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December 14, 2018:

Justice League - Watchtower Meeting



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There was only one thing that Clark never quite necessarily ENJOYED doing, but usually ended up with the responsibility at some point of the month: Moniter Duty.

True to form, Clark casually patrols around the Watchtower, before finally seating himself at the computer station, and keeping an eye on the world, all to ensure that everyone remains safe and sound.

Though it's in moments like these that Clark can reminisce and contemplate. How he can perform better as a hero, all while improving his leadership skills. He's getting back into the swing of things fairly enough, but hey…who knows who could also be on the station.

In other news: he shaved off his beard, and is now his usual clean-shaven self!
Batman doesn't make very many unnecessary trips to the Watchtower. He has enough on his plate back in Gotham and generally presumes he'll be called if he's needed. He isn't particularly fond of the idea of shift rotations, but he was outvoted and the others seem to think there's some sort of collegial bonding that comes from everybody pitching in together. Like most billionaires, Bruce would just prefer to get what he wants and not worry about everyone else.

Today, he's been at the Watchtower to install a new set of encryption protocols to the mainframe, his cape licking against his calves as he walks into the monitoring room to approach one of the consoles. "Superman," he says simply.

Diana has a personal office aboard the station and its decorate not to look anything like a space station. She wasn't that into the sci-fi-now-reality look of most of the station's decor. Not that she disliked it, but she didn't enjoy it either. As such her office is done up much like the office she holds in her Embassy back in Manhattan, with natural wood, rugs and potted plantlife. She'd been in her office most of the past few hours dealing with applications for future Justice League membership as well as matters related to the station's assigned personnnel.

Now though, Diana is taking a break and she's walking through the hallways wearing black slacks, a white turtleneck sweater with her dark hair tied back into a ponytail and a cup of hot tea in her hands in front of her. She's dressed in much the civilian attire for the moment, leaving her combat gear back inside her office which is connected to her personal quarters aboard the station also.

When she sees Batman and Superman within the monitor room she moves to join them, but she simply takes position near the entrance and leans her right shoulder against the doorway while she sips at her tea, staying quiet for now, but not hiding by any means.

Witchdoctor loved the Watchtower, even if she'd really only spoken about it with Hal. For all her travels around earth and other realms, space had truely been out of reach for Alyse until she'd joined the Justice League. It was beautiful, to look out at the stars and the Earth like this…But she couldn't just sightsee all day. With the second-half of her callsign being rather literal, the Witch had spent much of her time in the medbay attending wounded after the demon invasion and then some of the smaller skirmishes. Now? She was taking a break.

Stepping through the hallways, she'd swapped her usual 'uniform' or Sorceress garb for something a little more practical in downtime: simple black slacks and a button-up shirt worn under a white lab coat. She looked a lot more like the doctor than the witch as she steps into the common area with her hands currently occupied by a paper cup of hot cocoa. The sight of the other tree? It brings a smile to her features and a light wave of her fingertips, but she too doesn't move to interupt just yet.
Suddenly, Superman has a whole bunch of company!

Turning his head to Batman, he gives the Caped Crusader a brilliant smile. "Batman! Long time no see. Here to give the watchtower another upgrade to it's systems?" he truly knew Bruce way too well, compared to other Leaguers. After all, they're the World's Finest! But, he also tilts his head. "How is Gotham?"

Another glance goes to Diana as she leans casually against the entrance. Her sipping was loud enough that Superman picked up on it almost immediately. Super Hearing. "Diana, good to see you! You look lovely as always. Enjoying the tea?"

To Witchdoctor!

…who's probably the least known to Superman, all things considered. "Hello Witchdoctor. Enjoying the evening?" he smiles wide, before his eyes briefly go back to the moniter screens.
Batman doesn't turn to look at Diana. He knows she's there, of course. He's Batman. But since she isn't demanding attention and doesn't pose a threat (out of disposition rather than capability, of course), he sees no need to make a show of greeting her. Of course, Clark can be counted on to do the gregarious thing anyway, so what would be the need regardless?

"Yes, how remarkable to find members of the Justice League in the Justice League headquarters," he says dryly. "Gotham is Gotham - under my jurisdiction and prone to occasional bouts of madness. I continue my efforts at innoculation. If anyone's going to offer me tea, I would request a decaffeinated blend. The stimulative effects of caffeine have a negative effect on my response time."

Since the one known as Witchdoctor is not in her usual attire for that title, Diana doesn't use it when she looks over to her. Instead she simply smiles to her and speaks quietly in her smokey toned voice. "Hello, Alyse." She says a moment before Superman greets them both, which draws her blue eyes back onto the blue and red cape wearing one. "And a good greeting unto you, Clean Shaven Man." She says to him in her Greek accented voice. She raises the tea up and is about to sip it again then before she adds. "I never regret a fine cup of it." She says before she does sip it once more while her eyes drift over to the stoic Batman.

"I would sooner entrust Gotham's protection to a truck load of rabid monkeys, than I would dare to put caffeine in any beverage that I were to serve to you, Batman." She says to him, showing a sly grin as she's merely just teasing the man.

