A Question of Inheritance

December 11, 2018:

Marcos gets a letter in the mail, telling him to come quickly to Colombia. His mother is deathly ill.. and he's to inherit a large sum of money.


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Another day, another tomorrow.

Marcos woke up first from sleeping beside Lorna, giving her a gentle kiss to the back of her neck before he got himself out of bed. He seems to be getting changed to at least look presentable, putting on a flannel shirt and some jeans. He moves back over to Lorna, to see if she was even still stirring or not, to give her a gentle kiss on the lips. A silent 'I'll be right back' before Marcos leaves the room.

He comes back about several minutes later, with mail in his hand.

One of them has his name on it. He seems to be looking at it curiously. It has his mother's name on it, to her son…but sent by his aunt and uncle. Strange. Marcos looks suspicious, as he sits down at the little dinner table in the room.=, questioning if he should open it.


There had been another late night for Lorna, she'd peeled out of the mansion, chasing portals through the night in hopes of finding one that she might inspect.. Only to miss each one. She'd crashed in the early morning, sometime after three, and slept like a rock the rest of the night through. Which was a rarity in and of itself. Without the Professor around, or many of the senior X-men, she had been on pins and needles, training the younger kids here and there, making sure operations ran as they should where she could, and trying to protect what she could—all the while she struggled to carry out her own projects.

The green haired woman didn't stir as Marcos got up, got dressed and left, only as he returned did she finally, sleepily twitch to awareness. She groaned, turning over in her cocoon of blankets and squinting in the late morning light to catch sight of her husband.



Marcos looks at the unopened envelope, staring at it, even. He doesn't look like he WANTS to open it, but there exists an immence curiosity. When his wife calls him, he picks up the envelope and moves over to Lorna, kneeling at the bedside and trying to give her a kiss. "Hey. You just caught me. Got back from getting the mail…I'm sorry if I woke you up."

He stands up then, and shows her the details. "To me….from my mom." He looks at the unopened envelope once again.

He takes a deep breath, and he opens it, starting to read it casually as if he's expecting some massive apology letter…

Then he just goes pale.


A slow creak of the bed followed and Lorna dragged herself up to sit as she watched her husband at the table, concern twitching her eyebrows into a furrow. She frowned, reaching out to press a hand against his cheek as he leaned in to kiss her. "You didn't, not really. It's fine. I should've been up a few hours ago." She grumbled, glancing at her alarm clock with a wave of her hand to turn it more toward her to better see the time.

Still, she returned her focus to Marcos as he spoke about what exactly had come in the mail. A letter. From.. from his mother.

She froze, turning green eyes toward the envelop as if it might be something horrid, which, as Marcos stood up and opened it, reading it over in silence.. His expression, and the way his warmly tanned skin paled suddenly, pushed her to action. The blankets were shoved aside and she climbed onto her knees and reached a delicate hand outwards toward him, clasping at his arm.

"Marcos, what's wrong? What did it say?"


Marcos looks frozen solid, despite Lorna reaching out to him to touch his arm, in a clasp. He turns his back to the bed, and sits beside Lorna, as if struggling to stay on his feet. "I…I…" If Lorna tried to get a peek at the letter itself, well, it went a little something like this:

'My son,

I know it was never known to you, but I am a mutant. I always was. I never used my…abilities for good, but I can tell you have. I know we have not always been on the best of terms, especially when it comes to your father, but I needed to tell you of a family secret.

I am very sick, and will most likely not make it through the month. Which is why I must reveal something…Do you know of a company known as Diaz International? It was never a coincidence that your last name was something shared between the two. It is yours. It always has been. All of it's worldwide resources are yours to decide with. The only gift I could ever truly give to you, when I told myself you deserved to know.

With ownership of the company, I allow you to inherit all of it's wealth, including my own, which I sacrificed to live peacefully with your father. On this day, you inherit 1.5 billion dollars, and may take your place as CEO of Diaz International.

I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me for all I have done.

I love you my son, with love..


Marcos almost lets the letter slip out of his hand.

"I-I….have to be dreaming."


As Marcos more or less collapsed against the bed she shifted, making to wrap her arms around his shoulders to hold him close and settle her chin against his shoulder. She peered at the letter in snatches, her focus more intently held by her husband's emotional features. She held him tightly, pressing a kiss against his cheek as she settled firmly against his side. "Hey, hey," She wasn't entirely sure what had upset him, or stunned her husband so.. not until he dropped the letter and she moved to grab it.

In the stunned silence that filled the room she glanced over it hurriedly, her brows furrowing sharply as she turned her focus to her husband once more.

"We need to go to Columbia again, if she's sick, you should be there." She barely paid any attention to anything else in the letter. The money? It meant little and less to her. It had never mattered to her to begin with.


Marcos is just overwhelmed, even as his wife comforts him by wrapping her arms around his shoulders and clinging to him. "I…" he looks around then, taking a shaky breath. At this point, it was like a sensory overload.

With the money, and his mother, and…it's like he never knew her. "I…yeah, yeah, you're right.." he looks down then. The kid who had nothing and basically grew up with the disdain of his parents (seemingly) now had….everything. A loving wife, stable finance, soon to be an immensely good job. He looks at the letter talking about the money. "My mom was more important to me than money ever was." he takes a deep, shaky breath, to learn that she was dying. He looks to Lorna. "I have to go home." he looks her in the eyes, and then the tears flow.

His mother was dying.


Carefully, Lorna set the letter aside making to carefully wrap her arms around Marcos' shoulders and lean against him again. "I'll get a plane arranged." She wanted to go with him, but at the same time.. there were responsibilities at the mansion. They were on high alert. The Professor was missing, portals were opening up all over and they were no closer to getting answers.. She was torn.

