Ice Ice Volty

December 10, 2018:

While Spidey deals with The Vulture, some allies come to his aid. Chilling adventures ensue.

Midtown Manhattan, NYC


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The moon hangs low over the night skyline of Manhattan. Heavy clouds grey with the coming storm seem to float over the skyscrapers in midtown, casting long shadows that creep and crawl against those faint slivers of illumination granted by the city's lights. It's late, a handful of minutes before the witching hour. That time of night when the city still seems to pulse with the steady rush of traffic, red and white lights making the city seem more alive than it is at this time of night. Below people are getting out from the late showings of movies or the usual round of theater. A sea of yellow cabs patrol for fares and so far below it might well seem like that part of the city is an entirely other part. Separate from the heights above.
And for the Spectacular Spider-Man, that's never been more true than at this moment. There's a high-pitched whine of a jet engine /roaring/ as against the clouds a figure in black or a deep green can be seen cutting across the gleaming windows of tall skyscrapers. Great sweeping wings reach out from the armored figure as it twists and turns into the valleys of Manhattan, and from afar one might well see another red and blue figure /dangling/ almost helpless as he holds on for his very life.
// Why won't you die!? // A metallic voice sounds from the night-vision helmet that turns, even as the Vulture dives low, down down towards a distant alleyway. He hurtles low and then banks upwards, as if trying to scrape Spider-Man off his boot.
But Spidey twists and dangles, his webline still attached to the Vulture's boot and he hollars back, "I know you don't mean that, Vulture! You and me, we have a kinship! You complete me, buddy! WHOA!" He shouts as he's forced to ricochet off the alley wall, rebounding upwards three quick leaps and then flips over the edge of a building to reach out /trying/ to grab a hold of Vulture's leg but seeming just a bit out of reach.


Flying above the city are Spoiler and Volt. And by flying, we mean on a high tech flying motorcycle. It was paired patrol night for them, and they were zipping along at a rather unhurried pace. The sight of the vulture and the spider catches Spoielrs attention, and she shifts a bit in her seat.

"We've got some action. The dangling one is familiar. Should we drop in?" she asks over their shared coms, angling the bike into pursuit mode.


Volt is, sigh, riding bitch to Spoiler. But it /is/ her fancy hoverbike, to be fair. He really needs to get his own vehicle sometime. He could be going around on his own now, but the bike is considerably faster than him grapple-hooking his way from roof to roof, and frankly, he isn't /that/ confident in his ability to avoid a fatal dose of cement-poisoning just yet.

"This doesn't count as date-night!," he calls into her ear, voice elevated to be heard over the roar of windshear. Heck with the coms.

Leaning back, he notes the commotion. Already his mind is working, trying to gauge the electrical conductivity of what he's seeing. The blue and red individual is recognizable, at least, so he's pretty sure he can tell who the baddie is supposed to be.

"Well, it /would/ be the neighborly thing to do!"


Those hurtling figures far ahead seem to barely make it over the building, only for the winged one to tuck those wings in and burst into a dive straight down towards the streets. The engines flare and burst a blaze of fire as he brakes abruptly and twists, trying to smash Spider-Man into the side of the brick wall. It's as fast as the snap of a whip, but instead of smashing into he wall, the wall-crawler fires another webline that serves to yank him sharply out of the way.
He ends up perched on a lamp-post now looping that spider-line connected to Vulture around and around the pole, then leans back and _hoooolds_ onto it even as Vulture tries to take to the skies again but for the moment is pinned.
"Hold up, Tweety. Let's take five, I was starting to get all vertigoed."
// Release me you idiot! // His wings flare upwards and then slash down as he tries to sever the line connected to his boot.


Another night, another chance to get some work done. This place still had that junker car smell to it, and Lena has yet to fully get use to her surroundings. Striding down a thin gap between two buildings, she exits the mouth of the alley before she noticed what was going on. A figure in red-blue and webbing, and some mechanical wonder with wings and anger. She, on the other hand, was dressed in black pants, clunky boots, black gloves, and a dark blue, puffy winter coat, completely with fur lined hood and a set of thing, silver visors over her eyes. A satchel rests on her hip, its strap going across her torso, and in her hands in a medium sized gun, its barrel triangular in shape and glowing white-hot cyan.