"It is well enough," Alyse nods with a smile to the Kryptonian before sipping her drink. "Although I admit being up here and getting used to 'evening' can be trickier than I thought." Batman himself gets a nod, but his lack of greeting doesn't really bother her. He's Batman after all…and there was that whole thing with her causing a mess over in Gotham the last time she'd been there. Magic threats weren't always the cleanest to deal with after all! That said, she's not beyond walking a lazy path towards the coffee pot set up for many a long monitor duty. "I am suprised you do not keep a thermos on your belt," she comments with a sly smile before nodding back to Diana. "How are things back at your home? Even under the circumstances, Theymiscra was wonderful."

Clark rolls his eyes amusedly and stands up from the chair, floating over to Bruce. "Well, I could probably brew you some if you like, but Diana is the real tea connosiuer." he grins at that before he looks to Diana, rubbing his beardless face. "Yeah…I looked in a mirror and decided it should probably go. Besides, I like to think you just like me better clean shaven." he winks at her in a teasing manner before he looks to Witchdoctor. "Time can be…interesting up here. But I don't think it's too bad."

The question about the current state of themyscera does get Clark's attention, and his eyes are on Diana at the moment. But only after he replies to Bruce. "Well, at least it's relatively safe."
Batman flicks his gaze towards Alyse for a moment. "Too bulky." he says simply. If he's holding a grudge about past sleights or mistakes, it doesn't show, but then he would hardly display it if he did, would he?

"A truckload of rabid monkeys? Don't go giving the Joker ideas," he says. That was almost a joke. He neatly plugs a drive into the system, gauntleted fingers dancing with alacrity across the touchscreen as he enters his numerous passcodes, thirty seven digits in all, memorized and randomized daily. "There's no such thing as safe, as you know. I am glad you shaved. You were starting to look sloppy."

Diana just lightly grins at Batman's response and then she shakes her head side to side a single time before her eyes go back to Superman, she sips her tea once more and then she lowers the cup down to in front of her stomach. "On the contrary." She replies to the Krpytonian. "I have always been partial to the mountain man look. The burly lumberjack types are the men that draw me in most." She sehows a sweet smile, but it might be difficult for even the Dark Knight to tell if she's joking or not.

Her blue gaze glides back over to Alyse then and she gives the woman a very honest smile. "It is calm there, as they like it. Back to their usual routines of preparing for the next big fight." An exhale is given then and there because she has conflicting feelings on that very idea and her hermit-like people she hails from. "I am to return there soon, to pick new warriors to come to the outer world with me. Keep the cycle of them experiencing the rest of the world going." Its Diana's way of making Themyscira feel LESS reclusive.

"Of course," Alyse answers the Bat, even as she continues the task of making the cup of tea with the deftness of someone who'd clearly spent many an hour sustained by the beverage. Soon enough, the mug is held out towards the man in black even while she looks back at Diana. "Perhaps you'd allow me to accompany you again sometime. It is suprisingly relaxing, between the company and the magics that surround it." A smile still on her lips, she does however turn her gaze back to the Kryptonian to ask the question plenty have probably pondered. "How in the world do you shave? Did you have one of the others enchant a razor for you?"

Superman laughs a little to Diana. "I'm surprised then. After all, you tend to stare at me either way." He seems to be enjoying teasing Diana, and eventually he just starts laughing. "Sorry, sorry. that last bit wasn't very true." he shrugs then. "Though perhaps the next time I fly across space for a little while, I'll come back still looking like me."

He looks to Batman then. "oof, I never did like monkeys. Good luck with that one." His eyes shift then to Alyse with a small smile. "Oh, yes, I actually created a razor made of star iron. Somehow it works. Of course, I can always just pluck the hairs out, but that's way more…painful."

Diana gives a look to Batman as he just works in his sullen silence which always amuses her. But her stare returns to Witchdoctor and she takes another sip of her tea and then nods her chin two quick and small times. "I would be happy to offer that." She tells her. "I know that Caitlyn is eager to return there as well, perhaps we can take others with us. Share the experience." She shows a slight grin before her blue eyed gaze goes back to Superman. "That is me, Kal… The ever watcher of everything it is that you do." She replies to him. "You should market those razors and give the profits to charity. The profits and earnings from the Superman Razors industry would make a lot of people have a happy holiday season." She's kidding of course, most likely anyway! She does love giving to charities though…

Batman raises an eyebrow, "I can likely devise something more suitable, provided the materials, of course." He'd gone quiet for a moment as he focused on his task. Which isn't the same as being unaware. He's always aware of his surroundings. He's capable of multi-tasking quite easily, but sees no need to strain himself to keep track of social pleasantries. At least, not as Batman.

"By the way, Diana, I have a large shipment coming in over the highway tomorrow, to be delivered to the port in Sicily. It should have plenty of novelties and nonsense to go around" he says. Which, of course, is actually close to twenty million dollars worth of toys and accessories for orphaned children, but he isn't going to brag about that precisely. "I trust your usual handlers will be on time to pick it up.."

