Pizza Break

January 16, 2019:

Diana Prince chases Spider-man down to investigate the lone vigilante spider-hero.


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Fade In…

Twenty-five minutes ago…

"Heya, Mr. Rinaldi. It's Spider-Man." The sky blurs past in a white and blue flash, as the streets below twist while the Spectacular Spider-Man finishes the long downswing that ends with him releasing and twisting into the air. Another arm comes up and around, firing a webline with a /thwip/ as he speaks into the cell microphone built into his mask.
// Spidey, hey man, how goes it! //
"Good, pretty good."
// I saw that thing with the bug guy, what was up with that? //
Grimacing behind the mask, Spidey lands on the side of a building, rushing along the side of it with one hand extended to the side, helping him stay upright as he whips around the corner. "Oh you know, the crazies come after me all the time."
// Haha, man I know that. You want another rooftop special? //
"Heck yeah, if that's ok Mr. Rinaldi."
// You know it, it'll be there. //
"Thanks, Mr. R. Appreciate it heaps!"
The phone clicks as the connection closes and Spider-Man smiles to himself as he flips up and over the rooftop, leaping off the side and into the valley between buildings.

And now…

A lone steaming pizza pie rests atop a roof, sitting on the old chimney that's been boarded up. Spider-Man steps up, foorsteps light as he grins to himself and lifts up the bottom of his mask. "There you are you delicious little…" He picks up the pizza, lifts the top and takes in a deep sniiiifff of the double pepperoni. "Oh man, I am in /love./" He hops down onto the chimney and starts to eat.

A fresh pizza waiting for the Spider-man atop the chimney and a heck of a view of the city all around him as he dines on his lunch or dinner or breakfast? Any way you shape its a nice life being Spider-man in his prime! He just helped take down a nasty stilly and crazy villain in a huge suit and there were already social media hits going out about it all, talking about how great he is, or how terrible he did… any way you shape it he's all the buzz and that pizza likely tastes great up here all alone…

With the wind blowing lightly in from the east, it carries with it a cool chill, hinting at possible snow later tonight. The sounds of the horns and traffic down below quietly echoing to where Spidey is now…

But it changes, the wind dies down suddenly and some of the sound is muffled out and away.

Standing beside Spiderman are now two armored and metal boots… and inside of them? Diana Prince's legs. She's standing right there beside the Spider-man, having come out of seemingly no where.

And she's just looking down at him.

The pizza is stopped mid-bite, halfway to his face and with his mouth wide open. Luckily, at least this Spider-Man doesn't have the jaws nor mandibles of a spider, and seems like for all intents and purposes to be a young man… who is now dripping stringy cheese onto his costume.
"Oh hey!" He lowers the slice, just in time to gobble up the length of cheese and chews as he turns around to face her on the chimney, one leg crossed over the other thigh and supporting the box. "Did you uh…" He opens the box, "Did you want a slice?"
He lowers his own piece back into the box since it's still trying to drip cheese all over the place. "It's good. Rinaldi's Famous Pizza. They have that jingle on tv…" He hums a little three bar ditty, but then stops when it seems like she probably doesn't recognize it.

Diana just stares down at the young man enjoying the fine pizza pie. When he offers her a bit she just continues to stare as he puts his piece away. "No, thank you." Diana then speaks and she steps off of the ledge and floats in the air now, turning while floating there to look over upon him.

It took her a long time to master the art of flying, for a long time she thought she could just jump really really far, but eventually she cam to exercise it enough like any muscle, and it became an ability like she hadn't ever believed she'd possessed, one that her mother did not even know she had.

"You ran away too quickly for me to find out a bit more about you." Diana says. "You are a lone vigilante hero, are you not?" She asks him, the wind up here blowing her dark brown hair gently against her shoulders as she stares at him now.

