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December 03, 2018:

Black Widow beats up Wolverine, with words.


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CM - Nat - Monday, December 03, 2018, 6:52 PM

Natasha has been helping with the training of some of the new agents in the art of scuba diving, sure in an ideal world they'd hire agents who already knew how to scuba, but everybody knows that ideal is a rare occasion! So the scuba gear is out and its all over a lot of the agents who're bobbing up and down in one of the pools.

Natasha is standing off to the side of one of the pools, she's just wearing one of her dark blue SHIELD uniforms, no scuba gear for her. "Check the tanks, Fredrickson. You're hooking the hose up wrong." She advises one of the young looking male students who's crouched down beside another agent assisting with their pack. "Yeah, Fred! Fix it! I don't wanna drawn cause'a your ass!" The agent shouts back at the man.

"No, Carmichael, if anyone is going to drawn you here its going to be me." Natasha says back to the young man in the full gear and mask. She then sips her cup of whatever she's holding and crosses one arm over her stomach.

At the front desk reception the agent who receives individuals for meetings or information requests at first had him pegged for a tourist… or at worst one of those local town sheriffs or deputies who sometimes assist in some investigation or operation and then show up later thinking they can join up since they helped out. It happens more often than one might imagine, since SHIELD is something of a prestige posting for some of the world's agencies.
But for the man who walks up to her and stops with his arms on the raised counter before her, she's surprised after the facial recognition comes back with alarm bells and warnings, but also with a Level 3 access permit that she's only seen a handful of times… just no information. Not a lick of it shows up on her screen except access allowed and the printer spits out an access badge with his face on it and just one word. 'Logan'.
"Heya, darlin'. I thought I'd ask after a frienda mine. You need me ta call someone or…"
But he doesn't get beyond that as she looks up, and while still puzzled manages to pull it off with only a bit of unease. "You can go in, Mr. Logan. The badge will allow you access to the right areas. Thank you."
It was a quick, painless procedure. So quick and painless that one reporter for the Daily Bugle just down a few terminals asks the one receptionist he's dealing withi. "The hell was that? He got to go in without all this rigamaroll!"
"You're not him, sir. Now if you'll stay with me…" As he begins to explain to the reporter why he's stuck there for a while longer.
Then it's into the hallways, the ones marked on his badge accessible lead him to a duty officer who is able to send him down to another floor and towards those several Olympic sized pools. He opens the door and enters, nostrils flaring at the scent of chlorine in the air, enough that it twists his facial features into more of a scowl than normal. But when he espies Natasha his lip twists, "They let anyone inta SHIELD these days." He offers, maybe meaning her… maybe meaning himself.

Carmichael is off the edge of the pool and sink down into the depths and the other man is standing up and moving back to watch, still in front of Nat but close enough to the pool to observe his assigned diver. "Don't worry about his attitude, Fred." Nat says to him. "He's not passing this course anyway." The man looks back to Nat and just shows a small grin before he goes back to observing his diver.

Logan's arrival and annoucement-of gets the redheaded agent to look back in his direction. She stares at him for a lingering succession of seconds before she slowly lets her lips left corner tight into a smirk. "How many people did you slaughter to get this far into our secret base?" She asks the Weapon-X survivor. How much does she know about Logan? How much does she know about anyone? Its SHIELD, they even know what porn people Google.

Nat sips her drink again and turns to face Logan, she walks over toward him then and glances back to the man by the pool. "Take over for a minute, Fred." She tells him who nods to her in return, gives Logan a 'look' and then goes back to monitoring the pool.

Lifting his hands up before him as if he were copping to a lesser charge before this woman who was judging him, "Three or four, don't worry about it, they were all temps." And he keeps stepping forwards then stops in front of her meeting her blue eyes with his own ans his grin edged with the hint of a fang. He crosses his arms over his chest and then leans forwards just a bit with his head turned, whispering conspiratorially with her. "So," His voice is low, "If I give ya a hug, will that ruin yer bad ass rep or should I let ya knock me on my ass for old time's sake?"
He straightens back up and then lifts his voice a little louder so that those spys in training actually try to spy on their trainer they'll hear him say. "It's been what, three, four years? Since Burma?" The weathered and haggard man's smile is wry even as he pushes a rough hand through that wild mane of hair.
"Time flies."

