Breaking down in Gotham

January 05, 2019:

Cassie breaks down in a bad neighborhood, then defends Barbara from some bad guys… or did she?


Run down neighborhood in Gotham by the water.


NPCs: Some criminals



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Fade In…

Log Commenced: 05-Jan-19 04:55PM EST


Gotham City, for what it's worth, holds the record for the most cloudy days in the world. It seems that the sun never shines on the city - and even when it does, it's fleeting. A kiss of hope and then it's gone again. It's one of those days today. With the chill in the air that has Barbara Gordon in her wheelchair, covered against the wind. A heavy coat covers her arms, while a warm blanket is covering her legs as she rolls down one of the sidewalks near the warehouse district.

The district itself is a bustling area of work today, complete with shipments coming in and out. Near where Barbara is making her way, with her sheels clacking against the seperators in the concerete, a large truck is currently parked, with a group of workers diligently moving boxes from the warehouse into the back of the truck. The truck itself is marked as belonging to a local grocery.


No sun? Thank goodness. The old truck that Cassie drives is rolling into the area and then starts to sputter and cough, heaving. And there's a loud few hits of the horn, and if you look it's from her head smacking into the steering wheel multiple times. Getting out of the rust bucket of a truck, Cassie points into the truck, "Come back in like… fuck…" She is looking at her phone, it's an old throw away flip cellphone, "No minutes. Damnit." Looking around she stuffs her phone back into her jacket pocket, "You best be fucking back at this truck in no more than a hour, else I'm going to drive away and leave you to be eaten by some homeless guy. Hell, -I- might eat you." And then the person she's talking to is visible, a mangey cat hops out of the truck and goes scurrying off into a nearby ally.

Coming from around this old rusty truck is some kind of a punk goth model mix. Ridiculously limited shorts and a vest jacket, plus some thigh high leggings and worn combat boots. She slams the door shut, and starts walking against the cold wind, crossing the street and seemingly headed in the same direction as Barbara, the grocery store with the truck unloading at it.


The bleeting of the horn draws attention. Coming from out behind the truck is a large figure of a man, that comes over to where Cassie is crossing the street. "Hey! You. With the ass. No parking on that side of the street!" Apparently it's blocking something. Or he just wants the street to be cleared. He's a meaty man, clearly Irish with that red hair. Of course, one could assume that of Barbara as well, with that flame of hair on the top of her head.

Barbara, for her part, glances towards the woman - and makes quick note of her - but it's the man that she's watching for a moment. Proof. That's what he is. And the woman's hands tighten on the sides of the wheels.


A hand comes out of her jacket to flip the big meaty man the bird, "Look gingerhole, I ain't 'parking' there." she throws up some bunny ear quotations with her fingers, "I'm running out of gas there." She shakes her head and is continuing to cross the street. She's walking pretty much straight in the direction of the big irish guy she's just insulted and has a pretty angry look on her face. It's called resting bitch face.

Her steps are clumsy to a degree in the sense that she just doesn't look where she's walking, stomping across the street, barely giving a glance for any passing cars and she'll be passing by the big red headed beefcake soon enough.


Reaching into his wallet, Big Meaty pulls out a ten as he moves to intercept the dark haired woman, cutting off her path. "You need to go find another corner to work." he snarls, looking over the woman and waves the money at her. "Take this, get some gas and get outta here." Barbara is rolling up on the scene as she pauses in her wheelchair. "I'm sorry." she says, adjusting her glasses. "Your truck's blocking the street."

There's a gesture of where the grocery truck is currently parked over the sidewalk with it's steep and completely not ADA complaint curbs. "If you could just pull it forward for a moment, I could…"

"You could just sit there and wait." comes Big Meaty's response. "I ain't got time for either one of you, so just roll - or /push/ -" a glare at Cassie at that, "…yourselves out of here, before I'm forced to take more drastic measures to remove that piece of crap."


