields to try to pick up Trapster by his various metal odds and ends and slam him down against the pavement, particularly as he swore at her. It didn't mean much to her, stuck? Sure.. but she was in the air and didn't really need to use her hands to direct her powers.. "Yeah well, eat pavemet!" She snarled, anger hot in her tone.

Hopefully knocking him out and not doing greater harm.. Though honestly…

Rogue's voice earned a glance backward, if possible despite whatever it was that covered her. "Sure.. go grab one?"

Rogue grimaced when she saw the police cruiser door get thrown at Polaris. "I think he likes ya, Grennie." she teases her friend before she hears the summons for a water tower. "On it." The southern gal says, shooting up into the sky and doing a full backward arching motion up into the air before her body twists around and aims back toward the buildings behind her where she saw a metal water tower.

"Better empty it first. Incase this guy gets stronger with more H2O." It only takes a econd or two for Rogue to rip the construct from the ground and then she's off toward the park lake nearby where she's quick to empty and redistribute the water back into the lake. "Look out, duckies!" She shouts down to the quackers who go flapping away!

And now she's on her way back, with lots of people on the ground snapping photos and videos of the flying girl with the water tower!

The Trapster acks when Lorna releases him. He tries to reach a light post with a tendril of his super-glue, but he is not high enough, and Lorna pushes him down. He crashes on the ground with a strangled cry. "My back!" He cries.

Hydroman curses loudly and rushes to help his mate, trying to shield him from Lorna. "You won't beat the Frightful Four!" He yells. Never mind there are only two of them here. "Wait what is that?" He adds, watching a flying water tower coming at him. It is dark in here, given the time and that most of the lights of the street got broken before the X-Men arrived.

"Guess… nevermind," he straightens to launch a stream of high-pressure water at Rogue and her tower. Rogue can take it, but the tower can't and it is broken to bits. "Hah, gotcha!" Yells the watery criminal, trying to engulf the southern girl into a bubble of water controlled hydrokinetically. The pressure he generates would kill a normal human, but for Rogue the main problem is the lack of air.

Lorna focused on Trapster for the moment, certain that Rogue had her mission well in hand.. She was about ready to launch Trapster into a police car, the door flying open under a gentle nudge of her hand.. When Hydroman crushed the water town and smashed it through water pressure alone. She shouted a warning to Rogue, but whether or not the other woman could escape on her own was unclear to her for the moment.

Polaris chucked Trapster none too gently at the cop car nearby, turning her focus back toward Hydroman and Rogue.

Unfortunately for Rogue, she took the direct approach and the direct approach in this case lead her to be spotted way to quickly. The tower in her hands gets blasted apart and the water collides with Rogue… which if this were summer and 100 degrees out, she might not even care, but since its WINTER, Rogue releases a short shriek and then flies away back over a building, soaked wet, but at least she's in her X-Men suit so only her face is truly chilled by the water and the cold winter air… flying away from the man's powerful water blast just isn't that hard for her to do.

"Lorna." Rogue says over comms, her breathing sounding a bit labored. "I think this is above our paygrade. Where the hell are the Avengers?"

Trapster manages to turn around, groaning in pain from his aching back, and tries to crawl out of the police cruiser. Owowow. He is considering what in his arsenal of traps can be used against a magnetokinetic, too. But Lorna is too far to hit her with a gas grenade. He tries to hide, instead.

Hydroman on the other hand is still quite self-confident. Though he grunts in annoyance as Rogue breaks out of his water bubble so easily. "Yeah, the Avengers aren't here, are they?" He smirks in arrogance. "You better run away, little girl, 'cause Hydroman is too much a man for you," pause. "But first, bring back the Wizard!"

Trapster was, as far as Lorna was concerned, no longer an issue. Not as the Hydroman threatened Rogue and the Southern Belle spoke. She grit her teeth, still covered in whatever the sticky stuff was. "Above our paygrade? Seriously? These guys are effin' jokes. No. Not a chance." She hissed, throwing out her hands before her as she flew up higher into the night. "We're just gonna trade dance partners for a bit. Rogue, get Trapster or whatever his face is. Knock 'em out hard. I'm going to try something." She threw out her senses, yanking up power cables and cords that ran beneath the city's grid. Not all powerlines ran above ground after all.

