Terrifying Creatures

November 30, 2018:

A group are swept up into a rift, but are caught between locations….

Midtown Manhattan

Situated between 14th and 59th Streets, Midtown Manhattan is *the* tourist
destination in New York City. It is also the largest central business
district in America. Most of the tallest skyscrapers in the city can be
found here, from the Empire State and Chrysler Buildings to Stark Tower and
the Baxter Building. It's also home to Times Square, Broadway, and Fifth

In the day, the traffic is non-stop. In the evening, bright neon lights
light up the street such that it looks as if the sun simply doesn't set on
the city. But, then, there's a reason New York is called The City that Never
Sleeps. This, right here, is it.

Within midtown one can also find Central Park and access to the East and
West Sides of the city.


NPCs: None.


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Fade In…

The rifts were, for the most part, something that most people could ignore, unless someone they knew closely was missing. Then it was personal. The rifts were a thing on the news, elusive and strange: an aftermath of something that was far worse. Demons are, for most people, far worse than some subtle tears in the reality of the world. Right?

But where do the rifts go? What is causing them, what is their nature, or purpose? There are a lot of questions.

And the rifts are not stable, they're unpredictable. They suddenly come, and the disorientation is immediate. Is it space, or also time? How long does a rift take someone? It varies. If there is a pattern, one is not obviously easy to spot.

This night, across the city, partial-rifts appear. They clutch at people, and pull them halfway. Not directly into another place, but into the space that isn't here or there. It isn't even 'limbo', it is a passage that straddles places. And in that space, the world is as if it is through a pane of glass, a membrane. It stretches across much of Manhattan's east side. Those that were drawn from other places are here as well, dumped into this between. The cars buzz through, like spirits. The world is disconnected, distant.

Welcome to the place between the rifts. Where a glowing set of sparks bursts and roves through the ground, and flutters through those arriving in this strange place in-between. Magic? Maybe. Yet also distant. This is not a place to safely stop in.

The sparks flutter and move throughout the lower tier of a hotel, and the parking structure, and the sidewalk outside, drawing all people that were rifted and caught to this place with the luminescence of it. There isn't anything else to interact with, really.

She was supposed to be on her way to a business dinner. A nice hotel on the lower east side. A calm night talking acquisitions with an associate across the pond. But all of that went out the door with the lights. The lights and that strange, distant feeling. The separation, not quite being in reality, but not totally gone either. "…Dammit…" Pepper breathes out quietly, testing the stalk of her high heels on what should be marble flooring. She pulls out her phone, pushing the button for the office line. Just tests now. A quiet series of tests before panicing at her current place. Sharp green eyes flicker around, searching any others that might have been trapped here as well.

It can be really dangerous to get hit by such rifts when one is moving as fast as Maxima does. She is easily clocking in at Mach 3 when she suddenly feels such a strange change and flips in the air a couple of times due to disorientation. SHe comes to a screeching halt a moment later, staring around suddenly to the left and then the right. Her eyes going over this strange wasteland of odd world. She can see the world through a membrane but is certainly not in NYC anymore. She floats down and spots some strange sparks. She then closes her eyes and uses her more powerful senses, her mind. She is reaching out for thoughts and emotions from those around her, trying to figure out just what is happening here as she floats downward toward the sparks.

One last science experiment before she goes on vacation.

"What was I thinking?" Caitlin mutters to herself, shaking her head in irritation. She seems mostly having a rhetorical conversation with herself. "SIRIN, I *know* we're not in Tokyo," she says, to no one in particular. "Just… turn the GPS off, for now. … yes, right now!" She huffs in irritation, little lights flickering almost invisibly in her left eye.

The tall redhead's dressed for New York winter weather— fur-topped waterproof boots, hip-hugging jeans, and a thick turtleneck shirt. Her hair's pulled back in a ponytail high at the back of her head so it's out of her way.

"Well, the local telemeters are working," she says, examining the squat little crate in front of her. A diagnostic feed runs from it into her portable AI assistant's hardcase. "So we're getting good data." She picks the case up and slings it over her shoulder, and then hefts a heavy-barreled device mounted on a tripod.

"SIRIN, transmit emergency message, all frequencies," Caitlin says. "This is Caitlin Fairchild, and I'm stranded in some kind of … rift. … thing. If anyone's in range of this transmission, please contact me. I'm headed towards…" she squints down the hazy street. "The Marriot hotel on the East Side. Message repeats."