Satisfied with the answer Diana had given her and the prospect of the visit for a 'break' of her own, Alyse gives a nod. She does however give a soft clearing of her throat as she approaches the ever-aware vigilantie out of politeness rather than requirement before holding the cup out towards the man. Diana's suggestion on the razors however has the woman giving a slight look of horror. If it could cut Kryptonian hair, imagine what a slip would do to a normal human! "Perhaps he should stick with photos?"

Clark seems to smile to Diana amusedly. "If a human used it, they would probably severely hurt themselves, as Star Iron is naturally…well, extremely hot at all times." he gives her a smile. "Otherwise, I would have been happy to get it patented as my invention and give it away to people who needed it." he smiles warmly to her, before he looks to Batman. He should be worried that Batman isn't putting his supreme focus into his work, but…he's batman. So there's nothing to worry about, right?

To Witchdoctor, he chuckles, and he smiles to her softly "Photos would probably be better, yes." he chuckles.

Diana's eyes go to Batman and she just nods her head one small time to him. "Of course." She says then. "And by the way, on the subject of running and shipping… I just had to intervene on a shipment that was ambushed coming in from Star City. A large assault force attacked it using specialized alien tech weaponry. Dangerous stuff… I could use assistance on tracking down the origin of where they acquired this tech and how to stop them completely, so that they do not do this again." She says this while looking to Batman, but her eyes drift to the other two as well as she sips from her tea again.

"We have one of their people in custody. He is with the Metropolis Police at the present moment."

Batman frowns, "Alien technology? Any specific species or origin point, or is that just a measure of its sophistication. I know of several companies that produce technology advanced enough it might easily be mistaken for off-world hardware. In fact, I own a couple of those companies," he says with a thin smile.

"Send the details to my account. I'll take a look. The black market for hypertech is extremely active and volatile at the moment. Someone always wanting to profit from chaos," he says.

"Let me know if you need any help with the questioning."

"Future tech may well be taken for alien too," Witchdoctor adds in comment, returning her hands to her own beverage and taking a sip. Those bright blue eyes of hers move between the three over the rim of her cup before she speaks again. "Time travellers bringing their toys with them could happen…although if it was a large force? That would be rather uncommon." The Witch shrugs her shoulders, biting her bottom lip. "Did you find out what they were trying to steal? It might help you know more about them."
Superman looks to Diana with a bit of a smile, before he looks more worried. "Oh. Hm..Batman, perhaps you should-" and he's already on it. Huh, well…alright. Though his eyes do shift to Witchdoctor. "Technically any kind of technology we don't yet understand can be considered alien. There's many things that tie into that."

He looks back to Diana and Batman. "Well, let me know if you two need any help with that. I could play good cop?" always willing to help…in however way.

"They were after money, of course." Diana says to all three of them as she starts to enter the room but doesn't move to the main terminals. Instead she goes to one of the side consoles and sets her cup of tea down before she uses the computer system on the terminal to bring up the case that she's speaking of, there's even some dashboard security footage from the convoy vehicles that were involved showcasing her and another woman using a freeze gun to stop the armed gun men using the alien weapons.

"One of their rifles is here aboard the Watchtower in the science lab. The tech who first glanced at it said he believed it to be Apokolips hardware in origin, just modified to fit a human form. And yes they were humans wielding them."

Diana takes a step back then and she moves toward the exit once more. "I will send you the rest of what I have on it though, Batman."

Batman nods briefly, "I'll get back to you." he says simply. He makes no promises as to time. He has his hands full, always. That is the way it is.

He agrees with Witchdoctor's assessment, "Yes, future tech is also an issue. I wish there were a simple way to create a barricade against temporal incursion, but I'm not sure what the ramifications would be if it were even remotely feasible. Which it isn't," he sighs. "Like trying to plug a sponge with a cork."

He looks at the footage Wonder Woman displayed, raising an eye at the freeze gun, "Her name is Snart. The daughter of the criminal Captain Cold. I had an encounter with her having a meeting with Two-Face recently. She hung him out to dry."

"Captain Cold?" Alyse repeats, raising an eyebrow at the name and then shaking her head. The comment about blocking temporal incursion does however bring a little chuckle from the Witch and a shrug of her shoulders. "Not all who land here do so maliciously…or deliberately for that matter. Perhaps I am biased on such things." Her attention however does drift to the screen and the exchange of freeze rays and alien energy blasts. "In that regard Superman, I suppose that would make me as alien as you," she adds with a smile.

Back to the screen, Alyse frowns a little. "She helped apprehend both of the criminals?" she questions, "is this daughter of a criminal a vigilantie, or simply eliminating competition? She didn't attempt to attack you Diana?"

"Snart?" Diana says quietly and with a bit of a distaste evident on her face. She doesn't like that word. With her tea in hand she walks for the exit but pauses within it and looks back to the others. "I will go to my office and send the requested information. As for Snart… yes she helped, but she seemed to be doing it just to be shooting at 'something' more than she seemed to be happy to help. Perhaps I am reading into that incorrectly however… we will hopefully find out."

Another sip of her tea is taken and Diana turns to leave. "If more comes up I will contact you all about it. Do not hesitate to do the same with me! I am eager to stop similar attacks like this, cut them off at the head, so to speak." And that last part is said as she's on her way back out and back to her office within the station.

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