Booze and Pool

January 09, 2019:

Logan and Natasha run into each other at Harry's bar near the Xavier School.


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Outside of Harry's Hideaway this time of night there's usually at least some traffic. Some people wandering down the sidewalks or making their way to the small parking lot next to the place. But tonight, with the sleet and slush and the hint of snow that seems to be caking and icing upstate New York, most people have the wherewithal to stay indoors and out of the cold. Most people.
he door opens with a crackle of ice breaking, the man who enters stomping his feet as he shakes out some of the rain and snow off his boots and jacket. On the set of pegs next to the door some jackets are at rest, left there by the few patrons that are keeping Harry up this late even as the man himself stands behind the bar cleaning some of the bottles with a rag.
"Hey." Logan says, gruff as he slips out of his heavy jacket and puts it on one of those pegs.
"Hey." Says Harry, still tending to the bottles.
Rounding, the X-Man gives the place a quick once-over, noting a few of the regulars sitting around and the muffled broken speaker of the jukebox. Nothing too out of the ordinary… at least at first.

Natasha was already at Harry's, her motorcycle was parked outside it. She'd driven up from Manhattan to check on the statues of Xavier since she hadn't gotten a straight answer from anyone on their mission the other night and now? Nobody at the school was available to talk to her, so here she was… at one of the pool tables in the back corner of the room with a pool cue and an eye on finishing the round she'd started on.

A smack of the pool balls and she pockets two of them with ease, then turns and walks to the high table to get her beer. When Logan appears out of the corner of her eyes she smirks faintly and starts toward him.

"Your schoolmates aren't very friendly." Nat says as she approaches him with pool cue and beer mug. "I'm going to file a complaint when your headmaster is recovered."

He saw her, smirked, but then kept walking on towards the bar. Logan answered her without looking at her as he said sidelong, "Yeah, they ain't nice like me." He's moving towards the bar, accepting that she might well be brought along, swept with his wake as he strolls on up to Harry and gives a nod.
"Gimme a brew." A tenner is put on the bar and once the bartender starts to get him his drink, Logan turns back around and leans against the bar, looking full on at Natasha as he folds his arms across his chest. "What brings you all the way out here?" For a moment he looks her over, eyes dropping down and then up. He's not too dressed up himself, then again he rarely is. Boots. Blue jeans. Grey and red cotton overshirt over a black tee. His hair is pushed back a bit from the snow and sleet.
The beer is slid down the bar and he takes it up, nodding towards the pool table and starting to step in that direction so she can finish her game. "Lookin' ta cause trouble?"

Natasha is wearing a black slim fit long sleeve shirt and some black leather pants and black boots. Her red hair and red lipstick are what contrast most against her clothing, aside from her green eyes. She just smirks at his words and joins him at the bar while leaning the pool cue against the counter top.

"I tried to find someone at Xavier's to see how the Professor is doing. But all the kids told me everyone was busy, and that I should come back tomorrow." She pauses to sip her drink and then shakes her head right to left.

"You guys really need to get a better public facing faculty structure going on there, its got a bit of… absentee parent vibe thing going on." She smirks over at him again. "Were you there? Or are you just coming back from one of your… expeditions somewhere mysterious?"

Moving away from the bar, Logan gestures for her to down the last billiard balls. He'll take up a spot at a nearby tall table, settling on the stool and setting his beer there. "Didja try durin' normal business hours and all that? Think they got some sorta schedule out for people to deal with visitors." Not that his name is on it since really, having Logan greet folks coming to Xavier's is usually the last thing they want and not the way to put their best foot forwards.
He rests his hand around the base of his drink and wipes away some of he sweat from the glass, then tilts his gaze back towards her. "But yeah, stuff has been…" He lifts those blue eyes upwards a bit, then back towards her, "Up in the air a bit. I mean, I'd tell ya but then…" He leans to the side and adds with a smirk, "What else would we have ta talk about for the rest of the night?"

