One Pot

November 11, 2018:

X-Men in the X-Base talk about X-Things. Gambit finds a pot of stew in the hallway and never really explains where it comes from.

X-Men Base Rec Room


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In the wake of the end of the demon infestation of New York, there seemed to be more work to do than there had been when all that the heroes who had come together had had to worry about was fighting demons and protecting the city from destruction. But this was the more difficult bit. Sorting out the aftermath. The refugees who had called the back lawn of the estate their home had to be returned to their actual homes, and in, many cases, they needed assistance not only rebuilding their homes, but resupplying and rebuilding their lives. Though Sage had not spent her time exclusively at the Mansion during the invasion, she had returned to assist with the return of the refugees.

Most of her work, was, for her, simple enough, as she'd either assisted in returning the refugees to their catalogued locations, or, in the case of the less fortunate few, she'd used her ability to read genetic codes to reunite lost family members. Where those had been lost, she had tried to find the closest relations she could who would be willing to take the lost in.

The last of the refugees had left earlier in the morning, but there were simply too many loose ends that were still not tied off, and the ever-almost goth woman was only now stepping out of the room that as a matter of course, normally sat still and silent, the white lights that illuminated Cerebro winking out a moment before the doors closed and locked behind her.


Rogue may not live in the mansion above the X-Men base anymore, but she's still here pretty often/frequently. Why sign up for a membership at the gym in Salem Center when you can just come here? Let alone free laundry, food, and so many other resources that this place has! She's 26 years old and doesn't make THAT MUCH money, so of course she's going to leech off of what she considers her 'actual home'. Plus, she's still one of the higher ranked X-Men members and needs to keep a presence here.

As such she's stepping out of the training gym, she's got her Green / Gold X-Men uniform on but its undone down to her waist where its bunched up around/over her leather belt, she has a tanktop on though so don't get worried and her leather jacket is on over that. She's whistling a light tune as she steps into the main corridor.


Lorna had spent the better part of the afternoon in Mutant Town, helping to undo the barrier and barricades she'd made of pure steel alloys and iron scraps previously during the demon invasion. While it had had a good defensive structure and certainly had housed more than a few mutants through the crisis, it was now useless in what was dubbed a 'civilized' society. The green haired mutant was having trouble adjusting back to the regular day to day life of the status quo once more. She had spent weeks rushing around and simply hadn't had the head space to sit and think. She figured a work out might work, but upon spotting Rogue coming out from the training hall, the green haired woman shifted her step.

"Hey Rogue, been a while. How are you doing?" She called, her gaze finally falling to Sage after a moment's pause and she nodded toward the other woman with a smile.


Even though his love lives in another castle, this Italian lover plumber does his best to spend time when his princess is around. To clarify, Remy is walking out of the gym behind Rogue. He has a black tank top with pink highlights around the hems and he has his normal x-man pants without the ornate shin guards on at this time, just the heavy boots he prefers to work in. He's drenched in sweat and has given himself an impossible task of following up with Rogue's hardschool work out regime.

The Cajun has a white towel over his still short haired head and he pulls up behind Rogue and doubles over with his hands on his knees. "Wooo." He sighs out as he keeps trying to catch his breath. The other words and sounds get his attention, turning under his makeshift hood he spots familiar legs in Lorna and he smirks at them with a lift of his hand in greeting while he turns to look towards Sage's feet and gives her a wave too without words.


Sage paused as she stepped out into the hallway, finding it suddenly a bit more crowded than she'd expected. Rather than blocking the way through she stepped casually to the side, offering a nod to Rogue, a smile for Lorna, and a dip of her head to Remy. Only the green-haired mutant she knew personally. The other two, well, they were among the many whose reputations preceded them. Seeing the three clustering together and falling, relatively speaking into conversation, she continued on towards the rec room, the door already open, revealing the room beyond to be relatively empty.


