December 03, 2018:

Emma Frost and Lorna Dane talk business, while Marcos Diaz looks on.

Lorna's Room - Xavier's School - New York City

Following the decor of the rest of the posche mansion, this room is fancy
furniture and elegantly crafted architecture. The door rests on the eastern
wall while the western wall holds three large windows draped over by dark
burgundy curtains that are usually left mostly closed.

On the southern wall is a large bed with dark green linens. Between the bed
and the windows is a doorway into the fully functional bathroom and shower.
On the northern wall is a stone fireplace that looks like its never been
used but still has 3 small wood logs perfectly set within it.

In front of the fireplace is an arrangement of large old… but comfy
looking chairs. There's a wardrobe near the bed with a wild array of crazy
clothing inside of it and its not uncommon to find clothing left strewn
about the floor near the bed and bathroom doorway.


NPCs: None.

Mentions: Professor X, Magneto, Cyclops, Phoenix


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Fade In…

There's a subtle marching of feet down the hallway as the woman in white is on a mission, and the blonde actively peeking into each room for a mind, a specific mind. Ah. There.

Emma finds the room she's looking for and Lorna's door rasps twice sharply before a voice is heard. "Lorna Dane, you better not be making any more children in there." The executive demands.


Lorna was most decidedly not in the middle of making more children, though the experience leading up to it wasn't bad, the rest sucked more than she wanted to deal with. No wonder her father never raised any of his kids. She was on the edge of her bed, twisting a bit of metal between her hands as a tablet floated around her playing over the news of the various portals that had been sighted all over the world.

The news caster's voice cut out at the approach of heels on the floor outside and Lorna frowned, setting the bit of metal aside as Emma's voice cut through the door. A grimace, and a look of no little surprise flitted over Lorna's face as she twisted her hand out and the lock unlatched, the door swinging open. "What happened to that whole, subtly thing you were on about before?"


Marcos is changing into regular clothes when Emma Frost bangs on the door. "Well, not quite!" Marcos calls back. Oh right. the husband. Marcos and Lorna got back together for the 3rd time after their recent argument was resolved. It's whath appens when two very stubborn people get into a fight who are also in a relationship.

He's sitting at the edge of he bed, reading through the news on his phone as Lorna greets Emma. Quiet as a mouse.


"Subtlety in public dear, not in private, or as private as this … weird frat house can be." The white queen says with a glance around the room that usually acompanies a woman with a white glove to test the levels of dust in the room.

"Have you informed your … half, of our work together?" Emma asks, looking to Marcos with a blonde eyebrow slowly raising upwards on her forehead as she's not so sure about the young man.


A creak of the bed and Lorna waved the tablet off and settle on top of the coverlets. The green haired woman was wearing something that looked to be plain, but to Emma's expertise would no doubt scream 'hand-made French' of excellent quality. It would seem Daddy's money had been well spent on a more 'professional' wardrobe for the greenette. A soft burgundy colored sweater, and pair of black slacks with matching half boots completed the look and Lorna stood.

"Right, private as its filled with people that have extra sensory powers and a number of telepaths. By the way, we've got some red-head that's not Jean but looks it in the medbay, heard of her?" She arched a brow, crossing her arms.

"Marcos is aware that you made me a job offer, and unfortunately with the chaos of the last month I can't leave the mansion." The Professor was missing after all.


Marcos looks up at the door and nods. Standing up and crossing his arms as he looks between Emma and Lorna. Plotting is afoot! "Yeah, she told me." he looks Emma in the eyes, before he just shrugs. "Well, come on in. You ladies want anything to drink?"

Because let's be honest, Marcos probably isn't in this conversation whatsoever.

He wore a flannel (red) shirt and some blue jeans. He wore no shoes, as he was in the comfort and he and Lorna's room.


