Bad Influences

February 11, 2019:

Nate and Illyana come to visit Lorna in the medbay, as well as to get her up and out.

Medbay, X-Mansion


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Lorna had been stitched up thanks to Sage, and was eventually cleaned up further by the Medbay's usual staff. For now, she still had an IV drip, the loss of fluids and blood had been worrisome for many, as well as painkillers in the mix. The young woman sat in bed, grumbling and muttering under her breath as she leaned back against the many pillows and tilted hospital bed that kept her mostly upright.

On her lap was a tablet, which she painfully, awkwardly tapped away on to review reports, news reels, and other information from the attack. She was trying as best she could to keep informed. And despite many warnings from the nurses, stubbornly refused to rest until they knocked her out or added enough pain killers to send her for a loop.

On the tray nearest to her was a tray of decent enough food, made with a focus for promoting blood growth and iron supplements, likely from upstairs, but it more or less went untouched.


Illyana might have been instrumental in evacuating Lorna after she got shot - and after Sage and Rogue insisted - but she didn't follow them back to the mansion straight away, taking the job Lorna gave her to protect her building seriously… or just making sure that her demons fed on the right people.

Still, she might have been expected to put in an appearance after that job was done, but no. She's been gone for about a day and a half, and apparently hasn't even checked to make sure Lorna pulled through. Sometimes Illyana really is a rubbish friend to have.

At long last, though, the blonde demoness appears in the doorway to the Medbay. She takes a deliberate moment to look over Lorna's condition, before saying by way of greeting, "You didn't actually die, then? Good." Sauntering the rest of the way in, Illyana boosts herself up to sit on the next bed along. She's dressed down, in a black Xavier Institute hoodie, black leggings and flats, and her hair looks a bit damp. She really hasn't hurried. "When's the escape attempt?"


As promised Nate went to see Lorna's tenants, assured them the green-haired young woman was alive and recovering fine and then spent a few hours trying to find out what happened. He got nothing of the remains of the cyborgs from his psychometrics, which is really odd. Usually humans that die from violence are a psychometric's nightmare.

Then he returned to the school and found Lorna sleeping. So he left a note and went to on his usual business. It is only now when he returns, to find Lorna fretting about the news instead of resting. There are a lot of news reports and every politician in the country has an opinion that has to be shared. Bottom line: no one knows yet who built the cyborgs. A few have been identified as Gothamites, however.

"Hey, Lorna," he greets, "how are you feeling? How long did Annie say you have to be…" Pause. Beat. "Illy, my favorite witch. Hello," he greets the blonde.


A grumble followed Illyana's entrance, as Lorna assumed it was Nurse Annie return attempt to get her to put down the tablet and eat. Along with several curses that someone had given it to her in the first place. But it wasn't a nurse, and as soon as the blonde asked after an escape attempt a hooked smirk pulled at the corners of her lips as Lorna clicked off the tablet and set it aside on her lap.

"As soon as you portal my ass to Limbo and do that healing thing again?" She asked hopefully. A few moments of pain were well worth the trade off she figured, after all, as it stood she was trapped and drugged up. Her powers ify at best and a hole torn through her where the bullet had run its course. She turned green eyes toward Nate as the man entered soon after and she huffed a breath.

"Hey Nate, and too long. I shit to do and I can't stand being stuck here. There's too much going on out there and if I don't get to Mutant Town how can I help?"


"Didn't anyone tell you black magic was bad for you?" Illyana asks, in a prim and disapproving tone that doesn't at all match her own smirk. She lets that hang for a moment before adding, in a much more amused tone, "And if they did, had they been shot first?" The smirk becomes a grin, before glances up at Nate's entrance. "Hi Nate." She greets him, "Let me guess. Lorna's in your spot?" He is, after all, rightly famous for how much time he spends injured in this place.

Pulling up her legs to sit tailor-style on the bed, arms resting comfortably across her knees, Illyana snorts when Lorna mentions Mutant Town. "I was almost ready to offer to break you out of here, but not if you're going to put a big target right back on yourself. None of your tenants got eaten… or shot. We made sure of it."