With that, Caitlin starts trucking down the middle of the sidewalk, trying to ignore the hazy apparitions of the nearby world moving around her. Even so, she finds herself reflexively avoiding shadowy pedestrians.

The undercover Challenger is left behind and Sara is already out of the drivers side door before the engine calms to a purr, Jake only having one leg out before Sara is racing down the alley and into the parking garage where the Rift is blaring a pulsing readout.

The D.E.O. badge is tucked beneath the white haltered 't' back tank top and the leather jacket as she plants and turns based on a readou—-

The ripple in the Rift leaves the tablet on the sidewalk as Detective Pazzini is suspended "between"!

"Ja… McCarthy!!" Feedback, a digital squeal and the earpiece smokes from her ear and she sheds it to the ground as the burn is felt. "Ahh, tss, fuc—-!"

Looking up, though, the dawn of realization comes in a pace like her world is in a slow-VHS-FF of shadows where only a few are really there to her.

You paged Sara Pezzini with 'I'm not familiar; would 'Jake' come after you, or?'
Long distance to Sara Pezzini: Tony Stark will pose to cover either way.
There's no voices, sound is not crossing, but four people turn and stare at Maxima's vicinity. They soundlessly open their mouths, as if screaming in panic yet the sound doesn't actually carry, and they flee from Maxima outright. Others do as well, after clearly hearing the others. One guy does linger to take a picture, and sort of hides behind part of a building, as if to see what Maxima the frightening one will do.

Pepper is met with similar confusion, a woman swept through the entrance to the hotel and walked right THROUGH her, distracted and on her phone, waving at wisps of Pepper's essence. It is as if everything were out of phase. Or everything was some other strange spirit world, leaving them as the only normal ones?

Caitlin's tech seems to be working, if a little bit bizarrely. It is giving all sorts of readings, as if it could not pinpoint location. It is truly confusing, as if she kept teleporting between places, though she always does return to Manhattan. There aren't many things for her technology to contact, but it isn't barren: there's some things like Pepper's tech it can find. And some other examples, but more distant, globally. Caitlin, also, starts to get reaction from her pedestrians. They react, as if trying to decide what she is, or isn't, and most of them avoid. Some bolt in fear. A young girl just stares at Caitlin dead on, with huge dark eyes amid curly hair, while her mother drags her aside protectively.

If there is anyone hunting for Sara or seeking, they won't seem to quite see her. They'd react to the zone of her presence with hostility and concern, but not recognition.

At a secluded table in the hotel, overlooking the courtyard through a large plate glass window, a woman with hair the hue of black plums is languidly stirring a cup of coffee. Her spoon swirls idly in the blackness of the coffee as the woman reads a book. Dressed in clothes that are a /little/ too fancy for a coffee shop…or a coffee gala…she is reading a book in the relative silence of the corner table.

As the rift seemingly descends - is it descending, or is she? Or is she thrust into it, or it upon her? Does it even matter now? There is a calm that descends within her mind. It quiets other voices. It softens the pounding in her head. It…she notes, as a sparkler idles past…is probably going to make her late back to her photo shoot.

The woman passing through Pepper is the STRANGEST feeling Pep has felt in a long time, a little yelp escaping her lips as she spins on the ball of her high heel and vaguely tries to wave back. "TONY. CALL. TONY STARK." She half yells to the woman, recognizing her from a few other meetings, they've had dinner in this hotel before. But who knows if she can actually communicate out. She had to try. Her emotions, probably only SCREAMINGLY obvious to Maxima, are those of barely controlled panic. A woman use to crisis situations but also constantly panicking through them. Pepper has to figure it out and while she's terrified, she cannot let it show on the surface. Then, the emergency alert of her phone is going on a Stark frequency. She swipes across, trying to open up a line. "Ms. Fairchild? Is that… you? I'm in the lobby of the Marriot. I was here for the Calbresi acqusition dinner. Where are you? Are you on this…plane? I think I've phased or, something… Maybe one of those rifts. God, I *cannot* be late for this dinner."

Landing lightly upon the ground, Maxima looks around at the people here and then she takes in a slow breath and states softly, "Those damned idiots be damned, this must be done." She then idly gives off a soft feeling of calm. She shakes he rhead, "They can feel how they feel, calm is the best thing for this…situation?" She looks in the idrection of Pepper and hmms as she walks toward the woman who appears to be far less…surreal? Ethreal? Either way she walks toward Pepper calling out, "Hello? I am Maxima. You needn't fear."

