Meanwhile, In The Park

December 03, 2018:

June just wants hot chocolate. Amora just wants to be loved. Superman fights the good fight.

Central Park - New York City

Just on the edge of central park. It's big. It's a park, there's overpriced beverages and banks to be robbed.


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Fade In…

Central Park!

It was calm, especially for the morning. It's New York for crying out loud! But, it might be because of the rather poor-ish weather. It's cold, it's snowy, and it's something that most New Yorkers generally don't like.

Mainly because of the snow.

But, there are a few villains who try to make use of such a thing. Namely Killer Frost and Captain Cold…who have robbed their second bank in a bank robbing spree! Though, Superman has just arrived on the scene and is attempting to negotiate…because the two ice-themed villains have hostages. "Just let the hostages go, and we can talk."

"Bullshit Superman! We know you, Boy Scout!"


The cold was hardly Amora's season, she was much more of a summer type of lady. Her powers, her outfits, everything about the Asgardian screamed warmth and heat and sunlight and the delicious feeling of basking in the sun's warm glow. Even now, with Winter fast wrapping its icy grip on the North, Amora projected an inner sort of radiance that few mortals could truly comprehend, much less look at too long directly without getting rather drool-y.

But the golden haired goddess wasn't in her purely Asgardian figure or form, rather she was enjoying a rather nice day through the park. Some mortal men had decided to purchase anything she wanted and follow her along with her purchases—which led directly into this sticky situation. The blonde huffed, white fur coat clad arms flailing out in front of her as her red lips curled in disgust. "And what exactly is this? Excuse me? I'm trying to walk here."


What was the perfect excuse to roam around Central Park? The opportunity to purchase some delicious hot chocolate. Strange but true, and there were a number of coffee carts peppering the walkways, selling their wares to any and all who seemed to have the slightest inclination. June Moone was one such individual, and she was just getting to the head of the queue, and waiting for her large, with whipped cream, and extra marshmallows. Because of course she would order that. She's just handed over the rather extortionist number of bills for her purchase, when the yelling started. She did not, however, either drop her paper cup or artfully duck for cover. She simply turned to watch the drama unfolding across the way.


"Let's all just calm do-"

"SHUT IT SUPERMAN! We're gonna get our fill and leave, and you ain't gonna stop us from killing these hostages!" Cold Lashes out at the Man of Steel, determined to get this score going without a hitch. With a light sigh, the Man of Steel lowers his hands. "I tried playing nice. I'm sorry for what you made me do."

It all happens so fast.

A blur of red, yellow, and blue and Superman is back where he was standing, hostages in his hands with a confused Killer Frost and Captain Cold looking onward. "wait…what?!" they seemed to speak in unison as Superman approached, with Captain Cold firing his cold gun at Superman and Killer Frost throwing…well, icicles, at him. Low and behold and big surprise! It doesn't do much to thwart Big Boy Blue.

"Last chance. Surrender."


Amora was not amused, the combination of ruining her walk and the show of ice powers on blast by some Midgardian male— Her mind crept to a halt as she picked up on just how fast Superman moved and she blinked. A slow smile tugged at the corners of her lips and she crossed her arms, at once moving from being miffed and annoyed, to being amused and faintly interested in the way this warrior handled himself.

She glanced back at the mortal men that hung back around her and she waved one over, he prompt took off his jacket and surrendered it to the cold of the nearest bench. To which Amora plopped herself down on to watch the drama unfold.

"Oooh, please, keep fighting. I want to see more."


June did not have men following at her beck and call, and only her jacket to keep her warm. But she did have hot chocolate, and no one currently trying to murderize her. This was a bonus. Also, she'd never actually seen the Man of Steel in action, and come on, it was New York. if you couldn't gawk at a costumed and caped crusader in New York, well, you couldn't even call yourself a resident of the city. Not that she was, but…semantics. June did begin to move over in that direction, trying her best to be cautious. Nothing here to see, just another lookey-loo.
Well, let's just say they didn't surrender. Both lifted their weapons once again and before anyone could even blink, it was all over.


Icicle and Cold were both unconscious, tied together by rope as he lept them in the hands of the police.