"Umm, yeah?" The youth answers her with an open smile, something about him seeming so… so darn earnest. "Hey, do you mind if I eat while we talk? Just I figured I'd get in some more swing time and then I need to…" He stops himself, or whatever he was about to say, "Well just I have. A full… schedule." She can almost see the gears of his brain whirring as he puts together that 'reason' out of whatever pieces were assembled.
As quick as that he's back to her question, "But yeah. Lone. Well mostly. Sometimes some people come along but not like. A partner thing really. I wasn't running away really. Just the cops and I sometimes don't get along. Is all."
That said he takes a bite of pizza and starts to chew.

"I do not mind." Diana replies to his question about continuing to enjoy his food. She just continues to float before him with her left foot pointed downward and her right bent backward just a bit at the knee.

A quick glance is given to the west off to her right. "You have done a lot of good, on your own." She says as she then turns her eyes to look back upon him. "And yes, it can be quite challenging to work with the law enforcement when it is their sworn duties to protect the city from danger, yet we live in a world where the dangers are often far too great for many of us to even easily handle… It puts the police officers on-edge, for their safety, for their loved ones safety, and for their continued service to the cause. But… we are crime fighters, we must all work together."

She stops there, then waits a second before speaking again. "Why are people like this Ladybug attracted to you? Why do they seek to harm you so much?"

Luckily some napkins were in the box as well and he makes free use of them as he eats the pizza and wipes away the grease a little before each bite. "I uh, I suppose?" Spider-Man says as she compliments him and it's clear he's not used to receiving them for all the discomfort it seems to engender in him. The corner of his mouth curves up after he swallows a bit of cheese and he adds, "I do alright. Could do better."
Then she starts to tell him the tale of all of them being crime fighters and surprisingly she'll see him nod along. "Oh I agree, Miss Prince. And there are some police people that I work pretty well with. Well…ok with. Some of them dislike me slightly less? Maybe?"
He holds one slice in hand and takes another bite, then chews for a time but answers as he chews around the food. "Just there was this time way back when with a guy who was masquerading around as me? That was in the news. And the papers. But after I caught the guy they didn't really publicize, like, the retraction? So some people still think I robbbed a bank, and tried to run over aun… I mean this elderly person."
Then she asks the other question and he says, "That's… maybe a long story."

Diana just floats her way around in the air to a ledge near to the chimney that she touches down upon and then turns to stare out at the city in front of her and occasionally over to Spiderman as he talks on her left.

"I believe that you have the best intentions at heart, I can see that in how you perform and the way that you carry yourself." She says to him then. "You seem like a bright young man who cares about others, and wishes to do the very best that he can. But…" She looks back out to the skyline.

"I have concerns about how these villains are after you so vehemently, yet you have no one to support you except yourself." She says, drawing in a breath of the cool air, her eyes go back over to his covered-own as he eats. "You are going to cause a lot of collateral damage that way. I think you should join a team. Perhaps the Avengers? They are based here in New York. With their assistance, and SHIELD's, you could likely achieve more and be less of a potential target to these villains if they know they have to answer to others as well." Its a fair point, at least to her.

"Iiii, don't know if that's a good idea." Spider-Man stops eating and lowers the piece of pizza back into the box, his eyes lowering. But then he lifts those mirrored-lenses back to her, they widen as he looks upon her and for a moment he coughs a little, then continues. "I have a hard time getting along with people." Good thing she's not Daredevil to pick up on that fib.
"And I have all these… business? Things to do and take care of?" Shame!
"But really," He seems to wilt a little as he tries to perhaps level with her, "It's more just that I've made some enemies, and one of them is a huge jerk. And it's all a mess. But I can handle it." He folds his arms over his chest, "I mean, I have handled it."

Diana doesn't have the power to read minds, but she does have a pretty good understanding of physical mannerisms and how people act and talk when they're lying. She may not have originally after leaving Themyscira but after 100 years she's been in a lot of situations where she's learned people's ins and outs like few others in this world, very few others.

"I see." She replies to him then, not really taking it up or caring to question it as she's just sussing the kid out more than anything right now.

"Well then… your identity is a secret." She starts running down a list. "You work alone." She raises her hands up and rubs her fingertips from her right hand into the leather covered palm of her left. "You have trouble working with police officers… and anyone for that matter." She glances at him and gives him a little 'look' that has a bit of sass behind it.