Blinking behind her glasses, she watches the pair curiously before calling out, "Hey!" Her voice working over toward the winged baddie. "This punk bothering you?"


"And the responsible thing," Spoiler retorts, her purple lips having smirked at Volt claiming that this did not count as date night. "I'll buzz the buzzard and have the bike skid to a stop near ground level. You get off whenever. I'm going to hop on the birdie and try to disable his wings," Spoiler says, giving Volt a mere heartbeat to adjust to the plan before she's tipping her bike down into a dive. The new person is noted, but for now the plan remains the same.


It's hard to tell who the new arrival is talking to. Were it not for Volt's heightened alertness, he may not've been able to pick out what she said at all amidst the clamor. But she gets a look - the gun is especially noted. If she didn't have that out, he might not've even thought twice about her and her big, chunky coat. It's pretty darn cold out, after all!

The plan doesn't really need any adjusting on his part. He already knows what he's doing. And when the bike drops low enough, Volt dismounts and hops - not to the sidewalk, but rather to latch onto the lamp-post with his gloved hands, one foot bracing against the metal pole.

"Hey! Spider-Man!," he calls up to the other costumed fellow. "Fancy running into you again! But hey, you mind hopping off for just a second?"

No explanation. No time for one, really. Just a broad, impish smile. Hopefully by now Spoiler has done what she intends to do, and he shoots a glance towards the avian to make sure of it. If she's still in place: "Hop off, Spoiler!"

If everyone gets reasonably clear as desired, the reason will become very obvious very quickly. Brilliant blue arcs of electricity suddenly appear along the metal pole, cascading the current along its surface and hopefully along the web tethering Vulture in place. And if just eyeballing the other guy's outfit hasn't deceived him, that's a metal aparatus he's wearing.

You see where this is going.


The Vulture snaps the line connected to his boot and hovers there for a moment, spinning to face Lena as she advances from the alleyway, his mechanical wings locking up in position for an instant. It's hard to get a read on his face what with the full helmet and the glowing red eyes. He might seem like he's about to answer…
When abruptly two more weblines /thwip/ into view and snag his wrists and that guy in the red and blue /yanks/ hard and to the side, sending the vulture crashing down onto the pavement where he can at least now be heard cursing. But that's when Spidey, thinking she's speaking to him, pipes up in that youthful voice of his.
"Oh hey, no thanks, Lady. I got this." He /strains/ against the weblines and loops them around the cross-bar of the lamp post.
For now there's plenty on Vulture's plate that he doesn't notice the hurtling skybike nosing over and bursting into speed towards him. He's straining against the weblines as Spider-Man replies towards Drake, "Oh, hey buddy!" Since the guy recognized him. Yay.
Of course then Drake's sending electrical pulses into the webbing and Spider-Man is forced to let go, allowing the lines go as he flips backwards just to get away from the arcs…
Only the webbing… doesn't seem to be very conductive. The Vulture starts to rise.


"Not you, kitten." The girl clarifies, planting her feet down and leveling the gun toward the heroes now set on attacking the man in green with wings. "Watch the sparks, birdie!" She warns the Vulture, her finger squeezing steadily on the trigger of her weapon. It whirls to life before a brilliant light of glowing azure shoots out from its oddly shaped barrel. The kick back crackles and pops, forming frost in the air, causing any moisture to turn to snow within an instant. It brushes back the fur of her hood, and some loose strands of jet hair - the girl with black lips is smirking. With a twist of her hips, she moves the gun in a chilling sweep.