"Don't mention it officer. Glad I could help." then, before he flies away, he notices June and Amora, though his attention was on the latter. Something just….FELT wrong about her.

"Can I help you ma'am?"


A slow clap followed as Superman all too quickly dispelled the would be foes and she rose from her park bench with a liquid grace that was all too impossible to be well and truly human. She smiled, her lips a slash of deep red against sun-kissed skin. She lowered her sunglasses and peered over the rims with brilliant green eyes. "Oh, I just so love a good battle between a warrior so strong and agile.. and .." She waved her hand as if finishing the thought was beneath her.

"You should come fight for me, in my name and in my honor, my dear boy." She grinned wickedly, and reached up to fluff the long golden curls that flowed down her back in a fluttering cascade of light.


Man, this just kept getting better and better. June lifted the cup to her lips, taking a small sip. If it had been popcorn, she might have been munching away. Odd though, that she did not seem at all swayed by the woman, who, with the fluffing of her hair seemed to have nearly reduced the two men who had been following her to pools of abject adoration. There was something darker than amusement though, in her eyes, despite the slight smile that crossed her lips, as she looked between the sun goddess, of a sort, and the Man of Steel.


Superman looks to Amora curiously, but he is not one to fall under the charm of the Enchantress. His willpower that of the brightest star. "Well, ma'am, I fight for everyone. Never just for one person." besides, she looked evil, but he didn't want to make any kind of assumptions. Either way, he smiles to her, before he looks to June, noticing her. "Oh, hello."


People of the male persuasion typically fell into two categories. Those that fell to her whims and adored her blindly, which was the majority of those she met.. or those that did not. It was a short list. Previously counted on one hand. It seemed she would have to include Superman on that short, short, exclusive, list. A frown twisted at her lips, her brilliant, summer-shine smile gone in an instant. Like a candle snuffed out.

Green eyes narrowed over the rim of her sunglasses. "You should be honored to receive my invitation. I do not offer such a thing lightly." She huffed, her arms crossing, green painted nails scraping against the fur of her coat sleeve.


"Hello." June's voice was pleasant enough, her accent not at all that of anyone from the eastern seaboard. She had that odd inflection that only people from California seemed to have. She did, though, lower her hot chocolate, looking between Amora and her admirers and the costumed hero. "I think you may have injured her feelings." She wasn't smiling, but there was humour in her voice. She offered that sage observation, before she lifted the cup back to her lips.


Superman tilts his head at Amora. "Well…I fight for everyone. I consider it a large honor to do such a thing." he smiles innocently, though he doesn't seem to mind it that Amora's feelings or hurt nor June's sudden interjection. Glancing to the two men drooling over the Enchantress, Superman smirks.

"I don't think I hurt her feelings that badly." He was being honest after all. She looks like a woman who pretty much gives herself away to whoever finds her immensely beautiful.


The narrowed eye look didn't vanish, in fact it deepened as she huffed and glanced between June and back to Superman in a flicker of electric green. She looked quite frankly, about to rip something small apart, or to stamp her feet and throw something. Possibly both. The problem with beings that live for so long and hold so much power, is that they rarely get told 'no'. Amora huffed a breath, her lips twisting into a scowl.

"Hello, yes, ah-HEM. Midgardians. I am still present and quite able to hear." She snapped, her voice pitched low. A rigid inhale followed and she made a vague gesture to Superman.

"I am quite done with you." She sneered, and vanished suddenly in a puff of green, glittery, smoke.


June lowered the cup down from her lips, looking, rather mildly, at the blonde, rather amazonian looking woman as she threw a tantrum. A glance from Superman, to Amora, to Superman again, as if she were watching some odd sort of game of ping pong. But Amora was gone long before she had a chance to look back at her. "Yes. Yes, I definitely think you hurt her feelings. It seems as if you do have all the gifts." before she could say anything else, she freed a hand and pointed behind Superman. "I think that's your cue." The police were coming to speak to the Man of Steel. "And I'm all out of hot chocolate." June flashed the man a smile, before she turned to head back towards where she got the hot chocolate in the first place, while the police converged on the kryptonian.

She wondered if they gave a discount for repeat customers who came back cup in hand.

In New York? Nah. Probably not.

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