What to Do? Thanksgiving of Course

November 22, 2018:

Various members of the X-men meet and have a discussion about what to do with the Professor having vanished through a portal.


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The demonic invasion was over. New York was at peace.. and it had lasted all of a week, maybe two at most before time marched on and new chaos bloomed anew in the world. Portals to places unknown. The Professor vanishing through one in the school's security cameras. The school was that tense feeling that came with a new, unknown crisis.. the others had been called back from the field.

Lorna had literally just landed in Washington DC. The greenette had planned a week away with her husband, newly reunited, to try to contact the various politicians that lived down there in the off season for congress. She had hoped that someone might talk to her. Talk to her and maybe, hope against hope, make progress in a real and definite way. Either to help Genosha and its standing with the US, or worldwide. Then she'd gotten the message to return.

Lorna was burned out from the plane flight back, having barely slept before she unloaded her clothes and sagged down into a seat in the staff lounge in a pair of jeans and a thick woolen sweater. A mug of coffee on the end table beside her.


One of the Cuckoos comes wandering into the area, looking the same as ever to the point that one might (not for the first time at this institution) wonder which daemonic otherworldly entity they pacted iwth in order to retain their eternal beauty. Maybe it's a side effect of being able to turn into diamond. Surely that ability does wonders for wrinkles and creased clothing.

The blonde walks with careful steps, moving through the door into the staff lounge silently. She's wearing a black double breasted coat with hits double rows of gleaming buttons. Black skirt, dark stocking,s high heels. Azure eyes watch Lorna intensely as she approaches.

"The coffee's terrible lately. No one ever remembers to… change the filters…" The young woman briefly purses her red lips and then takes a deep breat. "Just arrived?" It isn't really a question. It's likely she knew precisely when the magnetokinetic touched down at the school. "You look like you could use some rest." The Cuckoo slides into a nearby chair and leans forward slightly, legs crossed at the knee.


Remy is seated at the small break table in the staff lounge with his fingers laced behind his short haired head and he's leaning way back in the simple four legged chair. He's balancing a pencil on the bridge of his nose while balancing himself in the chair. "Heya ladies." The thief says with a frown at the sudden appearance of Lorna, and he squints at The Cuckoo for a time. "Okay, which one a-yas is ya? An' why are ya in dhe staff lounge, aren't ya a bit young t'be in 'ere?"
He's honestly not sure what's what now a days. He's been so focused on the demons and the refugees of late that he can't keep his own head straight lately.


Rogue is out in the hallway, she's stepping out of Scott's office and closing the door behind her, her right hand goes into her dark green cardigan sweater to deposit the little brass key that she'd used to relock the door after leaving the room.

She pauses in the hallway to speak to a pair of students who have some questions for the senior (former) faculty member. AFter she finishes answering their questions she notes the others in the staff lounge and she moves to step in toward where they are, nodding once to Lorna and then looking over to where Remy's questioning… one of the Cuckoos, she's not very good at knowing which one is which either, admittedly.


Lorna cracked an eye open to look over at the blondes that entered the room soon after she'd collapsed into the staff couch. "I need more caffeine, maybe some meditation." She muttered, if she drew on the magnetic fields a little more, maybe she could deal until she had another moment to rest. It always had the trade off of a more manic leaning day.. but it had proven to be worth it, time and again.

"Got anything better than this then?" She drawled, green eyes flickering back toward Remy and she smirked. "They're old enough if they're not students." She murmured, before Rogue entered. Lorna nodded toward the redhead, a faint twitch of her lips following.

"Hey, I got the message. Anything else beyond the official comms from earlier?"


"I'm not a student any longer, Remy," the blonde replies somewhat loftily, looking back over her shoulder at the man as she speaks. Her deep blue gaze studies the man intently for a moment before she continues, fingers laced together in her lap. "Lorna just arrived. I was- concerned about her. I haven't heard anyone voice an objection?" It's almost like she's just daring Remy to be the one.

Afterward, the gir lstraightens and takes a deep breath. Slowly. "Esme," she relates in a somewhat droll tone before quickly continuing with, "I don't have better coffee but I think some food would do you a bit more good anyway. I brought you a chocolate muffin?" Said muffin is produced from Esme's purse, carefully wrapped and preserved from squishing or the elements in a little back from some haute coffee shop bakery in Manhattan.

When Lorna asks about offical comms Esme nods as well. She reaches up and brushes a stray golden tress away from her eyes before shifting so her gaze can follow Lorna's to the rest of the room.


