Speaker for the Dead 1

November 08, 2018:

Dead Girl and Starman find Ninjas attacking an apartment and do what heroes do!

Park Ridge - Metropolis

Park Ridge is Metropolis' oldest incorporated borough dating back to the
1800's. In the beginning this is where the cities wealthiest families had
their homes, though the rise of St, Martin's Island has made the migration
of such things out of this borough. Despite that it still remains a
powerfully historic region and the area remains a stronghold of old money
and the upper middle class.

Currently banners claiming this area as the "City of Yesterday" hang above
the cobblestone streets keeping it shown that it is still loved by the local
artists, craftsmen and carpenters that maintain the Victorian Era
architecture down to the road that centralizes and is called Antiques Row.

The streets are clean, broad and well lit, the homes manicured and well
maintained and the businesses all sleek and orderly. Indeed if anything
is missing it's a bit of that chaotic old town feel that folks find
rustic and charming. Still, there are much, much worse places to be.





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Jack Knight doesn't exactly run into a lot of ninjas. Not in the real world anyway. He has plenty of DVDs of cheap Japanese action from the sixties and seventies. He loves a good shuriken and sword movie, who doesn't? Okay, lots of people don't, but it's pretty much right up Jack's alley. Still, you don't see a lot of ninjas in Metropolis.

Until today.

The dusk probably would've hid them better, but the light of the day is still lingering as the dark figures swarm over the outside of a building in upper Metropolis, the home of a retired diplomat who crossed a few of the wrong people in Kyoto. Not that Jack knows any of this. He just knows that people in black pajamas crawling around on ledges is never a good thing. Especially when they have swords on their backs.

Jack drops his cigarette and grinds it under his foot, "Ugh, why me? Where's Superman? He should get one of those signal things, like Batguy has…" he says, reaching into the pocket of his jacket and drawing out the stave of his cosmic rod, flicking his wrist as it lengthens fully to six feet and begins to radiate light from the jewel at its tip.


Another had been warned about the dangers of incoming Ninja. The diplomat had lost much in crossing those people- including a daughter. A daughter who, as a ghost, had found Dead Girl and told her of the coming danger. Begged her to go, and help her father.

Dead Girl is a sucker for her people- the Dead, after all, have very few advocates.

Dead Girl seems to appear from no-where, stepping out of the wall of a balcony where the diplomat lives. She looks like a creature from hell itself- glowing red eyes, corpse blue skin, razor sharp finger-claws that are just as dangerous as they seem. She growls , "You have done enough. Misery and Pain will be your only rewards if you continue."

Dead Girl is between the Ninja and the best point of entry- ready to fight them.


Jack Knight hovers up to the ninth floor, surrounded by a nimbus of transluscent light. There's a hum to the world as he uses the staff. He feels the hairs raising on the back of his neck as he puts on his aviator goggles, snapping them in place to shield his eyes from the hazards of the light he wields.

He comes up just in time to see one of the other ninjas drawing a bow and preparing to fire at Dead Girl, flicking his wrist so his staff grasps the metal in the arrowhead and flings it off to the side.

"Not that they'd do you any more good, but, really, you guys haven't figured out guns yet?" he snarks.


Dead Girl's fighting style is a little odd- a sword comes falling. It strikes her at the shoulder, biting deep. Her arm removed…. But there is no blood. No scream of pain.

Just a look of mild annoyance. "Really? You're a dick, you know that?" she asks of the ninja as she starts to move with her own sublime grace and ability. Even one-armed she can out maneuver these Ninja. She just keeps herself between them and the best entrance to the flat.

And her arm? It starts to crawl along the ground- taking an opportune moment to grab one NInja's ankle. There's a loud crunch as someone's ankle breaks.

A summersault back towards the missing appendage and Dead girl is holding her own arm by the shoulder stump, while she stomps on the Ninja's thigh. He won't be walking again today, that's for sure.

Dead Girl just puts her arm back on- good as new. A wicked grin on her face as she turns her head back towards the other Ninja, giggling. "What is dead can not die, silly ninja."