As it so happens, Rogue is on her way to that very same Rec Room. she'd plugged her phone into one of the outlets there and left it on the counter charging before she and the Cajun had gone into the training center. Rogue looks over to Lorna though and grins at her. "Ain't seen ya since the holy water experiment. Ya know that worked a lot better than I thought it was gonna." Rogue hadn't helped too much with the Demon stuff, she'd gone on that mission with them and then another with Logan when he needed to get into the city and wanted her muscle to back him up, but beyond that she'd been back in the Salem Center simply helping refugees there that other heroes were bringing in to find safety.

Rogue glances to Sage and offers her a nod and a little flirtatious grin like she gives just about everyone, then her eyes go over to Gambit who's all hunched over. "Don't you faint on me, now." She tells him. "I told ya t'stop tryin' t'keep up with me, ya don't got in ya. Even with all your muscles and fancy flip moves, ya ain't gonna bench what I bench. Or run as fast! So ya owe me dinner now, Miste'ah."

And with that said the southern gal glides on into the Rec Room and moves toward the side with the kitchenette area. "Whats goin' on with the refugees? They all gone now?" She asks the others.


A green eyed glance followed Sage's movements and Lorna simply trailed along as the small gaggle of X-men wandered in to the sub-basement's rec room. Her steps were light, magnetic fields bouncing about her to keep her weight off the ground just so. Her own outfit consisted of black leggings and a tight fitting grey tank-top, and simple steel tipped boots. On the plus side, she had cut her hair short once more. Leaving curls framing her cheeks and around her shoulders rather than trailing down her back.

"Yeah well, who knew internet pastors counted?" She offered to Rogue.

Her attention shifted briefly toward Remy, a brow arching upwards as Rogue described the ways in which Remy owed the Southern belle dinner now.

"I dunno, I guess?" A glance was spared with Sage to confirm that the report had indeed been fact. "Sage was on it more than I was. I was trying to take down all the steel bunkers and barbed wire I'd made in Mutant Town today."


"Fine. Fine. Ah surrender t-ya greatness. Again." The cajun says with a smirk to Rogue as he pulls the towel off his head showing off the half inch long hair on his head. The towel ends up around his half bare shoulders before he pulls it all the way down and wraps the towel between his hands, before whipping it towards Rogue as he walks past her. "Ah'll go an get dhe rice cookin'." As he pulls the towel away and starts to run from the dangerous belle, he points at Lorna and then Sage, "You two ladies wan' anyt'in' t'eat oh ya good with some One Pot?" The cajun asks as he's on his way to the guy's locker room.


Sage continued on through the rec room, turning the corner as she ended up behind the bar that was situated off to one side. She set about the task of pouring drinks, one for each of the people who had walked into the room with her, each, rather creepily, precisely what they might normally have ordered at a bar. She left out bottles when necessary, so that refills could be poured at will. While she did not return Rogue's smile, the incline of her head was, for anyone else, about the same as if she had, "The last of the mutants who resided in Mutant Town were returned yesterday. The more difficult cases left this morning. I will continue to monitor any difficulties we might encounter, and coordinate bring in supplies where they are needed." Sage was not, so far as anyone knew, a woman rich enough to be able to supply a city. But one did not possess the ability to access any computer network and not put it to good use. "I am fine, thank you. I brought my own."


Rogue seats herself on the other side of the bar that Sage is preparing drinks at and she reaches out to take hold of her phone. When the towel is snapped at her she uses her 'danger sense' to grab it and yank it away! "I'll get ya for that." She says in response to the Cajun, but her face is nose-deep in her phone now as she's checking her messages, having slipped one of her thumbs out from inside her glove to more easily swipe it across the screen.

A second later though and she drops it down on the counter with a thud and then looks to Lorna. "You with a buncha barbed wire and such all movin' around in the air? That is probably a terrifyin' sight t'behold. But then again, your power is still one'a my favorites. At least in you. In that Dad'a yours? Well, he can still jump off'a cliff as far as I'm concerned." A short pause. "No offense. Old grudges'n all."

