Goodbye and Good Luck

January 21, 2019:

Logan and Ne meet with Selina in Gotham to bring a new Mutant back to Westchester.

Bowery, Gotham City


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"Don't worry, ok? We're meeting some friends of mine who can help out. Hey, bet if you set the bed on fire they won't even be mad!" She smiles, winking toward the face of a young child, a boy around the age of 7 or 8 at best. She was crouching down, eye to eye with him, and brushing down the collar and shoulders of his jacket. The boy was odd looking and his abilities, as they were, were showing already. His skin was dark as pitch, cracked with lines of glowing magma-red. His eyes swirl with fire and embers, and the clothing on his body was singed here and there.

"Are you sure about this, Lina?" He asks in a murmur, large eyes settling on her features directly.

"You bet I am, honey. They'll do right by you, or they'll have to deal with me." Another wink, the boy giggles.


With the craziness going down about Charles and companay, it took some doing to get the needed watches covered and security situations resolved before the man who calls himself Logan could get out and about. Took a bit more doing to finagle a time and then for him to step into the rec room while some of the other members of the team were relaxing.
"Hey, I need someone ta ride shotgun. Got a possible student angle to track down."
And from there it was just coordination. The former thief known as Ne works in part as a counterbalance to the grim Wolverine. She is pigtails and a smile, while the man is… not. Hopefully she'll serve to cover his weak points when dealing with kids. So it was that they chose the white Dodge Charger as their vehicle, again non-intrusive/aggressive. Nothing too severe. Then it was time in the car, roaring down the interstate and taking the Bowery exit in Gotham. He's leaning forwards, checking street signs as the engine rumbles low then he nods towards his compatriot.
"There, think that's the place." And with that he'll pull into a parking spot, killing the engine as he gets set to get out.


It had been a while since Neon had been in Gotham. Rough as it was, with plenty of memories about it. It had been before the mansion, before New York…the orphanage and the streets. It wasn't that she was scared of the place so much as…well, she wasn't entirely sure. Perhaps it was merely the fact that New York was ironically enough a little nicer and brighter. Neon at the very least 'looked' the part of the nice one, it was certainly a difference made a little more severe by company.

The car ride was interesting enough for her. It was a nice car in itself, good noise and comfortable even if she wasn't the biggest on travel by car. She hadn't gotten sick, that was a plus! Not much for conversation though!

Sure enough, they were back in the Bowery and the younger mutant actually leans out the window for a moment, casting her eyes vaguely in the direction of an old apartment building she'd squatted in once or twice before she winds the window up and climbs out of the car. Corset, pants, white jacket and hair on display. It used to be she'd try and hide who she was being illusions while running around during daylight in Gotham. At least the X-Men had brought her some confidence! A nod to Logan's words, she makes to follow.


This was not a nice slice of the city. It was actually one of the worst. Littered with busted down buildings, run down shops, and everything between drug pushing to prostitution; the Bowery was an example of the dark parts that Gotham had to offer. Even so, people live here. Selina Kyle remains. Hearing the car pull up, and noticing the rather nice looking auto standing out like a sore thumb, she offers it a knowing smile. It wasn't until she saw Ne that her eyes grow wide. "Ne?" She asks in surprise before the boy almost screams with excitement and runs the girl's ways. Arms open, he glomps and hugs around her legs, all while Selina strides closer.

"Look at you." Reaching out, she ruffles the girl's hair and offers her a grin. "Big girl got out of here. Good for you." Then to Logan. "James."


"Selina," The grim looking man smiles a little at the reunion, but takes his time approaching, letting them have their moment even as he takes up a place on the hood of the car, arms folding over his chest. "Figured it'd be a good idea ta get a better mug than mine ta greet the kid with."
Logan scritches a fingertip along the side of his jaw, the stubble scraping a bit. "Gotta admit though, didn't know how good a choice it might be. Hnh." He cocks an eyebrow at Ne as if seeing her in a new light, but then he turns his attention back upon Selina.
"Did you give the kid the run down or should we?" Or we perhaps being Ne.


Even the two-tone mute girl has a little bit of a suprised gasp. She hadn't exactly been given a full breifing here and now? She was looking at a familier face or two. One who'd (perhaps unknowingly) taught her some of the finer points of thievery she'd used to survive on the past…and the other that had been sucking on his thumb the last time she'd seen him. That sudden ball of child grabbing around her legs was about as close to feeling tall as Neon tended to get, so she smiles widely and reaches down, about to ruffle Billy's hair only to find the gesture done on to her by Selina, earning a little blush and raise of her shoulders.

