Paradise Planet

November 18, 2018:

Donna, Diana, and Caitlin go day-tripping…a few lightyears from Earth.

Gliese 667 Cb

Almost earth, with deeper skies and red earth.


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Mentions: Hal Jordan, Juggernaut


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With the plague of New York having settled itself, though no one was really quite sure how it had happened. Well, perhaps some people knew, but Donna did not, the League had finally been allowed some downtime, and that meant a return to Metropolis. Donna had requested for both Diana and Caitlin to meet her at the almost completely rebuilt Consulate, and had asked them to pack lightly, as she had an excursion planned. Caitlin, of course, was encouraged to bring her gear, because really, when was the redhead ever not curious about the world. Donna, for her part, hoped that some time away to do what she enjoyed doing, rather than what she had been forced to do for endless weeks would help the younger woman escape the darkness that she had brought back from the end of the universe. Diana, Donna had spoken too more openly, and asked her sister to accompany her to add just that little bit of comfort to the journey.


Caitlin's at the Consulate early, and rarin' to go. Her sleek grey bodysuit has been modified to a deep aubergine with green and white trim, giving it some depth and color rather than being merely monochromatic matte. Caitlin's never been good at packing 'light' but she has it down to at least one small-ish duffle bag and her much-loved black slingpack. The League vehicle drops her off at the Consulate and she heads to the meeting spot, moving with a bit of pep in her step at the idea of an excursion with the women she's come to regard as sisters. Her hair's pulled back in a loose ponytail rather than her full fighting braid, giving her a professional mien (and obviating the need to do anything complicated hair-care wise).


Diana has been roaming the interior of the Consulate and going over the various things that still need to be fixed or touched up, but she's trying not to be overly picky after all things were in very good shape again. She appears at the top of the grand staircase and starts her way down, carrying her own duffle bag hooked over her left arm. Her dark brown hair is tied back into a ponytail and she's descending the stairs with her eyes currently downward, at least until gaze raises up to search for the others near the bottom of the steps. Diana is wearing a black leather jacket and a pair of dark red denim trousers with black leather boots up to her knees, its simple but comfortable.

Once on the main floor she seeks Donna out, but sees Caitlin arriving as well. "This should be a fun trip. At least I hope." She says with a small smile.


Donna had dressed for the day, in light linen cargo pants and a sleeveless button up short. The top button was open enough that it was clear that the woman was still wearing her jumpsuit underneath. She'd settled in the foyer, waiting for Caitlin to arrive and Diana to bed a temporary farewell to the home that was being rebuilt for her. Every effort was being made to return it to the comfortable place Diana had grown so fond of. Her own gear was in a backpack slung on her back, so that she could have both of her hands free. A smile for Caitlin as she arrived, "Caitlin, I hope the trip wasn't a bother. I'd hate for us to start off on the wrong foot." And another for Diana, as she glanced up along the staircase, waiting for Diana to arrive before she continued, "I thought it might be nice to have a bit of a getaway. None of us have had much of a chance to recuperate. Diana has agreed to come with us for a short vacation, if you don't mind, Caitlin."


Caitlin brightens when she spots the two Amazons, and she moves to give Donna a warm hug, and then Diana in turn. "Are you kidding? I'm all about vacations these days," Caitlin assures Donna. Diana's statement get a flashing grin of agreement. "And no, the trip wasn't a bother at all. Thumbed a ride from a League vehicle and they dropped me off with a company car. I'm trying to figure out the flying thing," she explains. "But repulsor boots just seem like they'd get broken fast."

She claps her hands. "So! Where are we going?"


Diana returns the hug to Caitlin and she has a grin blossom across her lips at what the both of them said. "I do believe I told Caitlin there would be a wonderful vacation after we resolved our latest crisis. Although now I am yielding the planning and execution of said vacation to that of my every lovely sister." She says then to Donna. "To which I now have to say… Where _are_ we going?" She grins still and reaches for a pair of sunglasses, stylish and fancy, apparently she was preparing for a trip perhaps somewhere in the city or a drive not too far away… she doesn't seem to think they'd be headed anywhere else if the vacation was rumored to be 'short'! Diana can't help but look down to what Caitlin is wearing on her feet to check for rockets, just in case.


"And how would you walk in them? it would be as if you were trying to spend your day on roller skates, especially if they were on the fritz. Just shooting you forward a few inches every time you took a step." Donna grinned, before she shrugged the backpack on her shoulders, settling it a bit more comfortably, before she reached out to offer each woman a hand. "To paradise." She really couldn't help the smirk, as she said that. "Just make sure you've got everything you need in hand." Once she had each woman's hand firmly in hers, Donna turned, as though she were about to lead them both back out of the foyer. Except that that was not quite what happened. Between the woman's first step and the next, they were simply…somewhere else. The Consulate was gone, the street around the consulate was gone, hell, Metropolis was gone.

