A Spider Mansion

November 21, 2018:

A gaggle of super hero types meet at the Avengers mansion in the garage. Spider-man flaps his wings as he flies by (he has wings doesn't he? who knows) some of the other heroes help him and talk about him too.

Avengers Mansion - Garage


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The demon invasion is done. Blue rifts are appearing all over the city. Stephanie's seen something sort of similar before and it has her ansty. Not that she says as much, but it was time to go survey the damage, see what happened. if possible. Her first pass made it clear, she was likely not going to get in without someone moving the part of the next building's wall that collapsed onto it. It was odd that reconstruction hadnt reached here yet. Tiem to call in some muscle.

It was a text to Caitlin: If you're in town, I need your help.

And then a call to Drake: Hi. I need an extra pair of hands. Meet me in the Bronx?

When the pair arrived, Spoiler was suited up in her hardsuit, the black and purple Iron Man like armor that had been designed for her. She stood next to her hovercycle and asked Drake to please 'pilot' it for her since it was a challenge while in the hardsuit. The bike was sized for her while she was in her nomex. Some convincing had to be done, but finally the three where off with Spoiler making sure that the bike was following her suit's transponder as she led the way to Avenger's Mansion.

The place was a bit of a mess. But that's what happens during an invasion. The wal moved, Spoiler gets them in and moves to turn on the generator and the computer systems and then, fighting back the worry about what rifts that have people disappearing and reappearing without warning, Spoiler kicks on the general alert - Avenger Assemble - comlink ping. People will show up… or they won't.

"Okay… she says, turning to face her friends, and collecting her usual nomex from the saddle of the bike. "Welcome, I guesss. Sorry it's a mess. I should switch out suits. See if I can find things to make some repairs."

Caitlin showed up fairly promptly, and ready to work. Hair pulled back in a ponytail, wearing a sleek purple leotard with green highlights and flexible, thin-soled shoes. Her little 'go-bag', a black slingpack, is carried over one shoulder, full of the things Caitlin might need. Her heavy sidearm: loaded with consecrated ammo. Just in case.

Moving the wall was the easy part. Caitlin made sure it wasn't affecting any load-bearing structures, and simply walked through it. The rubble disintegrated around them, doing her no more harm than a rainfall of plastic balls.

"Stark Tower's still a way from being done," she assures Stephanie, lookign around with interest. "I don't see why this would be any differe.t"
The phonecall was a rather confusing and vague one. It took some verbal dancing before Drake put together that Stephanie wanted him for things civilians shouldn't normally be involved in. He should maybe get a special Volt-phone to make things easier. But he suited up and was not remotely prepared for what she had asked of him. Him, steering her cycle around. No training wheels, baby!

And then it came down to just being a butt in a seat while the technological marvel petered after her signature. It's somehow less amazing. But hey, when the girlfriend needs you. Besides, it's nice to be in the costume again after Chinatown. He's definitely recovered since, so having an excuse to suit up is welcome enough.

They arrive at their destination, Stephanie does things, and Volt ponders whether or not he's going to be attacked for being in a place that she had previously warned him of. Something to do with security systems.

"It's no big. I've seen ya in-," Volt pauses. For once, he opts out of the joke, and just shoots the blonde an impish grin. "I'll play parking lot security or whatever." He pivots and hops up to sit side-saddle on the now-motionless cycle, for a lack of much else to tend to. "Do what'cha gotta."

As it so happens, Natashw as on her way to the mansion anyway. She'd intended on getting away during the holiday and the weekened there-after so she was coming here to get a few things before doing just that.

Her black sport motorcycle (the non hovering kind) roars its way onto the scene, the headlights shining a bright cone of illumination in front of the rider as she makes her way up into the property and near to where the others are. Natasha is dressed in all black, her bodysuit on beneath her black leather jacket and a helmet over her face.

Her bike is deactivated and she sits up on the body of the motorcycle, reaching up to remove her helmet and let her red hair fall free from inside it and then she's dismounting the bike and setting the helmet aside. She'd gotten the call on the HUD inside her helmet though and her eyes look around the mansion, scanning for signs of what was 'up'.

