A Tale of Two Knights

November 30, 2018:

Darkedge meets Moon Knight when both are, for different reasons, on the trail of the same vampire. They exchange information that might help each achieve his goals.

Chinatown, NYC

A maze of back alleys in Chinatown


NPCs: None.

Mentions: Blade


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Fade In…

Once upon a time, monsters stalked the night, slithering through shadow in search of their prey. The flames that accompanied their breath illuminated the golden mail of those heroes who sought them out in their lairs.

But that was long ago and far away.

Tonight, the monsters still stalk the night. Thick plumes of smoke and steam mix in the alleys of Chinatown to obscure the movement of unwary travelers as well as the predators that lurk just out of sight behind them.

The alleys here are tight and winding and occasionally lead to dead ends that resemble the lairs of ages ago. Tonight, a pair of tourists find themselves lost, having taken a wrong turn in the mist. As they reach an impassable point, the couple turns about … only to see glowing eyes in the darkness.

On the prowl for magical anything in the human realm, Darkedge is among those things which stalk the night and slip, unseen, from shadow to shadow. He pauses now, on the roof of a building. He spots the couple, watching them come to an impasse and then turn around. That they seem spooked has the elf skimming the alley briefly, looking for the usual other humans who mug and steal. What he spots gives him pause. It's human, but …the elf frowns lightly, mind sorting out why there's something unsettling familiar about this thing. He leans forward for a better look.

A soft hiss emanates from the pair of glowing eyes, harsher than the sound of escaping steam from nearby sewer grates.

"Uh … hello?" one of the tourists asks, gripping her companion's arm.

"I've got mace," the other says, gripping a thin canister in her left hand. "Back on up."

The hissing figure seems to glide forward, its shape becoming slightly more visible - at least in terms of a silhouette appearing in the shape of a fit man hunched over in a tense stance.

There's a high-pitched titter that drops slowly into a deep growl. "Ooohh," the hidden figure says. "Seasoning."

Up above, a shadow passes across the sliver of moon visible between the buildings before becoming intensely visible, a shock of white in the moonlight against the black sky.

A man is falling from the moon toward the alley, a cape fluttering out behind him like a pair of wings. He plummets down past the elf's hiding place and lands in front of the two tourists.

The one without mace screams.

The other sprays the back of the white figure's head with her mace.

"Shit!" the man from the moon coughs.

The predator in the smoke leaps forward to attack.

All of this is watched, the elf still and calm even as a man falls from the moonlight. This land of mortals is an odd one.

The scream that rends the air has the elf's lips pressig together faintly. Silly humans, misunderstanding where the threat is. Darkedge steps backwards into a shadow behind him and appears stepping backwards into the forward leap of this hissing predator. In the heartbeat of that shadowstep, Darkedge 'drew' his blade, diamond and shaped by his will. Held reverse, he slides it cleanly and effciently where he knows the heart of a human hides, while his other hand, gloved, reaches up and back to grab the attacker so it can be shoulder flipped to the ground in front of him and at his feet.

"Run," is all the elf says, speaking to the tourists, even as his silver eyed gaze remains on the foe he's pretty sure he's killed. But, it's important to ensure such creatures have well and truly stopped moving before turning one's back to them.

The man in white chokes and shakes his head as someone else suddenly appears in between him and the onrushing creature.

"Wait -" he begins, but then the sword slides into the predator's chest. As it's being taken to the ground, it begins to burn up and flake away, disintegrating into nothing a moment after its back touches the ground.

Behind the elf, the man continues to cough, pulling up his mask part-way to spit out thick wads of pepper-laden mucus.

The tourists, meanwhile, don't have to be told twice. They're gone, their footsteps echoing through the alley like far-off machine gun fire.

"Needed …" the man in white manages to say. "Needed … talk. To talk." He retches.

It flakes away into dust? An undead then. Darkedge huffs annoyedly down at the ash pile on the ground. The sword, the diamond blade, retreats up his sleeve, disappearing without a trace as the elf turns and those inhuman silver eyes regard the man in white.

"They are not amiable dinner companions," says Darkedge. His voice is cold, distant, and horse, as if he hasn't spoken aloud in months. He likely hasn't. He just stands there, silently regarding the vomitting human, without offering help or sympathy.

After a long moment of restrained heaving and gasping for air, the man in white manages to inhale deeply and sigh. He lowers his mask back down over the entirety of his face.

Looking to the elf, the man nods slowly. "Yes. But … the vampire." He points to the ground where the creature had been flipped before dissolving into dust. "He had information. I needed it."

The man lifts his left wrist to his face. "Glider formation …" He coughs again and wheezes. "Glider formation echo. Transmit failure signal to Blade. Damn!" the man says as he clears his throat.

"Look," he says quietly. "I can see you're … uh, special. Are you on their trail, too? What do you know about the 'great darkness'? Ever heard of a vampire lord - or maybe something worse - called Chernobog?"

"A shame," the elf quips, tone haughty. He waits again, seemingly endlessly patient. The name 'Blade' earns the quirk of a brow as the elf ponders exactly whose Blade was being reported to.

"I occassionally protect mortals incapable of protecting themselves from creatures which they have forgotten are a threat to them. I have little care for vampire, nor for Dark Lords and Demons. You are hunting them, and so we find ourselves allies," he says, reaching into a pouch on his hip and tossing a precious gemstone at him.

"Keep it upon your person and I can find you. For now, I will locate what information My Queen may have of Chernobog, and then two Blades will meet," he says, eyes narrowing faintly. He waits, only to ensure that the human has the gem, a ovaloid of dark blue with a bright white star at its heart, before he steps back into a shadow and vanishes.

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