"Ah really don' know who's studen's o'not no mo'e." Gambit says, aimed at Lorna, thank god he avoids that old creepy adage, but he squints his eyes at Esme but he doesn't say anything further to the blonde girl. At least not until she produces food. "Ah certainly hope ya brough' some norriture pour moi." He says with a smirk while bringing one hand out from behind his head and aimed at the blonde.
The cajun turns his head at Rogue's apperance and offers her up the goofiest smile as he pulls his empty hand back and laces it back behind his ears, "How's dhe belle doin' today?"


Rogue certainly hears the other's words and she admires the efforts of Esme to get Lorna to eat something but she walks over to the wall where there's a mini fridge behind a wooden door and she opens it to get a bottle of orange juice.

After closing it she leans back against the bookshelf beside it and opens it up. She stares over at Remy when he addresses her and she opens the top on the OJ bottle. "Not great." She says to answer the Cajun's question first. Her eyes then go to Lorna and she shakes her head. "Scott's not responding to any of his alerts. Storm neither. Jean's on her way home." She seems stressed, not her usual chipper and carefree self.


A glance followed Esme's words, and Lorna sat up from her slouch back against the couch. She bit back the groan that tugged at her, reaching over to pick up the coffee mug again and clutching it with both hands in lieu of anything better on offer. She sipped at it, The offer of the chocolate muffin drew green eyes toward the blonde, a hitch of her eyebrow following and a great sigh.

"I'll give it a try. No promises.." She murmured, but there was a silent 'thank you' in her gaze, in her mind as she took the offered muffin. Lorna hadn't eaten anything on the plane ride back, worry and anxiety had worn a knot in her stomach the entire way back.

An attempt was made to pick at the chocolate muffin, but it halted, and remained untouched and balanced on Lorna's lap as Rogue spoke. A twist of her lips followed and Lorna swallowed back a curse as she griped the coffee mug with her other hand. "Once Jean gets here, she can use Cerebro and we can if there's anything to pick up on the Professor, right? That should give us some basic understanding of things."


"Pas aujourd'hu, mon ami," Eesme responds with careful diction. She speaks in a distinctly Parisian accent to contrast Remy's own pronunciation of the French words but then there's a beatific smile. It becomes rather tight-lipped if words are exchanged. She lets out a soft sigh when Rogue lays out the situation, considering what to say next while picking up the muffin to gently press it into Lorna's hand. Esme doesn't actually look at her, however.

"Jean, Scott, /and/, the Professor? Is that all we know about what is happening here? This can't be coincidental. Has anything else happened in the mean time?" Esme's frown works across her lips and she watches Rogue and Remy while she's reaching for Lorna's hand.

"You're right, Remy, I should have brought more muffins," she adds after a moment.

"This seems like a good time for chocolate. Maybe next time."


"Guess dat was a dumb question." Remy says with a sigh as he senses the room get a bit somber. "Ah worry we rely on cerebro too much… Ah mean, yeah it's a tool and would 'elp, but dere's mo'e dan one way t'skin a telepat'." The cajun teases, with a glance to Esme and a shrug of his shoulders. He doesn't move to get out of his chair, or even set it down on all four legs, because he's not sure what to do, but as soon as an idea sounds good he's ready to go. "Ah mean, 'ave we called Logan yet?" The born tracker.


Rogue takes a sip from her orange juice and she shakes her head at Esme's words. "Jean's fine. She's on her way back here now. I was texting her just a bit ago to tell her about Scott." She looks over to Lorna and crosses one of her arms over her stomach while the other holds the OJ bottle. "Hank's in Washington DC. He wants us to send him all updates we get on the matter. So that leave us… knowing, that the Professah was straight-up taken. Storm and Scott may be as well. Or they're just dealin' with somethin' on their own terms'n time."

Softly she shakes her head and her green eyes go to Remy. "Cerebero's a great tool, but Jean's ability t'use the thing is entirely dependent on the condition that her headspace is in. And as we all know, that can vary greatly from any given moment t'the next. As for Logan." She looks away and nods to a table beside the leather chair that faces the tv, there's a beer can wadded up there. "That wasn't here a few hours ago. So I imagine he's around, doing what Logan's do." Which means she hasn't talked to him about it.


A grumble followed Esme's French—Lorna had no idea what any of it meant and hearing people speaking around her was an immense irritation. Still, she sipped at her coffee, merely balancing the muffin on her lap for now as conversation drifted to more serious topics at hand. Even as the blonde attempted to snag her hand, the greenette returned to picking almost vengefully at the chocolate muffin in a surly manner.

