Meetings At Dusk In The Middle Of The Night

December 20, 2018:

After their last encounter, Darkedge meets up with Amaterasu to thank her and the two discuss plans to meet informally and swap stories.

New York

The high rooftops at the heart of Manhatten


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Fade In…

When was the sun out at night? It wasn't a trick question really, rather one with a simple answer; whenever Ami was wandering around. Of course, she wasn't causing daylight (which would be confusing and disasterous) but instead finding herself looking out over the city that was already showing its recovery from the demons that had attacked it. Resting lightly on the edge of the rooftop, the Japanese woman in her rather odd attire had a smile on her lips as she just…watched.

This was different from peering down from her home. Better.


It is good to see you again, comes the mental touch. While it is formal and crisp there is the faint hint of warmth and dare we say friendliness to the flavor of the shared thought. He had been scouting, as usual, when he sensed the familiar twinge of Ami's magic. He slipped up into her shadow, appearing behind her. Hood down, eyes bright in the dark of night, Darkege stands with arms folded lightly over his chest.


Had she sensed him or known he was there? Hard to tell, but a psychic touch was a lot more identifiable then a sound behind someone. She certainly seemed relaxed enough as she rested with her legs dangling over the edge of the building. Her attire certainly had changed for the full and luxurious kimono of their last meeting, but even she knew that such things were not practical. Especially now as she'd decided to try and walk as the 'heroes' did on the Earth. Or at least, that was the plan. "It is good to see you as well, especially under better circumstance than the last."


Indeed, agrees the elf, unfolding his arms to move to stand at her side. His eyes, too, sweep the cityscape. On his cheeks is the hint of a healed sunburn; a faint blemish of what had been a burn blister marring his otherwise alabastar complexion.

I am pleased you are well, and that the Human Realm seems calmer.


The burn as it might be was certainly better than the ones she'd inflicted on him their first meeting, but it does bring a little frown to the lips of the 'deity' before she gestures for the elf to sit if he wished. "Likewise. Your duties here for your Queen continue then?" she questions off-hand before giving a light chuckle and looking down at the city streets below. "I am afraid I cannot offer you tea here. I came out to enjoy the night air, so I make the poor host."


Gestured, the elf takes a seat, settling with his back to the bright city beyond. His gloved hands rest on the ledge on either side on his hips.

As ever, he sends with a nod, a faint almost rueful smirk gracing his features.

Your presence is gift enough, is stated. The air and emotion that trickle in give a hint that he is not bothered that she can't offer him tea.


Despite herself, Amaterasu chuckles softly and folds her hands into her lap. "Quite the charm," she comments lightly with a smile still on those lips. "You would have done well speaking with woman of court the last time I walked the earth." Tilting her head, those eyes of hers that sit somewhere between amber and gold turn towards the elf. "And with the demons gone now, what is it you are doing here for your mistress? Always another task to keep you here?"


To that comment, Darkedge seems almost to smirk his way through a shrug. He was, after all, at one time a prince in his own right. Almost a proper elfin life time ago.

Indeed. Always some task. I am to continue to watch over the fae that still live in this realm, ensure things such as this demon invasion do not break the veil… among other things. Though, I am ever ready for her to summon me back to Her service, should She find a need for my blade.


"You honor yourself and your mistress with your dedication," the woman speaks. She didn't know his history, but such focus on duty wasn't alien to her or the culture of her people by any means. "To work so tirelessly far from home." A smile, she turns her gaze back to the city. "I only hope that I am able to do the same…"

A moment passes, Amaterasu exhales a breath and chuckles. "Perhaps we should meet as the humans do sometime. 'Grab a coffee' I believe was the term. When time permits." She does however, slyly smile at the elf with an afterthought. "I would ofter perhaps for us to test each other in a friendly contest, but I fear my nature might bring risk to that."


The bow gives a bow, accepting the compliment as an honor to His Queen. His silvery eyes, turned from her golden ones for a moment before they return to her face, watching the lights of the city play off her skin.

I would be agreeable to both things. I can wear my mask to prevent burns, is the offer to help mitigate the damage she might cause him while the first thought is heavy with a pleasant sort of anxiety. It reads as yes, would love to meet again… but how do humans do 'grab a coffee'?

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