February 09, 2019:

Sage and Lorna make it back to the medbay, following the attack on Mutant Town. Nate arrives and the events are discussed. Immediately follows: No Escape

Medical Lab - X-Men Base - New York City

State of the art medical equipment lines the walls of this spacious,
sterile room. Beds line one wall but are usually empty. This facility serves
as a mini hospital for those mutants who are injured on the spot, and more
advanced facilities for those who cannot go to a normal hospital.

The atmosphere is cool and sterile while mimicking the rest of the X-Men
Base in decor, but the lighting provides a more homely environment so people
don't feel so uncomfortable.


NPCs: None.

Mentions: Rogue, Caitlin Fairchild, Magneto, Illyana

Mood Music: [*\# None.]

Fade In…

The portal was one, two, three steps and then the pair were back in the medbay of the Mansion. Whatever determined stubbornness had kept Lorna upright gave out as she stumbled under Sage's direction onto the nearest bed. She more of less collapsed, her features twisted in a grimace of pain as she whimpered. A cold sweat had broken out over her brow and it was clear that Lorna wasn't going to be of much help in getting anything together to sew herself up.

The only plus of course, was that she wasn't fighting or denying how bad off she was now. And they were out of harm's way.. Still, someone had tried to assassinate her. Again. It would seem that Magneto's previous orders of having bodyguards around his daughter hadn't been a mere symptom of the man's paranoia and was in fact sensible. Especially given how many people had targeted the green haired mutant in the last year since she had left the island and the shadow of her father's protection.


Sage stepped, once, twice, a third time, and they were out of Limbo and back on familiar ground. The first order of business, of course, was to get Lorna to one of the beds, Sage supporting as much of Lorna's weight as she could, helping her to settle, before she walked to the wall and hit the emergency call button to get staff in to tend to the injury. if they were not already alerted by the sudden portal and arrival of two bodies where no bodies should be.

Whatever the case, Sage did not waste time getting to work. She threw off her jacket, the clothing making a odd chunking noise as she still had all of her equipment as well as the spiders jammed inside. Whatever. She moved to disinfect her hands, before she pulled over one of the crash carts. The plus side to being a human computer, was that you could learn things like first aid a surgery from a book. The downside was…your bedside manner was shit. "Lie back, Lorna, I need to get these clothes off of you." So, scissors first.


An exhausted Lorna had rolled onto her side, her eyes drifting shut as Sage stepped away to grab medical gear and other necessities. When the other woman came back, Lorna merely blinked open her eyes, her lips twisting in unhappiness. She was so tired. The action had faded, they were more or less safe.. Her system had run its course through the shock and reaction part of being shot and now?

Now she had lost a good amount of blood and wasn't entirely aware of it.

"I am.. just… Tired.." She mumbled.


Sage moved quickly, with mahcine-like efficiency, as she adjusted the bed to support Lorna, before she began to cut off, or at least open, the sweater along her side. Anything else underneath got the same treatment. Sorry Lorna. She didn't take the time to clean her up just yet, only getting a visual on the damage, before she swept around the bed to head for the cabinet that held the IV supplies. It wasn't blood, but a bag of ringers full bolus would do something until they could get the blood defrosted. "You need to stay awake, Lorna. I'm sorry, but you're not tired. You've lost a hell of a lot of blood." She was already moving to put two bags of lactated ringers, hooking up the IV tubing, before she drew it over to where Lorna was lying. "I need to start an IV, Lorna." She was already preparing the needle, "Can you hold still for me?"


Nate barrels into the medbay just as Lorna gets her IV going, rushing to the bed with a stormy expression in his scarred face. "It is all over the news," he says in lieu of a greeting. "I am… checking people in Mutant Town," he adds, tapping his temple, "they are calling it the 'mutant massacre'. As usual they have no idea, but they say over a hundred dead. What happened? Purifiers?"


Lorna wasn't moving much if at all, and Sage found little resistance to cutting off the once nice white sweater, now plastered thick with blood. It had begun to cool, and stick, and the wound pulled open anew with the removal of the fabric Lorna had been pressing down on with so much intent. The wound gushed a new leak of blood, and on her side it was easier to see the damage. The ceramic and plastic bullet had entered her backside, below her shoulder bone and left a nasty impact where it had hit. But it had hit ribs and ricocheted off inside her to exit just below her rib cage in front. At least it was clear the bullet had exited..

The IV didn't run into any issues as Lorna had shut her eyes again as the brief shock of the wound being exposed to the open air had only been a brief stab of pain against the old. She made a small sound as the needle slipped into her skin and was promptly ignored as well. She'd slipped far enough into blood loss that she wasn't fighting, nor were her powers reacting defensively, which normally was an issue with metal medical tools and her.


