No Redemption

February 01, 2019:

A cold winter night someone, something attacks Ryker's Island. Supervillains are expected loose and heroes are called to assist. (Emits by Nate)

Ryker's Island, New York

Ryker's Island complex includes at least 10 different prisons, including a high-tech Supermax wing with about 50 super-villians jailed.


NPCs: Solarr, Ironclad

Mentions: MODOK, Electro

Mood Music: None.

Fade In…

Ryker's Island jail complex is more a small city than a mere jail. In fact it has eleven different jails, including a juvenile detention center and the new Supermax wing for super-powered criminals. A normal night it has fifteen thousand people living there, two thirds of them being prisoners. It is connected to queen by a three quarters mile long bridge.

The first sign something is very wrong most people inside or outside the island is said bridge blowing up. And even so, given there is a blizzard over New York, with temperatures around 15 Fahrenheit, few people was watching. It takes a few minutes for the news to reach the police. By then there have been explosions in other areas of the island. By then no one is responding to call. No landlines, no cellphones, not even radio.

At seeing the Supermax facility on the south side of the island dark but for the nearby fires, the NYCPD has not wasted time to alert the Avengers and other local superhero groups. Even the X-Men have received a call through their official liaison, Valery Cooper.

One of the positive sides to being in the Watchtower, is that, well, they're always watching, and listening, and being generally nosy. The downside, is that when something comes up, it takes a bit to get where you need to be. So when the alerts began going out about the trouble at Rykers, Donna was on call and took the teleport to Metropolis. Once there, it was a flight over towards the prison through the unpleasantly cold and blustery blizzard. Not ideal conditions, but then, when was it ever. Still, even at top speed, she was unlikely to be the first person at the gate.

Red Hood was on his way to New York from Gotham, having been pinging back and forth from both cities on a regular basis. This wasn't business, but a personal call. Luckily, something told him he needed to be suited up just in case. His bike roars loudly down the interstate, cutting through the blizzard like a dark knife.

Jason's police scanner in his helmet squaks to life. He listens to the police report, shaking his head. "Shit!" He curses angrily. "Always when I am out of Gotham…" He thumbs the throttle, then keys the cell phone built into his helmet. "Hey babe," He says, attempting to sound non-chalant. "I'm going to be late. Possibly very late. Turn on the news and you will see why. I'll try to come back without any extra holes." He clicks the phone off, taking the exit towards the Riker's bridge. Once he gets there, he will figure out how to get there afterward.

Caitlin Fairchild's residence in New York puts her close enough to Ryker's to be flagged by the alert system. It's a short run from her condo in Queens over to the island via a Justice League Javelin doing a fly-by (hence her need for a penthouse apartment). She drops out of the Javelin over level ground, the vehicle running blackout quiet and barely slowly for the drop. She falls a hundred feet, hits the ground, and tumbles in a tight series of somersaults until she comes to a halt. Looking no worse for wear she gets to her feet and retrieves the slingpack she'd dropped and slings it across her back. Her eyes flicker and her tracker location *pings* for the other allies in the area. "Fairchild on the ground," Caitlin murmurs, and starts jogging across the rocky outcropping towards the administration buildings outside of the prison proper. Her bodysuit shifts from purple and green to a deep black with subtle grey camouflage that blends in well with the terrain. "I'm coming up on the admin complex. Any contact from the island staff yet?" she murmurs, the words virtually inaudible to anyone not using electronic communication.

Red Hood will find he is not the only one to try the bridge. There are a few police cruisers going his way. And a couple have arrived the part where the bridge is just gone. It doesn't look it exploded, it looks as if has been cut, or melted. Some parts of the bridge metal structure seem melted.

Meanwhile Donna and Caitlin are flying towards the island. It takes a few minutes for the Javelin to arrive, so both women get there more or less at the same time. Unfortunately the last time they can talk is while Caitlin is in the airship, as once on the ground they find the radio channels are full of static.

But there are people there. Guards are running back and forth around the admin complex, braving the blizzard and wielding lanterns. But confusion seems to reign. Only a few emergency lights seem to work, despite the island having its own power plant. At the arrival of a tall redhead, a few of them drawn arms.