"Pepper?" Caitlin blinks in surprise at the voice in her ear, and looks around for her supervisor. "Oh! Hey, you got sucked into this doggone thing?" the towering ginger remarks. It's a mixture of scientific interest and wry sympathy. "I'm trying to figure out what's going on," she says. "Hang on, I'm like… right around the corner, I'll be there in a minute," she assures Pepper.

About a minute later, she walks *through* the door, stumbling a little when she goes for a suddenly intangible door handle. "Okay, that's creepy," Caitlin remarks, and catches sight of … Maxima, of all people. She blinks at the Queen of Almerac talking to Pepper. "You're *both* in here?" she inquires, clearly knowing both the redheads. Caitlin makes for a third ginger as she joins them, her heavy equipment carried lazily over one shoulder. "Is everyone okay? No one's hurt?" she adds, looking from Maxima to Pepper.

She digs in her black slingpack and comes up with three protein bars. "Anyone hungry?"

Sara's vision of this Rift is seen through Black and Gold colored glasses - not Rose.

Her eyes are the first thing to take on the visible change as scalera go black and iris' go golden. Visceral tendrils slither through auburn hair to adhere along the high ridge of her cheekbone and straddle either sides of those eyes, down along her jaw… Neck… Beneath leather covering of jacket where threads audibly rend under the ethereal pressure of the conforming Witchblade in a foreign Rift/Plane.

"Don't mind if I do. Famished." Witchblade states as one of Cait's bars is attempted to be snared by a 'Bladed grip!

Some of the crowd is afraid, others are more bold. Like any time a supernatural thing occurs, really. The more bold ones are starting to create a ring, and there's traffic problems associated with what happens when a crowd draws to stare at something. Attention is being given to all of those that have come out into the public view. Pepper's 'friend'? She was far too busy with her phone to even give recognition about any of it: some people are in their own worlds, and can't be bothered with extra ones that are stuck in between worlds, let alone anything else.

Some police have arrived, and take in the area the redheads occupy with a sort of fearful uncertainty, as if they were looking at something far more terrible or unknown than four (albeit unusual) women. They are reacting more like a gateway of demonic doom was open on their location. But maybe that's what they appear to look like. There is still no verbal communication, but even without that it becomes clear the police are doing a 'stay back out of the way away from it, move along' sort of routine. One police cruiser blocks off the section of the street. They are on their radios, gesturing and discussing.

Inside the hotel, people have rushed towards the windows and front long glass doors to look, but some have spotted Betsy. There's considerable attention in her direction, but no attempts to talk to her. Just pointing at her vicinity, gestures. It as if she is not human, to their perception.

Everyone around her seems entirely more calm and blase‘ about this than Pepper does, Caitlin responding that smoothly and Maxima telling her to calm down. She frowns a bit deeper to the stranger, "I’m not *afraid*. Fear… there's no time for fear. I'm annoyed and I have a business dinner exactly 100 feet in that direction in five minutes but I, somehow, suspect I will not be able to conduct business through this… phase shift!" Pepper's voice has gotten slightly progressively higher as she explains the very stark reality of the situation she is in. She then huffs out, looking back to Caitlin with some desperate cry for help in her green eyes. "How…how do we get out of here? I'm not hurt, but I do have that meeting." Pepper steps a bit warily back as she sees the other just grab that bar off of Caitlin… that was strange.

Then she takes notice of the police trying to wave them off. She gives them a fairly insistent wave, "Tell Mary in the bar I'll BE THERE SOON!" As if talking through the rift but louder would work better. It never does, but Pepper has to try.

A sigh as she looks around and Maxima states, "This is hardly my area of expertise." She states and nods her head, "All this magic or what not is outside of my area. I'm assuming at least this has to do with magic." She gesutres idly and then looks over at Caitlin and then looks at the other new arrivals. She then blinks at Pepper, "Ok, well, if you are not afraid than you sound at the very least, as you said, annoyed but I doubt it'll help." She considers idly and then she takes a breath and reaches out idly mentally to try to get in touch with the peopl eon the other side. To see if she can telepathically talk through to the real world.

"Ack!" Caitlin spins and almost clobbers Sara. Not with the heavy bludgeon in her hand, because it's an insanely expensive piece of equipment. Priorities! But Sara almost gets a backhand that'd knock an elephant into next Tuesday.

"Golly darn it, lady! You scared me!" Caitlin scolds, trying to catch her breath. She heaves a deep inhalation of air, facing Sara— and putting herself squarely between the newcomer and Pepper Potts, behind her.

