Daylight Robbery

January 20, 2019:

Russo and his crew take hostages to steal from an armored van right as Amaterasu is passing by with a burger.

New York

The streets of Queens


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Another not so quiet day in New York City, or not so quiet day. New York is never quiet, and it has only gotten louder and more colourful since metahumans and masked vigilantes have become more and more common. It is the middle of the day, the street is busy and full of life many regular citizens grabbing a quick lunch before heading back to work or a leisurely coffee on their day off. Traffic flows by slowly but steadily, motorcycles being the only ones to make decent speeds as they split through the lanes. Trapped in the middle of all of that traffic chaos and buildup is an armoured car trapped within the slow moving lines of traffic.

Within moments the whole attitude of the street changes. Thirteen men breaking from an alleyway in full tactical gear, all of them carrying some form of assault rifle. All of them except the lead man carrying a S&W500 who leaps on to the hood of the armoured car, a .50calibre round punching through the bullet resistant glass. "Open the doors." Another shot to punctuate his sentence. "Now." The guards inside of the armoured car just aren't paid enough for this shit. They hurry to comply. Given the opportunity they may try to be heroes. But for now they are hopelessly outmanned and outgunned.

New York was a multi-cultural melting pot, but it was very different from Japan. Certainly, it was extremely different from the 'Nippon' she'd left behind many centuries ago. Her initial reason for leaving the Amatsu-Kami was over, but Ami had stuck around for now. Warriors were different, champions were different, but these 'heroes' and her time here had shown the woman that simply watching from afar was not good enough. Besides, there was so much more to experience these times; not least of all was cheeseburgers! With one soda down and half a burger remaining in her hands she was currently devouring, the Japanese girl was currently lamenting the fact that this nation itself hadn't existed back in the days when she'd first walked the Earth.

The sound of the gunshot makes even her jump, a thunderclap-like noise of heavy calibre making her drop the snack and look around wildly, but the second shot gives her direction. She knew what a gun was, and she doubted there was a peaceful reason for such a loud weapon to be being used. Already she was running, an unarmed Japanese girl in street clothing, rounding the corner and running towards the street standoff.

The guards move quickly to head around to the back, opening up the rear doors. A team of four men moving to the back with reinforced looking black duffle bags, it is clear that the men know what they are doing as two of them began to stuff bags while the others cover them trading bags when the first two are full. The other teams of four split off with roughly five metre spacing between them each team covering a side of the truck until combined they roughly form a circle of heavily armed and armoured men around the truck. The lead man remains seated on the hood of the truck facing outwards now, his hand hanging limply off one of his knees still holding the hand cannon.

While it is weird seeing someone run towards gunfire like that it is not entirely unheard of, maybe she is a medic or something similar. Besides she is a smaller unarmed girl, something that most men even hardened military men hesitate to shoot at without active provocation. But she can only get so close running like that until she is going to get lit up. Already the two men completing the circle on her side fingers are slowly tightening on their triggers.

In the world of Metas and Mutants, 'unexpected threats' being more than they appear might be something that some may legitimately be fearful of. Of course, some are a little more subtle than others! A sudden flash of blinding light an wreathing flame wrapping around the 'non-combatant' made the danger pretty obvious. None of the fire seems to leap towards the men yet, but it does twist and wrap around the girl in unnatural ways both burning away the clothing she was wearing and seeming to form the black and red attire that looked far more out of place than the jeans and terrible band T-shirt had moments ago. The flames die down, but seem to smoulder behind her eyes as she begins to walk towards the men.

"<Lay down your weapons,>" she speaks, first in Japanese before repeating the words in heavily accented English she continues with. "And let these men go."

"We have a meta!" The call goes out over the radio but loud enough to be heard by just about the whole team anyway. Two of the men the furthest from her split away from the circle and make a run for the alley. The rest begin to fan out their weapons lighting her up with everything they have. These men are all ex-special forces. It takes a lot to make them miss, and a lot more to survive them if they decide they want you dead. Of course if you are basically impervious to bullets? Well that makes it all just a little bit slated in thier favour."

The lead man now leaps from the truck firing a couple of rounds in the direction of the pissed off god before he sweeps up one of the security guards in his arms and holds his oversized pistol to the side of his head. "Sieze fire, sieze fire!" Slowly the gunfire drizzles off as the order is heard and carried out, more at the very least their current magazines are emptied. He calls out towards the woman and her now rather impressive silhouette "Now, we can make a deal. All this money is insured, no one here loses anything if I take it. You let us go on our merry way, and you get to keep these men alive. Or you continue forward and I paint their truck red."

