Data Issues

January 27, 2019:

Lorna goes to Genosha to follow up with her father about the data found in Colombia. Marcos loses his cool, almost literally. Sage is good with computers. Magneto played by Nate.



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Lorna had called to the personal line she'd had set up in Genosha. A voice message left with Ferris' programming which her father could access whenever he desired. Like most instances, the reply took time to return. Her father was a busy man and her request wasn't urgent. At least not this time. Plans had been made and as a result, several hours later, and a backpack was thrown over her shoulder, a team had been put together and plans had been made.

A portal was sent, a blaze of light flashing into the driveway of the Mansion at the appointed time, which allowed for insta-travel to Genosha's Spire. For all that several of the X-men had seen it before, it was still resplendent in the room they'd been ported into. Dark furnishings of polished hardwood, and impressive light fixtures above. The ceilings were tall and peaked well beyond anything that was necessary, and opened up to the view of the balcony and sweeping vistas of beach and newly built towers beyond. It was a magnificent sight and was made to be impressive.

Lorna strode through without a pause, and immediately she shucked off her winter coat and gloves, revealing something meant more for the tropical weather of Genosha. She'd been somewhat prepared for whatever eventuality met with her on the other side, and her heeled shoes clicked with each step.


Sage, for what it was worth, had never been to Genosha, only seen images of it or read reports and stories about its vistas. But, as she was coming to support Lorna and not to sightsee, with luck, her more clinical view of the place would not be a detriment. She had waited in silence for the portal, standing behind and to the left of Lorna, dressed in her usual black. As per her usual, she wore no markings on her clothing and walked through the portal only a few steps behind th Daughter of Magneto. She did not, however, come unprepared, and she had carefully tuned her system, moderating her pulse, breathing, heart rate, keeping herself perfectly neutral, masked, boring. Not the droid you're looking for. Move along.


Following shortly behind his wife and Sage was Eclipse. Ditching his coat to reveal a red plaid shirt, he seems to look around for the longest moment, before he follows suit. The Son-in-law of Magneto reaches for Lorna's hand, holding it tight in an affectionate squeeze, as his eyes glance around, try and get a look at what's been going on since he was last there.

Eclipse was here for one reason, and one reason only: get answers.

Maybe kill Magneto. But he won't try. not now.


Magneto's office is an imposing sight by design, made to impress visitors and give legitimacy to his position as Prime Minister of Genosha. Lorna has been a frequent visitor and it changes little because it is for show.

Magneto's real living accommodations and rather austere. But those are for family and close friends. So virtually no one has seen them.

The old mutant sits behind an opaque glass desk, some documents on it, but mostly holographic displays that blink out at the wave of his hand when Lorna and her companions appear. He seems to be alone and stands up when he spots the younger mutants. Armored in red and purple, but the infamous helmet rests on the desk.

"Lorna, welcome back to Genosha," he greets, his voice expressing little warmth, but polite enough. "Eclipse," he nods to his son-in-law. Then looks curiously towards Sage, waiting for an introduction that is necessary only to keep the forms and masks in place.


The green haired woman didn't exactly run up to hug the man that was her biological father, it had never been the right thing to do. But they shared a common language of magnetism and the way that her powers pulled and swirled around the room and his own personal barriers, was more or less an equivalent. Lorna flashed her father a smile, her posture carefully held to be just a little more upright and proper than she usually bothered with.

"Hello," She murmured, making her way over toward her father and his desk where there were chairs. She stopped just short of one and waved her hand toward Sage. "This is my friend, Sage. She's come along with us because I asked her to. She's good at computers. Anyways." She cleared her throat and made to sit down in the chair opposite of her father.

"I don't know how aware you are or not of what happened to me and Marcos in Colombia last month…"


Sage stood perfectly still, moving no farther into the room than she had come in Lorna's wake. Her gaze though was attentive and took in the room, the desk, the man standing behind it. Most of her attention though seemed to be focused on Lorna. She did offer a respectful dip of her head as she was introduced, though she did not speak in response to the introduction. Better to speak only when spoken to and all that. She did offer a glance towards Marcos as he was greeted, and then back again.


Eclipse stares down Magneto, just giving a nod back to the father-in-law. He looks to Lorna as she mentions the horrors that happened in Columbia. then he looks back to Magneto…who he thought had a handle on all the magistrates that managed to escape his wrath.

Marcos's flesh starts to steam just a tad. He was still angry about what happened. But he's more tempted to ask about where his daughter is. How she is. Marcos was much more…different.

He does glance to Sage, returning the nod of greeting, but for now, Marcos stays exactly silent.


"Welcome to Genosha, Sage," offers Magneto, gesturing to the seats in front of him, for the visitors to accommodate themselves. "Colombia, you say? There was an incident, I believe, with a group of exiled Genoshans. SHIELD briefly moved one of the carriers to the area. Details have been scarce."

It might be hard to believe he doesn't know more of an incident involving mutants and Genoshans, though. On the other hand, he has been very busy and South America is very far from East Africa. "Since you brought it, it must have been more important than reported. What happened there, Lorna?"