The redheaded agent just smirks at the man's response and she walks toward him to hug him. "I can hug. It just means I have to go in and have the memories wiped or I'll never be able to sleep again. Hugs are hard for us emotionless robots to cope with, you know?" She does embrace him though and she doesn't care if anyone in the room oversees it.

After she steps back though she looks at his eyes and shows him a soft smirk. "Three years, two weeks, four days and a handful of hours." She corrects him. "Three, I think." And with that said she raises her drink up for another sip that she takes while continuing to just stare at him. "You told me to drive away that night too, so you better not have come here to hound me for that." She says with a continued slight grin or expression of amusement for the man.

The others in the pool are mostly paying attention to what they're doing, though some occasionally look over to see the new guy who looks like he stepped out of the lead role in old fashioned cigarette commercial.

The hug is returned and it's firm, hard cords of muscle mixed with the brush of fur and the stubble on his cheek. She knows that scent of him, the fire, steel, blood, and sweat. There's also that slight tang of tobacco though perhaps not quite as much as she might recall of him. He leans back, hands on her shoulders so he can get a good look at her and he shakes his head, "Yeah, hard for ya to compute, I know. But you're doin' a decent job fakin' it." His lip twitches again then he shakes his head.
But as she mentions Burma he shakes his head. "I had ta, it was that or ask ya ta stay and then things woulda gotten awkward." His smile curves wry as he looks back. But before she can perhaps press on that line of inquiry he diverts it by asking her, "How are you doin'?" He looks around the room and gestures as if indicating the Triskelion as a whole, "How'd everyone handle the whole craziness with the demons?"
He steps to the side and turns his back towards the students, perhaps in case they're reading lips. Logan lifts his chin and asks her, "I figured if anyone had the skinny about what happened and why… it'd be you."

Natasha just shows that same faint smile at his words. "Faking things is my specialty." She teases him in that dry sort've way she's such an expert at, letting the implications of that tease play themselves out in his mind.

She gives a glance over her shoulder at the others and then she turns and starts to walk to the far end of the pool room, where there's less people, a slow stroll that will take them both along the side of the long Olympic sized swimming hole.

She looks over at him then, once they have a little more distance assuming he even follows her! "Not well." She says then. "Between the creatures themselves, and the number of looters and rioters that only added to the chaos, it was a wonder we've not collapsed beneath the weight of it all, really."

"But… we didn't. Not yet at least." She says then, her eyes going back over to his. "Hopefully we won't either. I like this job. Its better than some of my previous ones." And another sip of her tall coffee cup is had then. Its probably vodka in there.

Knowing what she knows of him, she can tell he probably already can sense what's in her cup. But he keeps it to himself, doubtlessly not exactly judging her on such things considering his own background. He keeps walking along at her side, instinctively stepping to be the closest to the pool on the off chance enemy scuba diver assassins leap out and attack. Sure she could handle them herself, but this is the closest thing to chivalry the guy has.
"No ideas about the source of it, or what might have triggered it? I got my own ideas but I'm sorta tryin' ta track down the whole story." They walk a bit further and he frowns to himself, likely having hoped that she might've had an angle he hadn't been exposed to yet.
A glance back at her and his nose crinkles slightly as if touched with consternation but his smirk allays that. "What good are ya?" He scritches a fingernail over the line of his beard and lets the smirk grow. "Other than as an excuse ta get outta that damn mansion."

Natasha leads him around to the far side of the pool and she then comes to a halt again to turn and look down across the long length toward where the class is still going on. She wasn't the teacher of the class anyway, just an advisor.

"No idea." Nat replies to him, her eyes glancing back over at him. "We believe it was a build up of magical forces that have been trying to find a weak spot in our dimension's… protective barrier, for a long time. Our nerds in the WAND division are still processing all of it." She has some good friends in WAND, is why she'd phrase it like that. She actually likes them and that division because of how odd it and all of them are, they're fun.

"How is Xavier's?" She asks then, her eyes going back over to him and his. "I don't think there were any attacks out that far, but I imagine any time something like this happens that place stirs up like a science fiction infused bee's hive."

