Drones and Visits

January 04, 2019:

Peter is visted by a Stark drone.

Peter's Apartment


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Fade In…

Some time ago in a land called Queens.

High up on the fourth floor in a tenement building that looks out across the river things are mostly quiet. There's the steady chatter of the ubiquitous television set that's left on to drone on and on somewhere in the building. Occasionally there's a shout from one neighbor or another towards their kids getting into something. And then there's the rugged thudda-thubba-thubba-thump of rapid-fire footsteps clamboring up the stairwell as Peter Parker /runs/ up the steps, grinning to himself happily.
He starts to dart down the hallway, when one of the old rickety apartment doors open letting an elderly hispanic woman peer out.
"You run on stairs, Peter. You will hurt yourself!"
"Sorry, Mrs. Espinosa." But that doesn't serve to diminish his smile as he skids down the hallway and starts to wrangle with his keys, pushing them into the lock and twisting them so that the door pulls open.
"You tell your Aunt I'm finished with her shows."
"Sure thing, Mrs. Espinosa!" And he disappears inside while Mrs. Espinosa retreats back into her apartment, muttering grumpily about something.
Inside the dwelling, Peter smiles as he tears open a few letters that he'd been carrying, tossing his backpack in the corner as he calls out, "Hey May, m'home!"
No answer for now, but that doesn't stop Pete from reading as he walks into the kitchen and tries to put together a sandwich while reading some of the admissions letters he just received.

There's a small, slight movement outside the window over the kitchen sink, as a dark little shape glides by. Just the barest of little movement. It examined the window and then moved along to the next, the bathroom now. A little red light peeks into the bathroom, and then moves along smoothly to one of the bedrooms.

That thin little red beam skims around observant through the edges of the blinds, the flutter of scanning subtle and efficient.

Outside the window hovers a silent robotic drone, the size of a volleyball. It is silver and black, with an orb-shaped front and several panels under it where appendages can unfold outwards. At this time it is only using sensor equipment, but none of what it is doing is hidden: there is no attempt at stealth. It simply noticed the occupant it was seeking arrived outside, and is running a general scan of the site to determine who else may be around. Scans for security, similarly, are underway.

That scan comes up with little of interest for the most part. The kitchen looks about forty years out of date, the living room with its small cement balcony has an old CRT television and brownish faux leather sofa set. One of the bedrooms is tidy and neat with a good mix of chotchkis and memorabilia in various places. But the other bedroom is a chaotic mess of posters and electronics equipment and salvaged scientific equipment.
That might be the one that draws some interest. But before too much time passes, Peter is walking past that balcony in the living room and does a double take, catching sight of the floating drone. He blinks a few times, leaning over like a quizzically inclined bird of some stripe and rests his hand on the handle that opens out to the balcony.
There's a rumble as the slightly off its rollers glass door is pulled open and Peter leans out to look at it even closer while murmuring to himself, "The heck?"

The drone is currently sitting outside the bedroom window, and for the moment, it entirely ignores Peter and his murmured comment. It's just out there, clearly beaming a little red 'feeler' of light around in the bedroom, though it is needing to do it in sections, due to the blinds. It just keeps doing that calmly. It does not appear to be offering any danger right away. The darkness makes the drone itself hard to see, and the light source on its lower belly makes the rest of it seem black.

The bedroom is indeed the most interesting place to examine, and the drone is taking its time there. No explanation for it or what it is doing is offered, at least not yet.

For a moment he dashes back into the apartment, disappearing from view on that balcony. A handful of moments he's out of view and then he reappears leaning outside that sliding glass door and looking around… He looks up. Down, leaning over the railing, then to each sides as if making sure nobody is watching too closely.
From his point of view it seems all clear, and no jangle to his spider-sense so this should be alright toooooooo.
/Thwip!/ A webline shoots out from his webshooter and he tries to yoink the drone off its flight pattern and towards himself to try and catch it and then disappear from view back into the apartment. Since really this could be… almost anyone.

The drone is nabbed! It doesn't resist, though in a way, that it doesn't resist might be strange. The whole thing is pulled inside easily, and the light immediately stopped; the scanning ended as soon as it was disrupted. It isn't dead: it has a soft, very high tech mechanical hum. It doesn't seem to be doing anything now, though.

Still, the item is something that could be considered a very eerie level of tech. It's probably metal? Alien? There are grooves in circular shapes around both sides, a slight area there. It is a puzzle.

For a moment it might well seem that the sheer curousity and interesting aspects of the thing might overwhelm Peter's sense of self-preservation as he drops down on the couch and starts to twist the drone end over end, peering at it from all the different angles. He runs a thumb along the casing, tracing the joins and probably trying to find any panels that might open for examination.
Failing that, however, he rolls back up to his feet quickly and rushes off towards the bedroom where he keeps his tools, the camera feed of the thing assuredly jouncing and bouncing as he brings it into the room and drops it on his workbench.
There's a metal clatter as he throws open his tool chest and starts to dig through it, producing a few items that might help in this examination.
"Now who do you belong to you lil bug?" The camera bounces again and gives a shot right up the nose of Peter looking at the drone. "NSA evil people? Space aliens?"


The shot of the camera up Parker's nose causes a snort of amusement into Tony's drink. "Are you all right, sir?" his AI questions.

"Always," Tony replies, and settles back in his chair more, slightly spinning it, watching the feed in his office with mild amusement. He's reclined; he set down his drink and is playing with a fidget-spinner like object of his own design. It makes different musical tones as he changes the orientation on it, and can be gently thrown, only to return to orbit his fingers again.