And they were in Paradise. But it was clear that they were not on Paradise Island. And there were other signs of strangeness. The sky was darker, a richer, deeper than the sky they were accustomed to were. There was grass, short, and a vibrant, almost neon green. Trees of no shape that ever existed on earth, and tall red cliffs. A white shore and a deep, cobalt sea curved to their right, as they seem to have appeared on the crest of an outcropping looking down on the ocean. It was not so very different from what they might have seen on Paradise Island, and yet it was not the same at all.

"Well, shoot. We're going to have to walk."


Caitlin's a bit twitchy these days, and the sudden turn and blink of reality startles her. She turns immediately to put her back to Donna and Diana, forming a fighting triangle with the other two Amazons out of sheer habit. The duffel drops heavily near her feet.

"Where… where *are* we?" she wonders, aloud. Her knees relax from a ready stance as she straightens. It's peaceful here. Verdant isn't even in the ballpark. There's such a sense of serenity that Caitlin's instincts are pushed aside, and she turns her head to give Donna a quizzical look. "Did you teleport us somewhere?" she guesses. "I didn't even know you could *do* that with passengers."


Diana's got her belongings in that bag hooked into her left elbow while her right is placing her fancy shades over her blue eyes. When Donna approaches, Diana lets her take her right hand after she puts the sunglasses on and she smiles at her. "This should be fun!" She says in an excited little way. But then they're transported so quickly that its a bit off-putting? But not harmful or uncomfortable, per-se, just suddenly changed!

Diana chin dips down and she lets her sunglasses droop down to the tip of her slim nose. She stares around the landscape and then looks over to Donna upon hearing Caitlin's line of questioning. "Everything she just said." Diana quietly comments before going back to visually taking in their new surroundings.


Donna slipped her hands free, as she turned to face the two women, "This is Alpha-Kay. Not terribly creative, I know, but with as many planets as the Monitors have to well, monitor, they grant everything a very simple nomenclature. We are in the Gliese star system. it is a habitable world, but there are no forms of sentient life, such as we know it here. A number of smaller, still evolving living things, as well as vegetation,much of which is edible, but it is considered a stable, life-sustaining place. There is an observatory here once, which was why I was able to pinpoint it so easily." Caitlin's question drew a nod, "I can, if I have a good hold on the thing I want to transport. But it takes most of my strength and focus and some assistance from the orb. I came ahead and brought such things as we might need for a camp, if we stay that long, but the suit is not as accurate as I would like for planetary insertion, and we are about…five miles or so from where I set everything. I thought…you both might enjoy exploring a new place." The rest went unsaid. A place unravaged by war or demons, or marauding Juggernauts.


Caitlin whistles, mostly soundlessly. An impressed look crosses her features. "Jiminy Crickets, that's a neat trick," she murmurs. "Twenty-five light years in a single jump?" she inquires of Donna, glancing back at the woman.

"Well, let's get trucking to camp," she says, nodding agreement with Donna, and shoulders her duffel bag. "I can't wait to see more of this. First planet I've ever been to that I didn't get like … eaten by local wildlife."

"The local wildlife *is* friendly, right?"


Diana has been away from Earth before, many times really, but she wasn't precisely sure on the lightyear range of those times. This may in fact be the furthest she's ever gone. "Fascinating." She says quietly and sincerely as she looks around, doing a full turning circle to let her eye gaze not just forward but also upward to see the stars from this planet, unlike how she'd ever seen them from their perspective back on Earth.

"I should hope so." Diana says about Caitlin's question regarding the wild life. But she herself turns to look to Donna. "An observation station?" She asks. "Who was it that was observing this world, or… what were they observing if not the world?" Diana looks in the direction that their camp is in. "I can think of so many people… uh, back home, who would be busting with giddiness to get to do something such as this."


"If I expend the full power of the suit, I can travel anywhere in the universe. The last time I did, Hal was very cross with me." A beat, "It was Juggernaut." As if that explained everything. Donna laughed, at Caitlin's question, "On the light side of the planet, yes. Everything is quite peaceful here, and all smaller non-predatory animals. None of which are to be hunted or killed. I have never had cause to venture into the planet's darkside, but it has been marked-off limits, and I would like to respect that." Because nobody wants to see Pitch Black the sequel. Probably. She nodded to Caitlin and Diana both, as she started down along the outcropping heading in what was a northerly direction, or would be on earth, "The Monitors have such observation stations all over the known universes. Please where they can be close to events they wish to observe at a closer distance than they normally would. They are always on places like this. Where the planet can support life, but where their presence will not disturb the evolution of sentient beings. It is not quite the Prime Directive of Star Trek fame, but it is close."


