Bittersweet Christmas

December 25, 2018:

Lorna and Marcos have a bittersweet Christmas, as Lorna gives him a gift with a picture of their daughter.



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It was the holidays, and for once, Lorna and Marcos found themselves at home and at the moment. Safe. They had undergone serious trauma and were recovering in their own ways, but they were home. The students were either gone or tucked away for the night with their gifts all unwrapped. It had been a hectic day, of cooking and trying to keep spirits up. It was hard, many students had no family to go to. Many students had lost what joy they'd found in their lives due to their mutations. The Professor was still missing, the Rifts to unknown places were still opening up all over without rhyme or reason..

But it was quiet finally. Lorna herself sat on the edge of their bed, peeling off her boots and then her socks as she yawned and stretched out the kinks in her muscles around her shoulders and upper back. It was the first time all day, and in fact for many days that they'd had time to themselves. Time to relax and recover outside the medbay.

After all, Lorna had been shot in the leg in Colombia and had been drugged for about a week. It had taken some time for her to come back to herself. Her leg was still wrapped tightly in bandages, but at least this time, she didn't need a cast or surgery.


Lorna was shot, Marcos was experimented on. He was in the medbay for about two weeks before he managed to be able to get out and about. Wrapping an arm around Lorna's shoulder, Marcos was shirtless, but at least had decency enough to wear pants.

But! He gives her cheek a little kiss and he looks at her leg. "How's your leg healing up?" Of course, Marcos is traumatized. His mother died months ago, his father attempted to arrange his murder (and literally died trying) and Marcos doesn't know EXACTLY what they did to him.


A small smile crossed Lorna's lips as she shifted on the bed to roll up the loose fitting sweat-pant she'd worn around the mansion. It was the easiest thing to slip over the bandages around her leg and she rolled up the fabric with care. Her green eyed gaze swung back around toward her husband and she reached out a hand to squeeze his hand gently before returning her focus to her leg.

"It's healing. I need to change the bandages before I go to sleep though." She grimaced and shifted to fully face Marcos.

"How are you holding up? I know it's not exactly the Christmas you would've liked to have.." She started and stopped, "Still better than last year though." Last year she'd been in Genosha's super max and was held by Zealot.. Anything was an improvement to that.. Or so she thought. They were battered and bruised, but they were together at least.


Marcos nods to Lorna, looking at the bandages before he reaches to the closet, pulling out some fresh bandages. "Gimme the leg." he'll help her move her leg into his lap so he can undo the bandages. "I'm…" Marcos sighs.

"an Idiot. Why didn't I think it was a trick by my dad. He always did come up with creative ways to ruin my life." another human who thinks mutants are God's great mistake. He nods though. "Honestly? I'm okay. It's just always been hard, you know?" he keeps working on her leg. "But yeah..better than last Christmas. I don't think we'll ever have a normal holiday."


Lorna waited until Marcos came back from the closet. How strange that they kept a steady stockpile of bandages and the alike in their own bedroom? Such was life these days. She sighed, rolling up the pant leg the rest of the way to her knee to leave her bandaged calf visible to Marcos to re-dress. The bullet wound was healing nicely, and the bullet had gone clear through her leg. The shot had been expertly done, meant to cause pain without crippling her. They'd meant to keep her alive, just to torment her.

Her lips twisted into a grimace as the bandages came off slowly and pulled at healing flesh faintly. It stung.

Marcos' words however drew her gaze and she frowned reaching out to him. "Hey, stop that. No. You're not an an idiot. We both went. We both tried to be there for your mother. How could anyone know that your father had planted it all? That he'd sell out his own son to the Magistrates like that? We didn't even know there was a base in Colombia like that.." She shook her head slowly, "It wasn't just us that were caught unawares. It happens. Don't beat yourself up over it."


Marcos looks to Lorna, nodding very gently to her. He was actually surprised that Lorna didn't have a bullet lodged in the bones of her leg. It was a strange thing, but pleasant, in a way. Lucky, in a big one. But as Lorna tried to comfort Marcos in his struggle.

"Yeah…" He reaches to hold her hand and squeeze it tightly. "Thank you for being there for me…but I'm sorry that I put you…and our daughter, in danger because of that." Marcos tightens the bandages to finish treating her. "Alright, all set." he pats her thigh.


As Marcos finished wrapping up her leg, Lorna leaned her weight against his, her shoulder bumping against his as she rested her head against his own. Her hand snuck down to entwine with his. "Hey. Don't apologize. It wasn't your fault. Not anymore than Magneto being my father is mine. You can't help who was your father.. and he's dead. He'll never harm anyone ever again. Our baby girl is safe, they couldn't get anything from either of us on that." She smiled weakly, her gaze tinged with sadness as she spoke.

It was exactly why she'd demanded to never know where her baby was.. No one could take the information from her. Paranoid? Yes. Wrong? No.

"And hey, I wanted to give you something." She murmured, waving her hand out before her as a box floated up from under the bed toward them. One last wrapped present that she'd tucked away.


Marcos felt the weight of Lorna against him, and he smiles to her softly, kissing her temple, then her cheek, then probably her lips. "I know." he takes a breath. He missed their child more than life itself, and it still showed on his face. But, he was happy to just have Lorna, at least.

He looks off to the distance. "Maybe we can-" then Lorna has something for him!

"Lorna, you didn't have to get me anything…" even though Marcos got her a shit ton of stuff for Christmas. He accepts the box, and he examines it. What was in it?!