"Caitlin, looks like that explosion took out the bridge entirely. Anyone trying to get to the prison to help is going to be hitting a pretty bit roadblock. See what you can do inside and I'll see if I can ferry people across, somehow." Donna took her time, fighting to see through the blizzard, searching, first, for the people gathered at the edge of the bridge, before she moved to touch down on the bridge a few good meters back from where it looks to have been melted apart.

Red Hood pulls to a stop, disregarding the police entirely as he skids to a stop. Jason looks around for any options for crossing in the storm. He looks for boats, Helicopters, or even frozen portions of the water. Jason reves the bike and heads down to the waterfront.

There is a police helicopter over the bridge, searchlights pointing down. They must have a pretty good pilot, and a brave on, to be able to fly with this kind of weather. The policemen are radioing asking for instructions, and finding hard to reach their station. There are some interferences, although not as bad as in the island proper.

There are boats on the water, although none is particularly close. The Coast Guard is likely going to send someone to investigate soon.

Back in the island Caitlin gets to explain panicky prison guards she is a member in good standing of the Justice League and trying to help. But due to the lack of light and communications, there seems to be a good deal of chaos going. Someone heard shooting in one of the correctional facilities. While it seems another has caught fire. No one wants to even approach the Supermax installation. Murderous super-criminals like the Abomination, MODOK and Grey Gargoyle were jailed there.

Donna moved to approach the edge of the bridge, looking back at the police who had gotten out of their cars. And at the masked man on his motorcycle. "All of your get back into your cars, clown style, as many as you can fit." She was wearing her usual costume, bracers and lasso and all. Make of that what you would. She glanced over at Jason, "Your look passingly familiar." Only he didn't, except maybe something in the costume he was wearing. "I can get you across, unless you'd prefer to risk making the jump on your bike."

The policemen seems happy to have Troia around. The Justice League doesn't quite get the respect in New York they get in Metropolis, but they are still considered heroes.

But not Red Hood.

He is not that famous, but really, not all cops are oblivious to off-town wanted fugitives. Jason can see how one of the younger cops is giving him scared glances, and at one point he retreats into his cruise to check the on-board computer. He has been recognized.

Donna turned from the police, looking towards Jason. If she did recognize him, once he spoke, she had enough sense not to make mention of it. "I don't think we're in a position to pick and choose." The looks from the police don't go unnoticed, and her voice rises above the sound of the blizzard, "Now's not the time. The mission is the prison and securing the inmates." But she doesn't approach the police offers, many of whom are crowding into their police cruisers. Instead, she heads to Jason, reaching down to grab ahold of the bike, taking off with it as soon as she has a hold and flying him across the gap. "Have a feeling you're going to need that as much for what's behind," meaning the cops, "As what's ahead." She'll set him down on the far side of the bridge before she'll turn back to go to ferry the police over.

Red Hood gives the rookie a look as he moves to the car. "Yeah," he calls to him. "I'm expanding my territory. Put that in the database." He turns back to Donna, making sure to hang on to the bike as she ferries him across. "Thank you, Troia." He says, reving it again. "Hurry back. We will need you." Jason speeds off towards the Prison, the bike roaring like a vengeful lion.

Caitlin holds her hands aloft, and her uniform shifts from mottled tactical camo back to aubergine and green tones. Prominently, a stylized CF appears under her left collarbone. "Unarmed!" she shouts, her voice ringing clearly even through the snow. "Justice League! Here to help!"

Once she's close enough to show her bona fides, the redhead sets about the most immediate task: restoring communications. She digs out a high-power laser from her slingpack and waves it in the air, careful to avoid the police helicopter. The beacon flickers against the low clouds overhead in a smattering of Cait's colors, purple and green. Enough that Red Hood and Donna would know that Cait's on-site and normal communications aren't working.

"Take me to the radio room," she instructs the guards. "I want to see if I can boost the signal and then we'll try to get main power back online," she tells him, and breaks into motion.

"We're trying to raise someone in the main building to figure out what's happening, but no luck," the guard tells Caitlin.

"Have you tried sending runners with notepads?" she inquires, as diplomatically as she's able.

"Er…. no," the guard admits, and beckons another officer to start implementing that.

"No school like old school," she remarks cheerily.