Sage moved to take a seat, offering a polite, "Thank you for your hospitality, Prime Minister." No way was she about to get personal with Magneto. She did, however, settle into a seat, shifting in it so that she could take in all three of the people arrayed around her. As she saw Eclipse simmering, she did levy a glance at him, but it lasted only a moment before she was drawn back to the conversation at hand.


A rough exhale followed, "Marcos and I were lured there by a letter from his father, posing as his mother, claiming she was dying. When he arrived.. it turns out she was already dead. And that Marcos' father had sold us off to the renegade group of Magistrates.. They killed him when it became apparent that we didn't have our daughter with us." Her lips twisted and she looked down at her lap, her hand reaching to clasp the metal locket that hid the only picture she had of her daughter.

"We were held there for a few days. I was drugged for most of it. They planned to sell me off to the highest bidder, the same with Marcos. The X-men helped to save us, and Sage took a look at their computer files. She found that there was a possibility that some of their funding, their technology, came from Genosha. We think you have a spy or a mole of some kind still working with the Magistrates that escaped the fall of Genosha."


Marcos clenches his fists tightly when he hears that solemn confirmation, even though he saw it, that both of his parents were dead. His mother from illness and his father killed by those he hired and sold his child out to. Marcos looked at the locket, but he says nothing, only looking up to Magneto to see what he has to say about it… or even shockingly..

If he had something to know or do about it.

But now was the moment of truth.


Magneto frowns at the information. "Perhaps…" he grunts, looking at Sage with icy blue eyes, "I'd like to see those files and see if I can track down the money. But in truth, the Magistrates in foreign countries are receiving much founding from certain American groups, disguised as humanitarian aid. I have tracked down the founding to shell companies, all founded by Trask Industries."

He has not settled back in his seat, and now it looks he won't, as he steps back to look through the balcony window. Southwards, towards Carrion Cove. "And yet Trask Industries is merely a convenient front. They move too much money even for a corporation of that size. No, I don't think the founding came from Genosha. Although there are still some enemies here, the blockade has frozen their financial assets. The Genoshan Pound is worthless. The financial transactions from Carrion Cover are using Pound Sterling or American Dollars, from foreign banks. Or Bitcoin, of course."


Sage did not look away, when Magneto looked in her direction, "I have brought a copy of the files with me for your review. But it was far beyond simple kidnapping. The facility was massive, and the technology there was not entirely homegrown but showed traces of technology from multiple sources. Nor were their experiments, which ranged from attempts to modify and evolve existing mutants and mutations and creating mutant-sentinel hybrids. Nearly all of them were botched jobs, butcher's work, and will most likely need to be neutralized unless a way can be found to remove the implants and augmentations and return them to their original condition."


A nod from Lorna followed Sage's words and she turned her glance to her father as he got up and paced toward the balcony. "It's why I had her come along with me. She's good at computers, I thought that with your facilities here, perhaps all options could be considered and sought out. If someone here is working against our people it's important to suss it out and stop it now." Her lips twisted and she exhaled a breath.

"These Magistrates were able to find Marcos' father to approach him or he approached them and they knew about us.. That the letter found us in Westchester.." She trailed off, squeezing Marcos' hand as she glanced his way.

"There's too much at stake to risk simply waving away the implications of this."


Marcos looks to Lorna, squeezing her hand softly as she glanced his way. Marcos slowly opens his eyes then, looking at Magneto. "my wife is right. We can't overlook this. We're being hunted…but worse than that, our daughter is being hunted. It was as if they specifically wanted her. Where is our daughter Magneto." he stares the Master of Magnetism down.

Not even the most definite evil glare from Lorna that was almost certain to happen was gonna dissuade his question. Despite efforts, their daughter has STILL been dragged into this.


"My dear daughter, Xavier's school is under watch by the US Government agencies," replies Magneto, turning back to the group. "It would be naive not to assume they have not thoroughly infiltrated by our enemies, if not actually the ones behind Trask and their ilk."

The offer for help with the computers here is received with a diplomatic hrm. Which means that no, Sage is not getting access to his systems. Particularly given she is a 'mutant that is good with computers'. Magneto has his own cyber paths and he is well aware of what they are able to do even in theoretically well-defended and compartmentalized networks. Even the data Sage brings will be studied in an insulated computer.

"Aurora is safe," concludes the older mutant. Not offering anything else. Lorna can have recent pictures if she wants to. Although even those he disapproves of, if her goal is the utmost secrecy on her location.


Sage seemed content to allow the conversation to flow around her. She had offered everything she seemed intent on the offering, and the rest was clearly between Magneto and his family. She offered no response to the topic of the couple's missing daughter. It was neither her business or anything that seemed to be something she needed to deal with.


Lorna grimaced, looking down at her lap as her father chided her gently on how the Magistrates had known how to find her and Marcos. It sat uncomfortably on her shoulders and made her chest ache with a pinch of displeasure. How else had her own father known what she had been up to prior to her arrival in Genosha last year? Likely through his own similar channels. She bit back a sigh and nodded as he made a dismissing noise at the remark about using computers here.