"It's something we can try. And I'm pretty sure Logan is limited to scent trails. Portals don't exactly leave that around you know. That's like.. the whole point of them?" She drawled, and shook her head. All her other options would involve asking her father but—

Her thoughts ground to a halt and she sat up straighter, "Do you think my father has something to do with this? I mean he has access to mutants of all kinds of powers…"


"Why would he kidnap Professor X? If he could just portal the PRofessor out of the school wouldn't he have done this years ago? I don't know. It seems like he has a lot more to consider than just…" Esme purses her lips briefly and then shakes her head once. "Maybe. We shouldn't discount anything. I can canvas the area but even if I get the rest of the five-in-one to come down to the school our coverage is going to be pretty limited. With portals he could be anywhere… So I wouldn't expect a lot of results."

Esme shakes her head and then raps her fingers briefly on the edge of the table. "We'll have to see if Jean is up for utilizing Cerebro right now," she states rather primly, as if she has an idea of some sort firmly in mind. Rather than expound upon that Esme asks, "Is that the only lead we have? It's not a lot to go on…"


"Weren' dey frien's o' somet'in', Ah don' see why he wouldn' jus' talk t'Chuck." Gambit says with a shrug of his shoulders again and then the lightbulb goes off above his head and it's visible in that he shifts his posture. "What if'n we plopped dhe blondes in the big C?" Remy asks looking to Rogue and to Lorna, then to Esme finally.


The one with the two-toned hair and the bottle of sweet orange juice just listens to the others, she draws in a soft breath and nods softly to Esme. "You're right in that Jean, if she's able to use it, is our best bet to get any leads on where our people are. Not just the Professah… But again, we'll have to see what she's up for once she gets here." Another sip of her drink is taken, her phone buzzes inside her dark green cardigan's left pocket but she ignores it for now.

"The news is sayin' people are gettin' randomly taken. Even a reporter got sucked up outta his chair right in the middle'a his broadcast. So I don't think this is a Magnus kinda play, Lorna. But yeah, no point in rulin' anything out. Things just seem real random up up'ta this point."

Rogue's head shakes to Remy's words. "I don't think now'd be a good time for us t'start testin' to see what'll happen if we put random telepaths inta Cerebero." She softly says to him. "The Professah always said how dangerous it could be for'em and I'm not sure we wanna find out if that was just a way t'keep others from playin' with his toys or not…"


A huff of breath followed, "Right, so if general consensus is that my father isn't involve, does anyone want me to ask some of my connections in Genosha to see if its happening there? If mutants there are picking up anything different than we are?" She arched a brow, sipping at her coffee as she hunched over the muffing and kept her gaze trained on some point on the carpet. Her lips pursed into a thin line.

"What are the chances that this might be someone's powers going out of wack? Or aliens?" She tilted her head, drawn out of her thoughts as she mused them mostly out loud and turned her gaze back to Rogue.

"We're not putting any of the five-in-one into Cerebero. I'm not getting in trouble for having someone's mind turn into mush. We can ask Jean, if she's up for it. If she's not, we try something else."


When Remy makes that suggestion about putting the Five-in-One into Cerebro Esme pauses. She listens to everyone speak before nodding slowly. "No, of course not. We'll have to think of something else while we wait for Jean. We may as well get started. Who knows if there's even anything for Cerebro to find. So, our options are things like flying saucer alien abductions? Really? We might as well as kif it's magic too then." There's pause before she adds drily, "I wish that this line of questioning wans't giving me so many ideas as to whom we might wish to question."

Esme shakes her head and slowly trails off into silence, apparently deeply entrenched into her thoughts.


"It was jus' an idea, using the tools an' powahs we have at our finger tips, now." Remy says with a soft sight, the cajun's red eyes looking to Esme with a slight apology behind them, he tried to shake the status quo, but cooler heads will prevail. "If we're t'inkin' dat far outta dhe box, dhen, really it could be anyt'in' couldn' it. But y'all know Ah ain' dhe one to 'ave aroun' in dhe t'inkin departmen'. Nah, Ah'm who ya call when ya already got a plan an' need t'blow shit up." Remy says casually before a hidden frown flashes across his face.


Rogue nods her head softly as she pushes off of the shelf she's leaning on and starts to walk across the room. "I think its best that we all do what we can to find any information we're able to. Whether thats our sisters goin' around searchin' and sharin' what they can find, or our own private countries tellin' us what they know." She gives a slight grin to Lorna as she passes her by.

The southern girl stands aside Gambit then and she leans over against him, should to shoulder. "If we get desperate, we'll start throwin' people inta Cerebero t'see what happens." And with that she shows a bigger smirk. "Someone go track Logan down, tell'im we need someone t'be a big tough cliche and arguably annoying leader around here t'help inspire folks. See if he's got any'a that inside'a him. Least until Scott's back."


