The Ballad of Guy Gardner

December 09, 2018:

After a rough night at a bar, Guy runs into a thief in the night.

Midtown Manhattan, NYC


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"And /stay out/!"

The bouncer pitches the red-haired man into the street from the front door of BULL DOGZ, a grimy-looking dive bar whose neon sign buzzes more effectively than it illuminates the establishment's name. This time of night, the sign basically reads B L OG.

Guy Gardner lands with a THUD and a rush of breath, a line of blood trickling from his nose. He wipes it and sneers. "Yeah, well, your boy's still a wuss, if he had to get his girlfriend Large Marge to toss me."

"Buddy," the bouncer replies, "just try and get back in here."

"Yeah, yeah," Guy groans as he turns over and pushes himself to his feet. "I'll find a better time somewhere else." He says more, but it's mostly obscenities muttered under his breath.

Gardner begins trudging down the street past a number of storefronts that slowly rise in the general level of product quality and price as well as likely customer income. Other than the occasional restaurant, everything's closed.


Dive Bars were usually some of the most fun places anyone could be. They were colored and electric, exciting and real - too bad that wasn't where she was this evening. A pity more she didn't know it existed in this city. She did know one thing, though, the storefronts in tourist destinations were adorably simple to manipulate.

As the bloody faced ginger makes his way down the chilly sidewalk, there's and odd sound firing off to his right side. A crackle, a crystiline popping of something frosting over. The temperature was low tonight, edging on a desire to snow at any minute, but it wasn't so low that things would start to freeze over at a moment's notice. The sound continues until there's an almost melodic shattering. Frost and glass litter a side slip of alley way, glimmering against dull light.

Crunching under boots, a figure slips out, clad in a puffy jacket with a fur-lined hood. Dark pants, knee-high, clunky boots, and gloves, the figure also appears to have a side bag strapped across their chest, and some futuristic looking gun with a triangle shaped barrel.


Patting his pocket, Guy scrunches up his face and pauses. "Huh. That ain't my ringtone, and it ain't vibratin'…"

He turns to look left and right for the source of the odd sound. When he spots it - or, at least, its most likely cause - Guy punches his palm and begins toward it, his stance approximating a hulking, confident stride.

"Yo!" Guy shouts. "Parka Man! What's goin' on over there?"

A ring on his right hand twinkles, a bright green flash appearing for a moment.


There's a moment of surprise when the voice carries down the space. For all the things she considered, some rando walking along was not one of them. Not at this time of night, anyway. Days worth of scouting and…here we are. Smirking under her hood, she turns and faces the massive figure, fingers resting on her gun. Her eyes are covered by some silver like visor, and the paint on her lips is a deep shade of pitch.

"Parka wo-man, if you must." She explains cooly. "Nothing at all is going on here, unless you change that fact. I suggest not." A pause, "Pity, you're already bleeding. Don't make it 0 for 2, handsome. Move along."


"Woman?" Guy asks, stopping in his tracks. "Whoa, man! Whoa, whoa, man," he adds, shaking his head and blinking several times.

"Look, Guy Gardner don't want to hit no lady." He rubs his chin with one hand before frowning. "But if you're gonna insist on it, then I'd feel like a jerk for not obligin'."

A translucent green cowboy hat suddenly appears on his head and a holstered revolver and belt about his waist. "We can draw for it, or you can just assume I'm gonna win." Guy smirks. "You call it, sister."


Lena cants her head, watching that show of green wash over his body. The hat, the gun, and the bluster of not wanting to hit a lady. "Lucky for you…" There some comment hanging on her tongue, something about if she was, or was not, actually a 'lady'. Her fingers tap in a roll along the gun, the pair now lingering in the alley. It's high noon somewhere…

Groaning, she rolls her eyes behind her shades and pulls the trigger, shooting a ray of brilliant blue in his direction.


The redhead's eyes go wide as the gun is so quickly drawn. He dives to his left, drawing his own green gun - more slowly than his opponent does - and firing off a shot of what appears to be emerald light.

Guy's breath is visible as he barely dodges the ray, frost appearing along his right arm from the wake of the beam.

His own aim's not so hot, though, and the green shot strikes a nearby wall in the alley.

Guy lands on the ground with a huff in a puddle of cold, dirty water, his translucent hat dissipating from atop his head. "Lucky you got such cat-like reflexes! But Ma Gardner's baby boy ain't goin' down without a fight!"

His revolver begins to transform into something closer to an assault rifle, although it has round shapes. "This little baby's a Xudarian pacifier. Want to try slappin' leather again?" Guy asks, still lying sideways on the ground.


