Highway Robbery

December 11, 2018:

A heist goes wonderfully wrong on a bridge crossing into Star City.

Outside Star City


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There were certain rules for the smart criminal these days, if you wanted to try and stay one step ahead of the law or the capes and you weren't the super-powered type; only the crazies tended to make trouble in Gotham, only the stupid (or incredibly well prepared) robbed banks in Metropolis and almost -never- should you attempt something brazen in the middle of the day.

But who said that every criminal was the smart sort? Some prizes were just too tempting.

After all the insanity of the demon invasion on New York, there were plenty of people who weren't quite so confident as to leave all their riches in the hands of an NYC bank. One such concerned wealthy citizen and collector of certain antiquities had decided that a personal vault in Star City was simply a far better alternative and so a convoy of armored cars and armed men had been dispatched to make the transport happen. Hours of driving had passed without a hitch and spirits had been high…but all that had changed when a sudden explosion had hurled the lead car onto its side. Another explosion later and figures in odd tactical-looking gear had emerged from the 'woodwork', raining gunfire on the vehicles and their protectors caught in the trap…along with any poor civillian traffic and pedestrian who couldn't get clear fast enough. The guards were armed, but the attackers? They seemed to be using some futuristic energy-tech that had them well equiped, but working messily.


Events like these are sadly not uncommon, what is uncommon is for the attackers to be using some form of alien… or at least very advanced tech. THAT is very rare. Its been about a year since Diana faced off against another armored convoy attack, but that was a more run of the mill assault, if you can call meta-humans of great power and strength toppling vehicles… run of the mill.

As of right now though, Diana had been tracking the convoy after hearing something over the comms about a potential threat. And when it came to be, the clouds parted by an invisible force and the presence of high pitched jet engine whines filled the sky!

As the engines streak past above, a solitary figure falls from the sky and lands upon the road not far from wher ethe chaos is going, with sword drawn and shield raising up, Diana Prince… known by most as Wonder Woman, has arrived to aide the convoy's guards and all the civilians also present.


Nope. That's a nope, good buddy. Lena, who was making her way down a foot path along the road had no idea about the convoy personally. The haul of it, however, had caught the eye of others. It was important - curious. Explosions - always fun. Wonder Woman - Hell no. Not in costume or anything sly, the dark haired girl simply stands there for a moment, in awe of the events happening before her. Sure, Central City had its fair share of insane moments, but this was something new. Maybe the rumors about Star City were right.


The energy weapons pack a punch, something made abundantly clear by the holes being ripped in concrete and metal plating alike. Whatever the prize was in these cars, it was obviously enough that the thugs were pulling out all the stops. It was a good thing too, because a member of the damn JLA had just arrived on scene! It didn't matter that they had the guards outnumbered two to one, the Amazon was one heck of a game changer. Smarter criminals (like a certain woman who was witnessing the chaos) would probably pick such a moment to 'nope' out of there. Clearly they weren't that smart.

They were however, smart enough for several of them to immediately turn their weapons and unleash a stream of energy bolts towards the woman in costume. Maybe they'd get lucky and take her down? At the very least it was a chance to offer cover for the other squad pushing their way across the open street towards the first of the overturned vehicles.


Diana's costume is certainly not the kind you buy at a Halloween store! Its in fact the armor set crafted by her people for the greatest of their warriors. The Eagle Armor gleans on her body body, reflecting any light sources that come to bounce off of its golden trim, including the shots from alien weaponry that zip past her… or splash against her raised shield!

Even that shield is forged from the fires of Themyscira's greatest blacksmith mined from the mythic metals of Paradise Island, so the laser/plasma weaponry that is fired at her and subsequently blocked by her shield and abusrdly high reflexes seems to just sizzle and bounce off of the rounded shield.

Diana doesn't hesitate to enter the combat that these maniacs brought forth upon this convoy, she lunges at the closest attackers and attempts to disable them with physical moves and the use of her sword to destroy any of their weapons she can get close enough to!


The reason, whatever it was, for all this to be happening, has now started to gnash and gnaw at the girl's mind. What was it? In that convoy? Why was it so special? Biting at her lower lip, her pale eyes slit and peer across to the action unfolding before her. She paces, briefly, before rolling her eyes at herself and exhaling fluidly. "Ah hell…"

Walking along the foot path and slipping over one side of the concrete barrier, she settles herself behind the second wave that was poised to fetch their prize. Digging something out of her rather bulky messenger bag, the girl lets out a high-pitched whistle to gain their attention. "Boys! Cool it…" She smirks smoothly before pulling the trigger of her gun and blasting a wave of frost in their direction.