Natasha follows after him, gathering up the pool stick again and coming to deposit her mug on the table that he chooses. She holds her smirk at him. "Yeah, right. I snuck up the garden window and crawled into the boys dorms. You should've seen the look on their eyes. Half of them looked like it was their wildest dreams come true, the other half looked like they're going to need to change their bed linens come morning."

She says all of this while rounding the pool table and going to the cue ball which she gathers up in her left hand and takes around to where she was previously setup to play. "I was there during dinner time. I could smell the barbecue. Almost tempted to stay. But I didn't want to deal with the staring and whispering." She lines up a shot and drops another ball into a pocket after a skillful bounce rebounding off the soft felt curbs of the table.

She looks back over at him. "Then again. Maybe I'll apply for a teaching job there. Retire from my current line of duty… That'd give us plenty to chat about, wouldn't it?"

The weathered looking man takes a sip of his beer, eyeing her sidelong a bit incredulously as she regales him with her tale of scholastic invasion. A small 'heh' slips from him, barely an exhalation but enough from the man as he shakes his head and looks away. But the key element of the story he seizes on, despite such a tall tale, is shown when he asks her, "They had barbecue and I missed it?"
A look of a good-natured scowl slips over his features as he looks to the side, shaking his head as if so terribly forlorn at that prospect. But another 'heh' is heard when he looks back and she offers that other idea.
"Yeah? And what would ya teach?" He makes a small show of leaning forwards and looking at the label on her beer, cocking an eyebrow at it as it's not quite the Molson he's used to. So he takes a sip when she might not be looking. Sets it back down.
For a moment he looks at her, gaze meeting hers as he perhaps lets his imagination wander then he offers, "Ballet?" Then there's that smirk again when he adds, "Home Ec?"

"Apparently they did." Natasha replies. "The kid with the gills on his neck and the huge glasses said that the skunk haired teacher was making them some kind of special southern barbecue. So I guess you truly missed out." Nat glances over at him and grins lightly as she leans over and lines up another shot to deposit another ball into a side pocket off of the collision with a pair of others.

"And yeah, I'd teach ballet, and home ec at the same time. I'd twirl in circles on my tipe toes while I mixed cake batter in a big bowl." She straightens herself and stands up on her tip toes for just a very brief second… which is the most ballet she's done in a very long time. Her beer is a Redd's Apple Ale, for a redhead.

"What do you teach?" She asks him then as she rounds the table. "Cigar making class? Or… how to be a bullet sponge?" Now she's just teasing him and the grin she flashes showcases this.

"You," Logan says as he gestures at her with his beer, "Seem ta be in a good mood." He cocks one eyebrow as if this possibility truly disturbed him. But then he takes a sip and sets his mug down with a glassy clunk. "There a special occasion cuz of this or you got somethin' up yer sleeve?" Ever the nature of Logan not to take things at face value. Especially with the Black widow.
But then he shakes his head, meeting her wry smile with his own as he rolls his eyes to the side and away. "Actually, when they twist my arm, I do a lil bit of Philosophy." He tells her that while affecting a subtly more formal tone of voice. "Sometimes Artistic Expression." His smirk widens slightly, showing a hint of a fang.
"But mostly… phys. ed." There, he confesses that last. Sure they're all true, but the latter one… is slightly more true than the others.

And the Black Widow just straightens herself and plants the butt of the cue down onto the ground between her boot tips and holds onto it its upper middle with both of her hands. She stares at him like this and shows a sly grin. "The gym teacher." She says at him. "Where's your whistle?" Her eyes scan over him here and there and then she just sighs softly. "You're one of those progressive gym teachers who believes whistles are too aggressive, and that the students will come to you if you stare at them long enough?" Slowly she shakes her head. "Tsk tsk… good luck with that."

She walks toward the table then and gathers up her drink to raise it up for a sip. "There's no special reason. I'll admit that part of me came up here just for the drive. Its a great part of the country to drive a motorcycle, you know? A bit cold… but. That just keeps you alert, right?"