"I'm trying *super* hard not to nerd out," Caitlin says, agreeing fervently with Diana. "I've spent the last five minutes trying to think of a way to get Donna to let me examine her suit, and not make it sound weird." She grins at her own joke. There's some progress; Caitlin definitely would have just blurted such a statement out, when she was younger.

"But now Donna's making Star Trek references, and I'm not sure I can process that mentally," she asides to Diana, theatrically, still in good spirits and keeping up with Donna easily. "I brought a little lab experiment along, Donna, so we should be OK without needing to snack on local wildlife," she says, hefting her duffel bag.

She eyes the outcropping they come upon, and starts carefully going down a sturdier if less direct path that will support her weight a bit better. "How'd you find this place, anyway, Donna?" she calls over to the other woman.


Donna's answer to her seems to clear that up pretty nicely but all the same Diana gives a slight nod of her head. "I would very much like to speak with members of that people someday. If… that were ever even possible. But if their goal is to 'observe' then I assume they do not have one for chatting as well." She shows a slight grin then before she watches Caitlin move around, seeing the young redhead almost bouncing off of the environment. This, makes Diana laugh softly. "Be careful, Caitlin." She urges the younger one who's moving down a steep incline. "There may be… holes… or, quick sand. We do not know!" Its true, she doesn't! Alien worlds are far from Diana's expertise.

She follows after though and looks back up to her Sister. "Color me impressed, and yes… I had heard about your solution for the Juggernaut. Cannot say I disagree with it either. I believe he earned such a punishment."


"Caitlin, I brought you here precisely so that you could nerd out. I know that you are not, strictly speaking, a biologist, or a geologist, but I wanted you, I hoped you would have a place here where you could have the time to put your interest in science to good use." Donna glanced to Diana, before she continued, "I brought you here, Diana, because even though it is not home," and Diana never really liked being away from earth, "I wanted you to have a time of peace and serenity. Even if we will have to go back. Even a small respite." Donna moved slightly away from the other two, looking down with interest at the patterns of growth on the grass, "I consulted the orb. I have been to other observation planets, but not this one until recently." When she deposited the camping gear, most likely, "So I found one that was close enough to earth not to be too jarring, but different enough to be worthy of exploration." Diana's comment brought another laugh, "You would be surprised at how chatty they are. Perhaps we will go to meet them one day. Or at least one of them." Her expression grew slightly more serious, as Diana spoke again, "I could think of no other way to get him out of the Consulate. But Hal did not appreciate having to try to find us. Though I was able to bring us back to a warp gate. But what else could I do? My suit doesn't allow me to travel place to place on a planet. It works on a cosmic scale. I hear Hal ended up dropping him off in Madripoor."


"Should have just left him in space," Caitlin says, making a face. "I've met him a few times. He kind of varies between 'mean and ugly' and 'really mean and really ugly'. He's hard on walls and furniture. *And* he smells weird."

"Eek!" With a slip, down Caitlin goes, skidding on her rear the remainder of the distance down the slope. Dust and rocks follow but she stays more or less on her rear, and by the time the others catch up, she's already on her feet and twisting herself around to look for damage to her suit. "Oh hey, it's already repairing!" she remarks, pointing at the minor tears and scratches on the back of her thigh. "It'll be fully repaired by tomorrow. I've been uploading outfits into it for days now. No more clothes shopping." She pauses, thoughtfully. "Shoes I haven't quite figure out yet, but I'll get there," she admits.

She digs in her duffel bag and produces a box about the size of a book. She presses two buttons and a series of quadrotors and repulsors flare to life. "Go sniff around, boy!" she croons to the drone, and tosses it skywards. It chirrups obligingly and starts doing a series of large, looping survey arcs overhead, centered around Caitlin's position.

"So where *is* Hal, anyway? I haven't seen him in weeks."


"I do not blame you for that choice, but I also understand Hal's viewpoint on it." Diana responds to her sister, while keeping a watch over Caitlin in front of them, wincing when she sees the young woman so brazenly diving forward. "Careful." Diana calmly warns as she trails off her, staying easily upright on her leather booted feet, they're heeled but they're just short wedges.

"I believe that we all have a choice in our life time, a choice to do good for the world or a choice to do harm to it. Some may do more good than others while some may do more harm. But those who do as much harm as this… Juggernaut… well, I believe they deserve some measure of isolation to a world where they have not what Earth possesses, a world where they can perhaps learn to realize what all they are missing on Earth." Diana shows a small smile then. "Timeout World. I guess."

She progresses after Caitlin and watches the suit repairing itself. "That is very fancy technology. But… I foresee you still shopping for clothing sometime in the future." The Princess grins at the redheaded one then.


