The Coffee Bean

November 27, 2018:

A few people who sort've know each other meet in a coffee shop for some brief casual banter!


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Midafternoon. In America, it's mostly coffee and not tea. So, to the coffee shop it is! It's a rather peaceful day, all things considered, and Stephanie strolls in hadn in hand with Drake.

"…in about two hours. Oh my gosh! I'm so excited. I haven't been to like the actual movies in forever! I took the evening off so, yes. For sure, happening, tonight," she's bubbling, happy and light and excited to the point that she's almost bursting at the seams.

Drake Riley's hand in Stephanie's is exactly where he prefers it to be. And hearing her so bubbly, so excited, so vibrant with life - it does his heart good. It's like they're moving ever closer to normalcy, to giving Stephanie the opportunity to feel like a person, and less like a military instrument. She's worth more than that dehumanizing feeling. It's his pleasure to help her see that.

"Kind'a like our first official date, right?," Drake adds as they breeze in. He tilts over to lightly shoulderbump with her. "Maybe this time'll have a /slightly/ different ending. But we'll probably need to go somewere'n hide so we can give all the spoilers again."

Diana Prince is inside the Coffee Bean, its a shop that sits across the street and down from the Themysciran Embassy just a few buildings so its a place that is often visited by the Princess. Its also why there's a number of Wonder Woman items up on the walls as the owner celebrates the fact that she's a common visitor.

As of right now, the ambassador to the people of Paradise Island is seated near one of the front windows, she's in casual attire, a slim fitting red turtle neck sweater, a pair of black slacks and some simple black shoes. Her dark brown hair is tied back into a ponytail and she has a gold necklace on around the base of her turtleneck, casual attire but still quite nice in appearance.

Diana's blue eyes are down upon a leather bound book in front of her, a copy of a book published by a personal friend and gifted to her earlier today. She has a cup of hot tea in front of her beside the book and she's simply sitting by herself and enjoying her afternoon, a moment of peace.

"It is. It really is," Stephanie echos, turning a sun-bright smile on her boyfriend. She really is starting to feel so much better about life, about herself, about the possibility of romance. She takes the bump as her do, pushing back with her own shoulder.

"I like spoilers," she pouts lightly, eyes dancing with mirth.
"Oh, we get to have all of'em," Drake assures the blonde beside them. "But just in a secret place. So no one bricks us."

Suddenly! Drake spots the princess not far. Does she know who he is out of costume? He can't be sure about these things. But he does know that he met her once when acting as a totally normal civilian. Her people were doing a demonstration. It was one of the more bizarre things he'd wandered in on in a mall.

"Hey, Miss Prince!," he calls, lifting his left hand in greeting.

Diana looks up from her book after flipping a page and she regards the person who called out to her. She does recognize him, her memory is, well, very good. "Hello!" She says back at him in her smokey Greek-accented English. "It is good to see you." She notes Stephanie as well and offers her a soft nod. "You both look quite happy today, that is a good thing!" She adds as her hand reaches out to gather up her cup of tea while she sits up straighter in her chair and lifts it up to sip from it.

With Boyfriend calling out, Stephanie turns her still grinning from the snicker face toward the tall goddess. her blue-green eyes are keen, noting details, even if the blonde seems to otherwise but just a layperson. Her comment on their happiness earns a bright and sincere blush.

"THank you," she says, chin tucking down a bit.
"Funny what the right company can do for ya, right?," asks Drake, throwing a subtle arm around Stephanie's shoulders. It's a carefree, affectionate, potentially even bragging gesture. He rather likes his girlfriend; even as a point of pride. And why shouldn't he be? He's prone to gushing about her, to the occasional chagrin of some fellow students at the Xavier college.

"How've you been?," he asks, taking care to not ask anything too direct or telling.

After setting her tea down and enjoying the hot beverage, Diana recenters her blue eyes onto the couple and she smiles again at the question from Drake. "I have been well, thank you for asking. Doing my very best, at the very least." If Diana recognizes him as the electric hero she'd brought into the Justice League… well, she's not showing it. Then again, she probably wouldn't either if someone's identity is something they keep closely guarded and as safely kept as possible.

Diana stands up from her table, her small heeled shoes making her stand a little over 6 feet in height. She walks toward the counter of the place and she stands there, speaks with the clerk and then looks back to the two of them. "Order whatever you would like, the price is covered." She says to them with a soft smile on her red lips. She's apparently paying for them too! Yay!

Shoulders possessed by Drake's arm, Stephanie blushes again at the exchange between goddess and mutant, all as she brings a hand up to tangle fingers with him. She too doesnt make motions to act like she recognizes the amazon. Why would she? She's not at all the blonde batling that was brought in the League fully by Hal some weeks ago. Nope. Not this one. She's just a blonde cheerleader Girl Scout of a prelaw student from Gotham. Absolutely nothing special about that. Of course, as Diana comes and just covers their bil, she blushes a third time.

"Oh! We couldn't. I mean.. That's sweet and thank you but. I mean… that is.." Her blue eyes shift to Drake. Halp.
"No rest for the superhuman, right?," quips Drake easily, with the sort of air that comes either from familiarity or irreverence. It might be difficult to tell with this particular teen. But his eyes widen as Diana announces her intentions.

"Whoa, hey, you don't gotta do that-," he protests at a stumble. "When you met me, I was a total ragamuffin, sure. One patchy scarf away from an Dickensian, doe-eyed orphan, maybe. But I'm good now! In fact, can I get /your/ bill? You were cool to me then."

"Wonder Woman doesn't pay here." The clerk behind the counter says, a young man around Steph and Drake's age, wearing a company apron and a sporty haircut.

Diana just softly laughs and she shakes her head. "I pay for them." She corrects the clerk and she offers him over a pair of bills, large enough to pay for pretty much whatever they want. She then looks to Stephanie and to Drake.

"I do not offer this because of that time at the mall." She tells Drake. "I offer it because what I do is hope for these moments." She tells them. "To see individuals like you, out, together and enjoying life." She laughs again, softly, in a melodic sort of way. Then she shakes her head. "Besides, it is not that expensive!" With that said she turns to step back toward her table.

With Diana picking up the tab, adn then hearing the reason, Stephanie blushes hugely, turning to look at Drake with a smile that says: That's why she's called Wonder woman, huh? Stephanie tucks a lock of gold behind an ear.

"Thank you very much, miss Prince. That's really wonderful of you." Steph did nt pun.You punned.

With Diana picking up the tab, adn then hearing the reason, Stephanie blushes hugely, turning to look at Drake with a smile that says: That's why she's called Wonder woman, huh? Stephanie tucks a lock of gold behind an ear.

"Thank you very much, miss Prince. That's really wonderful of you." Steph did nt pun.You punned.

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