Actually Nate is infamous for how little time he spends in the medbay when compared with the time he -should- be in the medbay. But look, he has no bloody bandages or fresh bullet holes today. Contrarily to Lorna.

"Yeah, the tenants are fine. Although your apartment needs… reforms." But her dad has deep pockets, right? He assumes the old monster paid for the building too.

"I can help you break out, I suppose," he considers, checking for still-bleeding wounds, and signs of 'loopiness' in Lorna's head. "And you owe me an 'escape from the medbay' card for next time."


A look was sent in Illyana's direction as she started in on black magic and Lorna huffed a breath, rolling her eyes as she grinned. "Yeah, well, I'm sick of being stuck here and listening to rumors. You would be too. I need to get out of here and do something." She muttered gesturing at the tablet with a scowl and a wrinkle of her nose. While there was nothing currently bleeding, Lorna was still very much in a state of hospital attire and bandages. She wasn't a fast healer, and thus far, no one had attempted anything to speed the process along.

As for loopiness… there was that IV with a few pain killers listed on the bag. Likely why the woman was upright at the moment at all. It was clear the intent had been for her to eat and rest… neither of which she'd been doing while fixated on the tablet's news reel. "Glad that they're okay. I just had the damn security put in place." She muttered, "But I wasn't prepared for someone to out and out try to assassinate me through my living room window." She growled, her gaze flickering back to Nate again. "Fine, yes. I'll help you escape from Nurse Annie so long as you're not actively bleeding out. Deal?"


"You're such a bad influence, Nate." Illyana tells him, as if she hadn't been very nearly as irresponsible just a moment before. Still, she's not really looking at him when she says it, instead giving Lorna some scrutiny, taking in the IV and how likely she looks to die if it's removed. Her head tilts to one side, blonde hair falling across her shoulder, as she gives Lorna's condition due consideration. "Don't make deals with him. He always gets caught and sent back." It's an exaggeration, if not an outright lie, but Illyana has the poker face to pull it off.

"You're going to need something else to wear." She says, abruptly coming to a decision. Unfolding her legs, she slips down off the bed. "And if you pass out I'm putting you back where I found you." She says with a smile, before considering some practical problems. "You're going to break in half if you try to tie your own shoelaces, aren't you?" Her bedside manner is as good as ever.


"Yeah, I am the worst," confirms the young man. But Nate knows a bit about bullet wounds and he read the medical report. Lorna -should- take two weeks of complete rest, even considering that most mutants have a measure of enhanced stamina.

But she won't die if she gets up and walks around a bit. Probably. She might feel like she -wants- to die later, after she has forced the issue for a few hours, of course. But hey, X-people need to get used to some pain.

"Yes, but you still have a room here, right?" About the clothes, he means. Flimsy medlab robes seem to be designed to keep you in place to avoid the embarrassment. Not that they have ever stopped him. Nate is shameless.


Lorna shot the two of them a look from her position on the hospital bed. The fact that she hadn't yanked out the IV by the needle was perhaps an indicator of just how bad off she already was. An able Lorna was one that floated under her own power. Still, given two more bad influences, the green haired mutant arched a brow and exhaled through her nose. "What I can make all the bad deals I want between friends, right? That's the point of friends?" She teased, even as she glanced around the medbay and back. "My clothes were pretty blood soaked. I think they were trashed. My other ones are still up in my room.. I don't need anyone to tie my shoes… they all have metal anyways.." She muttered, and wiggled her fingers in response. As if that should explain it all.

"And really if I wanted to leave, I could just float this whole hospital bed out of here and up through the elevator you know."


"Making you stay here for your own good is definitely not what real friends would do." Illyana opines. Bad idea though it more than likely is, Illyana seems to have decided to go along with the jailbreak, and has a slightly devilish look in her eyes. Only slightly devilish, mind. There's no offer of a portal to Limbo… at least not yet. "Cheating doesn't count. Besides, if you can't at least walk under your own power, someone will send you right back down here." Despite her objections, Illyana IS going to help.