The assailents were twitchy, hopped up on adrenaline and who-know-what-else. The fact that their 'future tech' style weapons were being beaten back by a shield was a little concerning, but by their own logic it simply meant that they had to switch tactic to a more 'dirty' trick. While two of the thugs continue firing at Diana as she advances on them, swiftly disarming the first, the others? They turn their guns once more towards the civillians. Perhaps they were hoping like many a villain before them that the 'hero' would be forced to save the bystanders and injured rather than contending with the gunmen or the team busting into the first truck.

One such gunmen turns to set his sights on a civillian target, a woman who'd just spoken up…then suddenly the blinding lights a wave of cold lets him know that Lena was clearly more than a civillian. As the frost-beam hits him square in the chest? It also lets the gunman know he was a little slow on the trigger. Suddenly, there was a new threat on the field for the would-be heisters.

Good as she was, even Diana couldn't be everywhere at once. Many of the guards had already been hit, some civillians had already been injured before they'd arrived. People were going to need help and the numbers would only go up as long as the attackers were firing at anyone they could get their sights on. With the sun shining bright overhead, it was almost surreal for such violence in the middle of the day. Seemingly oblivious to all the sounds of combat, one young woman steps around the corner only to be hit hard in the chest and go flying back against one of the nearby cars.


The ice blast that waves over a selection of the foes with their future tech certainly is a surprising turn of events here when Diana had expected to be mostly alone when it came to this fight as no other JL members were close enough to assist her in short order, but then the blast came and she saw it freeze at least one of the goons! Her eyes spare a moment to dart toward the apparent source of where the blast came, but she had too much here to linger on staring toward where Lena is.

Instead, Diana continues on her path, leaping up over one of the vehicles and coming down just as the woman was blasted against the same vehicle. Diana grabs her and launches up into the air, arching over one of the armored cars to come down near to where some of the Coovoy Guards are huddled, she deposits the injured woman with them and then slides her sword away, to replace it with her uncoiling lasso.

Once more Diana lunges back out into the combat, but this time the Lasso of Truth is in-play and its brightly glowing golden length is lashing out at the foes to try to disable them by snaring them and swinging them away from the combat in an aggressive display!


"I think you made the Greek lady angry, gents! Not a smart move!" Neither was the rest of this heist set up. Ballsy, sure, but stupid. She saw more guns pointed her way, and in a huff, she gets moving. Boots thunking, she casts a slick of ice along the road, using it to almost skate about the area with more speed than her legs along would give her when running. Ducking when need be, the girl attempts to dodge anything coming her way, all while working at pelting the ground under the goons with another strong blast of cold.

"How're you doing, boys? Got the shivers yet?" She toys in a tone that mixes apathy and amusement. Tossing her gun, she gives a small dial a turn, cracking up whatever was ejecting itself from the triangle shaped barrel. The lights that glow within power all the brighter, washing out the girl's face and front with neon. Just a bit more…

Once the ice is down enough, she grins and makes a soft 'ha' sound, flipping her gun around and crashing it down against the patch. The space starts to splinter, webbing out. The girl, she winks to the goons. "Ha…funny. Winter-Fell."


Weirdly enough for Diana, when she carves her way over towards the injured woman and scoops her up in haste…the woman seems more dazed then actually injured. Sure, her clothing had a still-smouldering hole in the stomach but the skin underneath was blackened only by ash rather than injury. Weird, but the asian girl barely has time to open her eyes and begin to speak before Diana is back in the fray. It was probably a thank you, right?

Being rag-dolled around by the lasso of truth? That wasn't exactly fun. As more of their number were being knocked down or clean out than they'd hoped for, the goons were starting to fall back, scattering into the alleyways in multiple directions. It might be planned to make them harder to catch…or it could just be panic.

Of course, it -should- have been a fantastic distraction, they'd done a great job of keeping the amazon woman occupied. They just hadn't counted on competition. Competition that was currently giving them a mild case of frostbite and making it very hard to walk with the three duffle bags of loot they were trying to steal away with.


One thing Diana doesn't do much when she's in combat, or really ever at all even, is chatter at the foes she's fighting. She WILL chatter with team members when she's in a group combat scenario, but since she doesn't know who Freeze Ray Girl is, she's merely observing her battle tactics and doing her best to avoid the freezing herself, because though she seems to be helping… she's a wild card, and wild cards are unpredictable.

Another thing that Diana has been doing is trying to purposefully pick/choose/select key members of the group that she's fighting, trying to specifically injure those members in a way that she can come back to later… once she's despersed them.