"He was the strongest foe I believe I have ever encountered, in this life or any of my memories. I did the only thing I could think of to save the consulate. Hal was particularly unhappy that I did such a thing, without knowing if taking him there would kill him." Donna spoke plainly, but there was no regret in her voice. That, as much as anything, illustrated how different she was from Diana, who would likely never have committed an act that would have ended in another's death so thoughtlessly.

"Caitlin!" Donna stepped forward, as she saw the redhead using the slope of the alien world as some sort of impromptu slip and slide, but she took comfort when she saw Caitlin get back to her feet, the two brunettes reaching her by the more normal way. "To be honest," she offered, "I did consider leaving him, but he agreed not to come after us again, and not to fulfill the contract he had taken to steal from the Consulate." She glanced at Diana, "I have no idea what it was he had been contracted to steal." She knew Diana would want to know if she did. "Every woman enjoys going shopping. But I will be interested to see what your suit can come up with. As for Hal, I honestly have no idea. Perhaps he was recalled back to the Green Lantern Corps. I do not know much about them, but perhaps he was needed there in the wake of the battle against Set. I know that any guardians in other organizations are often not supposed to intervene in cosmic events as directly as he was forced to. And he was far from the sector of the universe he was assigned to."


"I'm fine," Caitlin says, waving her companions off with a smile. "I've fallen off of high-rises before. A little slip down a hill is only going to bruise my dignity."

"And /yes/, fine, I'm not swearing off shopping. Not with my new paycheck, anyway," she says, shouldering her bag. "Once I get my new condo bought, I'll need to decorate it and then get some more good work outfits and maybe a nice dress or two I can have for fancy occasions, down the road. And some matching shoes."

"Once I get the last of my stuff moved up from Metropolis, I'm ready to get outta Dodge City for a while," she admits, wryly. "Sun and sand and sitting around playing with my toys and doing absolutely nothing unless I wanna do it. Sounds pretty divine, if you ask me," she says, palming some stray hair back from her face. "How far are we from camp? Getting close?"


"If we think that protecting Earth is troublesome and time consuming, can you possibly imagine how much trouble and time it takes to protect everything else?" Diana responds to the topic of Hal Jordan. "I imagine that he is called away to do just that, or help do just that, on a level that we may consider to be… daunting." She does sigh softly as she progresses on their hike and her eyes do look around to observe the environment that they're in, it so alien and unique to what she's used to.

"I miss him, he is fun to be around. If sometimes a bit too crazy for my tastes. And perhaps a bit too much into alcohol." She shows a little grin then. "I hope he can calm down on that front in particular."

The Princess looks to Caitlin then. "Please do let me help you move if you need it. I enjoy doing that. Aside from the dust, moving is good fun. It is exercise and like a game, a game of… Tetris, with furniture." She grins then. Its not her own quote, it something a close friend of hers once told her many years ago. Back in the 80s no less!


"Yes. We often think of Hal as…in a way, as belonging to us. To Earth, because he was born there, because he seems to use it as his base of operations. But his charge is the entire galaxy. And that is a lot of worlds. A tremendous amount of responsibility." Donna glanced at Diana, as she mentioned Hal's drinking, though she made no other comment in that regard. She knew how much difficulty the man was having with it. Thankfully, there were other topics to move on to, "You are moving from Metropolis?" That was something Donna had not know, "To New York?" She knew Caitlin worked for Stark Industries, so that seemed the logical choice." But Diana's comment brought a laugh, "I never knew you were so domestic, Diana."


Caitlin wags her chin at Donna. "Yeah. I was renting a place for a while and with the invasion, it's a good time to pick up some property?" she says, making the last more question than statement. "So I'm gonna buy a condo not far from Stark Tower, and turn my old apartment in Metropolis back over to the Justice League. Someone else could probably use the space, it's a nice little two-bed," she murmurs.

She laughs merrily at Donna's playful criticism of Diana. "Domestic? I don't know," she teases. "I don't exactly see either of you as the 'nesting' sort," she remarks, wryly. "Particularly not in a city like New York. I mean, the *smell* alone…"


Diana just grins over to Donna then. "Domestic?" She questions, her eyes going forward then toward where they're headed. "I had a good friend a long time ago who used to own an arcade. Back when they were very popular. It was a close knit circle of friends actually." She explains, or tries to. "He had been a wealthy art restoration instructor at a University but he retired from that and had a baby later in life. He wanted his kid to grow up in the 'glits and glamor' of an arcade." She grins at the silliness of it. "To each their own. Still though, it was a fun place. But yes, he is the one who said moving was like Tetris with furniture. It stuck with me ever since."

She looks ahead to Caitlin again and snickers at her comments. "Some parts of New York may smell worse than others, but they have gotten a lot better about providing public restrooms. It was was far worse decades ago! Things are getting better, see?" She says that with a chipper tone of her voice.