"You do not wish to join another team for that reason. And you really like to just… work alone, because you are setting up… businesses?" She raises her right eyebrow up then, questioningly. "You are not shady, at all." She says with a light smirk.

The whir from his lenses growing larger is almost ominous in the silence that follows her words.
It's a few moments as he just /looks/ at her…
And then he falls all over himself as he says, "Ohmigod it sounds so horrible!" He then looks up at her and leaps off and away from the chimney with his pizza pie, landing on a low-hanging satellite dish antenna and balances on its lip, one hand lifting up to face palm the top left side of his forehead. "Oh man you are right, no wonder people think I'm some menace."
He takes a quick breath and says, "Miss Prince, I know you're not trying to do some evil plot here or anything. It's just the truth is I've… I got a lot of stuff going on. I have people that rely on me. I'm going to school. And last year my best friend and my best friend's dad tried to kill me. And I'm still dealing with the fall out from that. And some of these things are…" He waves a hand, "Kind of because of it. And some are just because some of these guys I busted hold a grudge."
He hops to the other side of the satellite dish, holding onto the rim with both hands and both feet. "And Wilson Fisk is super mad at me because I've been jamming him up for a dog's age. And he keeps funding these freako guys with armor and junk. And I know he has this guy working for him, Pete something, who is making all the gear. And really I can handle it. Just…"
He stops and then breathes slowly. "I'm not a bad guy."

Diana remains where she is and she watches him as he flutters about with his nimble agility, not really moving so much more than just watching him.

"I do not wish to make you feel… negative, of yourself, Spider-man." She tells him. "I am merely trying to build a case that shows how a team is something you should look into joining." She draws in a breath then. "The Justice League, for instance, we have counselors who can help alleviate some of the mental stresses of what you are going through. You are a young man, you need someone to talk to. If not a trained professional, then a team mate you know you can rely on. Who will keep your identity safe as well as you do."

Diana looks out to the west again and she sighs quickly and sharply. "Wilson Fisk is a menace and I very much would like to help take him down. But he has a lot of resources at his disposal and it would be challenging." She looks back to Spider-man. "A challenge I would not shy away from, however."

"Hey." Spider-Man points at her, "I'm not crazy." He says abruptly, arms folding a bit over his chest. He looks away, then rubs the back of his neck thoughtfully, before he looks back to her. "Look…"
Another pause as he considers and then he eases himself down and lights upon the rooftop, standing in front of her with his hands flared as if trying to convince her. Which he is. "I appreciate what you're trying to do here. Really, I do. Hope about I meet you halfway? Since I know this… isn't your thing usually, right? You usually handle galactic threats or giant monsters and things, right?"
He doesn't wait for an answer and instead he tells her, "When I get someting that can finally stick to Wilson Fisk, and I decide to go and take him down." He looks to her, "I'll contact you and maybe we'll… do it together?" A moment then he adds hurredly, "I mean take him down together."

"I do not think you are crazy, Spider-man." Diana replies to him where she remains standing on that ledge with her back to a cinder block wall. "I just think that you need a place that you can unwind and let the stress of your secrecy, decompress…" She draws in another breath, levels her chin and lets her eyes remain upon him.

She shows a small smirk at his words there at the end and then nods her head once more. "I would be happy to aide you in your work against Fisk, but do be careful. If you do cause irreparable collateral damage to property… or innocent people… then the police will only grow more challenging for you to work with in this, sphere, of heroing that you have chosen to place yourself within."

Diana drops down off of the ledge and she starts to walk then across the roof to the side of the building facing the horizon. "That being said, merely reach out to me at my Embassy here in New York if you do desire my assistance with whatever it is you are working on."

For a time he looks after her as she walks off, then she'll be chased by his words as he murmurs, "Okay." A beat, then he calls out, "See you around, Miss Prince!" And likely she will be gone shortly.
It's then that he turns back to his pizza and he pulls it open again, taking up the piece that has his bites out of it. He sniffs it, leans forwards, takes another bite. "Cold." That much is said with a grimace. But then he shrugs his shoulders and takes another bite, then keeps on eating.

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