As Jason crosses the bridge he can see the outdoors parking of the complex, where several hundred vehicles are getting covered by snow. Beyond, the juvenile detention center seems instance, hard to say in the darkness. At least it is not burning and there are no shots coming from it. There are few people out of the building, and those seem guards. A large SUV crosses his path, heading the opposite direction.

The cops are unsure if they want to cross over without instructions, but the police helicopter does move forward, so they figure they should too. But six cops are unlikely to do much; there are thousands of prison guards in the jail complex after all. And unfortunately the closer they get to the island, the stronger the radio interference.

Caitlin attempts to get some order going are… mostly successful, as these are not exactly clueless civilians. Many are guards and they have procedures for breakouts and riots. Not at the level of total communication blackouts, but they are organizing.

She can see a police helicopter flying over them, help will come soon.

The police helicopter heads towards the Supermax wing.

And then it explodes.

"Look. We're running out of time. Either I can get you all over there now, or you can wait for the Coast Guard cutters to ferry you across, but you need to decide what—" As Donna was about to continue, the helicopter exploded over her head. Well, so much for that. "Call the Coast Guard, get your water rescue craft, whatever you need to do…if you can't make it to the island, set up a perimeter and make sure nothing gets off the island." Donna leaves the cops to their decision, as she takes off again, heading back towards the island and towards wherever the center of the trouble seems to be.

Red Hood reaches down to a side holster on the bike, drawing up a rifle and holding it one handed. He pushes the bike to the supermax area, looking for the ones trying to escape. He shines his vehicle headlight into the area. "First bad guy I see," Jason yells, his voice modulator blaring his tone out. "Gets at least one bullet in a place that won't heal quickly."

For security reasons the Supermax wing was separated from the rest of the prisons by a double, tall wire fence, electrified, with plenty of cameras. Which now are dead. There are chunks of fence torn. There is a fire going in the top floor, and holes in the western wall. Donna can see it from the air, but even for her it is hard to see the details due to the blizzard. She can see a shiny metal man running towards the shore, though.

Jason approach by road leads to the gates, which are still standing. But apparently this is also the approach chosen by a tall blond man that is running away, clad in orange prison threads (not good for this weather!). He almost runs into Jason’s bike, apparently not paying much attention where he goes.

Donna would just have to play catch as catch can, in this weather. Her body might be able to survive the cold, and her sight was excellent, but a storm was what a storm was. And she took off to intercept the runner she could see, picking up speed on the approach to, hopefully touch down on the ground ahead of him, so that whomever he was, he would have to run towards her, or at least give her enough time to intercept him. Of course, there was not a 'must play fair' clause in her contract, and she lifted her hands, sending a shockwave of force in the running silver man's direction, in the hopes of knocking him off of his feet.

Caitlin flinches when the helicopter explodes. "Crapsackles," she breathes, and her green eyes go wide. She glances at her escort and the two of them break into a sprint towards the relay antennae and the control room under it.

The tall ginger produces a pair of high-power lights and hands one to the guard. "Okay, let's see if we can get power going again," she mumbles. "If we can get the backup generators running then we can see about getting communications restored." She sets about the task of trying to start the emergency generators and fix any issues preventing them from sending power to the rest of the island.

Red Hood clothes lines the man with his rifle. Attempting to knock him down on the ground and keep him down. Jason sighs at the gate, pealing around and heading for a hole in the fence. The entire block could probably hear this bike as he burns rubber. His lenses cycle through thermal imaging, looking for anything moving.

The inmate gets clipped, screams and rolls on the snow. "W-wait! Don't kill me!" He cries at Jason. "I didn't want to escape, but they were going to kill me! I got lucky I am so low in juice they have problems tracking me. They killed all the other mutants!"

Jason sees little in the infrared, the metal man. Ironclad of the U-Foes, is somewhat warmed than the rest but except for the fire on the upper floor of the Supermax all seems cold.

And then his field of vision gets covered. There is a noticeable 'thump' on the snow. And an eighteen feet tall robot becomes visible. It is painted black, but it is recognizable: a Sentinel.

"Subject Silas King, codename Solarr," it drones over the howl of the storm. "Convicted for eighteen murders. Target acquired." A large machinegun deploys from his right shoulder.