Sage glanced up briefly, as she set the IV flowing full bolus, leaving it close to Lorna's side, as she made her way over to the opposite end of the bed, eyes settling on Nate briefly, before she got to work, applying a square of fabric against the wound to soak up the blood, before she began to clean off the skin around the wounds so that she could see what she was doing, "Hold this." Because that was the important thing, "I have no idea how many dead. We never made it out of the building. They had snipers though," she dipped a head to indicate the gunshot Lorna, "She sealed us in, and Illyana arrived soon after." She did consider a moment, "What we saw were robots. Human-looking robots. So realistic I didn't even realize what they were until I tried to attack their minds." Beat, "Also, they had spiders carrying collars." A tip of her head indicated her tossed to the side jacket. I know Rogue was out there fighting, Fairchild also. Sounded like it was more than just them, but the window as locked down and we were too busy to look."


"Robots?" Nate grunts, and checks the jacket, pulling the remains of one of the 'spiders' and frowning further. "I saw things like this in Genosha. Larger, though. These seems kind of flimsy. Wait, this is… an inhibitor collar. Damn. It."

He drops the thing in disgust, and turns to Lorna. "Hey," he says, sighing. "That's a lot of blood, Lorna. I guess you are going to spend here a time. I'll get the bandages, Sage," he offers. "If she doesn't need surgery. Where is Annie?" He asks, quickly shifting from angry warrior to concerned friend.


Lorna seemed more or less out of it, no pain killers necessary. She hated, hated, hated being shot. That was the repeated thought running over and over in her mind. She never should have been shot. "Who does that?" She muttered, not entirely aware that she'd said that out loud as her eyes fluttered open and shut a few times as Sage worked to clean up her wound and press a square of gauze against her wound. She winced.

"Ow.." Her voice was barely above a whisper. Even as Nate and Sage had a conversation and Nate came over to her. Something about blood? She blinked. "I got shot.. why… I don't get shot." She mumbled, her hands were coated with blood and it had begun to dry around her fingernails. They'd ruined her manicure… Whoever it was..

"Everything hurts.."


"Not 'flimsy'. They were constructed of non-metal parts so that Lorna would not be able to destroy them. The bullets were ceramic." As Nate looked over the spiders, she continued, "They had half a dozen that I saw, I got two," those were the squashed ones, "Lorna got two," those were the metal coated ones, "Illyana got the others. I think her demons might be kicking them around in Limbo. But these were not automatons. They looked, visually, so far as I can see, perfectly human." Sage managed to clean enough of the blood off that she could begin working, her own wounds at temple and neck at least clotted. "I can handle the surgery now that I have the tools. I already alerted medical." Whether they came or not, well, that wasn't something she wanted to wait on. That said, she got to work, applying a local anesthetic before she set to work on cauterizing the blood vessels, since that was the worst of it, before she could start repairing the tissue damage. "Nate, can you get a handle on her?" Sage's powers did not extend to being able to modulate emotions, and she did not need Lorna pulling a Polaris with her rooting around in her newly minted body modifications.


Nate frowns. Ah, not metallic, makes sense. "So it was a hit specifically on you. But there were gunners in the streets, too." Unfortunately Lorna seems to out of it; looks like conversation will have to be with Sage only.

"I can knock her out or keep her awake, but don't ask for more," things like negating pain and other good mind-tricks are still out of his ability. Jean and Rachel make it look easy, but it is not! "You are going to be okay, Lorna," he reassures the green-haired woman. He knows a few things about bullet wounds. And taking them, too.


At least the loopiness that came with blood loss meant that Sage's horrible bedside manner wasn't too troublesome. Lorna herself at least was semi-aware of her surroundings still, and hadn't passed out yet. She didn't move, didn't fight to move either. Rolled onto her side as she was, Sage had easy enough access to start getting to work with minimal issue. The wound on the back was nasty, as the impact had been far more jagged there, the exit wound was smaller and at least that would be easier to handle.

Either way, Lorna seemed to swim in and out of the conversation. "Yeah… Dad was paranoid.. but right..? Don't tell him. I don't want another bodyguard." She mumbled, her eyes slipping shut again briefly as she fell silent again and drifted mentally again between the borders of awareness and oblivion.


