Dog Show of Terror

January 12, 2019:

A Dog Show that goes terribly wrong.

Westchester Golf Course

This is one of many golf courses in the Westchester County area. Though
this is a public course and not one reserved for the likes of a country
club, its still a very high dollar course and is generally only visited by
businessmen types who're here for a work meeting or a chance to just get
away from work for a few hours.

This is a 18 hole course and its a well cultivated stretch of land off of
the highway. There is a Clubhouse with a lounge and restaurant with an
outdoor patio as well as a sports equipment store for all your golfing

The course sits near to Breakstone Forest and Lake, and the lake can be seen
through some parts of the treeline off of some of the course's holes. Golf
cart and walking pathways weave through the course, paved smooth and
generally quite clean. There are waste bins and park benches setup along the


NPCs: Lots of dog owners, The Devourers



Mood Music: None.

Fade In…

Log Commenced: 12-Jan-19 01:06PM EST


The event: January 12th and 13th. Be ready for the greatest Dog Show on Earth. Pups from the Ukraine, Pups from the Bronx, and West Coast Labs all coming together to compete in the world of Greatest Dog Champions 2019!!! This particular Dog Show is something of a pretty grand nature. It's an off-scheduled competition where breeds that normally don't compete against one another are allowed in. Any dog, including mutts are able to show up to this event.

Word on the internet is that this place is also taking place on a Golf Course that once was a grave yard. And that spells trouble for someone like Cassie Hack. She's been here, and dressed in her normal gothy self, and has some poor dog she got from the pound, cleaned up as best she could at the local Pet Store, and she's walking it through the crowd. Over her shoulder is a gym bag that fits her style, with buckles and such, and she's also having to grip ahold of the leash hard as the dog barks and makes all sorts of noise.

If it weren't a come all Dog Show this person would clearly not make it in this realm of uppity high profile people, and then of course normal citizens coming to bask in the warm fluffiness of the world's most spoiled animals. "Oh, his name? Uh, Fuckstick." Cassie says to the person at the registration booth, "That's right, number 666. Fuck? Really?" And with a look from the person behind the table, Cassie gets her registration number and is starting to walk around staring, looking, checking out places somewhat suspiciously as various Dog Show activities are happening.


[Grifter returns to OOC Land.]


Ah, Earth. It feels good to be on it, even just for a little while before Alyndra has to return to finish the project she was working on the past everal days. She's down here, having seen and read about this… dog show on the net she manages to get up on the distant rock, so… She wanted to see what it was about. Where she came from, there were no such things as pets like Dogs, they had no need for it, but Alyndra is not there anymore, so she does not need to live by their rules! So, she's here, sticking out like a sore thumb among the normal human looking folks. Her long, expressive ears wiggle softly as she looks about at all the cute critters in this place. There is a look of awe on this supposedly elven woman's face at all the goings on around here. She'd roam around, petting the puppies, greeting their owners, buying treats for some dogs… It's a great time for her! Save for… the last person she meets. A fat old woman wearing a fur coat who holds the most pampered bichon frise one could imagine. The sheer smugness on their mugs shows that they think they are better than /everyone/ and everything here. To Alyndra, fluffy is fluffy, and she goes up to the woman, offering a wave. "Hello there!" She says, her voice has a slight french accent to it, and she goes on to say "That is a lovely dog you have there!" She reaches forward to pet him, but he lashes out, biting onto Alyndra with as much force as he can muster. Normally enough to break skin…

However, Alyndra just holds her hand out, letting the dog chew on it. He has a look of surprise on his face as he can not even dent her skin. The not-an-elf grins wide at him, and to the owner, saying "My, he's quite the nibbler, huh?" The woman, quite flustered at the sudden stuff simply says "Leave us alone!" And pulls the dog free before she wanders away, calling out "Why they even allow you freaks here, I'l never know…"


Using both hands, Cassie is holding onto her dog as tightly as possible. It's not really 'hers' so much as a dog she rescued from the local pound. Got to blend in, after all, Miss Gothy goth. Mistress of disguise. And there's all sorts of events going on. Little challenge areas where the dogs have to navigate mazes, or other obstacles, and they have to listen to their owners to get through. And Cassie eventually just puts her dog, Fuckstick, into one of those said Mazes and just lets him run it himself. She's got other business here.

The old woman who had the dog chewing on Aly, gets only a few steps before she starts to cough. And then, there's tremors, and soon she's spasming. Falling to the ground, she starts rolling around, screaming. Some nearby security folks run over to assist this woman who may be having a horrible time, and what does she do?