Rogue accepts the drink made by Sage and she smiles at her again regardless of whether she gets one back or not. "Thank ya, Sugah." She says to her in a quiet voice. "If'n you need any help, don't hesitate t'ask me. I can always zip right over t'wherever." Rogue glances to where Remy went, but he was already off to go wash off the stinky sweat.


A glance was spared for the departing Cajun and Lorna slowly shook her head as she settled on a bar seat beside Rogue. "No thanks." She made a face and turned her focus back to Sage as the woman started making drinks. Her own was a simple enough rum and coke, a sigh pulling from her lips as she murmured a thanks to Sage.

"I know a lot of them saw how bad it was in Mutant Town and asked me about ships to Genosha. At least for the New York Mutant Town.. it's gonna be a ghost town compared to before.." She trailed off as Rogue picked up her phone and rapid fire complemented her and insulted her father all in one breath. A smile broke out over her expression and she had to bite back a snort of laughter.

"Well, thanks Rogue. I always wished I could take a hit and give it as good as you." She winked, and sipped at her drink.

"You know how when Marcos and I touch it creates a localized aurora? I had so hoped that it would happen when they shook hands. But my dad had his powers reigned in too tightly. It's too bad, I had been hoping for rainbows."


"I appreciate the offer, Rogue, but I like to keep myself busy, and I have a feeling we are all going to be dealing with the fallout for a while yet, especially the students." Sage had quite handily avoided even the hint that anyone might decide to recruit her for the teaching staff. or surely that would be the end days.

Once she'd set out drinks for the rest, she turned to her own, which was, all things considered, rather boring. A bloody mary more hot sauce, less alcohol. Well, no alcohol, frankly, but there you are. "They may go there now, but I have no doubt that they will eventually return, when the area is rebuilt. Birds migrate, but they always return home to roost."


Rogue had quit her job as a teacher here after coming back from her stint in Genosha, she'd never really given a reason why she'd done it either. It had still been summer time, but by the time Fall classes started she'd dropped out of that job and hasn't ever returned to it, her money income is now coming from that store in Salem she bought.

Rogue grins heavily at what Lorna says and sets her drink down after sipping it. "I would _love_ to see your father's reaction to shaking another man's hand and seeing rainbows appear after ward. That might be the most priceless thing ever." Genosha was the last time she'd seen Magneto too, which was fine by her.

"Yeah. people will go back to Mutant Town, its inevitable. Its like that loud mouthed guy at the Daily Bugle described it. The 'toilet bowl of Mutant plight'. Except… ya know, he's an asshole, and the mutants IN Mutant Town are generally all pretty cool people. Sure there's bad eggs, but there's always bad eggs in big cities."


A small shrug of her shoulders followed, a grin on her lips. "I wish I could've seen it too, if only for the look that would've appeared on his face. But it never did happen.." A sigh pulled at Lorna's lips and she sipped at her drink, green eyes flickering back toward Sage briefly.

"I dunno, it depends on how bad things get for people here, don't you think? Most of the city is gonna be on the rocks for a while, but mutants? People don't have someone else to hate now—no more demons. How long do you think it will take before people returned to that age old comfort of hating their kids because they were born different?" She muttered, a bit of a morose tone pulling at her voice.

"I was thinking we should take a trip down to DC, see if anyone new down there might talk to us. I know technically congress is out of session.. but it might be worth a try. Marcos and I booked a hotel down there."


"People are people, Lorna. They will always find something or someone to hate. Humans have hated each other for thousands upon thousands of years. Sometimes it was religion, sometimes it was race, nationality, culture, gender, sexuality. We've simply added genetics to that. Now we either hate what we see as different, or we hate those that we see as normal. We feel the hatred for mutants more closely because it is hate directed at us, but it's not all the hate that's left in the world. All of that hate still exists, even among mutants. I'd hate for any of us, for example, to end up surrounded by morlocks. We'd be lucky to make it out of there with our skins intact, if we made it out at all. Hate doesn't go away simply by turning a blind eye to it and trying to hide from it." Sage carried her drink back to the bar, slipping a hand into her pocket to remove a small neoprene sleeve, "I hadn't had a chance to give this to you before. These are the UN training scenarios you were interested in." Inside the sleeve, Lorna would find a tablet, as well as a paired down version of Sage's sunglasses.