Tilting her head to the side, Cassie hears the man waving money at her. "Excuse me?" She then sees the ten, and hrms, "I do need cellphone minutes." And she's about to grab the bill and let this jerkwad off until he starts insulting the cripple. "Wow. Really? You realize she's crippled right? I mean, she probably can't even piss without a bag, and you are telling -her- to wait?" And Cassie moves to put herself in between the irish man and the woman in the chair, pointing one of her long callused fingers up at him.

"It's not her fault she got fucked up" she turns her head to look at Barbara, "It isn't right?" and then back to the man, "Just like it ain't your fault that your breath smells like you've been sucking the ass end of my cat. But we each have our problems. So, get your lazy assed recessive gened goliath hands on the wheel of your truck and move it out of the way. Else, I'm gonna move it. And I don't carry insurance." She gives a snarky smirk-grin.


"What, you her caretaker or someshit?" Big Meaty responds, with Cassie getting up in his grill, the large Irish man turns his attention fully to her. "Yeah, I'm sure you got ways you can earn that tenner too." he says, curling his hands around the tenner and gripping it tightly as he tries to loom over the much smaller woman. "You should move the fuck alone before she ain't the only one pissing into a bag."

Barbara, for her part - where did she go? While Cassie and Big Meaty are arguing, Barbara moved her chair back and along side the grocery truck, finding herself looking into the warehouse within. And that's what the big redhead notices, as he goes from yelling at Cassie to noticing the wheelchair bound woman at the back of the truck. "Hey, get the fuck from back there!" he's calling at Barbara as he starts to go into a run. And for a brief moment, his jacket is open, and Cassie can see the butt of a large snub-nosed revolver shoved into his waistband as he starts to reach for it.


Shit! Gun?! The man's attention changes from the goth and she turns to see Barbara having snuck off. Likely to wheel around that truck in her way… but her eyes get a bit wide. Running after the man, she collides, even jumping off the ground with the added force of her slightly above human levels of strength, to smack shoulder to shoulder with the man. And smacking him right into the side of the truck hard.

She falls to the ground with a loud oof, and is on her ass as she shouts, "Get out of here, he's got a gun!" And she's in a small construction area there's plenty of weapons here… but this guy is just a normal person. Her attention is turning back to the big guy who is probably less staggered than herself, and if he tries to run off again she's going to go full shin-on-shin contact to trip him.


'Gun!' The word echoes in Barbara's head, as much as it does in that warehouse. Where several men look up from where they are loading up several boxes - and one of them opens the box, taking out an automatic weapon. Something you don't exactly see on the shelves of a grocery store. The man slams into the side of the truck with an oof, as he feels the weight of the smaller woman slam him against the truck. "You bitch!" he roars, reaching into his waistband to grab the pistol from his belt.

And then he suddenly stumbles forward after a loud 'THWACK' noise, and Barbara is rolling up behind the pair, having ripped the arm rests of her wheelchair off and used one as an eskrima stick to clock the large Irish man in the back of the head, temporarily incapacitating him. "More guns!" she yells at Cassie, using her arms to push her wheelchair forward.


Her ass hurts from the fall, but Cassie is one moment looking around for weapons, and the next moment facing down a gun. Strangely she doesn't seem all that afraid of the gun, as she's moving to stab him in the wrist with a piece of glass she found on the ground, but… he goes down before then. In response to the More guns comment, Cassandra looks over and her hand is dripping blood with how hard she's holding onto the glass.

She moves, getting up to her feet and hopping to the top of the truck's hood, a pretty impressive feet, and then she's climbing quickly to the top of the trailer as she's running loudly along the roof toward the people pulling out the automatic weapons. Other than the loud banging of her feet, the next thing one of them will see is her coming down from the trailer, knees first, toward the man who just pulled out the automatic weapon with little concern for hitting heavy boxes, or even the pain her knees are going to feel when she collides with person and ground.