Donna's laughter was warm, and rang in the relative stillness of the world where they were walking, whose silence was only broken by the sound of the water and the rustling of vegetation. "Why am I not at all surprised that you would look at the fallout of a demon invasion as a positive, Caitlin?" There was something freeing in that, simply because it was a sign that life was, indeed, getting back to normal. "As for you, Diana…" Donna shook her head, "I still, in many ways, think of you as the girl I knew on Paradise Island. I forget that you have lived centuries of life that I know nothing about." Much as Donna had herself. But that did not seem to depress her. That was one benefit of immortality. There was time to catch up on the things you missed. Donna lifted a hand, pointing to a cluster of what looked like crates which they could now see over the next rise, "We are almost there. You can see it now." They would be there in no time at all.


Caitlin shakes her head, dumbfounded by the wealth of knowledge the two women represent. "Golly geeze," she mutters, under her breath. "Sometimes *I* forget what immortality actually looks like," she admits. "I'm … eight. No, nine," she amends, a few seconds later. "Ish. Like, if we're going strictly chronologically," she remarks.

"I mean, the rest of it's all implanted memories and simulated experiences. Makes me wonder, though," she says, bemusedly, as they cross into camp. "What would it be like if I could experience all that life at once? If I could perfectly copy the experiences of a person and download them into another consciousness? Would I even *be* myself any more?" she wonders, setting down her bag and looking around the campsite.

"Good location, Donna," she approves, nodding. "Well, who's hungry? I can try to whip us up something," she says, rubbing her hands together eagerly.


Diana grins to Donna's words and she softly shakes her head as her eyes look ahead to spy the camp that they're drawing up to. "Most of those centuries were spent in a very repetitious manner. Though I adore life on Themyscira, I grew to hold a very real inner despair toward repeating what felt like the same day over and over. I needed variety and that is one of several reasons I chose to leave it mostly behind." Donna can only guess how well that moment must've gone over with Hippolyta. "I have only had a hundred years now to get to know the rest of our world…" She glances off to the horizon. "Wherever it is out there." She quietly adds that last bit.

When she follows Caitlin into the campsite she moves to look about it casually before she looks back to Caitlin. "I cannot imagine how that would feel either, but its possible some out there may know. I have heard of several instances of that sort of things occurring with people who possess specific powers." Diana steps over to a place to lower down and seat herself, her leather duffle bag coming to rest at her feet as well and her hands going up to remove her sunglasses by tipping them up over her forehead so they can rest ontop her head.


Donna voice was soft, thoughtful, as she followed the turn of the conversation. It took her a moment, before she spoke again, "That is how I feel every time that one of the other Donnas dies and her life comes to me. The whole span of it suddenly in my head, from her earliest memories to her death. A lifetime of people I don't know, of experiences I have never had, loves I've never had, losses I've never experienced. It is always terrifying, and difficult to separate who she was and who I am. But those memories aren't me." She came to a stop as they got to the camp, moving to begin unpacking the crates she had brought with her, eyes rising momentarily to glance up at the drone making its pass over where they would have their camp. "I don't believe, that even if those memories were implanted in you, they are somehow not you, because, like all memories, they help us to become who you are now. The only difference between you and Diana, or me, is that we had to come by our memories the long way around. But your memories have not defined you, they've given you a place from which to begin to become the woman that you are, Caitlin."


Caitlin puts a reassuring hand on Donna's upper arm and squeezes gently, a sympathetic expression crossing her features as she does so. She breaks to start in on the cooking, setting up a strange little device nearby and powering it up. It's about the size of a shoebox, and hums readily.

"I've been thinking about that a lot lately," she admits to the other women. She kneels next to a box and opens it, extracting cookware with mindless efficiency and preparing what she'll need to cook with the larder Donna's set in.

"'Only' a hundred years," she murmurs at Diana, teasingly. "Do you even listen to yourself?"

Her face grows pensive. "I mean, I know I was officially decanted right before school started. But there's still this blurry line between the fake memories and the real ones, y'know?" she remarks. "After I hacked some of the VR data files, I found stuff that they'd added but never programmed. I know *entirely* too much about military latrine procedures now," she shudders. "But those aren't *my* memories. They're my daddy's. So—" she gestures at Donna. "I've got a whole 'nother life rattling around up here that I kinda acquired the short and easy way.

She shakes her head, waving that off. "Sorry. I'm not trying to bring the mood down," she apologizes. She bounces once on her heels, happiness returning to her wide-open features. "Actually, you can tell me a little about customs on the Island," she says. "Dating. I know y'all do it. What's the rules, or like… customs? I can't imagine there's an etiquette about when to go dutch, I mean," she says a little drily.


