Standing Guard

January 11, 2019:

//X-Men Base - Sub-Basement 2 - New York City //

This area is highly secured, unless you are rank 2+ in the X-Men Faction, your access can only be by invite only and your access is to attend only. High security access to the Systems, Files, etc. is not allowed unless 3+ in X-Men!

Secured, warded, monitored and highly, highly secret, this is the operational base for the X-Men, containing most of the high tech monitoring equipment the organization possesses along with relevant specialized gear for individual X-Men and mission ops.

The facilities themselves include living and sleeping quarters for the team, an advanced medical facility, storage for supplies, and of course the hangar for the Blackbird.


NPCs: None.



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Fade In…

The trip through the portals, the crazed piecemeal terrain of the wilderness, and the hardship of getting the people out of there safely had likely taken a toll on the people who went on the rescue mission. They'd split up once Charles Xavier had been secured, the medical systems tending to him. Banner, Psylocke, and Sage all heading off after Logan had told them he'd keep watch. It'd taken a toll on most of them, but Logan… he can endure.
Well past afternoon in the second basement of the mansion, the Woverine was parked outside the medbay, arms folded over his broad chest and his expression troubled albeit distant as he focuses on the door. Perhaps his thoughts were drifting, or perhaps he was listening to the sounds of approach. Either way, he stands sentinel in the still gore-soaked uniform that he wore to the crazed spirit lands.


It didn't take long for word to spread that Xavier had been returned to the mansion or that he was currently on a restricted visitor list. What was a little less clear was why and with rumours and speculation rampant Laura Kinney has decided the best approach is the direct one.

And thus she's taken a trip down to the lower levels of the mansion, where the medical facility is location, under the assumption there'd be someone around with answers. It only takes a sniff as the elevator door opens to pick up the scent of gore that usually accompanies her sort of father after a mission. "It seems you have been busy," she states. "You should have sent someone to fetch you clean things. If only because it is likely unhygenic for the patients."


Logan's eyes slide to the side, focusing on Laura for a moment, then shift back towards the door. He tilts his head and gives a nod as he murmurs, "Yer prolly right." He unfolds one hand and pulls at the neck of his uniform as if examining the gore, then lets it thwap back against his chest. "Dinosaur blood." He offers in way of explanation.
But then he gives a nod towards the med bay. "Though reckon they got him behind the airlock." Since the professor did need a measure of isolation. He waves a hand to the side and murmurs, "I'll step off once onea the others wander back down."
A moment of silence settles in there. Quiet. Then he'll ask with feigned informality and comfortableness. "So uh, what's up with you?"


"A dinosaur? The Professor seems to have been on quite the adventure then," Laura notes, raising an eyebrow. Her own outfit is so typical it may as well be a uniform for her. Black pants and a black top with sturdy combat boots. Functional, utilitarian and utterly bland. "Nothing is up with me. Well, curiosity perhaps. There are already rumours going around about where you went and why visitors aren't allowed. Is his condition that bad? Or did he perhaps come into contact with a pathogen of some sorts."


One hand lifts off his bicep as if brushing aside her words as he looks back towards the medbay and frowns. "Telepaths are all up in a tizzy." He offers in way of observation, offering that facade of not caring though the truth might creep in enough into his tone that someone with her senses might be able to tell.
"Seems phsyically mostly there, but… somethin's up." He grimaces and looks down at his mud-spattered boot, then takes a beath and refolds his arms over his chest.
"Despite goin' on the trip, I know a damn sight less than somea the big brains who went along. Portals, altnerate hodge podge dimension. Big angry critters." He crinkles his nose.


"I suppose I will have to remain curious for the time being then," Laura replies with a shrug. "If he is fine physically then I am sure that he'll recover fully in time. There can't be many places you could receive better mental health care than here." Her brow furrows and she scowls. "If would recommend putting any contaminated clothing in an incinerator. We wouldn't want anyone getting dinosaur D.N.A, there are far too many people out there who would try to use it for some sort of poorly thought out science project."


"Well," Logan again considers his gore gear and frowns. "It's also sorta an alien dinosaur." Even better! He gives a nod towards her, however, "Once onea the others come by I'll stand down and clean myself up." At least that might help address the matter. Though really, the mess that was on Banner's clothes from the expedition might need destruction too considering how messed up it became.
"As for the portal junk…" He looks back towards the door, "Think we're past the worst of it." A small shrug is given, but he stays there at his place, still standing guard for now.


"Given the reputation Doctor Banner has I am surprised he ever comes back with clothing intact. His.. abilities must be quite demanding on his tailor." Laura muses, standing with near totally still. "If you would like I will have them bring some food which can be eaten cold to your accomodation. That way you'll have something to hand after changing." She glances at the door herself then adds "I give it a week before something else equally bad has turned up," She points out with a narrow smile. "Not that I believe you would wish to take such a bet."


A low 'heh' slips from him when she comments about Banner. Logan and Bruce haven't always gotten along, but with the gamma-irradiated guy staying at the mansion he's at least been able to keep the peace. "Ehn, he wasn't entirely useless this trip. There was a chasm." He pantomimes with one hand the Hulk making a leap across it, but then waves the imaginary creation away.
But then she makes her offer to go and fetch some food and he's nodding along with the suggestion, since it's been a good bit of time since he's had some grub. "Tell ya what," He lifts a hand and rubs at the back of his neck. "Go n'grab a change a clothes upstairs and somethin ta eat, bring it on down. I'll take five, you can cover. If yer up for it."
His lip twists into a smirk as he makes that last comment, but then the smirk grows broader as she suggest her bet. "Heh, yeah no. No bet, kid." He stops, then corrects himself. "Laura."


Laura Kinney makes a half hearted scowl. "I will give you a pass given the length of time you have likely been awake," she decides. "Besides it is still less of a frustration to be called kid than to have Nate give out unsolicited romantic advice."

Her arms cross and she nods. "I would offer to stand watch for longer… but I suspect I already know what the answer would be." Another slight shrug. "Anyway unless you have any specific food requests I will aim to acquire something high in calories?"


Logan lifts a hand in offer of thanks as well as a wave for her coming departure, "Please," But his smile is still there, though a touch roguish as he says, "And yeah. Sorry about the kid thing." He leans back against the wall and shifts his eyes towards the door.
"I'll be here, you'll know where ta find me."


"I suppose that, given your age, even The Professor must seem to be a kid in comparison," Laura points out solemnly, turning towards the elevator and raising her hand in a farewell wave.

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