When Cassie acts — just like a Bat would, Barbara finds herself mentally cursing. She was supposed to run, not go charging in! Now that the plan is going to shit, Babs reaches up to press the concealed ear-piece, and sends a call from an unlisted number to the Gotham Police Department. Once that's done, the woman rolls herself up towards the edge of the truck at the front and uses her other eskrima stick to start to deflate the front tire of the tuck.

Coming towards the trailer, the automatic weapon man suddenly finds himself used as a landing cushion as the slight Cassie lands on him, sending him to the ground. There's two other men in the warehouse, and now that they have a target to fire at with their pistols, one of them quickly opens up towards the goth woman - not caring about the man she just took down while the other is trying to go out a side door to get to the truck. In the meantime, Big Meaty is moving again, a groan from him as he starts to push up, noticing Barbara at the edge of the truck and starts to push himself to his feet. She's got no protector now.


Bullets? Shit. Her shoulder is snagged and she starts bleeding all over her vest, then her leg, before she grabs the guy she just landed on and moves him away from the direct area of fire by tossing him a few meters with a grunt. Run. Everyone should run when bullets are coming your way, especially after you've been hit, but Cassie… doesn't. She picks up the assault rifle as she starts to run toward the gun firing at her.

Her hand is on the barrel end of the gun, instead of picking it up to shoot, and she's moving forward, another bullet grazes her side and she almost goes tumbling over, but manages to stumble quickly the rest of the way to the gunman and clubs him in the back of his legs with the rifle she's holding. Then spinning it around she cracks him across the chest to knock him on his back. While screaming she hits him again, and again, as the other person is running away. She hasn't killed this guy, but he probably won't be walking for sometime or breathing easy ever again.

As the second person runs, Cassie's double-handed tosses the assault rifle right at him. Just launching the assault rifle with a fierce and powerful throw center of mass to try and club him from a distance.


Cassie's charge is insane - put catches the man off guard as the gun slams into him, taking him down, and there's grunts and cries as Cassie hacks away at him. The thrown gun slams into fleeing man, tripping over his legs and causing him to take a header into a heavy metal door, taking him out. Out in the alley, there's a motion and scuffle, before Barbara hears the firing stop and she rolls around to take a look herself. Worriedly.

When she sees that Cassie's standing alone amongst the carnage, Barbara rolls in. "The police are on the way, and you said your truck is broken down. I have a friend that can help you with those wounds. If you want, I can get you some treatment." she offers, concern in the redhead's features. And her knuckles are slighlyt bloodied, her jacket is dissheveled and torn.


Ripping off some of the downed man's shirt, Cassie quickly wraps up her leg where she was shot, even though her shoulder is still seeping and spreading into the denim portions of her vest. After the second guy was taken down though she starts walking, a little limping and only slightly gritted teeth. For the observant Barbara Gordon, Cassie's pretty used to this kind of pain as she gets back out. "Yeah, my truck is out of gas. Cops… uh, they hate me." And she grabs the back of Barbara's wheelchair, if she'll let her, "Where to?" And she starts pushing her away from the scene of the crime, that invariably Cassie feels she'll get blamed for. And she did leave fingerprints and blood over sections of the scene, but who ever looks at that? "Dario!" She shakes a bag of treats real fast, and this mangey orange tabby comes running out of the alleyway he was in, and hopping up onto Barbara's lap with a rat in it's mouth, and blood on it's paws - Meowing in greeting around the still slightly squirming meal. "Free eats I guess."


"I have a car around the next corner." Barbara responds, even as the cat leaps into her lap and she gets a bit of a face. "Cat's got to eat, right." At least it wasn't a bat. Once they get around the corner, Cassie will see a later model sedan with handicap tags for Barbara to use. She reaches into her pocket to unlock the door before she's making another call. "Doctor Thompkins? It's Barbara. I need a favor." she says, listening for a moment. "Fifty-second street. Free clinic there, and I trust the doctor."

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