Tony Ruins Everything

December 08, 2018:

After shopping, Clint and Shulkie have coffee. Then Tony Shows up.

Macey's Coffee, New York City


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After the /second/ hour of Jen and Clint just wandering around Hammecher Schlemmer, Bruce likely had had enough. He'd left, probably with a grumbled departure that was perhaps only partially noticed by either one of them when they heard it. But his absence was noticed after the pair of them had made their way through the elaborate checkout lines and got their purchases bagged.
For the purple archer in the sweat shirt and jeans, Clint had struck it rich with his inspired purchase of the augmented reality bow and arrow game that apparently /everyone/ in his office area are going to get. But he's still toting around the red jumpsuit in its Sports Authority bag, just now he has two large bags and is strolling along the sidewalk and in his element.
To the side he'll smile wryly at Jen, even as she gets steady looks and glances and photos taken since well… she's tall and green. "So alright, got most everything covered. Still gotta grab something for my ex. But I need something to warm me up." A glance around and he nods towards the Macey's coffee shop across the street. "Latte?"

To be honest, that store needed at least a whole day dedicated to it. Shulkie was still finding more and more stuff she needed. Sure, some would say wanted not needed but they were not inside her brain and thus they did not count.
The entire time he had been paying for his bows, she had been harassing him about how silly it was to give everyone the same thing. Until she thought about something. If it had multi player mode, she could envision all the people at the office who were not agents leaping around in their business attire, playing commando while hiding under desks and firing at each other. Then she regretted she hadn't picked them up first.
"Cappuccino," she says in reply to his offer, already stepping out into the street and heading that way. That impulse thing. A few cars skidded to a halt, honking horns, but what else could they do? Hitting her would just break their cars. When she was in the middle of the street and all traffic stopped, she glanced back at him. "You comin' or what?"

The horns roared, and she got a few Bronx cheers, though to be fair it was accompanied with some comments about how she could jay walk right into their hearts for all they care. Such is New York. But Clint's there and he had been looking the other way (like a good lad) to check out the traffic when she stepped out and the first horn sounded.
Looking back at her he snorts and rolls his eyes a bit, stepping off the curb and starting across the way. He holds up his bundle of bags as if offering an apology to the motorists while he catches up to the jade giantess. "You really know how to make friends when out and about." Another horn honks and he hurries up across the street, hopping back up onto the far curb and between a pair of Mercedes parked there.
Luckily it lets him get to the door and he pulls it open for her with his free hand, holding it open for her to precede him he says. "Cappuccino, latte. Coming right up. Go find us a table?" As he says that he heads for the counter.

The Bronx cheers get big smiles and blown kisses. Shulkie doesn't care a whit that they are upset. Once Clint is safely on the other side, then she follows and traffic begins to flow again.
She steps in before him, glancing around the establishment. "Oh, and some lemon scones if they have them. I'm famished. A half dozen should do to hold me until dinner." Then she wanders through the small crowd, trying to find a spot.
There are lots of open tables. the problem is, they all have these little wooden chairs. She's positive she would just fall right through them and land on her backside. Much to the amusement of Clint. The booths seem a bit steadier and good news, the tables are not anchored to the wall, so she can push it out a little from her to be more comfortable. Course, now he either scoots into the tight side or sits next to her. That's his problem. The best news? It doesn't collapse.

In his absence, Jen gets more than her fair share of second glances. She'll see those guys who usually do the whole thing of pretending to just look at their camera but really, it's pointed in her direction so they can film her under some pretense. A teenage girl waves at her happily as she mouths the words silently, 'big fan!' She might even get a wink from another coffee-shop goer but that's only if the fella is feeling bold.
But, thankfully, she's not left to her own devices too terribly long for Clint returns with a plate of those scones and the drinks. Though when he sets them down, he tells her, "They just had five left, I told her it was a matter of life or death so they're making some more."
But then he eyes the seating arrangement, hands on his hips for a moment then he seems to shrug and slips into the seat beside her, and man… she's warm. "So let me get this straight, more clothing layers equal heat? Sounds crazy." He says that as if he had never heard of the idea of Winter before.