Emma stands wearing a simple, and cleanly shaped cream colored blazer and matching slacks that waft just over her two in heeled shoes. She wears a silver glistening blouse beneath her coat and she carrys a tablet tucked under one arm. "So you've made your choice then?" The white queen asks, looking at Lorna and as she does this, Marco's would feel a simple request to his question just against his mind, like the tip of the tongue kind of mental tickle, «Surprise me»


Lorna pursed her lips, glancing toward Marcos briefly as he offered to get drinks. "I'm okay, thanks though." She leaned toward him, making to peck him on the cheek gently with some kind of a possessive, protective streak in her posture that she wasn't entirely aware of doing herself. Emma was a powerful telepath, that Lorna didn't trust to stay out of people's heads and a beautiful woman.

Green eyes turned back toward Emma and Lorna pursed her lips. "Right now the Professor is missing and we're working to solve the issues with the portals. I protected your building throughout the demon invasion and I made sure it wasn't ransacked or torn apart. You're welcome for that, by the way. I can't leave until the portal issue is resolved or we get some kind of location on the Professor's where abouts. Without him, I don't have to tell you the ways that this school is vulnerable."


Eclipse only had eyes for his wife.

How faithful.

The kiss to his cheek causes Marcos to blush, and he smiles to Lorna, returning the affection by kissing her forehead and giving her a quick hug before moving to get a drink for himself…until Emma Frost's touch was felt in his mind's eye, and he sharply looks at Frost, before simply giving a nod.

Soon enough, Marcos has Coffee, and Emma has some coffee as well, but with sugar. Well mixed. he hands Emma her drink before stepping aside to let the two women converse.


"Thank you." Emma says, her tone polite, but distracted. "Why else do you think I'm here?" Emma says, looking to Lorna at this point, and still not entering the room. She doesn't even lean against the doorframe lest the coversation get too familiar. "I do not disagree that Charles is a very important man, for humans, mutants and everything alike, but there will be a time when he's gone in one way or another and we 'left overs' will have to pick up the torch or carry our own. So hidding in our rooms because daddy's gone when we're all adults ourselves, is not what he would want if were passed on or whatever."


Irritation blossomed in Lorna's mind, and though she had some form of mental shields, she projected her irritation loudly and without pause. Even if her expression remained merely a careful mask of seeming nonchalance. Even Marcos' quick embrace wasn't enough to staunch the green haired woman's sudden annoyance at Emma. "I'm not 'hiding', I was reviewing news reports. I've been working on a theory, but I can't exactly test it without having a portal in front of me. It's all physics, theoretical data points and the alike." She muttered.

"In the mean time, I'm here to help run security if someone decides they want to attack, which happens nearly every week. So I'm thinking it's a good thing I stick around." Her crossed arms dropped, a hand settling on her hip.

"Once that's taken care of, I'd happily take up the offer on running that building in Mutant Town."


Emma takes a slow sip of her coffee and watches Marcos out of the corner of her eye and yet she keeps her focus on Lorna, "You try to do too much." Emma says after Lorna finishes her tirade. "That may be why I want you to work for me, but you will have to reign in yourself and trust those around you to do their jobs. Everyone has their 'speciality' around this place and most places." Emma says with a curious glance towards Marcos and a sip of her coffee once more.


Lorna's green eyes narrowed as she huffed a breath, and shifted her body about, trying to block Emma's view of Marcos in a subtle shift of her frame. To say that Lorna's over-protective mode had been engaged in the last few months was an understatement. She'd prowled Mutant Town and kept demons at bay obsessively, and had patrolled personally as well as managed the patrol schedule. She had her father's tendency when pushed become just a much a control freak over what she did have power over. Almost like a mother bear.. merely, she was no longer mother to any cub.

"Until others that can be capable step up to do those jobs then I'm picking up the slack. Jean isn't back, Scott has been missing, along with Storm." The echoing of thought of 'I don't do enough' was a subtle mental grimace at Emma's words.