She actually bends to try and lift the kid up for a proper hug before Logan's question towards her has her raising one of those eyebrows arched over a faintly glowing eye and she points to her mouth with a questioning look. Slight problem there…unless the kid had gotten the hang of reading already. Not always so certain for a street kid.


"She…speaks now?" Selina asks, blinking and looking Ne's way. "Oh, no. Anyway, I've already told him about the place." She then eyes Logan, "And you need to cut that shit out. You're not that gruff or hard to look at. Christ sake, look where you are, James. He grew up here, you're, well…soft compared to the types he knows."

The boy is light enough, easily picked up and resting on Ne's hip should she hold him there. Still smiling, he toys with two of her bi-hued strands of hair, braiding them lazily. "Billy, this is James," Selina introduces him, as he already knew Ne.

"Hello, Mr. James. I'm Billy. Lina says you have a nice place for people like me. I can read already, and know my letters and numbers. That's good, right?" He questions, causing Selina to stand beside the pair of street kids, her gaze settling on Logan pointedly.


For some reason Logan's eyebrows lift as he looks to Ne then he scrunches one eye shut partially as he nods, as if agreeing that yeah he'd probably be doing most of the talking. He does, however, get caught back by Selina's words as she chastises him for his self-deprecation. "Yeah yeah. Just sayin'." He offers in way of non-explanation.
But then the kid has his attention and Logan meets his gaze and says back, "Bill." Almost like a formality to it, "You can call me Logan. S'what most folks use ta get my attention." He looks up at Selina and then it's his turn to chastise her slightly, though it's with a half-smile to rob it of the sting. "Most folks."
He steps forwards and leans down enough to get on eye level with the youngster, "It's real good. And she's right. We represent a school where people with your talents can get some help. It did right by me. Did right by Ne." He glances at her as if making sure he isn't gainsaying her for speaking in her place.
"With some luck hopefully it'll do right by you." He smiles back at Billy.


There's actually a silent snicker from Neon at Selina's lecture towards Logan. He -was- scary to plenty of people in the mansion to be fair, but perhaps some people in New York were a little 'softer' than present company. She manages to hold the kid, even if it's perhaps not as high off the ground as one might have liked. She actually blinks a little at the comment of names and it does make her pause. She'd never heard Logan called 'James' before either. Weird.

Still, explainations come and the younger mutant nods before she extends her free hand, exhaling a little breath that causes a few shining lights to coalesce on her open palm until they form a miniture 'model' of the mansion. It was only a 'hologram' really, but it did at least look the part!


Catwoman shrugs, unapologetic of knowing the name, and using it. Billy is attentive, wide-eyed and staring in Logan's direction. That is, until Ne makes that little model. Fingers wiggling, he pokes at it, head canting as his expression is content. Happy, even. Is to that face that Kyle exhales and warm smile settles on her features.

"So, when can you take him in?" She asks then, directing the question Logan's way.


Straightening back up, Logan rests his hands on his hips and tilts his head towards Billy, but then looks back to Selina. "That's up ta him. We've got the logistics set with the recent craziness. There're quarters and all. He's a bit young, ta be fair, most mutants manifest in their teens."
Shifting his weight to the other foot he turns to take in all of the others at a glance, arms crossing over his broad chest. "But we've had some just as young before." He looks up towards Ne as if to see if she had any objections at hand she'd want to bring up, but then he gives a nod to Selina.
"Bottom line, though. I'll see he's taken care of. And I'll answer for it."


Billy is deposited down on the ground now, but only so as Neon can free up her second hand and add to the show. The 'school' gets bigger, big enough that a small cartoonish (practically Chibi) version of Neon, Billy himself and an appropriately grumpy looking Logan walking up the path to the building before she lets the illusion dissapaite in a flutter of fading and faintly glowing fog. Where he'd poked it? It'd probably feel pretty cold! Straightening up, she shakes her head at the unspoken question and instead tilts her head with a questioning expression at Selina. It had quite a while since she'd seen the other woman, she hadn't even had a chance to ask how she was, let alone catch up.


Catwoman looks down to the boy and remains silent. He watches the illusion, his hand reaching up, groping at the air until it finds Selina's fingers. Tugging, she crouches once more and looks at him. "Yeah? So what'd ya think, honey? Sound good?"

"Will you miss me?"

"Of course, sweetie, but this is good for you. Better than here. You'll have a big sister to look out for you, too." She promises, motioning up toward Ne. "Know what else she can help teach you?" Selina then signs smoothly, while explaining, "How to talk with your hands! It's like code!"

Billy's eyes grow as he stares up at Ne for some confirmation of this promise. Selina stands, brushing back the boy's hair. "You don't like it, I'll come get you and bring you home, ok?" She offers Billy's way, his fingers still securely wrapped around Kyle's fingers.