"Oh good. I'll buy all those too. For the trip home." Munchie Shulkie can be a little scary. At least she isn't hangry. That might be horrifying.
As he sits in the booth next to her, she frowns a bit at the question and looks over at his hoodie wearing self. "Yes, more layers equals heat equals not getting hypothermia from extended exposure to the cold. While it isn't quite to those levels yet, I wanted to wear my sweater.' She rubs a hand over her sleeve where the Tie-fighters and X-Wings alternate in the normal Christmas style pattern.
"But keep complaining and I'll put my arm around you until you start sweating and have to shed clothes to survive. Wait, that might be a lot of fun!" She makes like she is going to wrap her arm over his shoulders.

Sidelong to her, Clint smirks as he leans forwards and sips at his latte, just ginger sips as the steam is drawn in with a warming breath. "Who says I'd complain?" He does, however, commit the terrible crime of daring to reach over and break off the end of one of her scones and steal a bite, popping the bit of pastry into his mouth and chewing.
"So okay, status check. I got the one gift for Bobbi to get. What else do you still need to wrangle up?" He finally is able to take a more hearty sip of his drink and shifts in his seat a little to settle back against the booth seat, the side of his leg resting against hers.
"Also, what do you want for Christmas? I mean…" He holds up a hand, "I don't wanna toot my own horn too much but being a man of my means working for who I work for… well, let's just say I got an open line straight to Santa himself."

As the pasty pilfering occurs, Shulkie gasps in horror and considers swatting his fingers. Only, he paid for them. And there will be more where those came from. Thus, he lifts to draw a bow another day. She does pick up her own scone and rips it into three pieces on her little saucer before answering.
"Well she is an ex-wife so I'm thinking coal. But hey, I don't have one of those so can't really say. Ex husband or wife, before you get smart," she tells him in a slightly warning tone.
"I really just need to get something for Bruce. He's so hard to buy for. I get him clothes because…well, y'know. But I try to get him something fun too and it's so hard cause what I think is fun, he doesn't always seem to get it." She pops a bit of scone in her mouth and chews, finishing up and swallowing.
"As for me. I want one of those little fridges they had that will come to you when you call for it to deliver you cold drinks. Only, I want it changed so it looks like R2-D2 on the outside." Yes, a bit out of the usual price range for anyone.

"And here I thought you were gonna ask for the Hootenanny." Clint sets his cup down upon its saucer and turns to the side to look at her more easily, with his own arm not resting on her back but more along the rear of the booth. Normally this would block whomever he's talking with from view of the room, but well… she is a smidge bit taller than him.
"And alright coal it is." He seems to make a mental note of it with a nod, then tilts his head back towards her. "You know if you worded it right you might be able to get something like that funded from Spec Ops. Just need to come up with a reason why it's mission critical."
He lifts a hand to rub at the back of his neck thoughtfully, "I mean, there was this guy, Derek Drake got them to sign off on a foot massager…" His eyes distance, "Dunno where he works now though."

"If Fury got wind of it, probably somewhere really cold and really isolated," Shulkie muses with a giggle as she takes another bite of her scone. This time it is washed down with a careful sip of her drink. That earns a sigh as it is a very good cappuccino.
"I thought about asking for the Hootenanny but I'd get bored with that in a week or so. A fridge is always helpful. Especially when I'm sunbathing and don't want to get up to go get a bottle of water." Yes, she purposefully uses that example to give him that visual.
She does shift back to the talk about the ex, even though it isn't something she would like to talk about. "Seriously. What would your ex like? What's she into?"

"Punching people," He says without hesitation in answer, though that does cause him to look away thoughtfully, "Hm." He leans back a little, and takes another sip of his latte. "Don't worry about it, I have a few ideas." His fingertip drums upon the tabletop then he looks sidelong at her when she has a mouthful of scone, his blue eyes meeting the jade in hers. "Enough of that, I know how annoying it is when yer hanging out with someone and all they can do is talk about an ex."
He unwraps the small pair of biscotti from the side of his saucer and starts to dip one into his drink, "Only way it could be more annoying is if we were dating." His lip twists as he looks across the room before back towards her, "But be that as it may, no walking refrigerator, choose something else."
He takes a bit of the biscotti, "Something fun. I mean I got some pull with Santa but not /that/ much pull."