Regardless of the miss, a gun is still a gun. Once it fires off with its own glow, the girl slips back and dives behind her own cover of a blocky dumpster. The bullet of green cracking the wall, enough to cause her brows to lift. "The hell are you suppose to be?" She asks down the space between them, looking over her gun as it hums and whirls to life once more. The front pannel of the gun shows three connections points, all linked together with wriggling neon blue.

Growling in frustration, she glances at her satchel of spoils and then around the space. There had to be something to use here, something she didn't notice before. "Again?" She scoffs. "Do you have a death wish tonight, handsome? Like I said, go on home before you're frozen with regret." Popping out of cover, the girl levels the gun to the ground, taking advantage of the amount of moisture and puddle is had offer her. Firing, she starts forming a massive line of ice, jagged and flowering out in his direction.


"Who am I?" Guy asks, irritation in his voice. "Who am /I/? I'm the Green flippin' Lantern!"

He pauses for a moment before adding, "Who are /you/?"

He pauses again. "Wait, did you say I'm hands—"

The burst of freeze-ray causes Guy to form a brick wall of green light in front of himself that emanates from his ring. Naturally, the cold from the ray continues along the ground … toward the water he's sitting in.

It quickly begins to freeze, and he cries out in pain, the bricks in his green wall beginning to crack. "Ahh! My spleen!"


"Green Lantern? Cute…" She calls out, her finger still pressed against the trigger as the beam sings out. The kickback of frost and chill flutters the fur of her hood and a few stray sweeps of dark hair. It all illuminates her pale face and the front of her body, along with that sly smirk still firmly planted on her black lips.

"Neat trick, but not good enough. Are you going to let me go or…" She pauses and mutters, "That's not where your spleen is!"

She didn't know if their powers, the Lanterns, nor did she know if that wall being created was any different than a normal one. Once frozen enough, she pulls her finger away from the trigger, stopping the flow of ice. "I don't feel like killing anyone tonight. It'll spoil my fun. Last chance, walk away."


Somewhat visible behind the brick wall - which now has some thick frost on it - is an emerald jackhammer working at the frozen puddle.

"Wuh-wuh-walk away?" Guy Gardner calls out, his teeth chattering. "Nev-nev-nev-never."

A minute or so later, once there's enough hammering to free him, the man stands slowly to his feet, his left arm hugging his torso.

"Now," Guy says, holding in his good hand the grip and trigger to a green flamethrower, "are you ready to give up, or do I have to show you why you should beware my power?"


Lena keeps her stance, her legs shifting, one hip resting out more so than the other. Hearing the noise of the jack hammer, she rests her gun against her shoulder and shakes her head. Turning, she simply starts to walk away. Rolling her shoulder and making sure her score was safe. The flames were ready for the ice, but its weilder was gone by now.


Flamethrower in hand, Guy stands defiantly at the alley's mouth for a long beat before he clears his throat. "Uhhh … hello?"

He waits another beat before stepping into the alley. "Come on, lady. This is just embarrassing. For you, I mean." Guy coughs uncomfortably. "Yeah, that's right."

The flamethrower turns into a giant flashlight that he shines into the alley. Seeing no one, Guy exhales slowly and deeply. Then, he turns to angrily punch a nearby wall.

The alarm for the store that 'Parka Woman' had visited gets set off in response to the punch.

"Well," Guy mutters, hanging his head, his shoulders slumping, "I can't let the guys hear about this."

He's surrounded by a thin field of green light and takes off into the night sky.


Ah, retribution. It was not by land, but by air, that he could find the girl again. It was her, it had to be - Same jacket, same size and shape, and with it being so late in the evening, who else would be just walking around the tops of buildings. Perhaps she thought she'd gotten away far enough, perhaps she didn't know him nor what he could do.

Slumping down against the side wall of an rooftop door, she rests her gun down and drags her bag to her lap. Fingers up, she pulls her shades away, exposing the frosty hue of her eyes, along with their dark liner and long lashes. Hood down, she shakes her out her wild locks, some of them stained violet and blue, giving them a shake to free them from her jacket's hold.

It was a pretty rock she snatched up, pulling out a massive gem from her bag and giving it a smooth smile as she turns it, allowing it to catch the light. "Hello, precious. He talked about you. Well, so I heard. He wasn't lying, you are delicious."


Soaring maybe a hundred feet overhead, of course, is Guy Gardner's luminous jade form. He looks down at the person in the coat, slowing his velocity just a bit to consider the sight.

"Is that - ? Nah, couldn't be," he mumbles. "No way. No way my luck's that good after the humiliation I just faced."

Guy's flight picks up speed and he heads off toward his apartment.

"Ring, do me a favor: mask my voice and dial up Boodikka. It's prankin' time. I need to cheer myself up…"

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