"Ah 'eard somet'in' 'bout bad eggs?" Remy says holding a large black pot with smoke coming out of the brim of the lid covered pot. He has a pair of pot holders in each hand and is leaning way back to keep the thing away from his chest. The man is almost to the counter top when he lets go with one hand and holds on tightly with the other so he can toss the pot holders onto the counter to set the pot on top of. "Dinner's serv—- Be right back!" The cajun says before turning around and darting out of the room with his voice echoing back into the room. "Ah fo'got dhe booooooowls."


Rogue just shakes her head at the talk about mutants and the ever present plight that they're constantly suffering from, everyone, even their own parents. "Soon as some Mom and Dad out there have a kid who's mutant power is turnin' everything they touch into gold, those two parents are gonna be like 'Son or Daughter. We love you so much!'." She does her very best common-American accent when she says that last part, and its oddly good and very mocking at the same time. "That's just how folks are. If the mutation is a 'problem' then they're prone to hate their kid. If its something that benefits their sorry asses, then they're all Cool with it."

Rogue glances over to Sage and then over to Gambit when he comes back with a steaming pot of food. "Where did ya even get that from?" She has to ask him, but he's already headed back out of the door. "I bet our neighbors are wonderin' where their dinner went right about now…." She just mumbles that bit though.


Lorna flashed Sage a look, "You don't have to tell me about hate being old you know." She muttered, her voice pitched into a mumble as she wrapped her hands around her drink before she frowned and downed the rest of the rum and coke with a grimace. Who would her father be today if not for what hatred had done to him so long ago? She shook her head, standing up as Sage came over to hand her something. A look of interest flickered to life on the green haired mutant's expression and she nodded once as she tucked it into her back pocket.

"Thanks, I forgot about that." Her focus distracted by Remy's return and rapid fire exit. Of course, her gaze swung back toward Rogue briefly and she shook her head, forcing a smile.

"I don't want to know. Listen, I gotta get a work out in now before I slack off. I'll see you all later."


Sage did not seem put off being being told off by Lorna, but then, Sage rarely seemed to react to anything, for good or ill. Still, she offered Lorna a nod, as she accepted the sleeve, stepping back and around towards the kitchenette to retrieve silverware enough for two, which she carried over and set down along with some paper napkins from the bar. For herself, she reached into a pocket and retrieved a single meal MRE, which she set by her drink, "People love you when you're useful."


"Dang straight dey do." Remy says as he walks in with a large smile on his face. He is holding four bowls and four spoons in his hands. The shirt he's chosen is a simple blue t-shirt with a grey hoodie with the big yellow x-logo on the front. He also wears a pair of navy blue sweatpants with Xavier's printed down the right leg. Stolen from the woman's locker room by the cut of it and the slippers he's wearing.

"Foods ready… oh." He says looking at the young Sage while she pulls out an MRE. "No. Ah forbid it. You eat the food Ah made … an' reheated." Remy says with his eyes switching back and forth afterwards like he's hiding something.


Rogue looks up and over to watch Lorna leave and she shakes her head softly. "Goin' t'Washington ain't gonna solve nothin'. Those types only listen to money, not protesters or anythin' like that." Of course, Lorna's already gone by the time she says that and then she's looking back over to Sage. "I liked your little speech there. It was very wise. Like… Yoda." She grins lightly again. "Don't worry about her, her father is a certified mad man and her siblings are terrorists. It leaves a lotta stress on the poor girl's shoulders."

"Are you wearing women's pants?" Rogue asks then as she spots Remy walking by and setting up his food. "I swear, we gotta add some kinda security shock system inta our locker room." She sits up higher in her chair then and waits for her bowl of good. "So what is it?" She's quite curious now!