"True enough. It just… I don't know. Feels odd?" Stephanie replies to Caitlin, the armor grinding faintly as she rolls a shoulder. Of course, that bit of chill bravado fades teh moment Volt starts his joke. Spoiler Hardsuit turns her head to peer at him and both of these friends of hers might be able to read her body language enough to catch the unspoken 'Dude!' that comes with the faint tilt of her head. It's all that's said, however, for there are headlights rolling in. A quick check on her HUD, and Spoiler steps forward.

"Black Widow," is called out from the mess that is teh garage of the Mansion. Team vehicles are buried under parts of the building. Maybe some are irreparable, maybe some are. At lteast the lights are coming on, and someone's replied. Stephanie does her level best not to sound as relieved as she really is.

"Real mess in here," Caitlin says, in dismay. She doesn't seem to catch the implied joke, giving the couple a blank look and then moving away. She sets a box down near her feet and whistles twice, sharply. The box unfolds and hovers, looping around in slow circles.

"Give me a full scan of the structure. 3D, radar telemetry, mapping sonar, everything," she tells the drone. It warbles cheerily and starts plying a scanning sensor light against the garage.

Caitlin evaluates a large pile of rubble, and with a grunt of minor effort lifts a ten-ton steel beam from the wall and sets it down in a more stable position. Rubble crumbles and spills, but the superstructure holds and she starts trying to dislodge the stuff that's least damaged but also least accessible.
Volt simply makes a quick, playful smoochie-noise at the canted Spoilerman helmet.

Aside from doing what she'd asked him to, he's quickly realizing there isn't anything else /for/ him to do here; not in the conventional sense, anyway. The power is working enough for Spoiler to mess with their systems, it seems, so he doesn't need to tamper. He doesn't have super strength, so unless she wants him to shatter things with electrical bolts - a thing he wouldn't recommend - his ability to contribute is minimal. So he begins to fill the time by simply scanning the surroundings, for as in disarray as they might be for now. The headlights take his attention, however.

Volt hops down from his perch and turns in their direction. "A native?," he's guessing. He's not entirely up-and-up on the heroic who's-who.

Black Widow indeed, though she rarely eve refers to herself as that, its more a name that others call her and she just accepts it… she has a lot of alias' after all. She hears it called out and her reaction is to simply set her helmet aside onto her motorcycle and to walk in the direction of where they are all gathered, and the mess in the place. She doesn't comment on that though, the tech-types always seem to be messy, it is what it is.

Nat's eyes look over Caitlin and Drake, then to Staphanie, she nods once to her. "Somebody send out an alert?" She asks, again looking everyone over. "Things seem calm. Whats up?" Her left hand goes to remove her right glove, then vice-versa, they're folded up and stuffed into the hand warmer pocket of her black leather jacket.

The trouble is that the mess in the garage is not the typical mess of tech-types. It's the mess of 'this building has sustained damage'.

"Just checking to see who's still in communication range. The demon invasion had a lot of us on radio silence," replies Spoiler, her voice more digitized that the usual way teh voice modulator of her nomex suit distorts her voice. She stands not far from a motorcycle on which Volt is sitting while Caitlin and a drone are off elsewhere. The batling in the much sleeker than his usual designs purple and black Iron Man style hardsuit is facing the newly arrived Black Widow.

"The ripples and rifts that have popped up alaround Manhattan and other places is also a cause for concern. I felt it prudent to check which of the Avengers were still active and how badly the HOMWER system was compromised," adds the Batling Avenger, tone flatter and more business like than it had been with just Caitlin and Volt.

Volt /was/ sitting on the bike - he's now standing and facing the new arrival as well.

He gets the flatter and more business-like voice Spoiler is using. He understands. It's not something he could ever realistically manage, himself, as just avoiding making remarks makes his skin crawl and his insides start to turn flips, but he can try to be merciful to his dutiful girlfriend. /Try./ But the dichotomy does earn a subtle, renewed grin - just a little uptick at the corner of his lips.