"I don't really want much that I don't buy for myself," Shulkie admits with a shrug of her shoulders. She eats the third piece of her first scone as she considers a bit.
The dating remark is left alone. Because she has the feeling he wants her to say something so the best course of action? Don't and potentially drive him crazy. It's the little things in life that amuse her.
"I mean practical, I could use a new briefcase for work. Impractical, bathing suits are always a good idea with me. Or clothes since I have the same problem as my cousin if I'm in my other shape and the excrement hits the oscillating device," she says with a smirk. "If you need my size, I'll write it down for you. Better yet, you can talk to Janet since I mainly buy designs by her anyway if I can."

"Clothes, pff." Clint has decided opinion about buying clothes for people on Christmas after numerous days celebrating the holiday and getting socks or the like. He holds up a hand and waves it to the side dismissively as he smiles at her, "I mean, unless you'd be willing to put on a fashion show. /Then/ I might be tempted." Not to mention it would also likely end up with him getting all sorts of clothing that were entirely unfit for the Winter-time.
"But…" He tilts his head to the side as he considers her, eyes distancing as he seems thoughtful if only for an instant. "I think I have an idea. Or two." Since he /did/ have a bit of time to talk to Bruce when she wasn't around, that's always a possibility.
"As for me, well. I am a simple man, I'm sure I'm easy to shop for."

"Oh really? I mean now you think I'm going to get presents for you? Then I'd have to buy things for all of SHIELD. Unless you were something more than a co worker," she teases back. Although technically he works for SHIELD while she just consults, it still fits. Or on the Avengers even. Where she also consults. Goes with being flighty, hard to settle down for permanence on a team.
"I wouldn't be adverse to a fashion show if that's what you wanted for Christmas. Or did you have something else in mind?"

"Hey," Clint says in that iconic tone of voice akin to some Space Smuggler, "It's me." He touches fingertips to his chest and gives a roguish half-smile. "But, to be fair, I don't exactly ask just anybody to go shopping with me." He takes another sip of his latte and sets it back down precisely in the center of his saucer. "Usually I use Amazon." A smirk is seen then he turns a little as if tucking in just a touch closer to her, his hip against hers.
But then she suggests a fashion show and asks her question to which he answers, "To be perfectly fair, Walters." He meets her gaze as he oh so presumptuosly rests a hand on hers to give just a slight squeeze, "I always have a /lot/ of things on my mind."

That earns a smirk as Shulkie's mind goes right where his probably has visited more than once. His might even reside there from time to time. To be fair, hers does often. Even has her mail forwarded there.
"I'm sure you do, Robin Hood. But some of those things don't have to wait until Christmas. Unless they involve me wearing strategic bows and singing It's Cold Outside to you. In which case, yes, you have to wait until Christmas morning."
She gives him a bold wink then picks up her drink and sips before focusing back on him. She does turn her hand palm up beneath his, twining her fingers with his. "You asked Bruce to go shopping too. Should I be concerned you have a thing for my cousin?" she teases.

"Well," Clint says as he keeps his eyes on hers, perhaps shifting a touch closer so that his arm is behind her and then can lean closer enough to be able to whisper to be heard, even with the noise in the room. It lets him tell her with a quiet tone of voice, "He does cut quite the fancy silhouette what with his pocket protector and taped up glasses." Not that Bruce has ever worn such a thing. "And I could see the fun of living on the edge with a wild gamma-irradiated rage beast…"
His fingers interlace with hers, thumb lightly stroking the pad of her palm even as he draws her just a touch closer with his arm over curved behind her and fingers light upon her arm. "But, to be fair, there's only room enough in my world for one beautiful emerald hero in my life."
Then he leans closer, close enough for their foreheads to lightly touch and for her to feel his breath across her lips and cheek as he whispers, "Don't worry, I'll let Bruce down gently."