Losing loot in a situation like this isn't all that difficult, Diana's been trying to protect rare antiques most of the past 100 years since she left Themyscira in fact, there are always other ways to get them back if they are stolen…

Such as now, she's approaching one of the men she's disabled and she's moving to wrap the lasso around him and hoist him up to shove him back against one of the armored cars. "You and your associates are under my authority now." She tells the man in her thickly accented English.


Lena cants her head to the side, waiting and waiting for the thugs and their bags to fall into her little pit of destroyed concrete and pavement. Sighing, she rolls her eyes again and starts walking closer, her gun resting against her shoulder, one hand on her hip. "Drop'em." She demands, giving a quick glance into the back of the truck for any hint of what might have been in there. Logos, names, signs - anything.

Turn her frosty eyes toward the towering woman, lasso and all, she winces, making a soft 'sheesh' sound under her breath. Noticing no bag was at her feet, the girl then returns her attention to the mooks with a growl. "Deaf /and/ dumb. Beautiful." Leg up, her clunky boot swiftly cracks against one of the men's faces. Reaching out, she yanks one bag up and for herself, resting it across her torso. "This had better be good." She warns them, as if this was her plan all along. Gun down, she traces the glowing barrel to each face in turn. "Tell me, is it worth it?"


No words for Lena, but at least one of the men is nodding frantically while the second is clutching his now bleeding nose and the thirds is just…dumbstruck. Clearly he thought that a crate full of Apokolips tech should have made the crew unbeatable. Apparently not. Whatever's in the bag she grabbed? It was heavy enough that Lena might nearly overbalance herself at first picking it up!

The man snared by Diana? His hand gropes around trying to reach for a weapon before the lasso tightens and he cries out in pain. Locked in the glowing binding, he's got not 'truth' to speak that would argue with Wonder Woman's assessment. They were caught.

Near the guards? The woman whom Diana had rescued (and who -should- be dead) peeks her head out over the car the guards were taking cover behind in confusion. Seems the fighting had stopped!


Diana keeps the man lasso'd up to the point where he'll be unable to move, but the authorities are undoubtedly on the way so she has to make sure the scene is safe for even them. She leaves the man roped up against the vehicle and then she turns to start to survey the area of the fight and what was left over.

Her eyes go to where this Freeze Ray Girl is and she marches toward her, not aggressively mind you, just with determination. Once within range she levels her blue stare upon her and nods once. "Thank you for the help." Diana says in her non-American accented voice. "It was… unexpected and… quite harsh, but still, these people earned the fate they have gotten for each other here today."

At least in her eyes, but she does have a tendency to be a judge-jury and executioner when it comes to deciding when its okay to kill some 'bad people' that she fights against, its arguably one of her biggest flaws… if you feel it to be a flaw. Others simply just her judgement and praise her for her choices in how she protects the world as best as she can.

"The Police should be here soon, we shall find out why this happened." Diana softly adds then.


"Lady, you don't need the cops to tell you why this happened. They're small time losers trying to play with big-boy toys. This was a score, and apparently an alluring one to allow this level of stupidity." She explains cooly, eyeing the towering woman and taking one gaged step back from her. Eyes down, she rolls her shoulder and readjusts the bag across her back. "Well, I should get going. I was suppose to be walking into the city but…this was more fun." Smirking, she eyes Diana once more before clearing her throat and dropping her expression. "You're welcome."

Taking another step back, she watches after Diana carefully, trying to read her in some way as she makes to return to the crossway and go about her business.


Law enforcement would be here soon enough, paramedics soon after. Even some of the guards were feeling brave enough to emerge from cover and point weapons at the fallen thugs with their crazy weapons. Not quite so tough without their toys clearly!

Only one truck had been cracked open, only several bags had been raided. It seemed the wealthy patron who'd organized this little convoy would suffer much loss for this escapade. Of course, there were still quite a few of them still at large somewhere out there, so this attempt may well not be the last!


Diana looks after the woman with the Freeze weapons but she'd helped here today, she watches her leave but she also just allows it, she has no reason not to… even if she knows that those weapons she has are certainly dangerous. "Well… they will pay for this attack, either way." She looks back to the other injured individuals who participated in the fight and she moves to grab each individually and drag them over to where they are all together, she even finds additional weapons on some of them and she rips them from their person and tosses them into a pile near one of the larger vehicle's tires.

Its then that Diana moves back toward the innocents and the woman who she'd carried out of any further harms way, she has to check on them to make sure that they are all also okay.


"I'm sure they will. Take care, scary lady." Lena salutes, slipping over the barrier and making her way down the path toward Star City.

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