His weight shifts a little, left hand propping to his hip while the right raises, fingers splayed. "Hey. Spoiler alert - name's Volt," he jokes, accompanied with a gentle elbow-nudging towards the armored ribs of Spoilerbot due to her lack of introduction.

Natasha's black boots steps over some of the rubble in the garage and she walks past the bulk of it toward a mini-fridge that is still entirely functional, amazingly enough. She pops the door open and she pulls out a pudding cup and snaps the little plastic spoon off of it, then proceeds to unwrap it and peal the pudding cup's lid back as she listens to the others speaking.

"Tony is missing." Natasha calmly, if bluntly, states. She glances up and over at them while the plastic spoon is deposited into the chocolate pudding and then she turns to hoist herself up onto a table so she can sit on the edge of it with her feet dangling off of it. "We're in the process of… looking for him, but honestly there isn't a lot we can do but put the blanket sensor scanners out, and be ready for whatever they might find. Our best people are on it, we're… in a bit of a holding pattern."

Outside, beyond the boundaries of the Avengers mansion, there's always the small groups of tourists who are there to have their pictures taken and to stand beside the commemorative plaques. People flow through and sometimes are content to try and steal a glance at one or the other of the World's Mightiest Heroes coming or going, though usually they must make do with a selfie or two with the high hedge rows in the background. It's a preponderance of people, gathering and enjoying the community vibe of seeing the place where some of their heroes live.
This crowd often continues on its way, the tourists heading back to their hotels or across the street and down some towards the park where all of the purveyors of Avengers-themed chotchkis set up their trucks to sell cheap knock off action figures and toys. Even at this time of night, though a fair amount of them have packed up and headed off, it leads to more than the normal amount of folks jay-walking or trying to cut across the street during the occasional break in traffic…
Which makes it all the more dangerous when around the corner of 71st a sleek black and chrome futuristic sports car drifts through a wide turn, jamming on its brake and sending the vehicle skidding into the oncoming traffic lane for a moment before it rights itself and burns rubber, tires squealing. Yet its engine barely purrs, unheard against the backdrop of the city and the sudden shrieks of the people rushing to get out of the way. Behind it people can likely see the distant blue and red lights of police vehicles that are assuredly in pursuit though are having a hard time keeping their target in view let alone any hope of catching it.
Of course that's the moment when a red and blue suited silhouette is seen fifteen feet above the roadway, slicing down the street in a blur of movement, one arm extended and a web-line firing from it as the other held in his hand is released. His voice is heard trying to throw words ahead of that wildly driven sports car as he shouts, "Get outta the road! One side! Comin' through!"
And just as quick as they arrived, the car, the Spider, and then a few moments later the two police cars in pursuit roar past.

Spoiler turns her head as Volt introduces himself. Hidden by the closed visor of the hardsuit, Stephanie's cheeks turn softly pink. Social faux pas! She just nods to him for it, hoping to seem unflustered by it and the 'theft' of HER usual tag line. She turns back to Natasha.

"And that's Farichild. Both are teammates from the Justice League," Spoiler states. Might only be half true since one of them is waiting for a full membership, but Spoiler is all too used to those tiny little half truths that there's not even a moment's hesitation. She'll fret about it later.

"You said Tony's mis-" Cue sirens and commotion outside. Spoiler turns her head to look in that direction, but for the moment doesn't charge out into the fray. The hardsuit is a bit much for a car chase!

"…I'll have the WaterTower and DELPHI systems add to the search algorithm. Who do you have searching for him?" she asks, back on topic. That chase sounds like the run of hte mill car chase and not a superpowered one.

Natasha gets a smile and a wave from the tall ginger in purple. Caitlin seems friendly enough, anyway, though she's got a bit of the hard-nosed awareness that comes from a little too long in dangerous situations. "I'm just here for the heavy lifting," she assures Natasha, with a cheery self-disparagement. She sure looks like it, too.