It is this point that Shulkie generally is taking over the situation. She's been known to throw her boyfriend over her shoulder and tote him off. But he isn't her boyfriend though it certainly looks like there might be some sort of dating in the future. Or other things.
For once, she acts against her nature. She behaves. She goes with the flow of the flirting, her lips twisting up in a smile as she rests her forehead against his. Her green eyes hold his gaze though it is tricky to focus so close.
"You better. I would hate to have to beat you up for breaking his heart." Since he has his arm around her, she doesn't try to do the same. She does rest a hand on his thigh under the table, giving a light squeeze.

A low chuckle slips from him as he closes the distance then. It's not far, just an inch or two before lips find lips and there's a soft kiss. Almost chaste in its gentleness and even if one of those people who might still be watching from afar might get a good angle on it… even TMZ wouldn't want it for how gentle it's given. It looks like little more than a brush of lips, a warm greeting if it was shorter, though for now it lingers… breath shared and his side against hers.
It's the space of three heartbeats, and for a time he can hear his own as if it rose upwards. That's when you know a kiss is lovely not from just the attraction, but from the sentiment and affection connected to it. When its reaction drowns out everything else.
And then it's gone, lips drawing back into a smile, eyes opening. His brow still rests gently against hers as he murmurs almost sleepily as if she made him forget everything they had been talking about, "Whose heart? Sorry… I lost my train of thought."

It comes as a surprise. Shulkie did expect him to do that. But she didn't expect him to do it in that way. It leaves her a little surprised and staring at him after for long seconds.
For one of those few times in her life. She-Hulk is at a loss for words. For a lawyer, that's strange. For a gamma irradiated woman with little to no inhibitions? It's unheard of. Yet there it was as she just stared at him in shocked silence.

Inside the seasonal coffee shop at Macey's, so many people have gathered. It's a steady cattle call at the counter with people moving through the lines quickly and handled professionally. There's sufficient staff on hand, and enough tables that people are barely inconvenienced, which is why Macey's is such a draw this time of year despite its prices. Yet within things are aflutter as the arrival of the Jade Giantess, Jennifer Walters, did not go unnoticed at all. People had been taking occasional quick snaps of her, and a few even waved and called out…
But there in the corner booth with the table pushed forwards a bit to allow someone of her size to sit comfortably on the bench seat, she'd been focused more on chatting with none other than Clint Barton who is seated beside She-Hulk. There are the remains of some devastated scones, and some discarded biscotti. Also a latte and a cappucino though they're half empty at this point.
Yet the two of them are nestled comfortably in the booth, talking in lower tones close together so they're able to hear each other over the steady hustle and bustle of the crowd in that coffee shop.

There's some minor commotion outside. People are reacting to something, like they would any disturbance. There isn't the 'feel' of danger, though, but something else, more positive, but still surprised. Those who had seen She-Hulk walk out to find this arguably more surprising guy right there on his way in, as if on comfortable cruise control. He's in jeans, suit jacket, sunglasses, Guns'n'roses shirt, in red.
"Hi. Yeah. Sure, you're welcome," floats Tony's very familiar voice as he navigates through an array of people without stopping. Many don't quite know what to do with him being right there, but others come forwards to greet him. It's a little bit of a handshake line that Tony sort of does automatically with a wry and relaxed smile. And complete tolerance.
"There you are," Tony says as he comes right up to the booth, though there is zero surprise about them being there. He knew, and it's more an announcement of 'hello' than reactive.
"Would you like something, Mr. Stark?" asks one of the employees, that actually came out from the back and around to his left to deal with him personally instead of expecting him to wait in line. "Uhh, nah, but I'll let you know," Tony says, distracted, before orienting on her. And then giving her more attention; she's cute. "Don't go far, now," Tony flirts, which breaks the employee and little into bright red; she assures him she won't.
All of this is normal. So is waving a hand at Clint to move over in the booth and let him slide in. Extreme entitlement of Tony, up close and personal. "I interrupted something magic, didn't I," Tony asks, playful.