For a time, Logan tilts his head away and she can see that look come over him. An uncomfortable truth, a difficult situation, being put in the middle. That's the thing with Logan. Sometimes he was a great operative, executed what needed to be done almost perfectly. But that guy always had a conscience and it made him a tempestuous asset in the best of times.
But here and now, it gave her some intel as he turns his head towards her and says, "Truth be told, Natalia, think one of ours mighta been at the center of this whole thing." He holds up a hand and looks away when she tries to meet his eyes and he scowls to himself. "I don't know the whole story here, m'self. S'why I asked you. But what I got one of the kids at the school who was magically inclined had some inter-dimensional things happen and out of nowhere…" He uncurls a hand widely, encompassing all of New York, "That happened."
He turns back to look at her directly, his back towards the class and his form interposing itself between her and them for the moment. "We're gonna handle it, but there's still a lot of questions that need answerin' and hard ta find the right people with the answers."

Natasha is quiet throughout Logan's explanation of the ongoings of Xavier's School and its ever ending dramatics, she does, however turn to face him more openly then after he admits to it being likely directly tied to one of their members.

A sip is taken from her mug. She stares.

The mug is lowered, more staring is given. "You know that if I bring this to my employers that they're going to want to have a word with this student of yours?" She tells him then. "They're going to want to speak with her and with Professor Xavier about it." She doesn't know Xavier is missing?

"Is this something that you're bringing to me on an official capacity…?" She's enough of a friend to Logan to clearly not bring this to her employers if he doesn't want her to. That is rare with Romanoff, to give someone that kind of option.

Shaking his head, Logan turns back towards her. "Nope," He says that with a small half-laugh but he does continue. "I'm tellin' ya this, in case things go down later on that if you need somewhere ta turn and someone ta ask you'll thinka me before things get too outta control."
He lifts one rough hand to rub at the back of his neck and it's clear that this situation doesn't please him. He shakes his head and murmurs, "I figure I'll do the same once things get settled on my end. Let you know what comes out of it." He looks sidelong towards her. "Bottom line, Nat. If hey wanta sweep things under the rug there're folks there that can make it pretty damn ease for them ta do so." A breath is taken, then exhaled slowly. "Anyways."
He smirks and faces her again, "Any excuse ta come down and see ya, right?"

All of this is thought out internally for a few seconds before she looks away again. "Xavier's School is going to get itself into a lot of trouble if its ever found out that one of theirs is the reason that this all went down, Howlette." She says, looking back over at him again then. "This sounds like something that telling me, isn't even going to matter. There are pretty smart people working on figuring it all out. That school… might be in trouble if it gets, figured, out." Thats not a threat, its a warning and not about her but about others.

The last bit gets a faint smirk. "And if it took you nearly four years to come up with an excuse to come see me then I'll think you're either the worst person with excuses or that you're just straight up lying to me."

Another sip of the mug is had and Nat watches some of the scuba divers coming up out of the water and moving to the edge of the pool to get help with the gear, she frowns. These greenies are the worst!

Walking a bit more he strolls along that far side of the pool away from the class, stopping just at the long bench where teams are assigned to wait during relays. He settles into the seat, leaning forwards with his elbows resting on his knees and now having to look up at her while she remains standing. From her memories he hasn't changed. Not really. Perhaps there are a few more fine wrinkles at the corners of his eyes, perhaps there's a hint of scarring upon his knuckles. But beyond that, he's the same man she's known ages ago.
And when he smirks it could be years ago, each eyeing the other for perceived weakness and each perhaps enjoying the challenge. "Figured last thing you'd want is some old man throwin' ya off yer step, makin' ya look bad in fronta yer boss." Not that she's any Spring chicken, to be fair.
But as it is with Logan the humor is often chased with a hint of sincerity when he looks past her, then back with barely a heartbeat between them. "Wasn't entirely sure of the welcome I'd get. Russians hold grudges, after all."

Natasha hasn't visibly changed much at all since she was in her mid twenties, which is a blessing and a curse. Some part of her deep down wishes she'd aged and died like any normal person by now… that part of her might not even be that deep down. Its possible because of that, that she and Logan may share some kinship with their slowed aging and though he's older than she is, she might actually be physically aging slower than him over all, its not been tested.

She approaches him where he sits but she stays standing she does set her drink down on a table though and she does smirk at him. "I'll just have whatever vehicle you used to get here impounded. That'll be my Russian hospitality for you, you damn dirty North American." And she grins at him then before she turns to look at the others in the pool again.