Her head whips around at the sirens. Green eyes flicker to Stephanie's visored face— not like anyone else can catch up as fast as Cait can.

"I'm on it," Caitlin says, and takes two running steps. It looks like she's falling onto her face for a second; one hand scrapes the ground for balance as she drops her hips low, like a linebacker coming off the turf, before she explodes into motion. She accelerates with bewildering speed, and once she's outside of the Avenger's tower, she turns it up to 11, tearing up clods of grass and dirt behind her before she hits the pavement.

"I'm gonna try to cut the car off on Waker and 21st," she grunts into the commlink, and goes diagonally across the grounds with one eye on the speeding car rounding the block.

"Hey, ask Black Widow if they've talked to Pepper. I can probably link to JARVIS' automated tracking systems and see if he's located Tony on any of the remote satellite linkups," she offers. Caitlin doesn't even sound out of breath, though she's sprinting at cheetah-fast speeds.

Volt's head turns to the sound of commotion outside. How often were those sounds hot on /his/ heels? It's been less than a year since he left the west coast, but it feels like a lifetime. He takes a step forward to look into it, but Caitlin's already zipped ahead. He's gotten pretty deft at swinging, but his mind catches up with his impulse - he'd likely /cause/ a pileup rather than stop one, given his powers and skillset. It's best to let Caitlin deal with it.

His booted foot slips back into place, as if he'd not moved in the first place. Yep. Nothing to see here.

Instead, Volt focuses his attention on this 'Black Widow' chick and her quest for pudding. She seems to have a devil-may-care attitude when it comes to dignity or airs, and he can dig that. However, he doesn't know any of these people enough to offer anything of use! So he's a rather black-and-green-clad piece of furniture for the moment!

The plastic spoon deposits a load of chocolate pudding into the Black Widow's mouth and she's looking up toward that of Spoiler, then to the Justice Leaguers, then… out again to the city where the sirens are an the disturbance. She slides the spoon back out from between her lips devoid of any pudding then, clears her palette and shakes her head as she looks down.

"We have SHIELD on it, we have all of Tony's hardware and software doing its thing. I'm just waiting for a call to know where they need me to be in case something comes up." She tells anyone left within ear shot of her, Caitlin clearly is off to go help the cops, but Natasha stays right where she is planted on the edge of the garage work bench with her snack food.

"Tony's disappear, it happens." She's trying to stay positive about it all, maybe to a level that makes her look overly casual about it toward people who aren't used to her personality. Natasha's green eyes look up to Volt and she stares at him for a couple of seconds before she just says. "I like your suit."

It doesn't take long for when Caitlin makes that turn just off 21st that she'll see that black and chrome vehicle, slim and low to the ground as it seems to blur with its speed, zoom past that intersection. And almost neck in neck with it is the Spectacular Spider-Man. Both arms are yanking back on twin web-lines that have vaulted him forwards, able to catch up with the futuristic vehicle that might well look like something out of an 80s action show.
But there's no time to stop the vehicle, at least not yet. Not with that young couple up ahead who were walking on the sidewalk and suddenly a webline /thwips/ out to catch them both and _pull_ them up into the treeline as the car roars past right where they were. Over his shoulder, Spider-Man calls, "Sorry! I'll be back to let you down!"
Yhen he's launching himself from that wild swing that got him just around the corner and into the air, twisting smoothly in that high leap and bringing a splay-fingered hand out to fire another line that yanks him forwards when it snaps taut. Under his breath he murmurs to himself, "I hope."
He's able to at least keep people out of harm's way as another pedestrian is saved by a /yoink/ and then another, maybe Caitlin can catch up to the vehicle itself along this straightaway.

Spoiler nods, replying to Caitlin softly, "Acknowledged." Her head turns back to i'm part of this conversation again from wher eit had tilted away from them so she could listen to Caitlin.

"Fair enough. Let me know if you need anything from Gotham or the League. Fairchild would like to know if you've spoken with Pepper," she adds, moving to turn away so she can go find a place to chance with some privacy. Hardsuit doesn't leave much room for thing underneath it. And nomex is fiddly to get into.