"Ya know Tony," Clint says as he turns around, Jennifer Walters behind him in that booth seat and able to just look beyond him pretty easily since she's a good head taller than him. "When I invited you to come along… I said we were meeting at ten AM. Ten." He points with one hand at the Billionaire, "You missed Hammacher Schlemmer. You missed the Hootenanny. You missed all the good bits." But then he leans over and /scooches/ even further in so now it's all _three_ of them in that seat. Thankfully the table isn't bolted in and so with a bit more effort he pushes it more to the side and away and…
Okay they just ruined the seating arrangement for the coffee shop entirely. But it's Tony Stark, doubtful they'll complain.
"You want my biscotti?" Clint asks in between some of the give and take with the people at work in the coffee shop, knowing better than to extend it towards Tony and just sliding the plate across the way towards him as he makes the offer that he doubts will be taken up.
"And I'll have you know, that alright. It was pretty magical. Great timing as ever, Tony."

"Magical enough to shut me up for more than ten seconds. That's pretty damn impressive," Shulkie points out as though they don't already know that. She looks at Tony over Clint's head, frowning a little bit. "You owe us a Hootenanny for interrupting. I'll send you the webpage so you can order it. Make that two Hootenannnies!" She picks up her scone and takes a bite. Yet, her other hand still is somewhere under the table.
"You invited him shopping too? Man, I didn't know you had so many crushes, Robin Hood."

Tony realizes how mushed they are in the booth, and after playfully waggling his brows at Clint, turns and gestures with a hand in a little circular motion to the end of the table, to his employee that didn't go far. She goes out of her way to bring a chair out of the back area and bring it for him to use, to sit at the head of their booth. Tony takes it and adjusts his coat sleeves, relaxing back into the chair with an arm hooked onto the backrest. There's some flashes around, he's getting his picture taken. He doesn't 'ignore' it, but he focuses on the table conversation. Somehow he has managed to both be highly publicly visible AND in a private chat at the same moment. It's a superpower.
"Ten? Is that so? Huh," Tony says, simply not bothered. "Well, you have me now, however briefly. How'd you get on without me? All shopped out?" A smile is extended, sleek, from Clint to She-Hulk, whom he can see better now.

To be fair, they do have their fair amount of packages that were tucked off into the corner next to them. Though most of the bags are Clint's as he had that success at H-S, what with the augmented reality bow sets. Still, he gestures towards it and says, "Some success. I still had a few things to get." He shoots a glance over at Jen as if seeking her permission before he goes on, but he doesn't wait to see if she gives it as he just goes on and blurts it out anyways.
"Also trying to figure out what we should get you. Which, you have to be fair Tony, is damn hard." He turns more to the side so he can face Tony, though he does give Jen's hand a squeeze as he turns, "I was advocating we all just get a bunch of macaroni and construction paper and making you 'Artisanally Created' 'Hand-Made' 'Artistic Renderings' of Christmas scenes using a 'Sustainable and Green' medium."
He tilts his latte up and takes the last swallow from it then adds, "That or, maybe a trip to BuildaBear."

"What /do/ you get the man who already has everything? That is a difficult one," Tony agrees with Clint, lifting his eyebrows and pursing his lips as if he hadn't really thought about it in that way. Why would he?

"I'm sure you'll come up with something," Tony answers. Pepper always comes up with something good for /him/ to give everyone, after all. "I'd even suggest we do… what are they, white elephants?— to make it easier on the group to just get one thing. But there'd just be a lot of jealousy over whoever I bought something for," Tony continues. It's a cheeky tone: he's serious but not serious. It's both. He rests a palm on the table, lightly drumming the fingers on the tabletop slowly in a beat held only within his own head.
"Still, might be easier. Put more mental energy into saving the town from time-rifts."

