No Two Ways About It

December 13, 2018:

While trying to branch into Gotham's crime scene, Lena meets the goddamn Batman.

Gotham City


NPCs: Two-Face



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The Nolan building is one of the lesser known in Gotham. For a time, it served as an adjunct courthouse, supplemental to the main, taking care of small court cases, civil trials and the occasional bit of traffic court. But budgets being what they are, the place got remaindered about six years ago. Cobwebs and squatters became the norm pretty quickly, until a certain mob moved in, shuffling the wandering dealers and the errant junkies out of the place and setting up an occasional base for the man they call Two-Face. His In-Betweeners keep the peace pretty well, to stay out from under the radar of the Bat.

The man himself sits in a chair as Lena is lead into him, a pair of m assive sumo-style bodyguards, Yin and Yang, escorting her and then standing outside the door. Harvey flips his coin and glances at it, his back turned to her. Scarred, so he lights a cigarette, drawing slowly on it before he turns. It's a half-turn, putting him in profile, letting her see the clean side of his face, the handsome, square-jawed man who won the heart of Gotham, once upon a time. Good old Harvey Dent.

"You're not any Captain Cold I ever met," he says.


"Well, we all have two sides about us, don't we?" She asks in reply, smirking softly and resting her beloved Jadis against her shoulder. Dressed in her winter gear, jacket and visors as well, the girl stands casually, one hip jutting out just so. Her free hand rests against the rounded shape, and her finger settles on the trigger guard of her cold gun. A passing through causes her expression to twitch, and in some point of unprofessionalism, she murmurs, "You knew pops?"


Harvey's face remains still as he draws on the filter of his cigarette, exhaling through his nose like a dragon overlooking his trove. "Knew? He dead? I hadn't heard. I'd have sent flowers. Not sure to who. You, I guess," he says. "Your old man, huh? Well, well. Apples and trees and rotten all around. The way of the world," he says.

"You need somethin' or you just hear to show off your shiny toys?"


"No!" She snaps at first, pulling herself back and settling that flare of emotions. "No," she starts again with a more calm tone about herself. "No, I don't think so. I don't know. Didn't know him, but yes. Didn't fall far." Lowering her gun, she shakes her head. "I'm bored," she admits. "Bored and heard you had a ploy going for something pretty. Also heard you needed a hand with it. I have a couple if that's better for you. There's a class about you, or so I've heard, something familiar and just insane enough to be enjoyable. What do you say, gents? Allow me to run with this one? See what you think of me?"


Harvey's mouth curves a bit into a smile. "She's bored she says. Let me ask you something, Lady Cold," he says. And then he turns to face her fully, revealing the other side. The horrid, scarred flesh of his left, carved up and burned to a crisp. It might've healed better, but he occasionally ruined it again, stabbing or cutting himself on the unlucky flip of the occasional coin. Sometimes justice said he had to bleed.

"Do I look like I'm in the entertainment business? Am I a figure of fun to you?" he says. He takes another drag on his cigarette them crumples it in his acid-marked fist, grinding the embers out into the criss-crossing lines of his palm. "What you're tellin' me is you want to run a job in my territory and you came here to make sure I wouldn't kick if you did. Because your behind ain't big enough yet to take the kickin' I'd give it. Well, that's fine an' fair enough. You got any particular reasons why I should let you take that chance or should I, uh…" he says, rolling the coin over his knuckles, "Leave it up to fate?"


"Captain." She corrects, slipping back into herself and her usual chilled demeanor. Watching the display, she purses her lips, exhaling smoothly and resting her hips from one side to the other. "Entertainment? Far from it. You had a job, I came to help. Never been to Gotham before, but an…aquaintance commented about it." Eyeing his hand, his face, the girl doesn't seem to flench or become unsettled. Every city had its own amount of mentally unstable.

Walking closer, a few easy steps, her head tilts as she watches the coin glide across his digits. "Regardless of what I do, or prove, you two are still going to consult your lady friend there. We can skip the middle man, let you do as you so please…or you can sacrifice up one of your men." Gun across her chest, cradling it in her palm, she gives it a tap and smiles as it whirls to life, humming and glowing. "I'm one of the best. That's why you should let me run this with you. Hell, if it goes south and the Bat shows up, you have someone to toss into him instead of your own. You get the loot, or you lose nothing. Sounds like you gents win either way."


Harvey smirks and sits back, "You know who talks casually about the Bat? People ain't ever met him. I've met Batman. I've punched Batman in the mouth. I've taken pieces of his flesh and stripes out of his boys. You wanna know a real secret about Batman?" he says, leaning forward.

"He even still scares me sometimes.

"So, if you're comin' in planning to volunteer yourself to take the hit and put the risk on, well, maybe, just maybe we can dispense with the theatrics and just let you play the hand you're dealt. On the other hand…and there's always another hand…" he says, rolling his finger and flicking his thumb, sending the double-headed dollar spinning up into the air.


Lena pulls a hand away from her gun, just long enough to turn the covered top of it against her mouth, blocking what appears to be a yawn. "Hmm," she hums, replacing her grip and pointing the weapon Two-Face's way once the coin starts flying upward. "And here I thought we were done with the theatrics. I sure as hell am." Without a second thought, the girl presses down on the trigger, sending a pointed beam of cold against the man's body. The force was…something to contend with, shoving him back against his chair. Crackling, popping, growing, she sticks him in place and watches as the coin drops to the ground, tinking and rolling to its final stop.