With the civilians saved, there's enough room for Caitlin to go for an interception. She comes in at a hard oblique angle, drop her shoulder, and slams into the sidewall of the car just behind the front tire. It rocks onto the other two wheels, skittering dangerously on the asphalt. She ducks low and actually gets *under* the car, smashing a hand through the chassis and grabbing the undercarriage with the other. She takes a few steps, running pell-mell, and throws her feet down to halt her forward momentum while lifting the car overhead.

"Okay! You can come out now!" she shouts up at the car, shaking it violently. "Chase is over!"
Volt is almost surprised by the compliment. His heart flutters a little at the affirmation to his taste in threads, especially from someone who seems well-established, but he keeps it under the surface. It instead manifests in a boyish fingergun, wink, and tongue-click in Natasha's direction. It's cheesy, he knows it, and that's what makes it fun. "Freshly minted," he jokes. It's new enough to count for that, but also, you know, green. So minty.

His own vibrant emerald gaze flicks in Spoiler's direction, noting her moving in a more discreet direction. He's sure he knows why. What he isn't sure of is if there's any reliable privacy to be had here. But he keeps the attention off of her and refocuses on Black Widow.

"So you're one of these people- these 'Avengers', yeah?," he asks. "Sorry, newb' question. Not been in the loop long."

Natasha's eyes are on her treat, but she's certainly paying heed to the sirens and noises outside on the back of her mind. Firstly she shakes her head at the question about Tony's better half. "Miss Potts has been contacted, she's aware of everything, maybe even more than I am. But I haven't personally spoken to her, no." Another bite of the pudding is had then and Natasha's spares a glance up at the younger man finger-gunning at her and it just makes her show a faint half smirk of amusement, which as far as reactions to such a gesture can go thats not a bad one!

"We hope to have more information available soon to work with, but right now random portals… being completely random… are pretty challenging to deal with. There's been no confirmed deaths as of yet, so thats a plus."

She scoops another spoonful out and then glances back to Drake. "I am one of these people, its true." She responds to him before raising the spoon up to her lips again. She glances around the garage again though. "Clearly we're not the best housekeeping either."

The car's wheels continue to spin, humming without the roar of an engine and just seeming to steadily hold to the accelerator even as other vehicles veer out of Caitlin's way as she hoists it up over her head, its centrifugal force aiding it as if it were trying to twist itself out of her grip but she's able to hold it in place while she shouts.
Rebounding off the side of a building, Spider-Man lands on the canopy of the vehicle and then plants the fingertips on one hand on the window and /yanks/ hard to the side, pulling the cupola's top free and open with a crack of glass and metal revealing…
No driver, just an empty cockpit with computer displays flashing and an automated feed of some sort of map blinking in a laser holographic display. "I'm… pretty sure that's not Google Maps." He says as he crawls inside, there's a crash, and abruptly the car falls silent, the wheels still spinning though steadily slower now.
Spider-Man flips back out of the cockpit and lands upon the ground in a crouch to the side of Caitlin as he says, "Think it's safe, you can put it down." His eyelets widen for an instant when he sees her directly for the first time and then adds, "Oh hey. I'm uh, Spider-Man."

"No reported deaths is a good thing," Spoiler says from the as privvate as she's going to get corner. Released from the armor her voice sounds every bit the youthful that she is. She had the undersramor on at least and so getting teh nomex soft armor on over and the cowl up into place doesn't take that long. She's returning while still buckling things into place and closing the zipper to her armor.

"Oh, uh, hey," Caitlin says, looking down at the other hero, in red and blue. "I'm… Caitlin."

She looks around, then walks over to an empty street-side parking spot and sets the car down in it. Caitlin's careful not to ding up any cars or hit the meter while she's at it. "SIRIN, alert 911 that we disabled the vehicle that was invovled in that chase. Give the cops my coordinates here."