"They came for her in Mutant Town. I think, that she was the primary target, but all of the mutants were in danger. And this isn't the first attack. I read the reports coming in from the attack on Ryker's. The mutants were targetted there as well. And the collars…if they had half a dozen, they had more." Sage was perfectly capable of multitasking, and she cleaned, stitched, and closed as she went. She dealt with the entry wound first, as that had the worst damage, "Let her sleep. I don't need her waking up and losing control while I'm working. And she's going to wake up once she has enough fluids in her. Do me a favour and check the fridge? The blood should already be warming up. She'll need at least two pints. Get three just in case. Put them in staging. Don't worry, Lorna, I won't be the one to tell him."


"I heard it was a rogue Sentinel in Ryker's," comments Nate. No, he didn't believe it either, but he has not investigated. Then again if it was robots this time also they might be dealing with a roboticist with a vendetta against mutants.

He leaves to check the blood, returning with several bags. "These are ready," he states, setting them up the IV fed. "No bodyguard, but don't stay at your apartment except for… some meetings. Have a hideout close by but don't let anyone know where exactly." She was lucky Sage and Illy were there, after all. Next time she might not be so lucky.


Lorna's eyes fluttered open again as Nate returned with several bags in his arms. She blinked at them, missing large portions of the conversation as she drifted in and out of awareness in larger and larger gaps. "But I'm the landlord.." She mumbled in response to Nate's comments about not staying at her apartment. She had to stay there, people needed her, right? What if they were attacked again? Obviously, she had to stay there to keep people safe.

Never mind that she had been the one to bring danger to the building complex because she'd been present. Sure Mutant Town got attacked on the whole, but assassins didn't knock down everyone's doors as of yet.

"If blood has iron in it.. why can't I push my blood back inside me?" She asked, staring at the dried blood on her fingers for a beat before her eyes closed again.


Sage took Lorna's question at face value, speaking as she worked. She paused in the work as Nate returned with the blood, switching out the ringers, before she settled back in to finish the entry wound, "Because blood isn't ferromagnetic. When you're better, I can tell you all about para- and diamagnetism and Brownian motion." That was not a lecture Lorna would appreciate, if she ever would, while she was in this state, "Of course they would say it was a rogue sentinel. Except that they also had bodies on the ground with them, working their way through the prison killing mutants. And they knew enough not to kill the humans unless they had to."


"Eh, hemoglobin is not magnetic, silly," replies Nate with a half smirk. "Seriously, it is like two lonely iron atoms in a giant organic molecule," yes, and Sage probably can explain it much better. But he is just trying to distract Lorna out of the pain and the fact she is soaked in her own blood. Without telepathy. "I guess I will go there in a few, check your folks." Landlord! Lorna is the landlord of a place? What the hell? Oh well, he has heard weirder. Just not this year.


A short, pained exhale that might have been an attempt at a sigh escaped Lorna and she made a face as parts of her that were still torn up protested sharply. "I have a degree. I know what that is.. But I wanted to know." She wasn't making much sense, and her mind was a scrambled mess of pain and exhaustion and blood loss. The lack of blood getting through her system and making everything sluggish was still in full swing. It would take time for the IV to deliver what she desperately needed.

At least she wasn't agitated and restless.

Her eyes slipped shut again and she seemed to barely be aware again of what was going on around her. Though she still managed a mumbled response to Nate talking about visiting her renters. "…was workin' on security.." Her voice soft.


Sage applied the final stitch to the entry wound, and then a tagaderm shield over that, before a normal bandage. She shifted to come around to the front. Bedside manner be damned, she was skilled enough that the scarring would be minimal and no skin graft would be required. She degloved, pulling the seat and the instruments with her, before she settled on Lorna's front side. Once done, she double-gloved again and began the process of anesthetizing, cleaning, debriding, and cauterizing the broken blood vessels. "I don't know much about this apartment building. I'm wondering where the Brotherhood was in all this. During the demon invasion, you never saw Lorna without her trusty henchmen."


"Probably in some deep hole planning to kill ten humans for each mutant killed today," replies Nate bitterly. "When has been the Brotherhood helpful for anything?" He adds, rhetorically. But he will check it out, too. "I guess, we should let her rest now," he checks the IV is working correctly, again. "I am going to Mutant Town to help in what I can, Sage. Should be back before midnight, but if you have news, reach me telepathically. I will do the same."


"Maybe that is what they are doing in the rest of the world, Nate. But they were supposed to be guarding Lorna." Sage paused a moment, checking the flow of the transfusion, before she set back to work, "Of course, Nate. See if you can contact Rogue or Caitlin Fairchild. Those two I know for certain were in Mutant Town, I caught both of them on the comms. "I should be finished soon. I'll stay here to finish up and watch over her." And, likely, clean up her own injuries. "I'll call if we need you."

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