She vomits right onto the face of one of the security guards. Little worms are crawling around in the mostly liquidy goop, and that security guard is grossed out and starts wiping his face off with a sleeve, and backing away. The other security member goes to help the woman up, when her eyes open wide, bloodshot, and she grabs him by the throat. Gripping hard, much harder than an old woman should be able to do. "You who have consumed the dogs of hot shall be taken by The Devourers. We will consume your Planet, and then the STARS!" She starts cackling as the sound of bones popping in the security guard's neck, as she's breaking his neck with sheer force. More screams start happening around the Dog Show, and there are people starting, almost in a slow motion wave, turning and running from the dogs who were once in an obstacle course.


Alyndra is busy rubbing the tumtum of a sweet young Yorkie when she hears the vomiting from the old woman with the bichon frise. She lifts her head at the scene, tilting her head as the guards go to help the woman, only to be covered in the said wriggling worm infested vomit. She gets up on her two feet when she sees them going for the neck, but she is not fast enough to stop the neck snapping. She can, however, do this…

Her right hand starts to glow, markings on it shimmering with power being drawn from the Heart. She lifts her hand, and around the old woman, a barrier is thrown up the surround her, keeping her nice and secure inside of it while also preventing her from escaping. "What is going on?!" She asks, looking around as the wave of screams comes around her as more attacks and vomit can be heard…


That's when the security guard starts to scream, making a mad laugh, "You dare attempt to stop us? We are The Devourers!" And the security guard starts charging toward Alyndra. That's when a bat comes smacking right into the guard's face, nails sticking in as it is finds purchase, and then… there's the follow through.

Cassie, in near perfect batting form, "Keep your eye on the ball." And then Cassie is spinning the bat around, and coming down on the guy who's just been knocked over, smashing him again right in the head. And then again. And one more time for good luck.

Turning to Alyndra, she looks at the glowing hand, the ears, the old lady trying to get out of her confinement. "Uhhhhh. You think you can do that on a bigger scale? I mean, right about now is when I'd tell you to run, and get out of here, but…" She looks around at the pandemonium that is now the Dog Show. "You could really be useful, we have to not let any of these alien bodysnatchers get out of this show. No participation awards will be given this year." Spinning around she kicks a little weiner dog that was running up towards her to bite her, growling out something about Cassandra Hack, yes the dog was speaking, and then it gets launched from a combat booted foot straight into a pot of chilli at the chilli contest… "That's one horrible chilli dog."


Alyndra's ears are drooped down in worry as the everything going on around her, and when the guard now says something about the Devourers, she turns her head and braces herself for an impact that does not come. Instead, it's the guard that gets floored by the nailed bat, over and over again it turns his face into a bloody pulp. She just blinks for a moment, looking up to Cassie. She's not seen a goth girl before, so the look gets a moments pause before she nods, saying "Alright, I can try it…" She says, holding out her hand. In her palm, the marks grow brighter and brighter, and up around them there is a shimmer of energy, of a prismatic structure being erected around the entire place. Alyndra's arm starts shaking, steam starts to rise up out of her flesh as she grimices, saying "Ah, wow…" She says, shaking her arm, "Forgive me, that… Took a fair bit more out of me than I was expecting." She looks around, at the dog in the chilli… If it's even still alive. That's five alarm chilli it landed in, after all. "chilli dog?" She asks, looking over to Cassie, not quite she what she is speaking of, "What is going on here? Why are they like this? The worms?"


Another person starts running, this time, once it sees Cassie it growls out, "Cassandra Hack! We shall devour you, and breed with your crushed in head!" And Cassie is turning her attention to the oncoming Civilian. A hand reaches out as she grabs the taser that the security guard had, but instead of shooting it she instead tosses it right at the oncoming guy's head.

With that distraction she's then charging forward, stepping up onto the old lady still confined, and jumping off of her to club the guy hard, one bash this time, to cave in his head. Little worms wiggling out of the head, and moving about but they don't seem to last long outside of bodies very well.