Lorna smiled widely, closing her eyes briefly as she leaned against her husband and returned his affection briefly. A stifled murmur of laughter escaped her, green eyes dancing with amusement as she watched him pick up the box and shake it as if he might figure out what was inside without opening it. She sighed, shifting back a bit on the bed to watch him, her frame propped up by both her hands and she flashed him a grin.

"You'll have to open it and find out." She teased, shrugging lightly. "I wanted you to have something." She mumbled, her voice softer this time as her smile faded and sobered.

Inside was a small jewelry box, black velvet and lined wrapped in tissue paper to keep it from jostling too much. Which, inside of that… was a beautiful golden watch. Artfully etched around the points of the clock were tiny sunbursts against a white background without actual numbers. Simplistic even.


Marcos looks at Lorna before he tilts his head at her. "You can't even give me a hint?" how mean of his wife! Of course, he's teasing, but nevertheless, he does open it though after he kisses his wife and when he sees that watch? all custom with the sunbursts against the white? His expression….significantly warms.

"Oh wow…Lorna, this is beautiful." he takes the watch out of the box and he looks at it. "Did you make it?" he never doubts his wife is a master of metal-working. "" he looks so happy about it!


Lorna laughed softly as Marcos grinned and took out the watch from the box. She moved then, leaning forward as she reached for his hand to try to place it over the top of the watch a few inches above it to be precise. "I didn't. The details or the plating work aren't really good with magnetics. It's actually.. solar based. I had it custom made in Genosha for you. Just use a little of your powers over it.. there's more." She murmured softly.

A hesitant look taking over her expression as she glanced swiftly back to Marcos.

If he should activate his powers an image would appear on the background of the watch. The same picture of the little baby girl Lorna kept locked away in her locket around her neck. It was a risk. A big one. But Marcos deserved to have it as much as she did. And it was the safest way she could think to give it to him.

When he stopped using his powers the image slowly vanished, until nothing remained.

"Just use your powers whenever you want to see it. Standard sunlight isn't strong enough so it'll have to be your powers.. but.." She trailed off, looking guilty for having offered even this.


Marcos looks at Lorna and he gives a smile. "wow…well, it's beautiful. Thank you, baby." he smiles to Lorna, before he does, in fact, activate his powers, and there it was. The image of their baby Aurora. His expression freezes. His heart started to ache. and it was like his soul, once again, just….stopped.

He seems to reach out as if he could touch the baby. her cheeks, those eyes, that stark blue hair. He takes a shaky breath and a tear even escapes his eyes. and eventually, yes, he turns off his powers, and the image goes away.

and now, Marcos just looks like he misses his baby, more than anything in the world. He just nods to Lorna's words, shakily.


Lorna dropped her gaze, sitting back and letting go of her husband's hand to give him space. She knew that it would be a bitter sweet present. One that would open up fresh wounds that had never healed and likely never would. Not with the blood of Marcos' father splashed against the walls of the house he'd grown up in. Not with the memories of the compound they'd been taken to still fresh. Where the Genoshan Magistrates had questioned them about the whereabouts of their baby girl.

Dawn.. Aurora.. Lorna had changed her name and she didn't dare breath it out loud. Not even to her husband. Not even to her little girl's father. It hurt.

Lorna swallowed the dry lump that formed in the back of her throat as she sat up, pushing herself toward the edge of the bed instead.

"People have been after me since I was in high school. When you put an X on your chest you become a target… and I should have said something before I dragged you here and got you involved. Before things went so badly last year. Everything that's happened to us.. to our family… it's my fault. It's my responsibility. And I know no matter how many times I say that I'm sorry it won't change that. It won't make the world anymore fair or right. It won't make you any less unhurt."


Marcos just looked upon the watch and he just kisses it, like somehow, by some magical way, his daughter will know that daddy still loves her. He sits there then, as Lorna attempted to STILL once again explain her actions. Every time reworded, everytime trying to pin the blame all on herself…without changing anything.

Marcos could explode at her. He could unleash. But instead? He didn't. He just…sat there in silence, holding that watch. The watch that had the face of everything he ever loved. Half parts his wife, half parts his child. If Marcos found out she changed their daughter's name? Now that….

"Thank you for the watch Lorna.' is all he said. he seems to hold the watch tightly to his chest…as if it was the closest thing he now had to holding his daughter in his arms again.


Perhaps that explosive anger was what Lorna wanted, someone to yell at her, to hate her, to be angry with her as she was with herself.. But Marcos didn't deliver. He was that smoldering remains of a fire after water had been poured on it. And perhaps, that hurt more to know she'd done that. She'd put out his fire. On purpose. It was a guilt that she woke to every moment she woke in his arms. Arms that lacked the child he'd been so desperate for.

A swallow couldn't stop the dryness at the back of her throat, couldn't quell the tears that welled in her eyes as she blinked them back.

The bed creaked as she pushed off on it, the fresh bandages stung against her healing wound as she pushed her foot onto the floor and set her weight on it. Her teeth grinding against the edge of her lips to bite back a hiss. She held it for a moment, standing. "I'm.. I'm going to go for a walk." She breathed, her voice thick and choked sounding even to her own ears. She should be there for Marcos. Should be there to witness his pain and try to ease it.

But she was a coward. And she made to flee instead. Wasn't that all her family was good at? Running from their problems? From those they loved and hurt? Perhaps it was the true curse of her blood.

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