Back at Parker residence:

The drone releases a few puffs of air, but doesn't seem to have a reaction to being rolled around and examined otherwise. The most obvious access is either to try to rotate the side panels, to get at the scanner mechanism in the front, or to go after the panel groups on the bottom where one might suspect some kind of limbs or apparatus might emerge from.

It's not a flattering look, some nose hairs and errant detritus straight up the nose, but it does show a good look at the face of the curious Mr. Parker otherwise. Inquisitive eyes flick back and forth as he leans in and then slips to the side. There's a low /whrrrrr/ as his laptop can be heard booting off to the side and likely Tony might intercept a mess of web searches fired off across the internet.
'weird drones in queens'
'weird drones in new york'
'red goofy spherical drone'
'alternative propulsion methods for drones'
'orb drone high tech'
'mexican pizza recipe'
'faraday cage drone interactions'
'mexican pizza delivery'

Eventually the drone is lifted again and then is slid across the tabletop, being pushed inside some curious aluminum foilish construct of a kind. There's another low hum as something activates and for an instant the feed hisses.

The drone is slid into the new location, and it responds to that. It seems to wake up, because the bottom opens: panels slide up inside it laterally, like the doors of a Star Trek spaceship, and three pronged little feet emerge like a tripod. It doesn't do anything else, just stops itself from rolling anywhere.

However, a look up inside the belly of the thing will show a plethora of mechanical innards, and most importantly, some serial numbers and a big branded STARK INDUSTRIES insignia on the access panel there.

"Oh weird," Are the words heard as Peter continues to observe the drone. "Hey lil guy. Starktech, neat." He places both hands on the drone and starts to flip it over, trying to get a look inside those panels trying to slide them up a bit. As he searches he hmmms to himself and murmurs, "You got a serial number anywhere? Or a help desk line?" He chuckles to himself as he continues to fiddle and futz with the little robot.
The little robot is set back on its feet and he turns away again from it. His small decade old laptop sends out a few more searches.
'stark industies drones'
'stark tech drones'
'new stark drones'
'iron man'
'iron man and super models'
'stark industries support contact number'

At that point, an outgoing call will likely be tracked from his cellphone to that contact number, and he waits for a time until he gets a person. Which could be a good chunk of time, to be fair.

During the time when Peter turns away from it, the drone simply leaves the zone it was set in. It uses silent little repulsors to leave the cage and starts to look around the room, resuming the red light scanning procedure. It also moves to look over Peter's shoulder at the laptop a little bit, as well.

But then it starts to head directly towards any interesting or hidden panels in the room or perhaps the closet……

After a few buttons are pushed as he navigates the menu, Peter holds up his phone and sits up straighter, "Oh hey, yes. Hi. My name…" He ahems and takes a deeper tone of voice, "My name is Mr. Parker. And I think I've found one of your guys' like, test drones? Or something?"
There's a pause as he turns and then abruptly sees the floating drone as it floats over and /scans his closet?!/ Out of nowhere there's a /thwip/ and suddenly the feed from the drone jounces and bounces around as it's yanked back and then seemingly set back down on the tabletop.
"It was just floating around and nobody was doing things so I figured I'd see if it was lost and call you guys."
He puts a hand over the phone and points at the robot and says, "Stay!" And when that robot tries to float up once again… it finds itself somehow attached to the table now by a little strand of webbing.
"Well it's not like, a commercial one? I don't think? It's reddish? Floats and stuff. I'll hold."
He sighs a bit and sits there, kicking his feet as he listens to the hold music, then puts a hand on the drone and turns it away from him for now. But that at least gives the thing a good eyeballing of his work area.
"Oh hey, yeah. Here's the serial number XX-00124-24TNS. Yeah it was on the… the butt of the thing. In the panel. Yeah."

That string of numbers means Mr. Parker is going to get to wait, while there's a flurry of activity within Stark Industries. That's a number that they don't have information on, just that it is flagged as one of Tony's projects. So, naturally there's some overreaction. It could be anything from a lost toy to a suit or missile, to them. Mention of those numbers sends signals quickly up the pipeline.

Tony, who had left his desk to use the restroom, returns to an update from his AI about the honesty quality of a Mr. Parker.

"See how long he'll stay on hold, ask some questions. Suggest he turn it off and back on again," Tony instructs and chuckles. He leaves the office, snaring his coat on the way out.

The Drone orients to look at the webbing, and one of the legs rotates to turn into a little energy boring item, and it applies sudden extreme heat from its mini blowtorch to the webbing.

The webbing snaps with a quick /thwap!/ and the drone is loose again just as the operator gets back to the phone. "Hey, yah. Still here." He heaves a small anemic laugh as he gets up, the rolling stool he was sitting on rolling off as he rises. He takes a few quick steps to the side and grabs the drone with one hand and suddenly even though he's holding it with an open hand… the drone can't pull away from his grip.
There's a twist, and a thud-thump! as Peter flips up to the ceiling of his room, hanging there with the phone cradled against his shoulder as he says, "I don't think it has a power switch. But umm, I mean it seems sorta functional. Just well… it was looking into my Aunt's bedroom window?" Technically true. "And I worry if I just let it go it'll keep being… you know. Weird." A nice way to say it.
"Okay, yeah I'll hold." He continues to do so, still holding the drone and the phone while upside down on the ceiling, though from this angle the drone can likely see just about everything in the room, including one of those web shooters left on the top of his chest of drawers…

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