"Nate? Let me know if anyone feels like coming to visit, OK?" Illyana instructs him, then circles around to the side of Lorna's bed closest to her wound. Reaching out a hand, palm down, she holds it a few inches above the site of the exit wound and rapidly whispers something to herself. Her nose scrunches up a bit, but then she shrugs. "This is a really bad idea." She says, cheerfully enough, and the Soulsword appears in her hands. Planting the insubstantial blade point-down in the medbay floor, Illyana begins moving both hands in a series of complicated gestures over Lorna's wound. The expression on her face becomes intent, and the artificial light in the room seems to dim, as the Soulsword begins to cast a silvery glow across the beds and equipment. The temperature drops noticeably, and Illyana makes a series of intonations that might be words, but not in any Earthly language.

For Lorna, the pain will recede somewhat. It's not like being healed in Limbo. That was instant and complete, but excruciatingly painful. This is slower, less effective… but doesn't run the risk of extracting her soul. It does take a toll on Illyana, though. In the blink of an eye, the light is back to its usual levels, the air is warming up again, and Illyana is leaning on the Soulsword for support.

"If you can get those on without screaming." She points towards a neatly folded stack of clothes on the bed she just vacated. "Then I'll know it worked." Of course, she doesn't comment that it seems the Soulsword is the only thing keeping her upright just now.


Nate directs a questioning look to the blonde, but then he nods and moves away a few steps, doing a quick mindscan of the sublevel. Seems clear enough. Then watches Illyana's magic work. He can't remember the last time he saw her casting plain healing magic. It is a bit disappointing it still exhausts her so much.

"How does it feel?" He asks Lorna. "All okay, or do I have to carry the both of you out now?" He teases Illyana on that one. Maybe that is why she never heals him.


Lorna watched, and waited for exactly what Illyana was up to as she chided her with a few pointed details about getting up under her own power it.. it was a fair assumption. Though there had been plenty of times in the past year she'd floated out under her own power less than walked out. A cast on her leg after Malice had taken control and the Hulk had crushed her leg took weeks to heal. It had been brutal.

Gunshots though were new and she decidedly did not like them. "It is a bad idea, and we're all just filled with them here." She offered, with a grimace as she watched Illyana summon the soulsword. A thing she had lugged through New York not all that long ago. It was strange to see it again so close. Still, there wasn't much time for snark as Illyana bent over and quickly set about working healing magic in some language she had heard before. Lorna stared, expecting pain, expecting the fast spark of health to go with it.. And found none of it. Warmth, and a faint itchiness to her skin followed as Illyana sank back and the light returned to the usual levels. Lorna blinked, shocked and more than a little stunned as she reached out to lift her hand up and back. There was still stiffness, still tender muscles, and bruised ribs to deal with. But the bulk of the ripped insides and gnarly stitches that held her together weren't quite as obvious to her.

A rough exhale followed and Lorna glanced at Illyana, "Well damn, not what I expected, but I'll take it." She grinned, and leaned over to slowly, carefully, climb out of the hospital bed. She hadn't removed the IV yet, not wanting to fight with it until she was sure she could stand without screaming. Which she managed, just barely, with a wince. She'd likely have blacked out if Illyana hadn't healed her somewhat and ended up with ripped stitches and blood everywhere.

"Woo.. Success." She offered, arching a brow as she stood with a faint shiver as her toes touched the cold floor of the medbay.


Illyana grimaces at the thought of being carried anywhere. She steps around the Soulsword, still keeping one hand on the pommel, and then pulls it from the floor. The fact that her arm doesn't tremble when she points it at Nate is down to willpower alone. "I'll pass." She tells him, pleasantly, and then lets the Soulsword vanish back into her, well, soul. She's now very pointedly not leaning on anything. Healing magic, white magic of any kind, takes a lot out of someone who's more used to have the limitless resources of Limbo to call upon, and both members of her audience should probably know how much she hates to appear weak by now.

That she did it for Lorna, and with Nate watching… well, she clearly thinks some scales haven't been sufficiently balanced with the green-haired woman yet.

It's Lorna that she turns to now. "I know what you were expecting." She tells her. "You really shouldn't get used to it. Sometimes Limbo takes as much as it gives." So at least she's back to being mysterious now. Illyana watches as Lorna gets to her feet, and is always ready with a word of friendly encouragement. "If you fall over I'm taking the magic healing back."