A score yards away Donna's shockwave hits the armored form of Ironclad. A C-list supervillain the Avengers captured a couple years ago. It sends him tumbling down, but only briefly. Ironclad has similar powers to the Thing, so he can take much harder hits. "What the hell, lady? Don't you have worse problems than me tonight? I just want to leave!" But he tears a chunk of concrete from the road and throws it to Donna.

Caitlin will find the generators damaged but not destroyed. Apparently they were hit by a localized EM pulse. Some circuits need to be replaced, or jury-rigged. It will take a few minutes.

Donna pushes forward, rather than trying to dodge the chuck of concrete heading her way, her closed fist smashing against the block of stone as it sailed in her direction, her fist glimmering with that coating of energy as she smashed it out of her way, "What in the name of hell is going on in there?" At least she's not trying to knock him down again, "I need a sitrep and then you can do what you please." They were on an island, after all, in the middle of winter…in a blizzard.

"Mother fucker!" Jason yells, swerving to miss the Sentinel. He has never seen one considering they don't tend to come into Gotham city, but he's heard of them. He watches the machine gun click up. "No!" He says, shouldering his rifle. He lets loose a salvo to get the Sentinel's attention. "Hey you in the orange pjs! You get back to your cell now, and I will keep this thing from killing you!"

It's not glamorous work, doing repair jobs. But it's necessary, for a lot of reasons. Humanity requires electricity to run everything from phones and computers to heaters and lights. The lack of power is not just a health threat from the cold— it's terrifying and isolating. Forcing people into packed-in huddles.

Caitlin works quickly and diligently, bypassing damaged components and resetting flipped surge breakers. Once the circuits are open she takes a deep breath and turns off the master power breaker. There's a long ten count, then she pushes the lever back to the 'on' position and walks down the line of breakers to flip them all back into working order and restore power to the island at large.

Ironclad snarls, taking a basic brawler stance and prepares to receive Donna with his best Sunday special punch. But then she talks and he uhs. Most heroes never talk before punching. Fiiine: "I don't know, really. Light went down, there were explosions and a bunch of armed guys took down the guards. They told us to stay in the cells, but my power dampener was affected by whatever they did, so I snuck out. Good things too, since they started killing prisoners. I thought to fight, but then I saw the giant robot and I decided not to get involved."

Good enough, he steps back and tries to reach the shore again. He can't swim, but he doesn't need to breathe either. Not that Donna needs to know the details. His cunning plan is just walking to Queens.

The Sentinel takes a few shots on the back, with no effect. But it pauses a second, glancing at Jason. "Identified: Red Hood. Real name unknown. No super-powers known. Threat level negligible."

Then shoots Solarr with the machine gun. But the blonde man had a second to react and is on his feet and running, jumping behind a sedan at the side of the street. The vehicle takes a lot of high caliber bullets, but it is possible the convict survived. The Sentinel moves forward to make sure he didn't.

Then the lights of the admin building come up. It is in the middle of the island, not close, but it is something. And unexpected. The Sentinel stands still a second, then turns back and walks back to the Supermax.

Donna studied the silver man, as she listened to his account. Whether she should take the word of a criminal, well. There was obviously something going on, and if the man wasn't lying them the danger had started outside of the prison, not inside it, and it was the prisoners who were in trouble. And so, she moved, turning to head towards the sound of the machine gun fire, towards the sound of that mechanical voice, torn apart and flayed by the howling wind sweeping across the island.

"Yeah well fuck you too!" Great retort Jason…

The Red Hood just have something with alittle more power than his bullets though, specifically the M203 Grenade Launcher under the barrel of this rifle. He arcs the impact grenade at the Sentinel, specifically aiming to disable the Machine Gun on it's shoulder.

The Sentinel was ignoring Red Hood, but the grenade does its work, the shoulder-mounted machine gun is blown up to bits. “Updating. Red Hood threat level: gamma. Countermeasures in progress.” It turns and raises an arm, shooting a titanium net in Jason’s direction. Big enough to hit him and his bike and deliver a nasty electric shock too.

And then Donna appears. “Warning. Subject Donna Troy, codename Troia. Threat level alpha.” His other hand shoots a burst of plasma on Donna’s direction. He is no longer retreating, though; instead it appears ready to fight.