Leaning into the seat, Clint turns enough so he can rest a foot on the benchseat, his arm still around Jen's shoulder as he looks over at Tony. "What did I get you last year?" And then the time-rifts thing actually gets him thinking, "Hey… how can we really be sure that you're… you know, our Tony?" He holds up a hand as if to stay any objection, "I mean… I think you are. You fit all the details. Just with everything being crazy so much lately. Is that something we should be looking out for?"
He spares a glance at Jen as if to see if she's following along his wave-length then he looks back towards the Man of Iron. "Though, sorry to bring up work." His lip twists a little at the idea of it.

"If it was like those movies, you could look for the spots at the nape of the neck to indicate they were taken over by aliens. Not sure that works with these things." Shulkie picks up her drink and sips although it has cooled down substantially at this point. Still tastes good.
"Seriously though, have you figured out anything about them? I just know that a lot of people seem to have been sucked into them or gone into them or something. Some haven't come back yet, from my understanding."

Tony aims a low stare at Clint, head angled a little down, which makes him end up staring out from under his eyebrows some. He sits back again, then, and just gives an indulgent shrug. "I don't remember what it was," Tony admits. "But I'm sure I liked it fine. Didn't you get all of us the same thing, though?" He narrows his eyes some, and spreads that palm more flat on the table, which is a subtle signal of serious-talk incoming. Tony is capable of it, just usually not in public settings.
"You certainly should question," Tony says. "At this point people seem misplaced or disoriented, not alternate versions of themselves. But it's not completely out of left field." Tony tips his brows, itches the side of his nose once. Various Tony ticks when he's not just 'phoning it in'. He does nod to She-Hulk about answers. "Yes, I'm getting somewhere. More than just from my personal vacation in one. Complete lack of postcards and suntanning; I do not recommend. What do we know? There's some intelligence to them; that's my focus for now. There's purpose. It's not just space anomaly."

A laugh slips from Clint as he says, "Yeah, that sounds like me." He lifts a hand to rub at the back of his neck an stifles a small cough but then shakes his head. "To be honest I can't remember what I got you either…" But then that has his brow furrow as his eyes distance, as if at first he didn't care about that fact. Then he did.
Yet it's when Tony decides to shift gears and Barton gives his attention back towards the Billionaire, despite the mess of people taking selfies and shooting some quickvid while he's talking to them. He nods then his brow knits.
"Intelligence?" He looks over at Jen, then back to Tony. "So you think this is more somebody doing these things and less left over magics from the demon portals?"

"If that's the case," Shulkie continues, picking up where Clint's question left off. "What is the motive and why the people they picked for it? There doesn't seem to be any sort of link between them all."
Not that she has an exhaustive list, but she knows there have been lots and lots of people. To think it is targeted, it's like any crime. There should be a reason why those people were chosen.

"I didn't say that, Clint; it's rarely just one thing. Something builds into another. Some reaction, I'd say. Say there was a lot of residual magic, and somebody's involved with it. Or someone did something, and it got out of hand…." Tony says, flipping suddenly back into his more charismatic showman routine as someone gets particularly close to selfie backwards towards Tony. He smirks a little sideways into the picture, but keeps attention on Clint and She-Hulk, really.
"To me, I think we're supposed to feel it's random, maybe. But when you deliberately try to be random, you actually aren't. There's patterns. ——But we have really shiny and expensive rooms with long tables and amazing catering to discuss this in more detail," Tony answers, smoothly. He doesn't want to scare any of the normal people with where this might have been headed: which suggests there's some deeper concerns he's aware of.

It's not fair to trigger Clint's somber side when he's trying to avoid the whole downer Christmas vibe that at times creeps up on him. But this is a somber moment to consider that there's something behind all of that. He grimaces, expression shifting to a slight scowl as he eyes his packages to the side, then looks back towards Tony. "Geez, Stark. You really know how to kill a mood." He crinkles his nose slightly as if admonishing the other Avenger then shakes his head.
"You got a short list going yet of who you think is doing the thing? Or is that something we're gonna have to go afield and help fill out?" And with that he's shifted over more to work mode, despite the festive settings, the hodge podge of the crowd, and to be fair, the beautiful green gal at his side.
"Give me some angles I'll wrangle up Nat and we'll pound the pavement or the people that need it."