Nate smiles at Illyana, nodding his head slightly. She did a genuinely generous deed, he should be encouraging her, yes? "Maybe next time," he decides. Lorna is likely less unwilling to accept an arm to lean on, although he looks at the tablet, letting her change clothes behind him. "Who is this Benedict Ryan asshole?" He asks rhetorically. "I thought I knew all the big shots of the Friends of Humanity, Humanity First and the other scumbags. But this guy is getting a lot of camera time this week."


A glance was spared for Illyana as Lorna peeled off the hospital clothes in favor for the loose fitting ones that the blonde had summoned for her. None of which was her usual, but it would do. She swept her hand out over the IV, the needle coming out with the care and perfection of her powers properly working. The machines beeped and whistled warnings, and it would no doubt draw Nurse Annie or some other attendant in no time.

"Right.. got my shoes on, got my sweat shirt on.." It was cold out after all, and her green eyed gaze swung back to Illyana with critical glance. "Good to know. And no falling over, gotcha." She grinned, before her smile dropped at Nate's words. She exhaled a breath, her lips twisting.

"I dunno, but I was watching clips of him online. He sounds crazy. How the hell can people listen to this guy? He calls mutants animals and shit like that. How the hell does he have a job spreading lies and insulting people like that on TV?"


Usually, when Illyana is called upon to provide a change of clothes, the unwary often find themselves decked out in leather, spikes and chains, and probably wouldn't look too out of place on the set of Mad Max. For Lorna, just this once, Illyana made an exception, and Lorna got comfortable clothes that are easy to pull on. There's a lot of black involved, of course, but it does beg the question: Is the demoness losing her edge? She looks Lorna up and down and decides she passes muster. "Let's get out of here then." She smirks. "My way, or are you feeling brave enough for the stairs?" She asks, stepping back so that Nate can try his White Knight routine on Lorna, if she's more receptive.

"Are you kidding? People just tried to murder you. This Ryan is giving the people what they want."


Uh, the problem is he doesn't sound like a rabid lunatic like Graydon Creed. Or a religious nut like William Stryker. But yeah, half-trues and poisonous hatred. "I guess it doesn't matter. Politicians hate us, it must be Monday."

But Registration is looming, there was no break to switch the attention of the angry public to demons or aliens or something more 'fun' this time.

White knighting Nate means he offers Lorna his arm for her to lean on. And no stairs, "elevator," he decides. Trust a telepath to get there without getting seen. "Nice clothes, they are not even all black leather," he comments. "Hell, I think I saw Yana wearing something colorful the other day. Rachel must be getting her."


Lorna glanced side long at Illyana as she checked the flats she'd slipped on again with a tap of her toe against the floor. She definitely didn't own anything like them, yay magic for getting the right size? She shook her head slowly, careful to not pull anything that might still be tender and sore. "Look. I expect people to try to kill me, okay? Given how Magneto made such a big deal of my wedding, my face is everywhere. But like this guy is just a TV personality. That's all he is. Not a religious nut or a politician. What does he get out of it? An hour slot on prime time to rant and rave about how mutants are ruining this country." She muttered and rolled her eyes as she gingerly took a few steps forward and toward the elevator.

Portals would have been her go to, but with how the blonde had been leaning it was likely a better idea to not chance it. She sighed, shooting Nate a look as he offered his arm and shook her head. Not daring to voice that if she leaned, she might put pressure on her shoulder and it might still hurt too much for that.

"Hey, I'm good with black. If I rip something it won't stain so badly." She added, flashing Illyana a smile.

"So, my tenants are okay. I read the reports on the death tolls and injured lists. What are our plans going forward? Also, are we assuming the assholes that made plastic robots to attack me also made those damn bullets? I've seen robotics like those spiders before in Genosha."


Illyana seems to know when someone's sneaking a look in her direction. The faint smile forms first, then the blonde sorceress' head turns to watch Lorna examine the clothes she provided. "Make it upstairs and you can change." Illyana suggests, her tone light, perhaps offering a friendly challenge. Perhaps wondering whether she'd have been better off providing the leather, chains and spikes that Lorna had probably expected.