She touches her ear as if muting a headset button, and turns back to Spider-Man to flash a friendly smile at him. "It's nice to meet you, Spider-Man. Good job saving those civilians, that was real crackerjack timing. Are— are they gonna be ok up there?" she asks, peering down the road at the suspended (but alive!) civilians.

Spoiler emerges, and he looks back towards her as she finishes zipping up. "Lookin' good. More like a person," he chirps to her. "Why were you running around in that outfit, anyway?"

Natasha finishers her pudding cup and she slides off of the edge of the bench. She drops it into a trash can that is surrounded by garbage on the floor and then starts outside again toward the open garage door. "Demons are very uncaring toward our rules and regulations regarding proper waste management. I'll concur on that topic." Natasha passes by the Iron Suit used by spoiler and she gives it a visual once over on her way out but doesn't really comment on it.

Once outside she walks slowly toward her motorcycle once more, her hands going back into her pockets as she eyes the area beyond the mansion fenceline where the disturbance was, she's trying to gauge the finale of whatever was going on out there and if the Justice Leaguer had fixed it up well and good.

Down the street the police cruisers clear the turn and can be seen heading in their direction. Yet as she speaks to him, Caitlin can likely tell that Spider-Man, he's a bit antsy as those eyelets in his mask narrow a little, letting him focus on the approaching black and whites. "Hey, thanks." He takes a step to the side and /hops/ up to perch on the side of a lamppost then starts to crawl up its side. "I'll go get them down, you mind talking to the police?"
Spider-Man flips upside down so he can face her at least from here on something akin to equal height as he gestures with one webbed hand down the way, "Me and New York's finest don't exactly get along. Something about not contributing to the Policeman's Ball or something."
But before she can likely answer those officers are already pulled up to the side and when one of them spots Spider-Man he reaches back to brace his hand against his gun and calls out, "Spider-Man, freeze!"
"Toodle-loo!" A web-line /thwips/ outwards and upwards, snaring the corner of a building and helping the wall-crawler to launch himself into the air, twisting into a long arcing swing around that building and out of view. Of course he intends to head back and unweb some of the civilians he saved, but that might well bring him back closer to where Widow and Volt are having their chit-chat. Perhaps close enough for them to see this red and blue weirdo helping people out of trees? What's up with that.

"I feel more like a person," Spoiler replies. Her voice is digitized again, but not to the extent that the hard suit managed.

"It kept me less squishy during the demon attack, but it's not my usual kit. It belongs here, for me to use when the Avengers need me in something a little less bullet-prone than my usual, and when complete stealth just won't work," Spoiler replies, leaving out the part that she really isn't a fan of there possibly being location trackers in it and if it stayed too long in her Den that Stakr would track her to it. Batling Paranoia at it's finest. Clipped in, Spoiler motions Volt with her head to the Widow before following Natasha to regard the commotion.

Caitlin exhales. "Uh… okay. Bye, I guess…" she mutters, but waves Spider-Man a friendly farewell as he zips off to avoid doing the paperwork. The glamorous life of a hero, right? Caitlin flashes her League-issued ID at the cops, and explains the situation. She's honest and forthright, and gives a detailed accounting of the situation. It only takes a few minutes, mostly because she lacks any specific information on the vehicle now in custody. But, arranmgements are made for the League to inspect the vehicle if the police come up short on leads.

She starts trudging back towards the Avengers Tower, though it'll take a few minutes to stroll back the half-block distance.
"I remember," nods Volt. Not the first time he saw her in that outfit, after all! He'd figured she'd returned it by now, though. Either way, he turns to follow along with the motion - but only catches the tail end of the shenanigans afoot, including the red-and-blue individual presently aiding civilians.

Curiosity takes over, and he departs the more familiar for the more bizarre. "Hey! Yo!," he shouts en route, gloved hand raised. "Who're you? What happened?"

Initially, Natasha thought that the man in the trees aiding the civilians was the Spider-man that she'd most recently met two times in the past 7 or 8 months. But once she gets a better glimpse of his person she realizes its not him.