"Listen. I came here out of some oddly placed respect for those that have been in the game longer than I have. Manners and all that, even we scum of villainy have them. "Don't worry, that ice won't hurt you, only hold you, and I'll even be as sweet as to tell you what your lady friend says once she's done jumping around. I'll make this simple for you." She begins, turning the gun against Face's hands, turning them into stasis laden balls. "I run this job in your neck of the woods because your boys do nothing but fail when they try. You let me, you get a cut. You don't, I do it anyway, and you get nothing with a heaping helping of a loss of cred because someone outside of your own ranks did something you could not." Pause, "You yell, they die. Anyone that comes in here, dies." Gun up and pointed at his face, the girl smirks her dark painted lips and waits. "Well, gents?"


Harvey's taken off guard, frozen in place and glued to his seat and desk by the layering of ice. Supercrap. He always hated that stuff, one thing he agreed with the Bat about, but he couldn't deny that she'd gotten the drop on him. Whoever was doing the frisking would have to answer for that, later, in the basement. But he, too, doesn't show much in the way of flinch, a cool customer in his own right.

"You do it without my permission, you won't be able to fence your goods for a hundred miles o' Gotham, not with anybody I do business with and that's anybody who's worth anything," he said. "You got an ice gun. That's real nice," he says, trying not to twitch as his bulging eye strains to try and look at the coin, compulsion warring with pride. "And anybody who works for me is always ready to die, at the whim of the coin. Part and parcel of signing up."

Then there are a few yells outside and there's a soft whine as the generator pumping power into the building dies, throwing the office in half-light through the blinds in the windows.

"He's here."


"Christ, don't you ever shut up." Sidestepping so he can see his coin at least, she glances down its way, finger still on the trigger and poised to give him another pass. "Clean. Fortune smiles. Another day of wine and roses. Though I'm more of a beer and pizza type of girl." Another slink forward, she nuzzles up the glowing, icy barrel under the man's chin(s). "Right now, I don't think you have save of permission, gents. I'm giving you options and I doubt both of you would be dumb enough to piss those away."

It's then that the yelling starts, the darkness drops and the warning is given. Sighing, the girl steps back and heads for the coin. Picking it up, she eyes it, musing some idea, perhaps, of pocketing it - which for the time being, she does. "Oh, so I just gift rapped Two-Face for the Batman. We'll see how that goes."


There's gunfire in the distance, muffled, followed up by screaming. There's a sudden crash, as if part of the floor gave way somewhere down the hall, a cracking of wood and plaster. Then silence. Eerie silence. Harvey isn't talking now.

The door bursts open and one of the sumos, the one in the white suit, is standing there, "Boss, we gotta get…what the fuck—?" he says, startled by the sight and then his words taken as a batarang whips out of the darkness behind him, trailing a cable that wraps around the fat man's throat and then, with a sudden jerk, drags him screaming back into the dark.


Lena wiggles her fingers in greeting to the sumo, trying her best to stop a snicker from slipping out once he goes off wailing into the shadows. Head tilting, she keeps watching, resting a few steps away from Harvey and his frozen throne. He's stopped, she's stopped - the snow was getting good now.


Batman doesn't emerge entirely from the shadows, stepping in just a little bit, until the point of his chin and the frame of his cloak, the stretched logo of the Bat across his chest in black. His eyes she can't see, but she can feel him staring, the intensity of this man's attention something hard to bear in some way, as if you were suddenly under a microscope.

"I'd have second thoughts about taking that job, Miss Snart," he says. No reason for her to know about the bugs hidden in Two-Face's office, the hidden camera latched underneath the desk, the three hours of sitting cramped and motionless on the roof as the bitter cold seeped into his bones. NOne of that mattered to him now, after all.

"Two-Face told you this was his territory. He was lying. It's mine. This is your warning. You won't get another."


"I don't like being told what I can and can't do." She mutters, motioning across to Harvey and his current situation. "I know, this whole big bad city is yours, and I've heard the stories. I'm…suppose to be afraid. I know that, and honestly, you are intimidating. I respect that." Stepping down from her perch next to Two-Face, the girl strides closer to the darkness, toward the Bat. At least she doesn't have the weapon up and in his direction, but both hands are solidly in place.


The Batman doesn't move, his hands hidden in the darkness, little more than an eerie silhouette, almost a phantom, at the edge of perception, ghoulish and ferocious. His voice has a hiss of steel to it, firm and relentless.

"It doesn't matter what you like. This is the way things are. You can do as your told or deal with the consequences. It doesn't make a difference to me," he says. "But if you're not out of my city in 24 hours, you won't be leaving it for a very long time."


"Twenty-Four hours, hmm?" She considers it, her lips rolling down as she nods her head. "I'll take it. You boys have fun now." A blown kiss Harvey's way, then a look to Batman, she stares for a moment and smiles. "You're welcome." With gun back on her shoulder, she starts to head out of the room and toward the exit of the building.


Batman watches her leave but isn't about to step in until she's actually out of the way. He knows all too well how easy it is to get jumped from behind. Never turn your back on a crook.

Just in case, though, he keeps a batarang hooked along the curve of his palm - ready to lash out just in case. When she's clear, he'll return his gaze to the still-frozen Two-Face. "Hello, Harvey."

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