The clothes do, of course, all fit. Illyana's already pulled the whole quick-change routine on Lorna within Limbo, the LAST time she rescued her while she was wearing a hospital gown, and the magic… remembers. She decides not to explain that. It's probably not reassuring.

"Are you sure it was really me?" Illyana asks Nate, when he gets in on the implicit outfit criticism, but she DID go shopping with Rachel recently and colours other than black might have been involved. She's just going to have to deal with the ribbing… or check whether she can still take the stuff back.

"So you bought a building in Mutant Town." Illyana helpfully points out, when Lorna mentions how people would love to kill her. "If you were trying to hide in plain sight, you missed." Illyana observes, again so very helpfully, as she falls in behind Lorna and Nate. She did the healing, but if her work doesn't hold up, Nate is on the catching. "See? Black always works." She comments, pointedly, to Nate, before making an effort to be at least a little bit helpful. "I can probably find bits of cyborg in Limbo. Sage might be able to do something with them, depending." On how chewed up they are, she doesn't add.


"I don't know, if it was an impostor she was cute," replies Nate, glancing back to the blonde but staying at Lorna's side. "Black always works, but black is not always the best," he adds.

But she is right. Back to business… in the absence of McCoy the mysterious Sage seems to be the person to ask about for the details on killer cyborgs. Maybe they can rope Tony Stark into this too. Mental note: talk to Rachel. Although he has not seen her on the tabloids lately. Probably it is good.

"The spiders looked a lot like those things that attacked us in Hammer Bay," agrees Nate. "Only there had inhibitor collars. Actually it looked as if the robot was built around the collar. So maybe that was the idea from the beginning and we saw some prototypes in Genosha."


A grimace pulled at her lips, "I didn't buy it." She didn't add who had, "I'm just the landlord. To play the bridge between the Brotherhood and the X-men. A safe house for mutants no matter who they are." She offered softly, her gaze flickering to settle on the elevator down the hallway as a fixed point. It was something she could keep in her mind's eye as she spoke and walked with tender steps. She was mostly healed, but she was still not whole.

"Huh, I assume we have a few collars around? I want to try my hand at them. See how strong they were. If they were flimsy as the robots then I might be able to over power them. Maybe.. maybe not. Who knows. But it's something I want to try."


"Definitely wasn't me then." Illyana tells Nate. "Better tell someone we've had an intruder." Yes, she's being a brat on top of all of her other character flaws. At least she doesn't stick her tongue out at him.

Illyana doesn't have a lot to say about the concept of a mutant safe house. Mostly because it's already been said by a 30mm ceramic round that punched right through Lorna only a couple of nights ago. Safehouses are intrinsically not safe when the bad guys know where they are. Even Scott's grand plan for a safe house the anti-mutant extremists couldn't get to in Limbo has fallen by the wayside, and that's probably for the best. Limbo is anything but safe right now.

"I can't believe I'm saying this." Illyana says, putting on a very 'I can't believe I'm saying this' tone. "But these collars only shut down mutant powers, right? If they want to capture and not kill someone next time… maybe we should let them." It's just possible that Illyana is taking the idea of penance a little too far. "You'd better come and get me, though." Or maybe not.


Collars, yeah. "Took me five seconds to overload one," mentions Nate. "Hurt like hell. Cable couldn't do it, they are nasty." Then again he has no proof the spiderbots carried Trask's latest model. But something tells him they did.

"Dunno, they might also affect metahuman powers too," sounds like another question for Sage. "In any case, I don't think those cyborgs were taking prisoners. So yeah… lets call that plan D." About last thing he wants to happen is Miss-don't-touch-me getting caught by some anti-mutant faction that builds murder cybors. Illyana puts a strong facade, but Nate doesn't expect her handling being a prisoner very well.

And she can turn into a demon. That one is probably something they can't inhibit with a collar. But that one is probably something no one wants to happen often.


A shake of her head followed, "No, I wasn't thinking bait time or entrapment. I was more wanting a worst case scenario on whether or not I can handle one. In theory, I could? But every time I've had one on, they've had other backups ready.." She drawled, and held out her hand, remotely pulling the elevator down via a wave of her hand toward the button before she reached it.

"And you know what they say.. know your enemy."

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