"What?" Cassie asks over her shoulder, about the chilli dog, "It's… a dog in… chilli." That part gets Cassie, she's dumbstruck, confused, her one-liners are always understood and accepted. The world is going to hell in a handbasket, worms are taking over people's minds, and Cassie's stuck on the fact that this elf person doesn't get her joke? Not the fact that she's an elf person, or that she erected some kind of magical field, but… "Uh, it's a, um, like food you can eat." In the background the sound of the weiner dog splashing in the big pot of chilli, trying to get out but being boiled alive, until eventually it no longer can swim. "Sooooo, they are called, hot dogs, and probably aren't made from dogs… but…"

While being distracted there's a half-dozen more crazed people, and 3 more crazed dogs running straight at Cassie and she's right now trying to explain the intricacies of a badly named food item instead of paying attention to the battle. "There's a bit of word play going on… for fucks sake, I am -not- an ENGLISH Teacher, do I -look- like an English teacher? I… I mean I could probably pass for one with some glasses, and a short dress - I wonder if I could use that as bait for…" And the group of monster people are just about on top of her, coming right at her…


Alyndra stares at Cassandra for a few moments, looking at her with the big, Cyan eyes that glow ever so softly of their own power. "Alright, it's a joke, but it's lost on me." She turns her attention to those that Cassandra has not really… noticed, coming up onto her. "Er…" She starts, the mark on her hand glowing again. Up in the air, small marks appear, they look like… runes, just floating there. There's a low hum, followed by each one of them blasting a ball of FIRE down upon the Devourers coming too close to them! They go up in flames, and get reduced to ash in mere moments, leaving nothing behind but the faint smell of seared flesh. Alyndra sighs softly, shaking her head, "I was hoping I would not have to kill today. Spilled quite a bit of blood during that demon invashion not too long ago. Now… What are we going to do? Just… kill everyone here? I mean, you humans get infected quite easily, from the looks of things."


Turning around, Cassie sees the fire burned horribleness of the people behind her and then she looks back to Alyndra. "Well, we should keep as many of them alive as -possible-." Cassie starts to move, "I… have a plan though." And she's running straight toward where the dog had gone up in boiled chilli.

Grabbing the microphone that's there, she turns and kicks the dial on the amp, causing a loud screeching sound as the volume gets turned up suddenly. "Hey fucknut devourer asshole lovers. I've got some intestines for you to invade, and eat my shit. Remember me? Cassandra Hack? You almost got me, last time, but this time? Whoooaaooooa, not even close. Who invades a dog show? The worst kind of horrible aliens, you know, the ones who can't even invade a single woman properly." Oooooh burn, "And now you are what? Getting it on with your bestial selves? Horrible idea! I'm over here at the chilli stand, and I'll be waiting to see if any of you are… uhhh, gender-neutrally man enough to take me and eat my brains. Mmmm, yummmy yummy intestines too." Then she kicks over the microphone and runs back toward Alyndra.

"Okay, get ready. I'm sure there's going to be a whole macy's parade of those worm infested folks coming along. They really hate my guts… or love them? Not sure what the positive there is… anyhow. I'll keep up as bait, and you burn them all when they get to me. Deal?"


"I'm not sure if taunting them before we come up with a bigger plan is the best idea…" Alyndra chimes as she reaches to pick up a stick she found on the ground, still wet with doggo slobber from the recent throwing. She holds it in her hand, looking at the tip of it. The tip starts to glow red hot. She wanders over a few good feet, and digs it into the ground, and drags it along the earth in a circle around the stand. As she drags it along, the line in the ground she makes starts to glow red hot, and anything that would try to pass it gets instantly cindered, but only the stuff goes through does, meaning anything left behind does not get dusted. She just smiles, goes over to Cassie, and sits down next to her. She is radiating a lot of heat off of her body, and feels like a living space heater from all the strain on her body. "Alright…" She finally says, smiling over to Cassie, "That should make things nice and easy for us. Hopefully, they are dumb enough to just keep charging forward into the invisible cinder wall… And, as it turns out, they were. Half an hour later, the wall in front of them is just piled with legs and half bodies of dogs. It's just… gross. Alyndra would, then, use some more of her magic to scoot in the rest of the limbs into the barrier, cleaning up all the evidence.


Cassie is watching as the Devourers come running at her and turn into ash. At one point in time she turns around and shakes her ass at the charging enemies shouting, "Come and get some Cassie ass kickin'!" Which just infuriates more of them to charge forward. The normals who didn't get sick, a large portion of them, have been at the edges of the dome that Alyndra had created and once the screaming of trying to get at Cassie has ended… Cassie says, "You can probably let the rest of the people go now."

Her bat has been shaken off since it's been so long. And she turns to Alyndra and smirks, "Well, that wrapped up a lot less… messily than usual. I mean, I'm usually covered in blood like a porno gone terribly wrong." There's a shake of her head as she starts to stand up from her seated position, "So, these Devourers are other dimensional aliens that invade. These looked like babies, the ones that tried to fuck me before were like 14 or 16 inches. And that's just a turn off, so I said no, with a lot of prejudice. Seems like they haven't fully recovered from that shitshow."

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