With her bike set on autopilot for those few movements, Spoiler drops herself off the side of the bike, freefalling toward Vulture. She uses her cape to adjust her course so that she can use the baddie to break the rest of her fall, booted feet landing between his wings. It's a neat threepoint landing, so that her hand can attach a small yield EMP to the casing of his rig. With a tidy backflip, Spoiller's clear of the Vulture and standing on the sidewalk not terribly far from Lena with her fluffy winter coat and gun, and so she's not terribly far from the sudden chillier temperature and sudden snow. Spoiler pulls her cape up in front of her, a shield against the sudden ice and cold. It hides her from teh snow and from revealing what she might be getting from her utility belt next.


The lamp comes alive with torrential electricity, and though Volt is holding back a cautious degree, he's giving a pretty measured amount with the expectation that it'll fry whatever the other fellow's wearing. Ideally without causing critical harm to said fellow. But he can plainly see the electricity isn't following the web so much. Without directly contacting the web, he can't force a stream over it to Vulture. So this has been a total bust!

Volt squints through his eyemask and frowns. "You've dealt with electric-types before, haven't you?," he chides aside to Spider-Man. "And don't you dare make a Pikachu joke."

The warning from behind is noted, so remaining in place, Volt turns at the shoulders to regard the female - who is already firing. He starts to kick off the post, but he doesn't move faster than cryonic (which may or may not be a word) energy. It impacts, and in an instant, there's one frozen teenager attached to a lamppost.

He thought this only happened when you /licked/ the damn things.

Okay, to be fair, he isn't thinking about /anything/ right now. He's completely shut down.


Going end over end in his flip backwards and away, Spider-Man lands on the side of the wall on the old brownstone across the street. "Hey, yeah. There was this guy… but oh you're frozen now." He says to Drake as he seems to skitter across the wall, flipping forwards and off, landing in a crouch upon the hood of a car that instantly begins to trill its alarm. The white eyelets of his mask narrow with a faint whir as he ducks under the /blast/ of snow that suddenly makes the scenery in this New York street match the time of the year.
Rolling forwards, Spider-Man lifts his voice, filled with enthusiasm. "That's amazing, by the way. Do you know how much money you could make renting yourself out to parties? This time of year especially. Here lemme see that," And with a snap of his wrist and a /Thwip!/ a webline shoots right at Lena's freeze ray as he tries to 'yoink' it out of her hand oh so rudely.
As for Vulture, however. He's scowling, a loud animated scowl that can be heard through the speakers in his helmet like a rumbling bassy growl. His wings slash downwards and he's free of the weblines. There's no thanks given towards Lena, no acknowledgement as he hits the afterburners and tries to rocket upwards into the air…
Only for a Spoiler to land on his back and send him twisting /whomp whomp whompf/ into the sky partially off balance even as she leaps nimbly out of the way. What should be a rapid ascent turns into an arcing rise that allows the Vulture to get up a decent head of scene… before there's a sudden /fzzzt/ and a blue flash of energy discharge above. The next instant the Vulture lands with a crash in a heap.


Lena feels her body twist and jerk with the pull of the webs. A growl coming from her lips as that smirk turns into a snarl. Her fingers clamp tightly around her weapon, even as her boots slide a bit against the colder, ice-like ground. Shifting her legs to try and stop herself, the girl fires off one more round, this time toward the Spider in particular. Whatever was happening to the Vulture no longer concerns her, it seems, as there was no thanks nor word given. He had the right idea, though.

The crackle and pop of his wings would have been comical if she had seen it, and the noise of his crash landing even causes her to snicker.

"Hands off, bug! Jadis is mine!" She warns.


Cowl peeking out from over her arm, Spoiler watches Volt get frozen to the lamp post. Behind her cowl, blue-green eyes narrow. Visible, the dark purple of her lips press into a cold, dark frown of a line. Hell hath no Fury… or so the saying goes.

With Frosty playing tug of war with the Spider, Spoiler backs up two steps. her cape falls behind her again. One hand holds the small baton that can extend into her bo staff. The other is another small yield EMP. She's got only a few left for the night.