"Please tell me you'll look at the data yourself then?" She arched a brow, as if assuming her father had little enough time to do anything personally these days. Much less look through files and data points that had drawn them there.

Of course.. that's when Marcos demanded information about their daughter.

Rapidly, Lorna's features went from white to red, her eyes narrowing as she whirled on her husband. "Marcos! That's enough. If we had had her with us that would've been the end of it. If we had known where she was, they could've used any number of things on us to find out. Stop it." She hissed, making to try to jerk her hand away from Marcos' own with a sharp look of irritation.


Marcos sharply looks to his wife "It's clear they already know she's not with us. They'll be looking. Where's the first or second place you think they're gonna look?! More than likely they've already infiltrated Genosha, or are planning on it. You need to decide if she's more in danger with us or without!"

His eyes look then to Magneto. "Not for long by the looks of things. Where is my daughter." There was fear written on Marcos's expression. "They know about her. They want her."


"My granddaughter is safe," replies Magneto coldly, staring down at Marcos. "Not even the family that adopted her knows her true identity. She would be more vulnerable at Xavier's school."

He folds his arms across his chests. "There is no place in the world safer for a mutant child than Genosha right now. Isn't that what you wish the most? Your child safe, growing up in an environment where she won't need to hide?"

He looks back at Lorna. "Enough of this. If you wish to change the arrangements you should decide so by common agreement before bringing to me this matter. The renegade Magistrate group in Colombia will be investigated. I doubt I can obtain SHIELDs collaboration in this matter, but I have some options."


Sage voice, when she spoke, was unmarked by inflection, which was to say, the usual for her. "There are lengths to which the X-Men will not go. These limits do not," she dipped a head in Magneto's direction, not an apology, but, fairer to say, in emphasis, "exist here. While I can understand the love you have for your own child, and your desire to be reunited with her, given what I saw of the magisters in Colombia, the lengths to which they were willing to go…anonimity and seclusion is, by my calculations, the best choice. A sacrifice, the most difficult one any parent might be called to make."


A scowl followed Marcos' words and she twisted to stand and glare at her husband. "We are not doing this in front of my father." She hissed, her cheeks burning with irritation and her eyes narrowed. Sage's words were her own reasoning, her own thought process given voice and she nodded to the woman briefly. Her gaze swung back to Magneto, green eyes burning with irritation and no small amount of frustration and embarrassment. She shoved her hands into the pockets of her jeans, her jaw working into a tight line as she ground her teeth together.

"I did not and do not want to re-arrange anything. I came to speak with you about the data we found in Colombia and the threat to Genosha. That is all." Her voice was firm and her hands curled tightly into fists at her sides.

"Nothing has changed for me, father."


Eclipse doesn't even seem fazed by his wife's response. "We're going to do this eventually, and I don't care if it's in front of your father or fucking God." he crosses his arms as family drama once again rears its ugly head between man and wife. His eyes shift to Sage, and it's a look of 'speak again and it will take everyone in this room to stop me from destroying you'.

The livid look on Marcos's face fades soon after though, now it just looks like he's plotting something. planning. Eventually, though, he looks back to Magneto. Not to mention…the fact that his child is with another FAMILY entirely is enough to make Marcos enraged. He's gonna do something really stupid really soon.


Magneto stares at Marcos for a few more seconds. Lorna can feel the power building through the magnetic fields. He is angry.

But then he turns, walking behind the desk at taking the seat back. "Indeed. You can use Lorna's suite for your discussion. One I am not interested in participating or even hearing. Leave now."

But then he turns to Sage. "Stay, young lady. I believe we have a few matters to discuss. Obviously, you had a chance to study the Magistrates databanks and I have some specific questions about them. Concerning the research, they might have extracted from Genosha before the fall of the Magistrates Citadel."


Sage returned the look that Eclipse gave her, seeming unphased by the anger in his expression, before she glanced between Lorna and Magneto, tracking his movement through the space between where he had been standing and where he settled backs into his desk, "of course, Prime Minister." Once he had settled, she slipped a small tablet from her jacket, moving to set it on the desk, if he allowed it. if not, she simply held it out for him to take in his own time.


Lorna seethed and as much as she could feel the power of her father's magnetic fields building her own bubbled forth and threatened to slip through her control. It wasn't good, apparently, to have two pissed off Magnokinetics in the same room with different polarities. Granted, at least, Magneto had better experience and control over his emotions and powers. Lorna … she was young, and this was an old wound in her marriage. One she had created, and one she refused to mend.

Rather than speak to her husband, she nodded once to her father, her gaze swinging to Sage briefly, and she pursed her lips. A faint hint of worry staining her expression before she made to flee her father's office, expecting Marcos to follow her. The door leaving her father's office swung open with a wave of her hand and she exited, scowling as she waited at the door for her husband to come with her.. or not and risk her father's wrath.

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