She drops the staredown before it turns into a combative glare. "Look, for the moment, we're all stuck in here," Caitlin says. "So let's all… calm down, take a collective breath," she reminds the other three. "My best guess is that we're experiencing some kind of quantum phase shift." She sets down the heavy equipment and deploys the tripod for the tube-shaped device. "Fortunately, I've got a particle accelerator," she beams. "And a good working theory, so we're like most of the way towards a solution already. This feels a lot like the phase shifting thing that the demon-chick did when they invaded last month," she explains. "We might be able to rephase ourselves back in sync with everyone else."

With a sigh as the spoon that Elizabeth Braddock /was/ using to stir her coffee seemingly phases through her fingers, the violet-haired woman stands, lifting the slinky shimmer of crystal-encrusted golden cloth that pools beneath silver strappy heels so that she won't trip. And she glides, for that is the only way one keeps from falling ass over teakettle in shoes like that…into the area where she senses more mental energies convening. She looks around at the faces of others she encounters, arching a brow. Violet eyes are a shade of inquisitive. "Anyone get the number of that cosmic bus? Or is it just me?"

In her strides to approach the trio, The Witchblade passes Jake, those taloned fingers extending to draw along the Rift and that 'Veil' between the worlds. Not only testing it's ethereal strength, but how much it may take… Casually.

Jake is on the other side, that Challenger fingerprinted to Sara and him, revved and joining the police line as his 'Partner Pez' suddenly went static to him. The panic shows over his face even as the Witchblade draws sharpened fingers ovewr the Rift between them, unseen in her maligned passing between.

The protein bar snared is taken and once teeth are banana-peeling the wrapper off Caitlin is swinging like a song in tandem. Tearing a wrapper, tearing someone a new as$&^#1342

The backhand is met with opposing hand coming to rise and attempt to capture Caitlin's fist! Maxima and Pepper are regarded in that moment, once more while the protein bar (wrapper and all) hit the ground at her feet, steel toed boots reforming where the internal steel is now visible and ascending over denim clad legs in a posession.

Cait and Witchblade seem to be 'holding fists', eyes narrowed at Pepper and Maxima, while a Protein bar and ear bud are piecmeal on the ground in the path.

Betsy now gets attention and her head shakes slowly. "Welcome to New York." Stated lowly.

The vicinity of the effects have drawn attention down from Stark tower. A few robot drones, small flying scouts, have come over to peruse the situation, scanning around near the women with a VERY respectful distance. The robots behave as if the women were potentially going to explode. One of the drones gets far more 'brave' (in other words, it is sent as possible sacrifice), and heads directly at the group. Specifically, directly at one of the newer to arrive, Betsy. Right AT her. And by proximity, Sara Pezzini also!

The drones will no doubt bring the greater red-and-gold 'cavalry,' the Stark Industries pair will know. Weird rifts don't just get ignored. Well, most of the time?

… Yep, there he is, there's Iron Man, though he's high in the air, roughly over the street, doing a behavior that is clearly scanning or broadcasting, in a sort of unconcerned high loop. Due to the reaction of people around, he's clearly doing some type of thing the group can't hear, because they react, and there's clapping. It's probably less impressive on mute.

Telepathic reach does find people. Sort of. It's snippets, as if the people were there, then out of range, then in range, then there's someone else in the location expected. Perhaps the greatest way to put it is that it feels like trying to use telepathy at maximum speed, when the targets are also moving. It's a vertigo feeling, and possibly nausea creating. However, Maxima can find the group of women, plus the other psion that just came out of the hotel in the extremely expensive dress, Betsy.

Hotel people react like Betsy is a terrifying creature when she moves, but they partially follow, as if unable to look away, staring at her and the area she is in, but they stay inside the hotel. Where it is safe. And some doors get locked. As if that would stop them from ghosting through the doors?

"Well, yes. I'm *annoyed*. But, Ms. Fairchild here is quite brilliant and certain to get us out of here shortly." Pepper's emotions have greatly calmed just at Caitlin's commentary about understand that this is and being most of the way towards a solution. At least she puts the greatest of confidence in Stark's people, if not always Tony himself. She takes a steadying, focuse breath and a daring tip toe forward on her Jimmy Choos, trying to peek over whatever equipment is in Caitlin's hand without getting too close to Sara, whom is still getting quite the wary look from the assistant and a slight jerk away at the near altercation. Pepper holds it together, though. "…What can we do to help, Mrs. Fairchild? I'll double your Christmas bonus if you get us out of here within fifteen minutes." She tries to get control of the situation with a focused, forced bit of words.