A sigh pulled from Lorna's lips as she reached up to rub her forehead, a head ache already forming at the back of her temples. Finally she downed the rest of her coffee in one go, and tugged out a smooth, metal encased looking cellphone from her back pocket as she half got up. She flashed Rogue a hint of a dry, bitter smile. "I won't put it out there that the Professor is missing. It won't help things. Not with the panic or with how parents might react here.. Never mind that my father might send someone with free 'Welcome to Genosha' stickers for the kids." She muttered, tapping away with one hand on her phone before she clicked it off again and tucked it away.

"Okay. So we can try Logan, but we also have Laura. Two is better than one and all, right?" She tilted her head to the side, arching a brow. "What about Nate, can he use Cerebro? He's a Grey.."


Remy holds his tongue with a look up to the southern belle that came to stand by his side, he lowers his hands from the back of his head to allow Rogue to be closer, and his eyes linger up towards her still. She probably knows what he's thinking, and he can't say it or feel the wrath of the women present. Yeah, he's getting smarter. Learning. Evolving. Look out.


"Mmm… sadly its too late for that already." Rogue replies to Lorna after glancing at Remy, she looks back to the Greenette. "Social media, phones in all their pockets, remember?" She shakes her head softly and sighs. "We already put out an email saying that the Professor is on his way to Boston to give a speech about mutant rights and the ethics, blah blah blah. It should last for a little while. The kids may'a said there was a big light show and he disappeared inta a portal, but we can easily counter that with an easier t'swallow story. At least for now. I just…" She sighs and reaches up to rub a gloved hand against the side of her face. "I'm not personally ready for this kinda stuff to come down on me. I need Scott around, or anyone. This isn't my kinda thing t'plan… how t'fix this. Even Logan."


A grimace pulled at Lorna's expression as she pushed herself up and made to hand Remy her mostly untouched chocolate muffin. "I'm sure that that'll be a problem soon, but I'm not giving my father any leg ups on our situation here unless I have to. If we have to, and I mean it as a last resort. I can ask the trackers they have in Genosha. Some of them have telepathic capabilities. I'd rather avoid that though." She stifled a yawn, and combed her hand through her hair, turning her gaze to Rogue.

"Hey, the kids have a holiday break going on here. The kids that don't have a home to go to will stay right here. We need to keep some kind of a sense of normalcy for them. Panic isn't good with kids that have shit for control. Right?" She arched a brow as she folded her arms over her chest.

"We can run the school without them temporarily. There aren't even any classes to worry about right now. So, what we need to do is search what we can. While also preparing for worst case scenarios."


Remy remains silent, even after taking the chocolate muffin from Lorna and he quickly gobbles up a huge bite of it and slowly looses himself to the bliss of the flavor before he realizes he should be a gentleman and extends the muffin up towards Rogue. A full mouth prevents Gambit from speaking but the motions should be obvious enough to Rogue what he's doing.


Rogue softly nods her head to what Lorna says. "If you think people in Genosha can help, then by all means, get on the horn'n make it happen." She advises, all regally-n-such. As for the rest she sighs. "You're right. And speakin' that, I need t'get to the store'n get some food for the… holiday. Even if things are crazy for us behind the scenes, the kids who got no place t'go need'ta feel safe and cared for." Rogue looks over at Remy and she tugs on his sleeve.

"Come on, Muffin' Mouth." She says to the man. "You're gonna drive me t'the store and push the cart for me, then carry everything inside'n help me put it all away, only t'cook it and serve it t'a bunch'a other people's kids." She grins then before she looks back to Lorna and Esme. "Ring my phone if anythin' comes up."


A nod followed Rogue's words as Lorna's lips twitched faintly in amusement. "Hey, I might be shit at down time and get all depressed, but I'm getting pretty damn used to a crisis. Guess my father wasn't wrong when he said meditation would be useful." Still didn't stop her manic highs, but it gave her more of a connection to the magnetic fields. Allowed her to lose herself in something bigger than she ever would be, and feel all at once, temporarily, invincible.

"I'll hold the fort here with Esme. I'll text you if I see Jean or anyone show up, yeah?" A pause as she glanced at the Southern Belle and then to Remy.

"Please don't pick up stuff to make that nasty marshmellow sweet potato thing. It's so gross."


"Now Ah has'ta." The cajun says with a smirk as he stands up and takes the last bite of the muffin and follows behind the woman tugging at his sleeve.

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