A Small Delivery

January 16, 2019:

Nadia Van Dyne drops her findings from the rift expedition off with Spoiler at the Avengers Mansion.

//Avengers Mansion - New York City //

The Avenger Mansion is a three-story townhouse at 890 Fifth Avenue,
between the 70th and the 71st street. The building was built by Howard Stark
and was the Starks residence until his death.

The mansion grounds are surrounded by a wall topped by a metal fence that
altogether is twelve feet tall. Appearing like rough stone and aged bronze,
it is actually made of advanced, extremely resilient concrete and steel. The
mansion itself is surrounded by a lawn on three sides. The main entrance is
on Fifth Avenue, and the back entrance leads to a parking space for land

The ground floor is dedicated to common area living space for the resident
Avengers. There is a sizable kitchen, a dining room, a large library, a
living room and a large space converted for public conferences, much akin to
a slightly smaller version of the West Wing press office.


NPCs: None.



Mood Music: None.

Fade In…

It's been a while since Nadia Van Dyne, aka The Wasp, has been at the Avengers mansion. But since then she's been a very busy girl. Samples from an alternate dimension to study - bits of buildings and various types of water. But most interesting of all the necropsy results from a strange creature that was killed in the other dimension.

Such unique biological samples are far too precious for Nadia to entrust to anyone else. Which is why she is pulling up outside in a black Pym Industries armoured limo and full security escort, plus her Wasp costume.


With no classes to attend, Spoiler is in 'the office' today, working on what is essentially data entry. She glances over at the security feeds as an armored limo pulls up and a full security detail gets out. Beneath the cowl, Stephanie quirks a brow. She turns to her screen, taps a few things to minimize and hide the upload she's working on before pushing up and tucking the wirelessly connected black smart phone back into it's holster on her thigh. The aubergine batling then walks from the computer room toward the front doors, cape swirling behind her. Reaching the front entrance, Spoiler stops, waiting for Wasp to enter, while reading what the Avengers' computers have on her in her HUD.


The file on Nadia makes for interesting reading. No official records exist before a little over a year ago, she's listed as having previous ties to a faction within the Red Room and she's technically the heiress of Pym Industries. She's also listed as an official liason between said corporation and the Avengers. Largely for extremely complex scientific matters.

Taking all that into account there is perhaps a tiny cause for concern. As the cheerful young woman skips from the car towards the building while hefting a silver briefcase with scrolling biohazard warnings in every language actively spoken on the planet.


Spoiler's HUD, tracking the security feed for her, highlights those warnings. Straight into the biocontainment lab then, she thinks to herself, pressing forward so that when her security team opens the door, she's standing there.

"Good afternoon, Wasp. Please have your security team wait here and I will escourt you directly to the lab with biocontainment," she says, voice a tiny growl of vocal distorters.


"Thank you," Nadia says with a hint of a Russian accent as she looks Spoiler up and down. "Miss? I am sorry but I do not know what to call you. I am fairly unfamiliar with American superheroes, I spend most of my time in my lab." She glances back at the people surrounding the car and hands one of them the metal case. "They have all been briefed on what to expect." She nods to the guard. "You can return with the decoy case now."

The member of the security team hands her a pocket watch in return and, after opening the watch and applying a dose of pym particles to revert her real shipment to size Nadia follows along behind Spoiler. "I also have data chips with all of my rift research to date for the Avengers records. I assume someone will wish to scan it before uploading the information."


"I'm called Spoiler," she replies, head tilting faintly at the decoy and the biggening of the shipment. That's really interesting looking.

"I will be scanning that information, actually. Have you reviewed it first?" she asks then, leading the way through the Mansion and toward the research area.


Nadia Van Dyne tilts her head. "You are named after the part from an automobile?" she wonders. "Although I am not one to judge regarding monikers. Although I have adopted the name of 'The Wasp' I do not really have any abilities related to the order Hymenoptera. The wings do faintly resemble insect wings though."

As Nadia follows along she shrugs. "What do you mean by reviewed? I can assure you that although I might seem young I am more than capable of completing a necropsy on a extra-dimensional potentially non-terrestrial lifeform. I was also working alongside my team from G.I.R.L and a full compliment of exobiologists and Astrobiologists from Pym Industries."


"What?" Spoiler asks, a bit taken aback. Her purple painted lips frown ever so slightly.

"I… I'mnot a … It's.. the verb… to ruin someone's plans…?" she tries, never really having had to EXPLAIN the code name before. This along with being said to be young, a blessing or a curse to still look and in many ways sound 16, Spoiler's frown only deepens.

"I wanted to know if you've looked at your data already or if I'll be the first one to look at it," she retorts coolly, voice deepening and growing more somber. Like a kitten trying to growl.


"Oh, I am sorry English is not my first language," Nadia explains earnestly. "And I had to teach myself by watching television shows… It is a long story and I imagine not very relevant." Her attention seems to constantly shift as they both move through the building. Constantly studying every device, work of art and piece of furniture. "I have included all my findings. Although I would recommend you start with the raw data first, that way your findings will not be unduly influenced by mine. But I /will/ confirm that nothing about the creature seems to be capable of causing infection." She beams. "It really did make the trip through Mister Starks rift portal worthwhile. The chance to disect a totally unique creature that may not even be native to the plane of existence it was located on. Let alone to our dimension. I've barely stepped foot outside my lab since I got back!"


"Of course," Spoiler says, watching Nadia shifting her attention every which way. It's… mildly disconcerting, but the batling draws herself in to focus which only leads to her getting a bit confused by the technobabble.

"Well, I'm glad you checked that it wasn't going to make anyone sick," is all she has to offer about that as she steps into the lab.

"You should find things here suitable," she entones before holding out a hand for the drives.

"If I may have the data chips, please?"


"I will of course need someone to sign to confirm receipt of the samples," Nadia points out as she opens up the case, then pulls out a series of high capacity data chips. All the while a mist of cold air begins flowing out from the biosample containment portion of the case. "I had to be sure it was safe immediately. I was in close physical proximity while the creature was alive… The only sad portion, aside from it being a dead sample, is the Human remains we had to remove from the stomach analogue." She sighs at the memory. "At least it allowed us to give the families some closure."

"Are you a specialist in any scientific fields? Or are you just going to perform the digital security checks to be sure no-one is trying to get malicious computer software into your mainframe?"

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