Then Betsy is appearing and Pepper blinks up to the new comer, who is taking this all with a hell of a lot more grace than she is. And utterly unnerving. Instinctively, Pepper straightens her back and her shoulders a bit more, as she will *not* be out-classed or show fear, and clears her throat, "Ms. Fairchild is from our R&D department and already has a perfect handle on things. I'm sure we will get off this cosmic bus… Soon." Then the drones start coming in. Red and gold. Familiar drones, if on the wrong side of things, "See? They are on it already. Stark Industries brilliant minds will get us out of here. Thank you for… your awareness, Miss Fairchild." Always spouting the company line! It's a good safety blanket when ever other inch of Pepper just wants to scream.

Pinking in embarasment that Sara thought Caitlin was punching her, the ginger engineer focuses on her work again. Pepper gets a radiant smile from Caitlin at the high praise, and when she points out Tony's blurry presence, Caitlin cheers immensely. It practically changes the temperature around her as stalwart determination gives way to enthused relief.

She sets up the device quickly, hooking it up to the crate and spins it to life. Betsy gets a blinking once-over, and then she ducks her head in greeting and ventures a smile before going back to her work.

It looks like a giant raygun, with parabolic reflectors and antennae and glowing stuff. The end is boxy, blunt, and does not remotely resemble a barrel, with a square hood and mesh face over it. She catches Pepper peeking, and gives the other woman a gently encouraging smile and a squeeze of her slender arm. "Hey. It'll be okay," she whispers to her friend.

"Okay. When the demons invaded, they used magic to shift our P-brane entanglements to a different frequency. Now, it's crazy dangerous for us to do that because we don't know the target frequency. But I do know *Our* native entanglement frequency. This baryon emitter should help restore everything to proper harmonics."

She pauses. "Or it'll tear up a lot of New York real estate. ANYWAY HERE WE GO!"

She flicks a switch and the device pulses ominously, and does nothing remotely visible to the naked eye.

A glance over at Caitlin and Maxima hmms, "I can barely talk to anyone on the other side of whatever this mess is." She gestures, "My mind can't quite reach them properly." She nods to her, "I don't think that I can do much abou tthis." She then listens to Caitlin and blinks, 'It will what? And you are going to…oh…well, this should be interesting." Maxima idly watches Caitlin work and prepares herself to use her powers to, well, try to hold things togethre if necessary.

Pepper is regarded carefully. One eye still is not fully golden, the inner iris of her left eye is still a pale hazel hue, still Sara, and still… Detecting. 60/40~ish?

Pepper loses the focus though when Outside the Rifts the Red and Gold carries a cadence of hope while the words of technology and this anomaly's defeat echo behind her. Witchblade blinks.

Sara blinks.

A slow rock of her head as if awakening from a blow that was expected, but was never truly pushed, and Caitlin is stepped back from enough so her Christmas Bonus and Pepper are undisturbed by her own doubt.

Maxima and Betsy are now closer to Wichblade. "Interesting?" A low murmur towards Maxima just before she looks to Betsy, caution there.

"… I do hope so." A tilt of her head, the chitinous armor that has formed over her neck bending with ease before Witchblade moves to try and also tear a hole Between them with that scientific charge. Just in front of Jake as he squares off with other officials and the arrival of this Iron. Man.

Blinking, and fairly certain she was just called a peabrain, Betsy's eyes darken. Maybe this is just a woman trying to help. Or maybe she's a demon, herself. She came, as often she does to unwind with a cup of coffee, unarmed and unprepared for battle. But as her hand slips from behind her hip, it is now neither unarmed or unprepared, as a shimmering blade of pink energy pulses. Maybe this stuff is real, and maybe it isn't. But she's not going to be called a peabrain by anything, real or imagined.
As the little drone that could comes careening at her head, Betsy dodgesleft, and swings at it with her free hand, attempting to swat it away with an open palm.

So that drone was 'swatted', but phases right on through, all casual like. It feels weird, though. Sorry about that. Tingles in the hand, might last for a while, because it was starting to fire up!

Caitlin may also recognize that Tony's doing his own work on the opposite end of all this: the drone that flew at their heads ended up fully through them to the other side, and two others come across. They are creating a beacon for Caitlin's device to find. And it's actually obnoxiously horrible. It looks like three huge white lighthouses in the midst of the rift, that turn to beam directly into it, blindingly. Hopefully Caitlin won't need to SEE to do what she needs to do. It is only blinding inside the Rift, though, and once they are loose of the strange phase shift, things will be fine. Covered in visual spots, but fine. Whether Sara's attack via the Witchblade assists in piercing or causing the anchors to find them with improved clarity? Unclear. It does seem to help, though, it disturbs things.