With his attention once more, he pouts and frowns. "Hey," the woman starts. "It'll be scary at first, but you'll be ok. You're strong. You're from Gotham, after all." At length, the boy nods, standing a bit straighter and eyeing Logan. "I'll go, Mr. Logan. I'm a strong boy." He declares.


A nod is given as Logan looks down at Billy. "Alright, Bill." He gives a nod, "S'gonna be a bit of a drive." He looks to Selina and cocks an eyebrow but then finishes the glance by looking back to Billy. "You got all your stuff? Ready ta go? We got time if you need ta get things together."
He starts to step back and to the side of the car that they arrived in, giving a nod to Ne and looking towards Billy. Since it looks like the kid and her get along pretty well. "I'll make sure we have everything cleared in the back."


Sometime, when a window came between insanity and training, Neon would have to return to Gotham. Perhaps she'd even manage to do something 'normal' like go for coffee with Selina and update her on how Billy was doing, it would be a mark of personal victory. Of course, she wasn't quite so blind as to not notice there was something going on with her and Logan, but who was she to judge? A nod was given to Billy and she gestures for him to grab his things and make ready, her arms crossing over her midriff with a little smile.

This was probably how most people were ment to be recruited…rather than being caught trying to rob the mansion!


Catwoman stands there, eyeing the pair and smirking. "He's ready." She explains, the boy lingering as well, giving a nod. He had all that was his on his person already. The boy finally lets go of Selina's hand, eyeing Ne and grinning before moving over and around to see what Logan was doing.

Slipping up and closer to Ne, Selina, digs around against the flat of her chest and pulls out what looks to be something folded up. Placing it in the girl's palm, she winks and then moves around to Logan. "Hey, here," She offers, digging for another lump of what appears to be cash and giving it Logan's way. "This is for new clothing when he gets there. If you have something that helps and is better against heat, that will do it. Also, for the trip. If he wants or need anything to eat or drink, so you don't have to worry about it."

With a bounce in his step, the boy then asks happily, "Can we get hotdogs?! Icecream, too!"


A snow scraper is pulled out of the back seat by Logan as he straightens up when she comes around to his side of the car. Perhaps he's known Selina long enough to know that arguing against her in this might not exactly be a winning gambit, or perhaps he's alright with her giving what she can… so he nods and accepts it. "A'right."
He then meets her gaze with his and tells her, "It'll be fine. Somethin' goes wrong you can take it outta my hide." But as he says taht he'll lean in for a small kiss to her cheek, brief and offered with a casual ease.
But then he's moving around back towards the trunk of the car, tossing the snowscraper into it and closing it again with a low thump. "Ice cream and hot dogs?" He says loud enough to be heard as he circles around the car to the driver's side. He shoots a glance to Ne and then asks her, "There's that Five Guys on the way?"
He pulls open the door for Billy to get inside and asks him, "Chocolate cake and bacon hot dogs sound alright to you, kid?"


Neon actually has a look of suprise, then an open mouth in what might have been protest before she shuts it again. Why bother trying to argue? She couldn't really win, especially when Selina had already walked past her and sign language didn't really work well with someone's back turned. Instead she just gives a mock-pout and tucks the folded gift down the front of her own top before moving to follow back towards the car. Despite herself she can't help but grin. Heaven help anyone who might try to steal the vehicle right now…and she could go for an icecream, but hotdogs worked for her too!


"Really?" Selina smirks, rolling her eyes and hooking Logan's collar after his kiss against her cheek. Dragging him back in and closer to her, she hugs her lips to the man's own, the embrace solid and adoring. "Better." She pecks gently and then releases him to go about his way. A few steps back, she watches the trio make ready, the boy pleased as punch about everything happening.

Clammering into the car, he buckles up and hops in place. "Sounds great!" He almost yells with excitement, shying away at that pitch of volume. "Sorry. Sounds great. Thank you." He remembers his manners.

Selina offers them a wave of her hand. "Be safe out there. There's a Big Belly Burger outside of the city if you want that instead. I'll visit sometime, ok?" She offers up. "Bye, Billy. Take care, baby." Billy waves, "Bye, Selina! I'll miss you!"


Logan doesn't exactly fight against the smooch, though he smirks wryly as it breaks. He shakes his head once as if to admonish her once again but no words come from him.
Then it was into the car where he closes the door and adjusts the rear view mirror so he can see the kid in his seat buckled in. One hand is lifted towards Ms. Kyle as he gives her a wave even as the lights come on and the vehicle pulls back. It's only when they're on the road that he gives a nod to Ne and he says, "Alright." He looks up at the mirror again and then tells them.
"Looks like it's chocolate shakes all around."

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