"I sometimes think family is the great wall most of those who have them spend their lives battering themselves against." Spoken like true orphan, but there was no sense of sadness in the words. At least not any shred that could be seen as being directed towards herself, "I imagine that is why they gave me the name 'Sage'. I had thought about renaming myself 'The Great Intelligence', but Doctor Who stole the rug right out from under me." She did offer Rogue something which might have been a whisper of a smile, before Remy's protest drew her attention. She settled into her seat behind the bar, after filling and serving three glasses of water. "I try to avoid eating…food." Colour me surprised. Said no one ever.


"Ah've been caught wearin' ya outfit by Hank and ya worried about me wearin' pants… Don' star' complainin' now." Remy says with a sigh before he turns around and aims his rear towards Rogue, "We know ya ladies love it anyways." he says with a quick shake before turning around and stepping up to the countertop and starts passing out bowls and spoons.

"It is a pot of One-pot, like Ah said. It's rice an' peppers an' sausages." The cajun says with a pout towards Rogue before he aims the pout at Sage, looking almost offended. "Now dat's somet'in' ya gonna haveta explain t'me." The thief takes his cooking seriously, like it's his greatest passion in life and it's something Rogue could attest to his character. Remy waits for his answer while grabbing the lid off the pot and pulling a bowl up to fill it up with food to pass to Rogue before he starts to fill up some china for Sage.


Rogue narrows her eyes at the 'One Pot' part. "I've had some strange southern dishes in my life, but I ain't never heard'a that before." She glances over to Sage and then back to Remy. "I'm afraid t'ask what 'Two Pot' has in it." She says to him with a smirk before she reaches out for the bowl to slide it over toward her. "Stop puttin' my suits on too, you're stretchin' out with your giant—" She looks up at him with a spoonful of this food in front of her chin. "Personality." She finishers her thought and then palces the spoon her mouth.

A few seconds later after she clears her palette and sips the drink Sage had made she grins at the young woman again. "Doctor Who is that British sci fi show right?" She asks. "Is it one'a those shows that's So British that you can't even understand what they're sayin'? Seen some'a those on public tv before. Couldn't follow but maybe one or two words in any sentence, and I speak fluent French!" As if that would help.


"This is what I'm used to. When I was young, this was the easiest thing to steal, or barter for. And I can keep track of exactly how many calories I'm consuming." Fine, lump Sage in with those weird people who only eat pizza, or, god forbid, chicken nuggets. "I function best when I am able to control my environment, and that includes what I consume." Which, seemed rather to the point, as she had not touched the bloody mary, but had only taken a few sips of water. "It is. It is something of an acquired taste. I appreciate the imagination that it takes to create the stories."

"You love my giant— personality." Remy says with a playful wink to Rogue before he looks down at the bowl of rice he's prepared for Sage and frowns, "Turnin' down mah food wit'out even tryin' it. Ah see how it is." He says trying to play it off as being sarcastic but slightly hurt by the refusal, that to him, feels like an empty reason. He looks to Rogue for what could only be validation, while bringing the bowl intended for Sage to himself and starts to play with the rice with the spoon he brought.


Rogue doesn't turn the food down that's for sure, she never turns down a meal made by someone else. That's just bad economic sense right there! Don't fret on it." She tells the Cajun. "We can take it back t'the store, there's plenty'a people there who'll have some of it." She does have two employees after all and a whole host of friends who hang out at the place too.

After another sip of her drink and bite of food she looks at Sage. "I like your name just how it is. It suits you. You always got this air'a… calmness about you, like you're relaxed. And the wisdom speeches help reinforce that." She smiles brightly to her before dropping her eyes back to her food and phone.


Whatever sexual or romantic innuendo passed between Rogue and Remy, up to and including the unspoken 'look at my ass' turn around by the tall Cajun seemed to fly completely unnoticed by the woman now neatly arranging her MRE, which seemed to be of a Russian variety, as it included potted meat, or pashtet, a two packets of crackers, one likely savoury and the other sweet, as well as a packet of powdered drink and a packet of jam. She even used the plastic spoon that came in the package to mix her drink. "It was not my intention to insult you or your cooking. I simply like to have things a certain way."