Before she flew down and grabbed them in hand, yanking on the current that went well beyond the blackened out spot of city they were in… and flew directly at Hydroman. Maybe it would do something.

Rogue hears the Hydro's response to her where she's hiding behind a rocky ledge to hide from the water, she doesn't reply to him, doesn't really care about him. She does reply to Lorna. "Weeeell. I'm not exactly built for fightin' water people." She admits over the group comms though. "Right." Rogue peers out from behind the ledge. "Tradesies." She says to her partner in this fight.

It only takes her second to spot the Tech-based goon and with a deep inhale of oxygen, Rogue jumps out from behind her cover and starts flying through the air to get him where he's trying to slink off to… she fully intends to grab him from behimd and loop her arms up his armpits, to lift him up into the air with her!

Hydroman blasts Rogue, but she went out like a bullet and misses, then turns to Lorna, "you think I am a joke. I am going to make a joke with your ass!" He roars, then he sees the power lines jump out of the pavement and halts. "Oh huh," he says, trying to backpedal. Then Zzzzrrrrkzzz.

He goes down in a puddle, just like that. Leaving behind a thuggish-looking guy. Quite the linebacker, at 6' 2" and over 250 lbs. of muscle. But human, and knocked out.

Meanwhile Trapster can't do much to stop Rogue. Well, he can try some of his devices, but his back hurts too much to fight. "Wait, wait! It is all a misunderstanding! We weren't doing anything wrong when that giant robot attacked us! He took the Wizard! Pretty much ignored us, but he took our leader and left!"

Lorna dropped the electrical wires as soon as it became apparent that Hydroman was down and out. She smirked, her hands bristling with electrical currents that amped up her powers briefly as she laid the wires back into their proper rest. "Hydroman is out, got Trapster?" She felt like she was saying a meme or some kid's attempt at sounding badass.. not dealing with grown men.

"Sheddep." Rogue says to the rambling man in her arms and she reaches her right hand up to dab at his nose. Exposed skin, no less. Being in her late 20s now, Rogue is getting quite good at her touch powers, she's removed a glove and has touched the guy with a bare fingertip, just long enough to give him a nap that'll last 12 or so hours, based on her experiences throughout her X-Men'ing days now

She waits for the man to slump in her arms before she angles herself around and delivers him back down to where Lorna is, dropping out of the air a few feet off of the ground she comes to a jogging halt beside Polaris, holding the limp body in her arms. "Wanna just leave'em on the ground? This one's gonna be asleep for awhile."

The Trapster is a normal human, although an unpleasant human. Also quite intelligent in some ways, and Rogue's mind is flooded with all kinds of chemical knowledge worth a Nobel Prize scientist. Fortunately his personality is not very strong.

His memory of recent event is pretty clear, though. He was talking shop with his boss, a guy called Bentley Wittman, aka Wingless Wizard, while Morris, Hydroman, was playing games in a console in the background. Then a black-painted Sentinel brought the house down. The next minute is pretty confusing, as Hydroman put up a brave if uninspired fight while Trapster mostly fought not to be crushed by collapsing walls. But the Sentinel only wanted to capture Wittman and left the scene as quickly as it could.

By now the cops have regrouped and more police cruisers have arrived. A fire truck too. A few agents are advancing, weapons drawn, but at least they are not firing.

Lorna glanced down at the front of her uniform, metal covered with the sticky stuff of … whatever.. and frowned. "We'll leave them for the cops. Not our problem." She murmured, glancing toward the various agents that approached and she kept her hands carefully, neutrally at her sides. "Lets go."

Rogue is also looking at the armed officers and she's got her hands up in the air too, smiling at them though. "Ya'll are welcome." She says before she glances over to Lorna. "I gleamed a bit'a info off the little nerd." She tells the other. "But I'll drop it all down in my report once we get home."

Rogue's uplifted hands then wave at the police, she keeps the smile up for them too. "Bye now. Good luck, Sugahs." She says before suddenly the trenchcoat wearing mutant with the two-toned hair rockets off into the sky, FAST, so the Police and such can't react to it barely at all before she's gone.

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