Really, opening fire at the flaming deity walking towards you was perfectly reasonable. Especially if they were taking the time to do some showey and almost 'magical-girl' like transformation of their outfit. It was probably an intimidation tactic, since a clothing change didn't really make her -less- bulletproof after all. Besides, gods were nothing if not showoffs! The bullets do impact, soft jacketed rounds making solid sounds against her flesh and yet seeming not to falter her steps in the slightest. A flash of steel and one of the men's rifles is simply cut down to just before the trigger-guard before Amaterasu brings both her hands to the grip of the sword that seemingly appeared out of nowhere and prepares to bring it downwards. Most 'superheroes' don't kill, but this one seemed awfully close to doing so until the solid impact of the massive handgun actually staggers her back a step.

The shot should probably have practically apple-cored her, certainly the second one added would have been enough to destroy an engine block. It had saved the man's life when the force of it had knocked her back a step off-balance, but aside from a pair of holes in the front of that deep red material of her clearly 'kunoichi-like' attire, the skin beneath looked barely marked. She lifts the weapon again, the other bullets pinging off her skin and ventilating some parts of her clothing before the leader calls the order to cease and her eyes narrow. She could cut each and every one of these men down, burn them alive where they stood, but she was nowhere near fast enough to outpace a point-blank gunshot.

"A coward's action," she speaks, gripping her weapon with a distain clear in her voice despite what is clearly a second language. "To shield yourselves with the bodies of the helpless." Even so, Amaterasu wasn't advancing on the men anymore.

"Or a survivors in this case. No more cowardly than attacking those who have no help of defending themselves against you." He speaks before turning slightly to face his men giving them a nod to start taking the bags towards the alleyway they had originally emerged from. Sirens can already be heard in the distance. His men reload remarkably calmy or at least it seems that way, it really could just be the benifit of muscle memory and intense training. The one a mere moment away from being killed pulling his sidearm. It won't do anything here other than make him feel better. But hell he doesn't have a better option. It is hard to tell with their faces shielded by their masks. And then almost as one they step back forming a rough firing line keeping their weapons trained on her as they slowly back towards the alley.

The two men who appeared to run screaming from the metahuman (God) appear back in the entrance to the alleyway now, LAW tubes lifted to their shoulders fingers already over the activation grip. Always have to have a plan. Wouldn't help them against something like superman, but there aren't many around that are that invulnerable. The leader slowly steps back just a step or two before his men, his weapon unwavering away from the head of his hostage. "Just take it easy right now and no one has to die, you still get to play hero. We all get what we want here."

"Seems you have indulged in both," she counters, turning her gaze back towards the running men who returned with weapons she didn't recognize. They looked closer to the primative guns of her time, albeit with far larger barrels. Some sort of cannon, no doubt. Could it hurt her? She truely didn't know, but she wouldn't let that concern show on her face when the guards were still in danger. Bandits in this century were a long way ahead of simply attacking travelling villagers it seemed, although the concept hadn't changed all that much.

"Release these men," she repeats now, watching the men retreating and tensing once more. The sword in her hand, even the sheath it had been pulled from, looked decidedly unremarkable apart from a seemingly flawless mirror-sheen on the blade, but it had sliced through the rifle before without so much as a spark of metal on metal. "You may take your prize, but if you take their lives I will burn you each to death as painfully as possible. This I promise you."

The sun goddess was known for being benevolent, kind and protective to her people, but the sun itself? Well…most people tended to associate it with more than a little heat.

"Well I don't see you packing a flamethrower but after that sound and light show before I don't doubt you would at least try." They continue to back towards the alleyway, before they file in in reverse order those in the front dropping back between the others while they cover before repeating the process. Known in some military circles as the tunnel of love. "I'll give them back to you in just a moment, as soon as I think you aren't going to turn me crispy and delicious the moment I do."

The men with the LAW tubes stay the longest before even they slip into the alleyway leaving Billy standing along at the entrance. Deep inside the shadded alleyway the ear splitting roar of multiple high powered engines in a confined space rips through the air. "Alright then. Best if you keep your word. See you around sunshine." He raises his knee upwards towards the hostages beack before giving him a strong pushing kick forwards forcing the hostage to struggle to maintain his feet as he stumbles forward. He turns and sprints for the alleyway, knowing that even if his gun slows her down it sure as hell isn't going to stop her.

There was temptation, certainly. Once the hostages are clear it would be practical enough to go after the cars and deal with the armed men. Perhaps she could indeed burn them down to ashes inside their cars like she had hinted…but it was the middle of the city, too easy for some random bystander to be caught by stray violence or made another hostage. Just because she was the goddess of the Sun itself didn't mean she could go releasing all the power of it on some thugs seeking money. 'God' or not, having power was not the same as being able to use it.

Instead she simply sheathes the sword at her hip once more, fire glowing in her eyes fading down to a fainter simmering while she walks towards the stumbling hostage and places a hand on his shoulder. "Go home to your families," she says simply, casting her eyes towards the direction of the sounds of hasty escape. In a way she had been bested, but it had been by lucky guess or assumption; Amaterasu simply favoured mortal lives over material wealth. She didn't care about the money so much as the violence of its theft.

A sigh, she closes her eyes and looks back towards the now freed and probably fleeing hostages.

She was going to need another burger.

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