Red Hood dodges to the side, attempting to kick his bike one way while he goes the other. He rolls with the momentum, attempting to come up on his knees and reload the grenade launcher. "He's here for a mutant!" Jason calls to Donna. "He was going to kill him!"

Donna barely allowed herself a second to slow and regroup in light of the appearance of the Sentinel. A Sentinel. At Ryker's. At a prison full of mutants and metahumans. And then it catalogues her. And she uses that those few seconds to her advantage, summoning a force shield to protect herself from the plasma blast, tilting the shield ever so slightly so that if the plasma washes off, it won't end up splashing in Jason's impact zone. "He's here for all the mutants! And he might not be the only one! The attack started outside the prison, not inside. The prisoners are the targets!"

"Negative," replies the robot, maneuvering to keep Donna within sights. Another machine gun pops up from his other shoulder and it fires upon the woman full auto. "This unit secondary mission is 83% complete. Acceptable parameters. Disengaging now." Yes, it is trying to retreat, but seems very aware Donna could easily catch up with him. So it keeps firing. But it is not ignoring Jason. Sentinels do learn from their mistakes.

Red Hood scrambles for some cover, trying to not get fucking killed by this mad Robot. "Fucking Robots…" He growls. "Least I don't have to worry about being non-lethal." Jason reloads a 40mm grenade and aims it at the parting bot. He launches it, knowing it's at extreme range, gut wanting to do at least some damage to it. Maybe Donna could catch it then.

Donna kept the shield up. She knew it could take the gunfire. With the hand that was not strictly speaking directing the shield, she tugged the lasso from her belt, flicking it out to whip it around the Sentinels legs, a hard tug coming as soon as she latched on, as she attempted to bring the Sentinel down to the ground. Donna was not reckless, but she was immortal, and had faced greater demons than this metal enemy.

The Sentinel is ready when Red Hood shoots the grenade. It protects the head with an arm, and the grenade cracks some ceramic plates from his forearm, but causes little damage. The machine is not able to avoid the lasso, however. Not quick enough, and when Donna pulls, it loses balance and crashes on the ground like a… seven tons robot falling down. It is noisy.

No more talking it seems. The fallen robot sits up, and throws several canisters of tear gas around himself, trying to keep Donna away. The blizzard works against it, though, as the wind and the cold greatly reduce the effect of the cloud. But it still attempts to use it as distraction to fire another plasma burst at the amazon.

Red Hood takes cover as the Sentinel hits the ground, thanking which ever god blessed him with the knowledge to put the rebreather in his helmet. He pops up his head as the Sentinel is about to fire at Donna again, and takes an instinct shot in the moment. He fires at the aperture of the plasma weapon.

Donna had no rebreather, and little protection save her healing and her determination. As soon as the Sentinel fell, she dove in, attempting to avoid the plasma blast, aiming for the most efficient target as she tried to get in towards its head. If she could manage a good grab and judicious application of strength, it might work, "I feel like a game of rugby." What else was a robot head for? Of course, if that failed, she would just have to settle for punching and blasting the thing into submission.

The Sentinel tracks Donna and fires the plasma blaster a fraction of second after Jason puts a bullet through the open canon at the palm. There is a stream of fire, then a shower of sparks, mostly harmless. "Malfunction…" it warns.

And Donna rips its head off.

No comments: the loudspeakers were in the head.

But the CPU is not. And it still has enough sensors to punch Donna with his other hand. It is not as strong as her, but it is strong enough, and it is a very large fist, carries a lot of inertia.

Red Hood moves now, as it seems to now focus on the Amazon. Jason runs toward the remains of the robot, pulling a small piece of high explosive from his utility belt. He jumps at the things chest attempting to seat the C4 breaching charge on its abdomen.

Donna tossed the head aside, the twist of her body leaving her flank open, and the sound of her ribs creaking under the force of the blow is audible, even over the howling of the blizzard, as she flies a good fifteen feet away from where the machine lay on the ground, her body tumbling as she impacted the ground and rolled to get herself back up to her feet. "That's going to leave a mark."

