Wonderful Encounter

November 15, 2018:

Superman once again reunites with Wonder Woman. She even agrees to help him with a story!

Watchtower Station : JLA - The Final Frontier

It's larger than a space station has any right to be, with corridors
stretching beyond to labs, to living quarters, to mission critical systems,
to the command center. Wandering through the corridors at all hours of night
and day, techs and scientists. The most technically advanced space station
orbiting Earth, Watchtower Station is an advanced operational station funded
and maintained by anonymous donors and the UN, and used by the Justice

The status of the Watchtower Station is being brought back to life after a
year of being emptied and unused.

Observation Deck:
The observation deck is one of the best views in all the Milky Way Galaxy.
The stars, obviously the Earth, Sun and planets beyond are all visible from
beyond it's plasteel dome. At the very center of the deck is the central
elevator shaft that connects all other locations throughout the Watchtower.

Around the perimeter are control panels that monitor various functions
throughout the sentinel-satellite. This acts as a secondary monitoring womb
where 3D projections can readily access the PEMS/Planetary Emergency Monitor


NPCs: None.

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Fade In…

It's so quiet up here.

Or that's what Superman always thinks to himself whenever he's on the observation deck, looking through that broadside window that allows one to see the beauty of earth itself. It had been just mere days since the Superman had returned from deep space. A light beard grazed his face but otherwise, he looked exactly the same.

He was stroking said beard, actually. "hmm…does it really look that bad?" he muttered to himself, even as his ears were finely tuned to try and listen to what was happening on the planet, while also keeping an eye on the moniters across the room, even though he wasn't on moniter duty.

But…alas, the Man of Steel is alone for the moment.


The loneliness is only for a moment.

The doors to the room open and Diana appears, she's wearing a blue robe with gold trim and beneati it is hints of her armored form as she moves and the robe moves about her. "I would like to think that the Earth looks like the most beautiful thing I have ever seen." She says in response to Kal, whether he was referring to that with his statement or not. She shows a small smile then as she moves to the center of the room and then lets her blue eyes scan around the contents there-in. "We do a lot to keep it as such, after all." She adds when her eyes finally fall on Superman's form then.


Clark snap-turns to see Diana when she arrives! "Well, I can think of a few things that might surpass it." he smiles to Diana in playful fashion, walking over to her and giving her the kindest smile. "It's good to see you, Diana." he'll even offer a hug! "How is everything? Is the Embassy still going strong?"

Basically his way of saying 'what's all that I missed?!'

He does smile to her though. "I missed all of you. I can't wait to hear all the stories."


Diana returns the hug to the man whom she's known for a long time now and the team mate she's trusted more than most. "It is good to see you again, Kal." She says to him. "I am glad that you are in good form, though I question the beard." She shows a small smirk. "All is well at the Embassy, only… the usual troubles. However, there has been much an issue of late with a… demonic… infestation, in Manhattan. But it has been resolved."

Diana does sigh at this though, she steps now past him toward the windows that look out upon Earth. "Too many people on our planet have too many powers, powers that they do not fully give enough thought or heart to understanding." She pauses and looks back to Kal then. "These kinds of attacks are a result of that. It is… frustrating, to say the very least."


"Well, I didn't exactly have a razor when I was in deep space." Kal laughs pleasantly, keeping his eyes directly upon the woman as he gives her a warm hug. "Honest, I'm gonna shave it off…no one really likes my beard. Not sure I like it either." he chuckles. "I'm happy everything was well, but I did find out about the demon chaos and all that. Batman and Maxima told me." he gives a soft nod.

"Too many indeed. Way too many options for chaos. It's insane." he sighs. "But, it's the neverending battle." he smiles to her. "We'll help them all, if we can."


Diana shows the man a small smirk in regard to his beard from where she stands at the observation windows. "I like a beard." She says to him then. "But on you?" She slowly shakes her head from right to left. "The people would judge you harshly for it." She grins then. "They expect the great and pure Superman to be a beacon of cleanliness and well groomed 'man scaping'." She's got a silly sense of humor when she wants to and she's picked up on silly slang terms used in the modern world. Why wouldn't she? She's aged with the world at-large for the past 100 years of human history, she likely know smore pop culture and slang terms than the average person even does… even if many are out of style by now!

"They will be happy to see you return. I think that everyone feels safer when Superman is safely in the atmosphere of his home." Earth of course, is what she means. He's lived here longer than he ever did Krypton after all.


Clark ends up chuckling a little bit as she teases him so. "Okay, Okay, I look bad with a beard, I get it." Clark laughs brightly, keeping to Wonder Woman's side as he looks to the planet. "True…I think if I went back to earth like this? They'd think I was someone else. But..I hope to see it soon. I've been making sure everything was in order so I know where to go and making sure I was well rested."

Constantly flying through the cosmos is tiring, even for Superman after all.

But he does smile at her. "But, I think it'd be nice if we maybe got a coffee or something. Caught up. Maybe I can even write a piece on you to help me get my job back."


Diana laughs softly and shakes her head from side to side while she looks away from him and back out to the space beyond. "I did not mean to imply that a beard looks 'bad' on you. I simply meant that it will do you no service in the eyes of the public. They will wonder if you are going through a mid life crisis or some other such melodramatic silliness." She glances back to him then and grins. "It is best to avoid that, I assure you."

She draws in a breath then and turns to look at the monitors along the walls, she takes a step toward them. "Coffee is always good, though tea is always better." She says whilst walking, her stride graceful and smooth as ever. "An article about me?" She glances back to him then. "If it would help the ever intelligent Clark Kent get back onto his sturdy feet, then I would be more than willing to help you with that of course!"


Clark shakes his head. "Well, it is kinda what you're implying there, young lady." He knows Diana is like 500 years older than him, easily. Darn Greek Demigods/Goddesses! But, oh well. Kal chuckles, nodding. "True, true. I remember I had longer hair at one point in time. People thought I was gonna change my name ot 'hippie Superman'. I know that feeling..way…way…WAY too well." he smiles to Diana. "We can't all be as eternally wonderful as you are."

Was that flirting? Probably not. Clark's just always been friendly.

"Oh thank you thank you! I owe you one, Diana. How about we meet mon-" then his eyes sharply look towards the planet. "I'll text you, okay?" He smiles, before suddenly, in a breeze of wind, he's gone!

No rest for the weary! Here's hoping he at least shaved first…

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