Marcos looks upon Lorna as she tries to protectively block Emma from even looking at him. So he tries to be the loving husband that he is and wraps his arms around Lorna from behind, kissing the back of her neck. This was also a dual purpose, meant to be comforting and supportive to his wife, though he seems to have a suspicion of Emma. Why does she want Polaris to work for her so bad?


Emma Frost is so blind.


"Is Hank not around, or have you contacted Reed or even Tony or Pym. There's more than just you trying to solve the issue of the portals appearing, but you get so tunnel visioned that you are missing the forest for the trees Lorna. A quality I want in my employees at times, but when you're stressing like this so frequently, you're going to end up helping no one." Emma says, taking another casual sip of the coffee, and now with the two love birds practically doting over each other Emma just rolls her eyes, "I don't want your husband Lorna." The white queen says flatly.


The tension that lingered in Lorna's shoulders lessened only as Marcos wrapped his arms around her shoulders, something Lorna wasn't even remotely aware she'd been doing. Her world always felt like it was just one nudge away from spinning out of control, and on her more manic phases, she did anything and everything so focused, so intently, that it was exactly as Emma described. Tunnel vision.

Her jaw tightened briefly as she struggled to fight down the first response that bubbled up to her lips and swallowed it instead. "I haven't heard from Tony since before the Demon Invasion." She muttered, and that was when Tony was knocked out. She had tried to help remove some of the metallic debris in his chest.. but..

She shook her head. "This is a private matter for the school. The less people that know the Professor is missing the better, or what circumstances that were involved." She knew her father likely already knew, he had his spies.. he wanted her to be one..

Lorna reached up a hand to snare one of his hands. "I never said you were." She muttered.


Eclipse seems to smile, letting his hand hold Lorna's as he rests his jaw on hte top of her head. He was a good foot or so taller than her, after all. But he listens attentively. He knew this was really a request for Lorna. He was just a carry-on in this conversation really.

Though he found his wife's protectiveness rather adorable.


"If you can't trust the earth's mightiest heroes, or the fantastic four, who could you trust?" Emma asks with a curious furrow of her brows at Lorna's lack of faith in humans. Though she's starting to see more and more of Magneto in Lorna than she originally worried about. Something Emma makes a mental note of and to use later. That will be helpful. The caring and loving human is what the woman likes to see and she doesn't discount the power of a marriage, something else for Emma to put away mentally and she allows it for now, exploring the dymanic of her future employees. Plural.


A purse of her lips followed, "The list of people I trust is a very short one, Miss Frost. It mostly begins and ends with those already inside these walls, with a few scant people that live outside of them. Not when it comes to the safety and security of a school that has children in it that are either half trained or not trained at all. Until Jean or Scott shows up to make that call, I'm not going to be the one that does it. I'm not in charge." She added, a huff of breath following her words as she leaned back against Marcos, giving his hand a squeeze.

"I'm merely trying to hold the fort until someone else is." Which was what she did in Mutant Town, standing in when there was no leader for The Brotherhood. Which is what she did in Genosha when her father wasn't around to directly run things. A stand in, pushing off direct responsibility, or the appearance of it at least.

"Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go check in on said half trained kids." She muttered, giving Marcos' grip a half pat as she tried to untangle herself and step away.


Eclipse smiles as Lorna untangles from him and and he blows her a little kiss as he watches her walk away, before he looks to Emma, giving her a small smile. "Well, you can stay and enjoy the hospitality if you want. I should get back to research though."

What's he researching you might ask?

Well, he's looking for the Professor. As well as keeping an eye on world events.


"You might want to help her in some way. She's to give herself an ulcer, in the best case scenario." Emma says with a smirk brushing across her face before she turns to march down the hallways and looks back to Marcos, "And do tell Lorna, if she's looking for who's in charge, she walked past her in a tizzy." Emma says, lifting a hand to tap a finger against her nose. "Ta Marcos."

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