Doctor Ladybug

January 14, 2019:

Wonder Woman and Spider-man team up to take down a nerd.

Midtown Manhattan


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Midtown Manhattan. Middle of the day, just an hour past lunch time and the streets and sidewalks are /filled/ with people. They are in the steady hectic _rush_ hither and yon trying to each get to whereever they're going, to make it to whatever destination, and the whole time they're walking they have this so serious look to their features. Eye contact is eschewed, footsteps are hurried. It is all like clockword, the rhythm and pulse of the city itself.
But when something breaks the rhythm, the entire beast of the nearby city notices. There's a quick /thud/ from afar, and then a _sproing!_ as a mechanical spring sound seems to echo off the high walls of the skyscrapers.
Then there's a scream as a woman comes running around the corner trying desperately to get away from whatever is coming. A few more people follow in her wake, arms out-stretched as they cry out and it has a chain reaction of people reacting. But for some it's not fast enough.
That /sproing/ is heard again and a large red sphere seems to leap and bounce off the side of a building, then opens up to become what looks like from every point of view to be a man in a red and black beetle costume. He _lands_ on a lamp post and shouts over his shoulder, "Too slow, Spider-Man!"
He rolls up again and sproings off the lamp, bouncing off the wall and landing on the sidewalk, sending people _running_ out of the way. "You'll never catch, Dr. Ladybug!"

As it so happens Diana wasn't far from this location with then chaos of it broke out, causing loud noises and all manner of people chattering/exclaiming what was happening. Her advanced hearing made it a lot easier to eaves drop on other's plight if she so desired and this is what leads her to pick up on the big beetle attacker that is plague midtown south of where she is at now.

Wonder Woman, was just simply on a patrol flight today. Bundled up in a hooded robe and her usual armor—though now she has a set of dark blue pants on beneath the armor that she generally wears during the winter months as its just more fitting for the time… more than a real need to suffer cold effects without it.

All the same, Diana swoops over taxi's and cars in the street, then comes to land atop a statue set in the center of the busy road. She stands atop it, with sword and shield on her back, a good 20 feet in the air, above the madness, her eyes scanning the city street and the fight unfolding.

Around the corner in a blur of red and blue, the Spectacular Spider-Man flashes past in pursuit of the bounding red beetle even as he shouts back, "Dr. Ladybug? Seriously?" He runs along the side of one building and snares a one-handed grip of an old flag pole that juts out from the side of it. He twists smoothly and lashes out with one arm, a web-line firing across the distance to /splut/ against Dr. Ladybug's outer shell.
"Haha! Just like the elusive Ladybug in nature, Spider-Man. I can emit an electrical charge from my carapace to make your webbing…" There's a moment as Spider-Man yoinks on the webs causing him to lose his balance for a moment as he _holds_ on tight onto the lamp post. "To make your webbing…" Dr. Ladybug bangs the control device on his wrist and after the second hit it makes a /ZZOT/ of sound, a blue flash dancing over the carapace. "To make your webbing fail to stick to me!"
And, true to his words, the web-line drops down to the ground with a splat even as Spider-Man lifts his voice and says, "Hey. That's… that is like, not at all how that works. That isn't even true."
He twists and drops down from the side of the building, leg blurring around to kick into the side of Dr. Ladybug's armor with a loud clang! It sends the villain skittering to the ground, back of his costume hitting the wall. He gets up and tries to _run_ again while screaming, "Yes it is! I'm the doctor!"
"You're a looney." Spider-Man says as he jumps after and hefts the man entirely up off the ground by the suit.
But then there's a loud _zot_ as electricity charges and causes Spider-Man to abruptly jerk, twist, and then drops the Dr. For the moment Spidey is down and it looks like the villain might well get away.

Diana stands atop the statue of a former city leader, one foot on the statue's shoulder and the other up on his head. She watches the action of the fight unfolding down the street and she is quickly scanning it all with her blue eyes. 'Spidder-man.' She softly mouths his name, she knows of him, she's never met him though. She has no idea who or what he's fighting, but she can tell he's… struggling? Somewhat? All the same, Diana's main concern is the civilians and the innocents, as well as reducing property damage to this poor city which suffers so much of that…

Diana starts to SKIP from one statue to the next, they're twenty feet apart, ten of them total running down the center of the busy city thoroughfare, her metal boots softly clang against their bronze surfaces as she goes.

As Wonder Woman reaches the last statue's shoulders she raises her shield up, after having pulled it from her back and she LEAPS / CHARGES at the foe with her shield held up, she moves at a tremendous bashing speed at the villain!

Rearing up, his metal-clad arms flaring wide as he exults in this momentary victory. "Haha! Just as it is in nature, the mighty Lady Bug stands triumphant, the Apex predator of the natural world defeats its nemesis!" He draws a claw back and aims something at Spider-Man's head even as he holds up a hand.
"What _planet_ are you on, Mr. Ladybug?"
"That's doctor!" There's a surge of energy as the armored man reaches for a button on his arm…
Only for Spider-Man to twist on the ground, one leg shooting up and kicking the man in the wrist, then the stomach, then the face, knocking him back to stagger just in time…
Into the surging locomotive that is Wonder Woman. Shield set, feet digging into the pavement, she collides with a crack and a BOOM of impact, that leaves a huge dent in the armor and sends him smashing straight into the wall of the building where he falls onto his back as bits and pieces of his armor fall off of him with a relentless staccato of metal hitting the ground, almost like a waitress dropping all the spoons.