Marcos needed her thought, the mansion could survive without her for a few days—right?

"We can get there by tomorrow easily, I'm sure of it." They wouldn't be taking the Blackbird, obviously, but they had options. The letter raised some serious questions, however and plenty of it didn't sit well with the green haired woman.


Marcos wraps his arms around Lorna, holding her tightly to him as he lets his usually cool and calm demeanor shatter. "Yeah…sounds good. I'll help make arrangements. I think they can survive without us for a day or two." he pulls away gently, his arm still wrapped around her as he wiped away at his eyes, taking away the tears.

He takes a breath, before he nods and stands up. "I'll get packing." and he wasn't gonna pack a suitcase, just enough to fill up a backpack with the essentials.


Lorna wanted to just hold Marcos, hoping that with her arms she could put him back together in the ways that his family had shattered him over and over again. It seemed vastly unfair to her, that she couldn't do what she did to metal and iron. Seal it back into being, bend, and reshape it. All she had was her arms and to be there for Marcos when he needed her. Much as he had done for her countless times over and over again.

"We'll stay as long as you need to." She waved her hand the closet door popping open for Marcos before he got there as she slid off the bed to get dressed.

Thoughts haunting her about this company that Marcos seemingly inherited. "..It doesn't make sense.." She muttered under her breath, eyebrows furrowed sharply as she grabbed a pair of jeans and slid them on. "How your parents could kick you out and leave you to die on the streets.. and now.. now you're inheriting everything? I don't get it. Your mother.. you didn't know she was a mutant at all?"


Marcos, in a way, just wanted to be held. To just…ignore the world. To live without it. And just sleep in Lorna's arms…and never awaken. That would be apradise, but he looks upon Lorna, giving her a loving look as he smiles. "Thank you."

Oh yeah, his weheels were long already turning.

"I don't know why, or how…but I'm going to get answers." He stands there, as if in deep, serious thought.


A frown pulled at Lorna's lips as she grabbed a sweat shirt and tugged it on over her head. She shook her head, pushing her hair back from her face as she grabbed her boots and laced them up with a wave of her hand. She remained focused on her husband,picking up the letter again and scanning it over once more. She folded it, and tucked it back into the envelop. "We'll go, and we'll get answers." She pursed her lips, reaching out to offer the envelop to Marcos again.

"Do you think this is why the Cartel took you in all this time? That they knew? Knew who you were related to?" She arched a brow, tilting her head to the side as she spoke, her voice held carefully low.


Marcos never did like it when Lorna looked upset, and Marcos looks determined as ever, like someone lit a proverbial fire under him. Soon enough, he has a backpack slung onto his shoulders and he looks to his wife, walking over to her and sighing.

"I don't know. If it was…why didn't they aim for her? clearly she had the cash and the influence…" he shakes his head. "I don't think that's the case. Maybe…maybe she just hid it for her own reasons."

She wasn't exactly the /best/ woman on the planet either.


A slow shake of her head followed as she grabbed her phone, clicking it on as it flew to her hands. She spun about as Marcos approached, and she reached out to settle a hand on his arm. "Your parents kicked you out because of your powers. And your mother was a mutant all this time? Marcos.. that's.. that's ridiculous. It's bad enough when they were scared, ignorant humans.. but to know that your mom did that.." She frowned, and shook her head.

"It's not right." Her hand squeezed his arm gently, and she swallowed a hard lump that formed in the back of her throat.


Marcos nods very softly to Lorna, taking comfort in her grasp as he rested his forehead to hers. "I don't know what to think….my family really is one of the worst." he didn't say -the- worst…because, let's be honest. That one goes to Lorna, out of the people that he knows personally. But, he caresses Lorna's hair.

"It was never right…but maybe we can make things right. Somehow." he sighs lightly.


Lorna leaned forward, pressing a kiss to his cheek as she slid her hand up to press against his jawline. "When we went down there last year, I thought you'd finally have closure. That you'd shown your parents who you'd become. What they'd missed in throwing you out." She swallowed hard the dryness that prickled at the back of her throat as she considered her husband's expression with a critical eye.

"I'll go back with you, because you need me. You need support. Like you did for me." She whispered, "But Marcos, I swear, if your father does or says anything against you.." She shook her head, letting her hands fall away.


Marcos smiles to her, wrapping his arms around Lorna to hold her close to him as she spoke, nodding. "I…thought it was over then too. But apparently, there's a lot of things I don't know about my family." he shakes his head, but he smiles. "Well…I gues we're billionaires now."

He's clearly trying to fake that he's fine, and trying to be positive, but it fails, his features looking sad.

He does smile to Lorna as she tells him She'll defend Marcos if his dad gets uppity. "I can handle myself…but I know you will anyway." he kisses Lorna's lips softly.


A soft huff of a sigh escaped Lorna as Marcos tried to lighten the mood with jokes about how much money they had. She arched a brow, "And I'm some island Princess now. I don't even know how much of a limit my father put onto the credit card he gave me. If it even has one.." She murmured, her voice sardonic and dry. "I don't think money is going to be an issue.." She mused lightly, rolling her eyes skyward briefly.

Green eyes returned to meet her husband's warm brown ones and her lips twitched. "Don't think you can use this for an excuse to buy that thousand dollar champagne, the ten dollar stuff is fine." She teased, and as Marcos leaned in for another kiss, talking about being able to 'handle' himself just fine, she held up a finger, pressing it against his lips to interrupt him briefly.

"I know you can, love. I know you can. You've faced down people far worse than your dad and didn't blink. But no one can hurt us as badly as those in our families. Right?" She grimaced and let her hand fall away. She leaned in, pressing a kiss against his cheek, and snagged his hand for a quick squeeze.

"Lets get packed and get out of here.."

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