Diana's eyes are up on the drone that is passing over their heads as well. "Observers?" Diana questions it softly before she looks down and over to where Donna is. She frowns just a little, but she does her best not to overly react to Donna's words. She's spoken to her about these things previously and she doesn't want to be too… dramatic toward her, smothering her with affection or an over amount of unwanted comforting. "I wish I could do something about that." Diana quietly says, leaving it mostly at that. It grieves her a great deal, but there really is nothing she can do that she is aware of short of traveling back into time and stopping Donna's disappearance from ever happening, but that's probably a type of story left for Hollywood to tell and not really capable in the real world they live in.

"I wish I could help both of you with that. Military latrines and all." She says with a slight smirk for Cait. "As for Dating… it is not exactly like you know it in New York. Amazons who spend time together with the ones they love most generally are pretty secretive about their personal lives. Not out of any other reason than simply to keep their private lives as separate from their public as much as they are able. You see, when you live on an island that is only so big… with only so many people, you tend to try to separate yourselves as much as you can outside of the required interactions. Training, daily routines to manage the city, worship at the temples… feasts at the Grand Hall. There is very little time even for private moments, so when you get them? The time is generally spent… private. Alone. Well, together. But yes."

Diana shakes her head then as she folds the limbs on her glasses together and then sets them down onto her duffle bag. "I was only ever in one relationship prior to my leaving the island. And it was… born out of a great deal of dislike for one another, to start with." She shows a light grin at the memories of it all. Its not a topic she's ever talked about much.


Donna dipped her head, at Caitlin's question to Diana, "I think you forget sometimes, how fleeting life actually is. I sometimes feel as though I have sometimes stepped through whole decades without even realizing it. I remembered every moment of my life and every life inside of me. But it is almost as if my mind has learned to…to lock them away sometimes, so that they do not completely overwhelm me. So that there are some days when I feel…normal. Human, you know what I mean?" The idea of Caitlin having her father's memories actually seemed to intrigue her, as she began the work of putting up the large tent, which was quite big enough for all three of them. "Have you ever taken the time to explore those memories? To find intersections where his memories fed into your own memories? The way that every parents life informs their child's? It might help to inform some of the reasons behind why he gave you the memories that he did." A glance to Diana, "So far as I know, there are none here. I think that was just Caitlin's drone making another pass over the area." As for dating, Donna threw up a hand in her defense, "You will have to ask Diana, about that. I was not even in puberty when I left there." But then Diana answers the question for her and Donna looked just as interested. Especially towards the end, "That, you've never mentioned to me. Was it terribly tempestuous?" Share the dish, girl!


Caitlin turns her face skywards and whistles twice, clear as a bell pealing over a lake. There's a buzzing, a flicker of light, and a boxy drone descends in a spiraling path to alight on a log next to Caitlin. It's clearly of human design, given the proprietary Stark repulsors that help give it additional life. "Whoosa good boy? Whoosaboy?" Caitlin croons softly, and rubs a magnet across a spot on the drone's back. It goes stiff and falls over, looking for all the world like a dog getting a tummy rub. One leg and a rotor even thump erratically.

"This is FIDO, Flying Intelligence Drone Observer," Caitlin explains. "I built him after Cha— Misfit, adopted my first drone, ROVR. Digital map of a dog brain superimposed on the operating system. He's a good puppers. Go'sleep," she tells the drone. It hops down, walks a circle, and apparently goes into some kind of low-power mode.

She never actually stops cooking at any point, though she blinks in surprise when Diana starts in about her prior relationships. She dices a tomato up, adds it to the boiling stewpot, and feeds some leftover scraps into the little machine she'd brought. It hums and churns and starts smelling *amazing*.

"Okay, looks like we're having vegetable stew, something with… fennel and bacon for the meateaters," she says, flipping the knife around and pointing the handle at Donna and herself. "And apple crumble for desert."

"Now, I would *love* to tell you all about the VR induction interface, Donna, but—" she tilts her head meaningfully towards Diana, eyes widening pointedly. "I think there's a *waaaay* more interesting story over here. So who was she?" Caitlin asks of Diana, smoothly chopping up the last of the vegetables as she goes.


Diana looks at the drone as it comes down to a landing and Caitlin cares for it. She makes a soft 'Ah' when Donna explains its origin, she hadn't seen Caitlin launch it into the sky. When Caitlin says its name though she shows a faint grin. "I was partially right, one words out of four at the very least…"

To Donna though she looks again and her blue eyes seem a bit interrogative as she keeps them on the other's so-similar face. "I think we should take you to one of the leading telepaths, I believe they might be able to help you deal with these memories that do not entirely belong to you. I have heard they are capable of… psychic walls, of sorts. It might help…"

But they both ask her of the relationship she mentioned and she just sighs and flashes a grin then looks away. "It was a long time ago. And yes, I do 'hear myself' when I speak." She holds the grin once more. "When… I was young…" She begins! "Everyone on the island treated me the same. They treated me like 'the princess'. All of them kind and friendly, caring and over protective. All except one. One… person treated me like anyone else, she did not shy away from being harsh on me if I was caring for my horse improperly, she did not hesitate to speak down to me if I took attitude with her—which I did, I was a different person when I was young. Arrogant and brash." She shakes her head side to side, her hands on her knees now. "I do not know, the way she treated me different was horribly frustrating, and I suppose no small part alluring." She then smirks at them both. "Her name was Galatea." She has trouble talking about it, because it has a bad ending.