Her comment about his progressive gym teaching has him snorting and looking away as if dismissing her, one hand lifting slightly as if to wave her off and all her crazy talk. But it does get a low chortle from him even as he pushes one hand through his hair and tilts his beer back for another swallow.
"Yer at yer worst, Nat, when you think yer funny." He points at her with his beer again then sets his down and leans against the table. It lets his eyes follow her as she moves on up to the table.
But then he shifts the tone as he tells her, answering her latter words, "I sorta like nights like this." He nods towards the window to the side of the building where they can look out onto the small steady drift of snow across the window, the lights of the street beyond dimmed by the haze of frost.
"Somethin' about the chill, the ice, not quite snow. Goin' out and it's like yer only person in the world."
Another drink and then he looks to her, "Also nice ta come home. Sit in front of the fire and all."

Natasha just parks herself on a tall chair, half on and half off with one booted foot up on the bar between the front legs. "I'm a riot. I don't know what you're talking about. We Russians are trained in the ins and outs of comedy like few other cultures. Why do you think our alcohol is the same word for our water? Its pure comedy gold, James." She replies to him with a small smile, using that first name that not many likely would.

Another sip of her drink is taken and she sets it back down. "I went to an alternate dimension the other day and ever since I got back, food has tasted better. How is that for strange?" She just idly throws that out there. "I even went to medical and had a full rundown done on me, they said nothing's change. Nothing is out of the order. But this?" She raises the drink up. "Better. These?" She motions to a bowl of pretzels. "Better."

Nat shows that smirk of hers which dimples the corners of her cheeks beside her mouth. "Weird, huh?"

The X-Man eyeballs her as if she'd sprouted antennas and an ant-eater's nose. Logan leans against the table, both arms resting there with his hands close to his forearms. It's a casual attitude, but she can sense the subtle wariness there. Can read those faint micro-tells that show the man is considering her with a hint of suspicion. But then there's another aspect to it, her current mood, the way she smiles, the light tone to her words, the wry comments. Just the pure vibrancy and somehow… he find sit attractive.
Oh it's not obvious, not to most really. It's there just in the corners of his eyes, the way the skin crinkles when he laughs and shakes his head, those times he looks away as if not inclined to show too much of his hand to her in this casual back and forth play. Yet the way the man senses the world, can read people, something about her manner is intriguing. His nostrils flare faintly, taking in a breath of the scent in that moment.
Then he meets her gaze and says, "Could be yer just comin' to appreciate the things around ya. Sometimes things are too big." He nods and takes a sip of his beer, "Going to other dimensions. Doing crazy junk. Makes you reassess things."

Natasha just shakes her head side to side as she hears his words, her eyes go over to the bar then where there's a man passed out on the corner of it with one arm dangling down to the ground where he dropped a handful of pretzels onto the floor beside his chair. "I'm drinking on a Tuesday night when I should be at HQ running drills and preparing for our next OP. Or at the mansion to check on Stark and see what sort've plan he and the others have cooked up next."

She looks back to Logan. "Its definitely not an appreciation for life being renewed… I'm way too old for that." She flashes a grin then before she finishers her drink and drops the empty onto the table. "But. I won't rule anything out. Stranger things have happened… like visiting other dimensions, right?"

Nat stands up again then, she adjusts her shirt around her waist and walks back to the pool table to take another shot.

Listening to her rattle all that off he cocks his head to the side. Perhaps the man is a cynic, not to take this mood, the casual smiles as simply what they present themselves to be. But he can't help but look at her as she moves back towards the pool table and this time the hint of concern enters into his gaze. "You uh…" The Canadian's growly voice shifts slightly inqiusitive as he asks her, "Are you doin' alright, Nat?"
He holds up a hand defensively, as if to stay any snappy comeback. "I mean, it's just… m'not used ta seein' you quite this cheerful." He tilts his own bottle back and then sets the empty down on the tabletop as he slips off his seat and follows her towards the pool table, though stepping around the opposite way.
"I mean, it's nice. Don't get me wrong." He leans one hip against the pool table, arms crossing over his cotton shirt as he watches her sidelong. "Just when you act like this I find m'waitin' for the other shoe ta drop."

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