Burgers and Off the Books

November 15, 2018:

Lorna and Laura have a lunch break at a local diner from cleaning up Mutant Town. They talk about putting a stop to scientists that need stopping.. off the books missions..


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While Laura Kinney, better known to some as X-23, is not really cut out for the rebuilding part of a (super)natural disaster there are some things you're expected to do if you hang around Xaviers Mansion. Especially when you're neither a student or teacher and eat enough to fuel an enhanced metabolism. Despite all this it's remarkable the work you can do with unbreakable claws that can cut through almost anything, especially when you're working with other individuals with powers.

Still, no matter how much the residents of the mansion are willing to help rebuild that doesn't mean they have to stick around in Mutant Town for a meal. So today at least Laura and Lorna have ventured out into an unscathed part of the city to find a decent diner. "It is a relief to finally be in clean air again," Laura informs, brow furrowing. "Well, clean for New York at least. I hope to never smell brimstone again.."


Lorna was exhausted from working near constantly on the rebuilding efforts. She'd pushed herself to restore buildings, car-frames and the other metal structural supports for buildings all day and had yet to take a lunch break. She was hungry and almost as grumpy Logan on a good day. She'd ordered a giant mug of hot chocolate and a double stacked burger and fries and made a contented sound as the food was set out before them.

A glance was spared for Laura and Lorna smiled, "And sunny, though it's just in time for Winter. I don't know how well I'd keep people together in a metal reinforced building in New York's winters without sunlight." She muttered, shaking her head.

"I lucked out in Genosha last year… I missed winter almost entirely."


"Most modern buildings have a lot of metal in," Laura points out with a shrug. "Although I imagine you'd know that better than most. People would find a way to survive. Even the crudest shelters we're putting together are still better than people would have had when New York was a new city." She idly picks at her own substantial meal. Two burgers, an array of sides and three portions of extra hot wings. "Winter provides different tactical considerations than Summer, but I would not say I prefer one season over the other. Both extremes of temperature can be unpleasant when you have metal in your limbs."


Lorna picked at her french fries as she mused over what Laura had to say, "They do, I have to tune out most of it in the city. If I thought about it all, all the time I'd get a wicked migraine." She grimaced, her gaze flickering back toward the other mutant and her meal that a was twice the size of her own. Lorna moved her focus back to her hot chocolate after a moment's thought, her hands closing around the mug.

"You're right about that, in Genosha it was the tropical heat and humidity. But people couldn't come out during the day because of attacks from the Magistrates. Water was pretty hard to distribute sometimes.." She murmured, her brows furrowing faintly.

"I dunno.. I feel so.." She sighed, and shook her head, sipping at her hot chocolate. "Lost? During the invasion I knew what I had to do, I had a target. I knew how to keep people alive and how to defend a strong hold. In Genosha? It was fighting Magistrates and keeping the mutates alive and safe. I can ration supplies and maintain a strong defensive border… but I just.." She made a noise at the back of her throat.

"How can I translate that outside of a battle field? You of all people must know that feeling.. that awkwardness at not having a fight right there in front of you. A goal in mind… right?"


Laura Kinney takes a few huge bites of her burger as she considers Lorna's question. "I… do not really have that problem," she decides at last. "There are aspects of my training and conditioning which allows me to switch off between high stress situations. Meditation, training and reviewing past engagements to increase my operational efficiency…. I do not know if such things would work for you." She shrugs. "Besides I never really allow myself the luxury of time off. There is always someone looking into unethical cloning research or mutant weaponisation projects. Even if they aren't connected with The Facility I feel an obligation to.. ah.. to ensure they fail." Her brow furrows and she adds "Maybe you just need a cause to devote yourself to?"


Lorna grimaced, looking down at her plate. "My father wants me to play the political pawn for all of Genosha. He wants me to be the face politically. But I can't.. I don't know how to do that. I'm not good at that. It's why I asked Sage for help on UN scenarios. Xavier's never taught me diplomacy. I've had to learn what I know on my feet. I haven't been.. keeping up with my meditation. I should, I know.. I just didn't feel like I needed it without being under attack." She sipped at her hot chocolate, and grabbed a french fry immediately after.

She fell silent after that, taking a moment to think over what Laura said about taking out other clone facilities. "I was.. ah.. tracking Genoshan scientists that escaped trial and found new jobs here.." She whispered, her gaze falling to the table between them.

"It's wrong you know, that people can torture and experiment on others and get away with it to do it all over again.." The green haired mutant bit her lower lip, looking back to Laura again.


"Politics," Laura repeats with a scowl. "A dirty word at the best of times. If you do not wish to rule then… don't? You are under no obligation to take over just because your father wishes it. Regardless of what he may think. Why not suggest they hold an election and vote in someone who would like the job instead?"

"I agree that torture and unethical experiments are wrong but I'm also under no illusions about my own actions… I am taking the law into my own hands and killing people after all. The invasion of demons made me wonder… do clones have souls?" she muses. "Still, no matter the answer I don't think it changes what I feel I need to do. The authorities would be too tempted to keep the research and some things are best left unknown."


A snort followed Laura's comments on an election. "They had an election, they voted my father in. No, what Daddy-dearest wants is for me to .. I dunno, be Genosha's face diplomatically. Play nice with the global politics and get them to like me and make trade deals or something. Do want to fight for Genosha, I love the island.. but I don't feel like I'm prepared for this kind of fight." She gestured to Laura over the top of her burger.

"I agree with you on that. There's a reason I don't really talk about what I was up to before the demons arrived. Why I spent so much time out on my own.. I know if it got out, or if Scott knew?" She shook her head and sighed.

"But I don't want to see what the Genoshan scientists did there happen here to people. The slave conditioning, the genetic modifications to people all for the sake of more powers and more control over their subjects.." She grimaced, looking back to Laura.

"You won't find any condemnation from me for doing what you feel you have to there." She said firmly, and picked up her burger.


"If they voted him in then it's his job to represent the country," Laura points out with dry amusement. "But don't tell him I said that. I'd rather not be declawed. Putting them back again is /unpleasant/." She shrugs again. "I wonder if Scott is really as unaware as you think.. Xavier's has enough telepaths around that they must pick up hints. Still legally it's better they remain officially uninformed."

"That sort of research is almost certaining going on /everywhere/. Especially here. There is money to be made after all." She glances to the side as a server comes with another plate of her order. "But enough business talk for now. We should eat while the food is hot."

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