"That is the strangest dog I have ever seen." But it clearly was one, though it was mechanical. "You must have watched a massive amount of british television during college." Or had it implanted, but really. It was a flying K-9. Come on! "I have considered it, Diana. But it is a strange thing. There are so may of them in here." Donna tapped her head, before she set the last tent-pole, "But sometimes, their memories have actually been useful. And I feel as though…it would be a disservice to them to just…we will see." It was a difficult situation. And so, perhaps not one best discussed now, "I remember, when we were children. I can imagine it was both frustrating, because you were used to being treated with care, but also, in its own way, liberating, to feel, as though you were 'normal', just like every other woman on the island." She was not unaware of the stress that the name brought to Diana's face. "If you would prefer not to speak of it…"


Caitlin shuffles around on her knees, dishing up their meal quietly onto small, partitioned camp plates and bowls. For something whipped up over an open flame with rations, it's pretty good eats. And whatever her little machine was fed (or converted it into), it has produced a pretty fair resemblance of a tart apple crumble, albeit in snack bar form.

She opts to sit on the ground, thighs resting on her heels comfortably. Even seated, she tends to tower over people, and the low position helps put her on a more approachable level.

"Yeah— Diana," Caitlin agrees, looking a bit apologetic. "I didn't mean to pry. We can talk about my crazy thing!" she offers, with an unenthusiastic life. "C'mon, me and my… wacky implanted memories, and mostly hypothetical love life," she says, glancing at her watch. "I mean, hypothetical for the next ten days, anyway."

Diana looks up again and at the food that Caitlin nearly has completed. She smiles at it and she shakes her head. "No it is fine. It is good to remember the ones we love most. So that they are not forgotten after all." At the sight of the food and the little machine helping Caitlin, she smiles. "You never cease to amaze me, Caitlin. I foresee a long and storied love life for you as your years go by. Real memories, tangible ones."

A glance is given to Donna then and she smiles to her sister again. "It would have been very nice to share more of those experiences on the Island with you. Your loss, and Galatea's loss are my two saddest experiences from back home." Both of her life's greatest love affairs have ended like that too, not terribly pleasant ending but wonderful while they lasted!

"But yes, I would be interested to at least hear an opinion from a telepath who has a wealth of experience in already helping others. If it is ever something you wish to pursue of course, sister."


"The next ten days? So…what you are saying is…you have a date in ten days?" Sometimes, clone, mortal, immortal, superhero or super women, girls were just girls. Donna glanced to Diana, "Did you know about this date?" Not that Caitlin had confirmed or denied such a thing, but the fun was in the teasing. The sort of thing that girlfriends, in this case the platonic kind, were supposed to do. "Thank you," she offered, as the bowl was handed to her, and she began to eat, speaking between bites. First, of course, "Thank you Caitlin, this is delicious." But something in Diana's comment, brought a smile to her face, "If you like, we can both put on baggy tunics and sandals," the sort of things most children wore there, "And I can chase you down the beach with a dead crab trying to use its pincers to nip you." Don't ask, Donna was a weird kid. "But if you know of such a telepath, I would be willing to meet with them."


Caitlin sticks her tongue out at Donna and blows a raspberry. Tbbth. It mostly serves to cover the flaming blush that is turning her ears and cheeks a shade approaching her hair. She leans her shoulder against Diana's knee in a brief but comforting semblance of a hug, as her own hands are full with her meal.

"I *thought* I told you," Caitlin mumbles at Donna, but her embarrassment is override with an irrepressible smile. "And it's— like, the whole 'epic romance' thing is a little too soon," she reminds Diana, trying to sound stern and failing utterly. Her green eyes flicker back to Donna.

"I've only spent a handful of weekends on the island," she says, trying to sound neutrally diffident. "Y'know, so a little vacation on the beach for a few weeks seemed like just the thing after the whole… demon thing, and we've gotten along pretty well, so, y'know, mffgbmblble…" she mumbles into her bowl of soup, though the name 'Polemusa' floats to Donna's ears. A devotee of Artemis, and Mistress of the Hunt.

"Yeah, hey, telepaths, you should -totally- find a telepath," Caitlin exclaims, a little over-loud at the possibility of redirecting the line of inquisition onto other, non-Caitlin topics!


