Girls Day Out

January 22, 2019:

Lorna picks up Darcy for shopping and girl time!

New York City


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UGH! This day. The worst. The fucking worst. Stupid parents with their unruly children making the biggest mess. It wouldn't be bad to clean up after if they'd tipped reasonably well. But no. Fucking buck forty on a forty dollar tab. Fuck their cheap asses.

Then there was Bob and his ever-leering eyes. Normally, not an issue, but today he tried to get handsy. Darcy got a write up for smacking his hand away and pouring the pot of coffee into his lap.

And then… there was the cake. Heavily frosted and jammed into her chest when one of those fucking monkey-child jumped up in her blindspot and Darcy jerked back to keep from stepping on him.

She clocked out and left the diner after the lunch rush, ready to get to her tiny hole in the wall of a hole in the wall apartment, to wash her only bra in the sink and try to get the stains of cake out of her only uniform before the start of the dinner rush.

It's days like this that she misses life in a cubical.


Lorna Dane had been promising to take Darcy out, and as such, made good on her promise. Just as Darcy was making her way to her apartment, outside.. was a smooth, sleek looking car with tinted windows idling away in the winter air. It was parked and the window was down, where rock music could be hear blaring out with thumps and drums smashing at regular intervals. As soon as Darcy was within sight, the door opened, the window rolled up and a green haired woman stepped outside.

A grin was painted over Lorna's expression, even bundled up as she was against the chill of the wind as it whipped around. "Hey, get in, we're going shopping. My treat." She waved her hand and the doors popped open again beneath the wave of her powers.


Thobbing music… on a headache and fatigue, has Darcy grinding her teeth to keep from saying anything. Head tucking low, Darcy is starting to mve on when the door opens. She tenses, ready for an asshat to make a pass.

Instead, Darcy gets a Lorna.

For a long moment, Darcy stands silent and stunned before she makes her way over.

"Think you can kill the bass? My head's pounding. And… I need to change and be back in four hours."


Lorna waved her hand again and the radio clicked off entirely at Darcy's request and a raised green eyebrow followed as Lorna slipped back inside the warmth of the darkly painted car. "As you wish, c'mon. Where do you have to be in four hours?" She asked, tilting her head to the side as she considered her long time friend, and frankly, only human that Lorna interacted on a regular basis in a positive way..

May the world rue the day that Lorna didn't have at least one human friend to reaffirm her status as 'between' her father and Xavier's dreams.

"So where to? Do you need food first? Or clothes first? I can take you where ever you want. Price and money need not apply."


"Back to this shithole," Darcy cripes, settling into the car.
"I need to get my things washed because I have frosting and bacon and god knows what in here and I'm NOT saving any of this shit for later. I should eat, but this diner's food is greasy as fuck and I've lost my appetite. And price doesn't apply. I'm not a mooch."


A snicker and Lorna waved her hand, the car doors shut and locked behind Darcy. The seats were fine leather and warm, everything was nicely warm and the car screamed power and money and way too much free time. The green haired woman smirked as she leaned back in her chair and waved her hand forward, the car moving under her direction without much thought or even looking at the road. Why bother? She knew where all the other cars were, and could push them around as she wanted. Never mind changing stop lights to her ease as well.

Manipulative? Totally. And she didn't care.

"Well good, I figured you'd be hungry. There's a few take out boxes in the back. From some place uptown, I dunno. They had good ratings. Should still be hot." And low and behold, in the back was a mass amount of take out containers wrapped in foil and steaming hot. "I wasn't sure what you might like and so I just ordered a whole lot. Whatever you want is left overs you can keep." She flashed Darcy a grin as she considered her friend.

"This is me helping you where I can. I have my credit card, and it has no real limit. And I'm not responsible for paying it." AKA Dad handled that. Or at least some off shore banking did under more layers of security and fake shell companies than most could follow.


"I just said… oh, fuck it. Fine. But after I get this crap off me? I smell like diner food," Darcy quips, relenting. Coat shrugged off, Darcy has half a mind to just strip here and see if there's a towel to wipe with. She's quiet a moment before… "Thanks."


The car's engine revv'ed and Lorna shot Darcy a smirk, "Yeah you need new clothes. We'll get that done, drop your uniform off at the cleaners and then you can just relax." She flashed green eyes back to Darcy, the car sped through the streets with more ease than one should have in New York City. She smirked, waving her hands this way and that like a conductor at a symphony.

"And don't worry about it. I wanted to surprise you, and I figured you'd be exhausted, tried, work-dirty and one hundred percent done with humanity in general. So I made some calls and figured out what rich people do when they hate the peons and want nothing to do with them. I have an appointment set up for you at several boutiques, private sessions. For them to host us. We should have some more food there, at least one of the stores mentioned bringing out tea and snacks. But I thought you might be too hungry for just that."


"I don't have a cleaners," Darcy deadpans just as Lorna lays out her master plan. A brow quirks.

"You're serious. You really did just …TOny Stark this, didn't you?" she asks before chuckling and moving to get out of the uniform. She'll head into the boutique in her jacket and boots and no fucks to give.

"This. This is why I love you."


A grin and Lorna shrugged as she directed the car through traffic with ease. "What's the point of having a father that has lived for nearly a hundred years and rules an island nation if you don't get to spend globs of money? It's all likely from the Nazi gold he got when he was running those assholes down. So really? I'm all for spending his money. He owes me for at least twenty something years of birthdays and holidays." She slowed the car in front of a shop, a fancy looking boutique with a sign that said 'closed' in front.

"I have cleaners, at least for this. I don't normally use them, but people like money." She shrugged, and the car turned off with another wave of her hands.

"C'mon, whatever you want is your's."


And at this Darcy stops, vision blurring. She ducks her chin down, letting a few silent tears fall before she pushes them away and moves to get out of the car. She inhales, trying to clear her senses of the stink of the diner in the cold winter air. Essentials, she tells herself. Because this is her friend wanting to be nice and wanting to help. That is not a reason to go insane and buy anything and everything. Just, replace a wardrobe and that's all.


Lorna came around the car with a click of high black heels. The whole outfit she wore didn't scream money, but all the same was made up angles of black and grey, trimmed with more shades and gold stained jewelry. With care, Lorna made to wrap her arm through Darcy's and lead her friend into the store. "Hey, you worked so hard for me in Genosha. I owe you the world for what you did there. This is my rather piss poor attempt at paying you back for it all." She flashed Darcy a grin as she led her to the store front proper. It was a large, name brand shop, and price tags couldn't possibly be below a few hundred for even the cheapest items.

"Consider it back pay."


"I didn't do anything but make a mess without even getting UN attention or anything," Darcy replies, the sting of it wetting her face again as she walks, arm in arm with Lorna. She had a vision when she went to Genosha. She knew what she was looking to accomplish, and she failed. It bothered her, that failure.


A slow shake of her head followed, "No, you helped us get what we needed. Your notes planned my wedding, and helped me through a ton of head aches. You were there for me, Darcy. You were a hero to Genosha. My father didn't forget that, and neither will I ever. On the council, people there respect and value your work. You didn't make a mess, you gave us a chance." She smiled as the door opened up to the store and a clerk stood there, ready and willing to take their coats and usher them into the warmth of the boutique.

"Don't belittle what you did."

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