"Spider-man." She says then, her eyes glancing over toward Volt and then down the street to where she sees the Police and the after effects of what had been going on with the car chase. "Generally not this far north." She mutters before she watches a little more of what he's up to, its a different kind of heroing compared to what she generally does, so its a curious sight.

Either way though, Natasha turns and starts to walk back toward her motorcycle.

The couple that had been on a date and then lassoed and looped up into the tree line so /rudely/ by Spider-Man are none too happy to see him again, even as he lands on a branch near to them. "Hey guys, sorry about that."
"The hell were you thinking, man!"
To which Spider-Man points to the side and says, "I mean, there was this car. Didn't you see it?"
"Yeah, you messed up my hair, big time!" The young woman's thick New York accent lashes the air as she seems to snarl towards the red and blue super-hero.
"I dunno, lady. I think your stylist beat me to it." Spider-Man's own Queens accent comes through a bit there, but then abruptly that couple are dropped out of the tree with an abrupt /jolt/ that causes them both to shriek, only for them to be stopped from hitting the ground at the last second.
Of course that's the moment Spidey looks up and espies Volt and Natasha, those mirrored lenses in his mask shifting to one, the other, then back. Even as behind him that dating couple start to head off as quick as they can stroll, "Jerkface." The young woman says in departure.
But by that point Spider's paying attention to the other heroes moreso. "Oh umm, hey. I'm…" But then Black Widow uses his name so he just points at her and nods towards Drake. "Yeah, that."
There's a light thip-thap as he drops to the sidewalk and asks through the mask, "Do I know you, lady?"

"Usually in Brooklyn?" Spoiler notes softly, glancing to the side as Natasha turns to go.

"You'll keep me informed, won't you?" the blonde asks of the red-head before she turns to stand at Volt's side, letting him be the social one of the two. She's a batling, after all. They're usually known for their prickly dispositions. It means that outwardly she doesn't seem at all bothered that the SpiderMan didn't seem to take notice of her. It must mean her Ninja Powers are fully active!

Caitlin passes Natasha as the other ginger heads back to her bike; she gives the Widow a curious look, but tempers it with a polite nod and smile. She loiters for a few steps, just in case Natasha's inclined to talk.

"It was nice meet you, Widow," she tells the other woman, politely. "Are you taking off already?" she asks, a beat later. "I'm still trying to figure out what part of the building to attack next, I was hoping you'd have some suggestions for us." Ever-friendly, Cait's clearly offering Natasha an excuse to hang around and socialize— if she's so inclined.

Volt looks back to Natasha as Spider-Man indicates, then ahead again with a nod. The web-decal is noted. The spider emblem, next. "Well, truth in advertising," he concludes with a motion towards Spider-Man's personage. "I'm Volt. Recent transplant to the area."

Natashs is back on her bike and turning it back on with the flick of a thumb. "We'll let everyone know, but stay close to the Mansion all the same." She tells Spoiler in response. She knows thats tough for a Batling, but if she's looking for Avenger work then thats the stipulation of it all. When Spider-man arrives she looks over at him as her helmet is put back on. "I like your suit." She says to the young man in red and blue… Volt! She likes his suit too?! Wha tkind of standards does the Black Widow have in super suits?!

Either way, her motorcycle aims for the open gate back out to the city and she's driving off once again!

Hand lifting to give a small wave, Spider-Man's head tilts to the side to follow after Widow as she makes her departure. But then he espies Spoiler and lifts his head and point at her as if not having sen her. Yet he's distracted yet again, this time by Caitlin trundling on up and talking to the others. Behind the mask they might well hear the smile as he looks towards her, lenses widening a little as he says, "Say, don't I know you?"
But then he's twisting up and around, leaping off the sidewalk and up towards the lamppost. He perches there for a moment and says, "Nice meeting you guys, I'll keep an eye out for you." Then a wave towards Caitlin, "Thanks for the assist!" He /leaps/ off the lamp some twenty feet into the air then fires a webline that snaps into the side of a building with a splat and draws taut to pull him into motion. The next moment he's swinging out of view.

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