"Stop horsing around!" She tells two of the agents who were slapping at each other with their flippers like they are swords.

With a heavy exhale she glances back at Logan then. "Anything coming up? That you may need help with?" She asks then, sounding hopeful.

As she shouts over at the greenhorn agents, Logan laughs a little under his breath and looks away, then looks back towards her. He rubs a hand over the ridge of his eyebrow, almost looking pained as he continues to chortle. "Actually, I've got a mess of…" He gestures with one hand towards all the grab ass and the young men and women trying to get something done, "Of that to look forward to." He folds his arms over his chest and leans back, sliding his boots out forwards and taking a deep breath. "Gym classes, some philosophy, and some self defense. That's my life for the next few weeks until things kick off one way or another."
He shakes his head and fights down another chuckle as he eyes her sidelong, "Think we're just gettin' actual old, Nat. They're gonna be puttin' us out ta pasture soon enough."

"I welcome it." Natasha responds to him then as she crosses her arms over her stomach and stands there off to the side of where he's sliding his boots out from. She looks back to him then. "The thought of sitting in a pasture all day is far more appealing than dealing with this little children. Do you realize how much weaker everyone is getting?" She then asks him as her eyes go back out toward them over the pool.

"We've watched the degradation of the human species as they grow smaller and weaker. Taller… maybe, but they're all terrified of even the slightest hint of pain. Physical or emotional."

She turns around then and moves to sit down beside him, her back remaining straight though. "I like this job, overall though. Its just such a strange experience watching these people seemingly grow softer by the year."

"Maybe we're in a unique place ta observe it." Logan looks across the way towards the people, then turns his head back to her. "Rough to go from fightin' alongside the guys and gals in Europe, and then ta meet somea the folks doin' their thing these days." He shakes his head and smiles sourly, "Still, there's some strength to 'em, some backbone. Not as many, mebbe. But what's the sayin?"
He crosses his work boots at the ankles and furrows his brow as if trying to summon the words from the depths of his memories. "Hard times breed strong men. Easy times breed weak ones." He lifts his chin thoughtfully, then adds, "Thing is. Times haven't been that easy. Demons, aliens, all the mutant craziness. Maybe yer just runnin' in the wrong circles, old woman." His lip twitches as he admonishes her.
"Still. Maybe you should take a vacation. Get away from all the chuckleheads."

Natasha finally does lean back then and she turns her head to look toward him and smiles very flatly. "I have no doubt that this is a particularly soft group of young ones… but at the same time, I'm not exactly interested in finding a gaggle of Marines to hang with either." And then she looks forward again across the waters of the pool.

"And also, I think I just may have talked like Yoda there." She clears her throat and sits forward again, looking like she's going to raise up to ehr full (and very intimidating) height, but she stops and looks back onto the Wolverine.

"If something comes up that you need help with, don't hesitate to get a hold of me." She tells him, apparently shopping herself around with other heroes. Maybe the Black Widow IS getting bored of life, Demons wasn't enough to keep her entertained?

"You know me, Natalia." Logan says crookedly as he looks across the way at her class, "I don't never need help, really." But he knows that's not entirely true as he smiles roguishly at her. He pushes himself to his feet then, rising back to his own full height and looking back down at her. "But don't be afraid ta pay me a call sometime. S'good ta talk to ya."
He stuffs his hands into the pockets of his jeans and shifts his weight to the other boot, "Time passes and yer used ta your thoughts all goin' down one particular line of travel. S'nice ta see someone from ages ago and for your thoughts to burn up those old untrodden synapses all over again." He steps forwards and leans in to go for the European air smooch to the cheek as so often given in her Country before he draws back. "Was good seein' you, kid."

Natasha stands up then when he says these words and when he leans in for that air smooth she returns it and then just smiles a restrained smile toward him. "I'm just trying to convince you to take me on another mission so that I can yell at you to leave this time." She knows he did it for the best reasons, those years back, but she's not going to let him live it down, clearly.

With that said she stares a second longer before she turns and walks back toward the scuba SHIELDies. As Carmichael is coming up out of the water near to where she is she reaches a booted foot out and places it on his shoulder and SHOVES him back into the water, he flails backward and vanishes beneath a gush of splashing waves!

"This round, we're giving you twenty five percent less oxygen!" She shouts. "Drain the tanks!"

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