A Walk in the Park

January 19, 2019:

Jason and Lena take a short walk before he goes on patrol. Lena asks him a very important question.

Robinson Park - Gotham

The "living heart of Gotham," this enormous green area is situated right in the middle of Midtown and can be viewed from across the Finger River from the south. It borders just about every neighborhood in Midtown and even some of Chelsea it is that expansive.

The northern portion of Robinson Park is dedicated to ballfields, outdoor activity areas and wooded sites crisscrossed with hiking trails.

The southern half of Robinson Park is the gigantic very wild Gotham Reservoir and Giella Gardens.

The restoration project after the Cataclysm has shown an obvious overhaul of Robinson Park. It flourishes now and once again looks beautiful and full of life.

Standing vigilante over Robinson Park is the neo-Roman 'Forum of the 12 Caesars' a stone mausoleum surrounded by tomb-like structures and giant Roman rulers around its borders. Several of these monolithic statues have fallen to shambles and lie half crumpled, the cities don't seem prepared or willing to touch them at this point in time.


NPCs: None.

Mentions: Batman, Spider Man, Green Lantern


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Fade In…

The late afternoon sun casts the shadows of Gotham City into long peaks hazed in bright orange. The remains of snow cling to the shadows of buildings and alleyways. A cold wind sweeps through the city canyons like wind tunnels, chilling the streets even when they are in the sun. The dull roar of the city mingles with the sound of rushing wind coming from the harbour. Manholes seep steam into the sky.

Jason Todd, killing time until he needs to suit up and take to the rooftops, walks through the park, taking his time to enjoy the cold air and last waning light of the afternoon.

For once, or at least for now, he's not alone. With arm around his arm, a girl walks by his side, stride for stride, as they enjoy the last little slips of the sun. In truth, it was somewhat odd for either of them to be out and about during daylight hours. She didn't even remember the last time she took a job that was during the day. Taking in a breath, her own not catching the chill and turning into a fluff of white, Lena happily munches away at dipped-top icecream cone. She was particular about it, the chocolate had to go first BEFORE the ice cream. Always and forever.

"You sure you're alright?" She asks him, eyes flitting toward his hidden wounds. Hand up, she offers him some of the said treat.

Jason gives her arm a soft squeeze as she looks at his wound. "It's fine," he says gently. "Just a bit of a sting and this city doesn't take nights off. I've taken too many recently." He looks back at her and winks. "Not that I am complaining." Jason takes a hefty bite of the chocolate.

"There are others, right? Others that do what you do? This city should be ripe with them." Reclaiming her treat, she chases after stray drips of vanilla, attempting to not make a mess. "I didn't bruise you up too badly, did I?" She muses then, offering him a sly, but at least playful, smirk.

Jason nods a bit. "There are others," He admits with a smirk. "Lots of others actually. You'd be surprised, or maybe you wouldn't. However, there is only one me." He gives her arm another squeeze. "You gave me bruises in places I haven't had bruises before, which I find perfectly vexing."

"You said harder. I thought you meant it." She blinks, her expression almost innocent. To his squeeze, she offers one in return, nursing her ice cream before giving him another sampling of it. "You need to go out tonight, don't you?"

Jason chuckles at her innocent look. He smirks at her, his eyes look into hers with a knowing light in them. He takes another big lick of the ice cream, getting a bit on the stubble on the corner of his lips. "I do," He sighs. "Have to go to work. Too much time off makes me soft."

"You've had one night off, Jason. One." She reminds him, giving his fresh wounds as raw as they were. Smiling, she leans up, gently licking away what was left clinging to his stubble. "You're making a mess." She whispers, kissing him after the fact with a peck to his cheek.

"Mmmm," Jason hums with a smirk. "Maybe that is the idea." He winks at her. "Also not the first time you've told me that. Instead of a squeeze, she gets a full on hug. "And how many days do you think Batman takes off?" He asks quietly.