In typical Diana fashion, when she gets her food she chooses to eat the dessert first, because… she's got a bit of a sweet tooth like that.

She does look up though to smile at Donna's words and even then laugh once she's cleared her palette. "I think it would be best for both of us, and for the little crabs that we perhaps just sit on the beach, rather than chase one another." She's grinning quite happily then as she looks over and down to Caitlin who's in front of her and beside her. She smiles at her. "This food is wonderful." She tells the younger one. "And there will be more time to spend there going forward… I am making it a promise to bring a little more of the outside world to Themyscira, they really do need it."

The telepath topic gets her to glance back to Donna. She nods and looks once more down to her food on her lap. "Charles Xavier springs to mind. But I know he is a very busy man. I can get ahold of him though, perhaps he will make time for us!"


"Could you imagine if video of such a thing were to ever get out? Your image as the stoic princess would be ruined forever." And social media is forever, darling. "Though I will leave the crabs, if that is what you really want." Donna managed a bout a second of a put-upon look, before her expression brightened. It was not difficult, in those moments, to see the children they used to be together, now so far removed from the women time and trials have made them. "Well, I am very happy for you, Caitlin. Not every romance has to end in forever. Most of them don't." Too well Donna knew that, "But they all bring something to our lives that were not there before. And I agree, and I know Diana does as well, that you deserve some time to do what you like, and not what you think the world requires of you." She picked up the second thread just as easily, "I have heard his name, but know very little of him. It might be quite an interesting meeting, if it ever comes to pass."


"Thanks," Caitlin mumbles, looking a little embarrassed. "Six months ago, I'd have said 'no way', but… After the Bilskirnir, and At—-" She can't quite get the god's name out, and swallows convulsively. As if parched she takes a long sip of her soup.

"After the Bilskirnir, I was already pretty tired. Top that off with the whole demon invasion and I'm juust … tapped, y'know?"

"So a while on the Island seemed like the right solution," Caitlin says, offering to dish up seconds as she goes back for more herself. "I'unno. We'll see," she says, around bites of food. "Either way, even if it… even if it doesn't work out, y'know, that's still sun and sand and being away from that whole mess in New York."

She looks around the alien landscape. "Though, honestly, this ain't half bad, either…"


"Full disclosure has been my motto since I became a public facing representative of our people and a forefront member of the Justice League." Diana starts as she looks up to Donna. "But there are certainly some things I do not want videos of rooming around, especially on the internet of all places." She smirks then and looks down to Caitlin.

"I did not know about this date." She says then to the other. "I am glad to hear of it now though. You do work yourself far too thin, you are constantly multitasking. It is both impressive but no small measure concerning either. Such as when you came to the embassy poking your head out of that tank. I am sure you did great things in that position, but surely there were others who could've done it as well. You were nearly on empty, energy wise."

Diana then just shakes her head side to side. "I like it here too and I thank you for bringing us, Donna. I would be admittedly eager to see other worlds, or of course more of this one. To be able to travel here as you did, it is very remarkable. And that is coming from someone who travels in an invisible plane." She says that last part and then smirks at herself before returning to her food, small bites taken, the etiquette of a Princess ever-instilled within her.


"Diana is right. I think it does not do to save the world, if you lose yourself in the process. So, as much as you can," because it was a difficult thing, "try to remember that you are just as important as all of the people you spend your life helping. And the more you take care of your own needs and desires, the better able you'll be to see to what other people need." Donna finished her meal, setting the bowl aside, so that she could take her dessert, though she did break it in half and offer one side to Diana, just in case she might be interested in a bit more dessert. "It is a beautiful place, but I think we would eventually grow to miss other companionship than our own. Though…I have wondered, on occasion, if you would be able to use my suit, Diana. We might have to give you taller boots to hide the height," Donna was not a short woman, but Diana still had a few inches of height on her sister. But that comment came with a grin, "We share the same core, though, so I would be curious to see if it responded to you as it does to me."


The Princess lets Donna's wisdom toward Caitlin settle there and she smiles to her when the additional bit of the apple treat is offered, she doesn't resist it because she… well she's blessed with divine figure, its not going to change even if she does indulge! "Thank you." Diana adds quietly then.

She continues to poke at her food and listen to the rest of Donna's suggestion which gets a grin from her, she looks up then and nods once. "We should try that some time. Perhaps I will turn the Eagle Armor over to you and let you 'be Wonder Woman' to the masses for a spell. I will go… somewhere, and relax." She sighs dramatically then. "Perhaps Mars. But maybe I am not thinking very deeply about other worlds to visit… choosing the closest one to our own after all." She's not the best when it comes to galactic maps. Hal would be likely somewhat disappointed in her for that, were he here.

"Well then, who's going to tell the first ghost story?" She looks between her companions. "Keep camping traditions alive, yes?"

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