Stop. Coffee Time.

December 02, 2018:

Kara asks Caitlin to show her the working of a Cafe.

The Coffee Bean


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Kara has asked Caitlin to take her to a cafe, and show her how one is supposed to navigate one of those places. She's seen a few while walking about or heroing about, and she's been quite eager to get a chance to try one of those for herself. "Caitlin, that's the one," she points in the direction of the Coffee Bean, "so, what do we do?"


Caitlin squints at the Coffee Bean, and nods approvingly. "That's a good place," she confirms. In knee-high winter boots, jeans, and a heavy puffy vest, she's dressed a little light for the chill northeastern ocean breezes that push at her tumbling red hair periodically.

"We can just go in and get some good coffee made. You'd probably like a mocha latte," she advises Kara, and checks the purse over her shoulder. "It's a good place to warm up and eat some baked food, too. Something to warm you up and get a little carb booster mid-morning." She beckons Kara onwards towards the doors and heads inside.


Kara is dressed as if weather didn't really bother her, still keeping to the casual look of an off the shoulder top with a cute print, and an airy skirt. She doesn't seem aware of the colder weather, thinking people largely change how they dress as a choice of fashion.

"Yes! Go in and get the good coffee!" She looks intently at Caitlin when she explains what to get, nodding along, "got it. A mocha latte. Easy enough."

With a spring in her step she follows Caitlin through the door.


Up they go to the counter, and Caitlin pays for both drinks with a credit card from her slender checkbook. "Same for me, with a little peppermint," she requests of the barista. "Oh, and two struedels," she adds hastily, tapping the glass.

It only takes a few moments to collect the beverages and hot snacks and Caitlin indicates a table for them to sit at. She takes a seat in a sturdy metal chair and crosses her legs to the side of the table so she isn't slamming her knee into it. "You've really never been to a cafe before?" she inquires of Kara, curiously. "It's like… *coffee*." Caitlin clearly marvels at the idea of someone surviving without caffeine.


When Kara hears how Caitlin's order differs from her own, she immediately asks, "what's peppermint?" She observes the ritual of purchase, and beams when Caitlin pays with her credit card, leaning in to whisper, "I got a magic card too! Carol gave it to me."

Kara shakes her head when asked the question, "not really, but I've seen them, they look popular!" She walks over towards the table, and takes one of the metal chairs to sit on, "are the chairs metal to show support to some kind of god?"


Caitlin smiles at Kara. "It's not *magic*, Kara. It's just an electromagnetic strip. It's tied to your identity. I'd use my mobile credit card but my stupid app broke."

She eyes the chairs, then. "And they're… chairs. For sitting in. Metal's a lot sturdier than plastic," she points out. "If you want to see a worship service, I *guesS* we could go to Sunday service at my church…"


"It is, Carol explained it to me," Kara seems adamant to keep to the term she was first given. Not once thinking it was just a figure of speech. "I will see it another time, coffee is more interesting, so…is there any ceremony for having a mocha latte?" She asks while looking down with awe at her first cup of mocha latte.


"Not really," Caitlin shrugs. She opens the container to check it, finds things satisfactory, and reassembles the lid with a quiet snap of plastic mating to plastic. "It's just a beverage. I think ceremony is really for, like… celebrations. Big events. Weddings, funerals, baby births, that kind of thing. They call it a 'toast' to the person, though I have no idea why."


"I like ceremonies, but I know how to just drink," Kara notes, before picking up the cup and taking a sip. "Mmmmm…I like this mocha latte drink," she gives her verdict after only one sip, "you were right!"


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