Those two steps are just enough for Spoiler to get traction on the sdiewalk to propel herself into a short charge at Lena. Soon as she hits the snow, Spoiler throws herself into a beautiful baseball hip slide, bo staff extending. Aimed so she slides right passed the woman with the freeze gun, Spoiler seeks to take the other woman's legs out from under her while tossing the EMP up to attach itself to the gun so that in three seconds it can be shocked with that low-yield.

And regardless of whether or not Spoiler hits the gun with her EMP token, the batling's twisting herself so she can skid to a stop on toes and fingertips, facing Little Miss Chilly Muffet.

A mental countdown: Three of the ten seconds Spoiler's allowed herself to ensure Lena's subdued before she turns her attention to Volt and getting, at least his face, free of the ice, have passed.


The blast of cold traces its way up the webbing, turning the greyish strands to a brighter white with small icicles trailing downwards from it, only for the webs to /shatter/ as Lena twists to the side and is able to get clear. There's just a moment where Spider-Man registers the effect on his webs and his eyelets whir again widening in surprise. He offers a witty comment along the lines of, "Huh!"
But in the next instant he's up and off and after her, leaping off of the ground and into the bough of a tree that lines the street, seeming about to take off after her. But for a moment as she seems like she might be getting ready to break for it, he pauses on his perch and eyes her, then poor Drake. He frowns and leaps off and moves towards the frozen teen. "We gotta get him outta that! You got any nifty tricks on that belt of yours?"
For a time Spider-Man holds his hands up and seems to be pondering what he can do and beginning to find his bag of tricks woefully not up to the task. Vulture, on the other hand, groans in that pile of electronics and armor.


This was getting to be too much. It wasn't worth it, a stranger no less, and here she was fooling around for kicks. Flicking off the rest of the frost-web from her gun, the girl levels it once more toward the Spider, only to feel herself crash down against the ground thanks to Stephanie's advance. Another growl rumbles in her throat as she rolls back and returns to her feet, coated in a thin layer of snow. Hood down, her wild hair exposes itself, but the silver shades stay thankfully in place. Gun up, she presses the trigger, Spoiler set in her sights.

Click-click-click. When the hum of the gun falls flat and the brilliance of ice doesn't run its course, the girl grits her teeth and drags her boot back. "Son of a bitch!" She has a few split seconds to think of the situation, what was in it for her and what the outcome might be. Jadis was out of commission, but there was at least the one figure stuck to the pole. "Fifteen minutes," she tells the pair that still have their warmth and functions. "Fifteen is being generous, I'd give him less than five. Have fun with that." Clipping her gun to her thigh, the girl pivots in an attempt to make her get-away.

In the dash, she calls out, "SCREW YOU, BIRD BOY!"


Eyes narrowed at Lena, Spoiler continues her countdown, inwardly thankful the girl opts to cut and run for it. Leaving her to her escape, the batling rushes to Volt, collapsing her bo staff and returning it to the small of her back.

"Yes. I think I've got something," she finally replies to Spider-Man, hands pulling out what is in essence a small warmer. This she focuses on his face first while a second is set against his back.

"Come on. Come on," she's murmuring under her breath.


For his part, Spider-Man tries to help by chipping away around the nostrils using the edge of his web-shooter even as he stays clear of Spoiler's ministrations with her fantastic bat accoutrement. He hopefully gets through enough so that the other hero can breathe when he starts to come around and once he's clear he tells Spoiler. "Think he'll be alright."
He steps to the side, eyeing after where Lena ran to, but then kneels beside Vulture. "I'm going to get this guy settled up, you gonna be ok with Electro 2 over there?" And as he asks her he's already securing Vulture with a few bursts of webbing at his wrists and ankles, then with a /grunt/ hoists the villainous scientist over his shoulder.


"Volt, and yes. I've got him. If I'd thought harder, she'd have had a tracker on her. Oh well. Somethings are more important," Spoiler says, collecting Volt against her smaller and slighter frame while the hovering and waiting skycycle moves to her side. She bites back a grunt, moving to get him across her lap on the bike in front of her where she can make sure he won't slip, and then she's off without another word or glance back.

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