"You're not Batman." She whispers, hand out and making sure not to crush the ice cream against him in the hug. Her arm around, she presses up, resting her nose into the leather and drinking in his scent. "You don't have to be, either. I'm not stopping you, I'm just trying to come to grips with giving a damn."

That last statement earns her a kiss on the forehead. "You aren't the only one," He says softly. "Not only am I thinking about you, but I'm also having to worry about myself. Can't go walking through a park if I am out cold."

Lena closes her eyes and rests there still. The soft serve slips, falling off the cone, and splattering against the muddy ground. Kissing his chin, she pulls back just enough to take in his face, finding his eyes. "You scare me." She murmurs gently.

"I'm sorry?" Jason whispers back softly. "I don't mean to." He turns to look at the ice cream. "Well that sucks…" He says, still not letting her go.

"No, it's not…I don't mean that type of scared. Just what you make me feel when I'm around you. We talked about that before." She reminds him, glancing at the naked cone before just letting the rest of it drop and litter the ground. Hands free, both arms wrap around him, nestling close, up and under his jacket to feel his back. "Why are you the good guy? What have these people done for you?"

Jason's grip on her tightens. He rubs her back gently and lovingly. "I know," He whispers. "I remember, sweetie." He kisses her forehead again. "They are here, and that is all that matters. I'm the good guy, because no one else can be."

"But you said there were others. So many others. Why do you have to do this?" She asks, mumbling against the collar of his shirt. Huffing a breath, she presses back, shaking her head and giving her throat a clear. "Sorry. I just said I wouldn't stop you and I'm standing here, making excuses."
"Was Spider man at that Chinese food place when those men came in to rob it?" Jason asks quietly, his voice gently. "Was Green Lantern or the Justice League?" He takes a deep breath. "We were. I was. That's why I have to go to work, because no matter how many heroes are out there, it is never enough."

"I'm not telling you not to." She frowns, glancing up and down the path. "I'm not a hero, Jason. I," sigh, "I don't understand why you're doing what you're doing is all. I'm not stopping you." She promises again, hands up and palms out.

Jason furrows his brow and tilts his head to the side. "It's okay," He says after a moment. "Sometimes I don't understand, but it's something that needs to be done." He squeezes her again. "And I do not blame you, or hold it against you when you ask me why or try to talk me out of it. It is normal. Believe me."
"I'd rather you follow after me." She smirks, sinking around him since he gives her another squeeze. Her arms settle in place and her brow rests against his chest. "I wonder if someday you'll take me down."

"Well, there is that famous saying," Jason says with a smirk. "I hate for you to leave, but I love to watch you go?" He tickles her ribs slightly. "Also if you will remember," He replies with a mock cough. "There was alot of 'going down' recently."

Lena smiles, giving him a shove once he tickles and she starts giggling. "I hate you. Really." She tells him, half-heartedly and with only a hint of truth to her words. "If you're going, you should get suited up and go. I'll, um…I don't know. Text me when you're done, I guess." Nibbling her lower lips, she sighs. "Maybe I can go with you?"

Jason laughs confidently. "No you don't," He replies waggling his eyebrows. "Of course I will text you." There is a pause, as he arches his eyebrow. "Are you asking me if I can take you with me to 'work' or are you asking if I would like for you to join me getting into my work uniform?"

"We can do both, right?" She smiles, reaching out and attempting to loop her gloved fingers with his own. "I can't building jump, but I can glide. If that gives you away too much, I understand."

"That depends," Jason says, looking into her eyes. "No bullshit assessment: can you sit still for hours at a time, quiet and unmoving?" He laces her fingers into his and holds onto her hands tight.

"When I want a score, yes. But around you…I'm not so sure." She admits, giving his arm a swing before turning to head down a slip of park path. "Either way, we need to get you ready."

"Well it would be alot easier to score with me around," Jason says, rolling his eyes slightly to look innocent. He follows her at less than half a step behind her. "Are you wanting to help me get into my armor then?"

"Not if you keep asking me if I am. Com'on, you." She smiles, giving him a tug to lead him along. His joke, as horrible as it was, doesn't get a reaction.

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