With the shield bash delivered in a satisfactory condition, Diana Prince / Wonder Woman comes to land near to where Spider-man is and where the Ladybug used to be. She lowers her shield down enough to look over it more easily and then sends her eyes over to the Spider-man.

"Friend of yours?" Diana asks the man in blue/red. But she doesn't wait for the answer. "Either way, I am here to help you." And she starts to stalk TOWARD the villain. "'Doctor Ladybug'." She starts, staring right at him. "I am Diana Prince of the Justice League, and you are in violation of the city's law on illegal villainous activities. You are to stand down immediately, and submit to my authority." She tells him in a commanding voice.

At her side, Diana's free hand reaches for her coiled lasso hanging from her right hip. She detaches it from her leather harness and it suddenly shines bright in her hands. "Do not fight me. It will go very poorly for you." She further warns the criminal.

A squawk is heard, "I give up!" Dr. Ladybug's voice has risen a few octaves, "I give up! Uncle!" He's stuck on the curved arch of his armor, looking for all intents and purposes like a tipped over red turtle even as pieces of his armor continue to clank and clunk off of him.
Spider-Man pushes himself to his feet and groans rubbing at the back of his head, "Ugh." He advances on the helpless villain even as Diana assuredly keeps him from escaping and he grabs the guy's collar of the suit and tears it apart, opening it up and pulling him from the armor, revealing him to be a small statured fellow in a red jump suit and large metal-rimmed glasses.
"Ladybugs. Aren't. Electric!" He says as he shakes the guy a little, but then he turns those wide mirrorred lenses in his mask over towards Diana, "Thanks for the help, Miss Prince. We're not exactly friends…"
He places the good doctor against the wall, holding him still with one hand and then spritzes a few splats of webbing to lock him in place as he says, "Just stay still for a bit, Doc. Cops will be along soon."

Diana is entirely ready to take the man into custody, or well, rather entirely ready to bind him up in her unbreakable rope… the divinely empowered rope that none can escape from if bound within its tying grasp.

But, she holds off. Rarely does she do that, except in cases like this where the enemy is so pathetic, so puny and weak without their fancy technology that she can tell they are truly no threat.

Plus, Spider-man has rushed over to rip him out of his tin can. So Diana relents and she puts her coiled-up lasso up onto her right shoulder and the light within the rope gently fades once again.

"I have heard that you attract a great deal of… dangerous fans such as this, Lady… Bug." Diana says, her Greek accented English is thick and her voice sounds confused on this man's naming choice.

She stares at the armor for a moment before she looks back to Spider-man. "Is this true? Do you attract these types?"

"I wouldn't call him a fan,"
Behind him Dr. Ladybug proclaims, "I am his nemesis! And I had almost defeated him in honest battle until you interfered!"
Spider-Man winces at those words, his shoulders bunching a bit as he heaves a small sigh, looks over his shoulder at the Doctor, then looks back towards Diana. "Ok maybe a small fan."
"Our eternal struggle! It shall only end…" /THWIP!/
A glob of webbing splats on Dr. Ladybug's mouth and from then on only a murfle-murfle comes from him. Luckily his nose is clear so he can still breathe at least. Spider-Man turns back, spreading his hands helplessly. "Seems like when someone decides to take on Midtown, they go for an animal motif. Maybe it's not just me?" He asks her for her advice, but then he steps to the side, climbing up the side of the lamppost and perching there above her.

Diana's eyes go from Spidey to the man talking the big words, then back to Spidey… then back to the man as his mouth is webbed.

"My word…" Diana says to this display. "He does not sound mentally 'well' … He should likely—" She cuts herself off as Spider-man ascends that lamp post and she looks up to him and then down and around their area… they're being publicly filmed and photographed from about 400 different locations right now.

"Right." Diana says. Her should is put back behind her shoulders, she's still wearing that black hooded robe with the frilly edges around the hood and slips that her arms extend out from, its secured to her body by dark leather straps similar to her harness around her armor beneath it.

"The police are on their way." She tells Spider-man, seeing/hearing the sirens. "Do you know where a mentally unbalanced man like this… Lady Bug… gets a suit of armor like this?" She has to ask, before the spider flees.

"Actually," Spider-Man flips up and around to hang upside down in front of Diana, "That's how I found him." He spreads his hands wide and begins to talk to her in that rather youthful voice of his, "See I've been following this one guy called…"
But then distantly there's a wail of sirens, the red and blue lights cutting through traffic as they make their way past the chaos and the mayhem that was inflicted upon the city by that wild chase.
"Actually… maybe now's not a good time." He flips up and around, planting one hand and balancing on it for an instant as he fires a web-line upwards, snaring the corner of a building. "Talk to you soon, Miss Prince. Thanks again!" And as if that settled he, suddenly the line snaps taut and yoinks Spider-Man into the air where he leaps, flipping over the edge of the rooftop above and disappearing from view.

Diana doesn't budge when Spider-man swings around and stares at her from upside down. She just remains where she is a short distance away and stares right back at him. "I see." Diana replies to him as her eyes glance around once more then to the NYPD officers who are showing up.

"Well then I would like to know mor—" But just as quickly as she'd seen him leap up that lamp post she watches him nimbly dive away.

She can't chase him, she works with the NYPD on these cases and she has to tell them what happened here. They hate it when super heroes leave these 'people' here with no account of what happened or why it happened, it really pisses the police off!

Diana stares after Spider-man for a moment longer before she turns back to the cops and she steps over to them, offering a smile to the two who walk up to her. "Doctor Ladybug." She laughs softly. "Quite a name, yes."

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