There was something very much like gratitude in Sage's eyes as she looked towards Rogue, "Thank you for that. Most do not have quite a…pleasant outlook towards my attitude." She fell silent a moment, before she continued, "My mutation…I suppose you could say that my primary mutation is a computer mind. But in order to operate at peak efficiency…I have had to sacrifice many other aspects of myself."


"That sounds dangerous t'me." Remy says around a mouthful of rice just before he finishes the bite and swallows it with a look at Sage and then to Rogue. He yawns largely after that but then the man takes another bite of his dinner and looks into the pot after he looks down at his bowl. Seems he shouldn't have warmed up the whole thing, but he doesn't regret it. "Why would ya give up a parta yaself?" Says the man who's given up a part of himself…


"Most don't have my southern charm, sugh." Rogue replies to Sage them showing her a big grin before she glances at Remy. "Don't worry about him and his feelings neither. If anything he made all'a this for himself and is internally bummed out that I'm eatin' some of it." She gives Remy a grin and a little wiggle of her head in his direction before she looks back to Sage. "Computer minded, huh? I barely even know how t'open my email. Its good t'have someone around here though, who's got a mutation geared solely around 'smarts'. Rather than the resta us who're just like, damage dealers." Another sip of her drink is had then and she glances over to Gambit. "Wanna head out after this? Its supposed to get super cold tonight, I don't wanna be out and about in that if it does."


"Because what I gained in return was worth the sacrifice." She spoke simply, bluntly, as if it were an entirely reasonable sacrifice. Sage, having finished preparing her drink, began the meticulous task of opening and consuming her meal, seeming quite content, not even noticing how much the meat pate looked like something that was not entirely fit for human consumption. She was absolutely fastidious, cleaning away any crumbs that dropped from the crackers as soon as they fell. "Sometimes it is. At others, blunt force is the faster and better solution. We all have something useful to bring to the table." Sage set down the cracker she had been spreading with the pate, "It is quite a journey back to Salem,a nd further to the city. Please don't think that you have to stay on my account."


"Yeah, Ah don' want ya out in dis weat'er eit'er." Remy says with another scoop of his rice and sausage shoveled into his mouth. The man chews as he looks over at Sage and gives the girl a soft nod as he turns his attention to Sage's words. "Wow. When ya put it so simply, Ah guess ya can' be wrong." Gambit says with a kind of sour smile. Giving up one's humanity for power or something like that was never something he's considered as being okay. But he keeps that to himself. It's not his place to make judgments like that though he does from time to time with the people he's closest to.

Finishing up his bowl he passes the empty to Rogue before he picks up the pot using the pot holders. "Help me get dis upstairs an den we'll get you 'ome."


Rogue stands up then and she moves around the counter with the bowl as well, kicking Gambit in the backside playfully with the side of her left boot. "You just put those on t'get inside my pants." She chides him quietly before she hands her bowl off to him. She turns then back to Sage. "Sacrifice is a dramatic word." Rogue tells the other. "I hope you're okay inside, and… if ya ever need t'talk or whatever, seriously just reach out. I'm happy t'help out members'a the team any time I'm able t'do so." She glances back to Remy then. "I'm gonna pop over to the locker rooms to get my normal clothes back on." She tells him then as she turns to make for the exit.


"Perhaps it is, as I don't consider it one. But I suppose one of the benefits of being able to switch on the parts of your mind you want and to switch off the parts that you don't, is that you also lack the ability to feel those emotions that are no longer useful to you. Not very different from the way that someone born deaf does not miss the ability to hear, because they do not know what it was like to ever have the sense." Sage rose from her seat, at least remembering enough of the etiquette she had learned to wait for Rogue and Remy to depart the room before she returned to her meal. Which she would finish before she cleaned the bar and departed herself.

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