"How you react to what I say is on you," Tony teases Clint in return, to being told he's ruining a mood. Though he's still entirely willing to take 'credit' for doing so, by his tone. The sarcasm is light, and Tony's shameless.

"While it's intelligent, I'm not leaning towards 'human'. Something else. I need some more time, and to collect from our scientist pals and resources. I got a little behind, but I've mostly caught up," Tony says, in a quick way, when slipping over something he dislikes. In this case, being thrown somewhere by a rift.

"A way to communicate with it would be nice. As well as chatting up the victims - or even knowing who has come back, sorting out how long they were gone— and getting real probes into these rifts before they collapse, so they can start to actually be tracked. I'd say we have a big list of things to do." Tony pauses, flipping a mobile device out from inside his jacket, and thumbs over it.

Grumbling, Clint starts to slide out of the booth, but pauses to give Jen a half-grin and her shoulder a squeeze before he clambors to his feet. Stretching a bit and grimacing to himself he shoots a sharp /look/ at one of the people trying to capture his image as one of the people that Tony Stark is talking to, ohmigod. But then he nods towards the Billionaire. "Alright, lemme go get some of my gear and toss me a few of those things you need run down. Maybe I can help some."
He grabs his bags, and starts to step back and to the side, lifting one hand to point at Jen. "We'll talk some more later. Maybe if things go down I'll get your help running down any leads. Til then though, seeya, Jen."
Clint shoulders the bags and gives a nod, "Tony." So easy that transition from happy go lucky good times Clint to Work Clint. The jerk.

Seriously, he just got up. Shulkie pretends to be relieved, stretching out a bit on the booth and draping her arm along the back. In truth, she'd rather he stayed where he was. Yet, Tony snapped his fingers (sort of) and off Clint goes.
Shulkie glares at Tony for a moment, eyes narrowed and lips pursed. "He was in a good mood and now he's Robo-Hood. Good job, Tony. Way to ruin an afternoon." She's only half kidding. Not that she figures Tony will care. "Both of you, just let me know if my skill set may come in handy with things. Otherwise, I'll do some Christmas shopping. I need some large bows for something."

"Yes, me and my heroic ideals of saving lives," Tony teases back, entirely unconcerned. She can certainly give him a bad time if she wishes: looks like Tony's in one of those moods where everything bounces off. But does it actually?

"Sure thing. I'll call a meeting coming up, get everyone in the loop. It was premature to do so before now. And I don't do premature," Tony smiles, climbing to his feet, still on his mobile device, but he slips it away as he stands.

"Gimme what you got," Clint says as he walks backwards somewhat through the crowd, even as a few people get out of the way of the man as he moves. "Send it over to my datalink at SHIELD, I'll see if I can fill in the blanks or try and take some stock of the people that are missing."
"Hey man, watch it!" Says one of the customers standing in line and waiting as Clint almost runs into.
"Hey man, /you/ watch it. I'm an archer." He says that in a warning tone as if that should be something so scary, so terrifying, that it alone should make the man blanch. Only for now… it just makes him look confused.
But after that Hawkeye makes it to the door, holds it open for a second if Tony's going to follow him, but if not then he's already off and on the street and walking.

Everyone else is leaving. She might as well follow suit. Shulkie even forgets about buying the rest of the scones they just cooked up. She climbs to her feet, throwing a few bills on the table for whoever ends up cleaning it. She does throw some of the trash away in a nearby receptacle for it.
"Seeya 'round," she says as she gives a wave and heads for the door herself.

Tony glances at the table and adds to the tip pile. He winks at She-Hulk: he didn't forget her. But, well, work! He's not unaware about the tip: he was brought things, like a chair, and so on. He'll tip regardless. Or he just forgot he didn't actually drink anything. It's very much an autopilot move as he heads out, expectant of Clint holding the door for him. Proper assistants do things like that.

"I've got the newer Lambo outside if you want a ride back to the Avengers mansion," Tony answers, after nodding about the datalink. "Way ahead of you on the datalink." And somehow, Tony avoided all shopping. Truly a successful trip.

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