But there's also a strange electricity that streamers from where Sara's blades cut, of white flowing through the 'place' between, like they saw when they all arrived. As if it were alive. Is it unhappy they are leaving? Is it sentient? By the time it really starts to form behind and around them, the rift will jarringly peel away. Not that there's much to have seen, with those bright beacons of Tony's. And suddenly there's a cacophony of sound: the street, the sirens, the people.

"Oh, hey," Tony says casually, voice amplified by his helmet's sound system. "Everyone all right?" he asks. "This means I don't have to go to that meeting in your place… right?" Tony asks Pepper, landing, relieved.

Too-wide green eyes are clearly not totally certain what just happened, Pepper's perfectly painted lips hovering on the edge of questions for Caitlin and company. But then there is Tony. There. Talking. And while part of her wants to run to him for just a moment, his words are enough to remind her. "The meeting! Mary! I'm late!" And… with that, she's dashing through the lobby to the back room of the five star restaurant, like nothing utterly insane just happened at all.

Caitlin sags with relief when reality reasserts itself, and bids Pepper farewell before her friend vanishes. The mighty Queen of Almerac sails into the sky almost immediately, leaving Caitlin with Betsy Braddock and Sara Pezzini and now, Tony Stark and a small army of stunned onlookers.

"It's okay!" Caitlin announces, holding her hands up. "We're not aliens. Or demons. Or ghosts."

She turns off the device with a meticulous sort of attendence to detail and beams up at Tony when he hovers down to her level. "That was scary," she informs him, seriously. "If I didn't have the baryon emitter I might have gotten stuck there indefinitely. I met some other people—" she waves at Betsy and Sara. "But I don't know who else might be in there."

"Oh, I'm sorry," she tells the other women, hastily facing them. "I'm Caitlin Fairchild," she explains. She's been on the news quite a bit and she's the only ginger giant in New York, as far as she knows. "And my boss, Mr. Stark," she says. "And I'm sorry for swinging at you," she apologizes to Sara. "You're pretty sneaky."

When those 'Bladed fingertips withdrawl, the electricity is like a Plasma Globe that attaches to each clawed tip and cascades into the pock-marks of that alienoid armor that coats upward and hides beneath the leather sleeve of the Detectives jacket.

Caitlin gets a glance as her hand slowl curls into a fist, lowering while the other picks up the protein bar and tucks it into an inner pocket as the Rift drops and disintegrates around them, even those bits of veil and electricity are cupped close to her chest…

The badge beneath becomes visible again as everything changes back with blasts unseen, but felt! Maxima is watched, Betsy stepped back from in a regard of equals - keeping a careful regard to Cait, Pepper…

And this Iron Man as he lands and everything becomes "real again"!

Sara smiles at Cait in that moment of "apology" and introduction "Sorry, why?", but the smile framed in tendrils of skeletal armoring seems a bit less genuine until….

Jake is at Sara's side as it all drops away, his trenchcoat shed, draped over her while he races for the Challenger, the lights flaring with remote access alerted. "What. The… fu—-"
"Later… I need to ask more questions, need time…"

The shift from paranormal to (ab)normal seems totally taken in stride as Betsy looks from one face to the other. She seems…nonplussed. Almost disappointed. Does…does this mean she doesn't get a slash faces? It almost certainly does, and she SO wanted to slash faces. "Well, then," she begins, lowering her blade to her side as she narrows her eyes at Iron Man. Oh, she knows /who/ he is. But all things considered, she trusts no one. She's also shaking her left hand and looking at it with minor astonishment. Psylocke doesen't simply /miss/. And if anyone had anything to do with that little smartass drone nearly meandering through her her face, it's probably this guy. "I suppose nothing left to do but get some coffee, eh?"

"Orrrrr, we could do some scans, be sure nothing was left behind in the rift that you may need," Tony suggests to Psylocke, his helmet opening to display his face. He's landed, and the model is getting a smooth smile from Tony Stark. Of course. Have you seen how she's dressed? "With coffee? Sure," he accepts, as if she were asking /him/ to coffee.

He points Caitlin towards Sara, "Think you can follow up on that one?" he suggests to her. He'll handle the model here. All the scanning. His drones come down and in, doing a careful examination of the site and logging away all of the readings.

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