The Sentinel stands up slowly, decapitated and with black smoke steaming from his right hand. The crippled machine seems to become aware of Red Hood a few seconds too late, and then tries to grab him with his left hand. But its movements lack the precision they had when it had a head.

Then the bomb explodes, shattering ceramic plates and sending it back to the floor, this time the robot does not stand. It tries twice, but something has broken inside. It stops. And then explodes.

It is not a great explosion, it is self-destruction, the fusion reactor releasing plasma, frying his inner components and sending some metal and ceramic bits flying several yards away, leaving behind just a hollow and charred shell.

Red Hood barely dodges the grab, his shoulder getting clipped slightly and sending him sprawling on the ground. He might have a broken bone if not for his armor. He is blasted back by the self-destruction of the unit, skidding on the ground.

Once again, Donna threw up that shield, and it spared some of the force of the blast from toppling her over, an allowed her to keep her feet as she dashed over in Jason's direction, eyes scanning him as she looked him over, "Can you keep going?" The woman who looked very much like her might have asked, instead, 'Are you alright?' But Donna was not that woman. "We need to get to the facility." The injury to her ribs brought a hitch to her breath, but it clearly wasn't enough for her to raise the white flag.

More lights are getting lit as the prison technicians manage to restart generators and reroute power. The Supermax wing shows considerable damage, with holes in the walls large enough for giant robots. There are some gunshots in the distance, too. But none from the facility ahead, which is still quiet and dark.

Red Hood stands taking a deep breath. He rolls his shoulder, attempting to get the muscle to move. "I'm fine, Troia," Jason replies. "Thanks." He drops the magazine from his rifle and reloads a fresh one. "You sure you are going to be okay, Princess?"

"I've had worse falling out of bed in the morning." Donna grinned, as she formed up with Jason, giving him a final once over as she waited for him to ready his weapons. "Let one go by the river. From what he said, the facility was attacked from the outside. Soldiers of some kind broke in and started killing the guards, before the robots moved in. Looks like they were targeting metahumans. Couldn't say how many they were. "

Inside the Supermax only emergency light. The guards, technicians and the scarce support personnel staying for the night are found alive but unconscious in different locked rooms. Some are injured, but not seriously. The attackers apparently used non-lethal weaponry.

The prisoners are a different matter. Many are still in their cells, some of which had a shielded battery for the power dampeners. The mutants have been executed.

A few have escaped. Solarr (who will be in the jail infirmary for a couple months due to shrapnel). Ironclad. MODOK and a couple others.

"By your leave then," Jason says, following Donna.

As they move through the Supermax wing and find the executed mutants, Jason stops. He examines each of the death scenes, snapping pictures and examining the remains. His face is shrouded by his mask…but it would be very easy for Donna to see the self-righteous anger in his body language.

"As you wish, my knight." Donna didn't laugh, but the grin grew wider, as they made their way towards the facility. It was no joking matter, and yet, if you did not try to do something, the sight of the remains of the attack would either break your spirit or make you reckless. Donna moved in, prepared to serve as Jason's defense, as they took stock of the prison, the ones who had been left alive…'Negligible threats', and the ones they had been chosen foe execution, "If Caitlin can get the rest of the power back we can radio for help."

The radio (and cellphones) begins to work a minute later, whatever was causing the interference is gone. Landlines do not, as they have physically cut. In minutes the police and the DEO arrive in force and take charge. Quelling the riot started in one of the prisons and moving on to fix the sabotage caused by what seem have been localized electromagnetic pulses. The investigation of what exactly happened will go on for weeks, though.

The lights coming back and the radio coming on signals to the Hood that the cavalry is on it's way. "There they are," Jason says to Troia. "Place should be secured in moments. At least I got to it before these amateurs." There is a long moment, and Jason kneels down next to a mutant lying dead. He closes the corpse's eyes. "No one deserves to die like this…helpless and cornered…"

Donna's face was grim, as the walked the remains of the genocide, "This wasn't a battle. This was an extermination, pure and simple. We need to see if we can track the bodies of any of the enemy soldiers, see if they can give us any clues about who they were. We know we were working with the Sentinels, and that usually means Trask, but that feels too easy. He wouldn't be this blatant." The sounds of the radios coming back online brought her head around, "You'd better get out of here before they decide you're part of the problem and not the solution."

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