Jack Knight can't help but just watch some of the eerie antics from Dead Girl with a bit of a flabbergasted expression, "Well, fuck me running and call me Groucho," he mutters. Yeah, superpowers come in all shapes and sizes, but that one's pretty funky by any stretch of the imagination.

Then there are shuriken heading towards him and bouncing off the energy shield that surrounds Starman. He glances in irritation at the ninjas, "I think between me and Little Miss George Romero over there, you guys are probably busted like caps," he says.

Then he unleashes a solid photonic blast, zapping one of the ninjas hard into the wall until the stone around him cracks a bit.


Splut! SplutSplut! Those shuriken are a go to even against Dead Girl. Again, she's wholly unbothered that she's got at least half a dozen sticking into her body.

If anything, it's all the more terrifying when she turns with the throwing weapons stuck into her head. Her chest. Her stomach.

Dead Girl rushes forward as a few more Ninja charge, shouting a battle cry as Dead Girl's claws flash in time with the swipes of sharp swords.

And the steel of those weapons isn't much of a match for those claws, it seems, the blades broken against the stronger zombie-woman's hard claws. A kick sends one Ninja flying, another grabbed by his head as he begins to scream in abject terror.

There's a flash. A sudden weakness in the shroud that keeps Ghosts from entering the material world as the deceased suddenly seem to swarm the man Dead Girl holds- the victims of this particular Ninja seeming to claw at him and shout in so many languages.. but it was only for a split second before it's all back to normal and the man is left gibbering in insane terror, curled on the ground as Dead Girl takes a slow breath- looking twoards Jack to give a friendly smile and a wiggle of clawed fingers, "Hiiiii Mister!"


Jack Knight takes out the last of the ninjas himself, emitting a blinding flare of light from the head of the staff and then just casually cracking the guy across the head with it. There was something satisfying about it, taking him out in a physical way. A reminder that Jack is not only the staff. Although he did use the staff. So…maybe not.

"My name's Jack. Please use it, mister makes me feel old as fuck," he says. He regards her curiously. He'd seen a few supernatural heroes in his time - hell, some of his dad's best friends were horrible vengeance ghosts or ancient Egyptian sorcerors - but it was always a little odd to find that part of the world nosing its way into his relatively rational sphere. "So…sup?"


"Oh, you know, pretty standard day, I guess." Dead Girl says with a grin, "Nice to meet you, Jack. I'm Dead Girl." Very on the nose, that name.

There's a right cross from Dead Girl- a wicked thing that carries with the the crunch of a broken jaw. The ninja goes down. "Did Kimiko also ask you to help her father?" she wonders now, curious. "He's lost quite a lot, you know. His whole family for bringing evidence of some rather rotten things." she says, with only a hint of sadness as a sword is shoved through her back.

Dead Girl turns around, taking the blade with her as she turns to face the Ninja who's just lost his sword inside her body. She narrows her eyes- glowing red eyes.

The Ninja turns tail then and runs- he clearly didn't sign up to deal with someone like Dead Girl.


Jack Knight shakes his head, "I don't know any Kimikos off the top of my head. There was that one Japanese girl at the Wizard World convention in Minnesota last year, but she told me to lose her phone number. Nothing like a one night stand at a convention," he sighs.

Jack watches the last ninja flee, reaching into his pocket and reaches into his pocket, getting out his cellphone to call the cops for a pick-up, "Anyway, sorry about the dad dude. I was just like…hey, ninjas, that seems bad. I'm generally anti-murder, it's just a pet peeve of mine."


"Oh. Kimiko is dead." Dead Girl explains, as she looks down at the remaining Ninja. "Murder is the unjust killing of another. I was murdered.' she says after a moment, "A lot of people are murdered by the definition." she remarks, "But, these men, these men are murderers. They've killed many, many innocent people." she goes on.

"As a former victim, I do not see any murder here." Dead Girl remarks- but she makes no move to kill anyone. "At least, not if one of these people were to die. No…. not them." she takes a slow breath- one she doesn't really need.

"He's still alive. He's hiding in a safe room, but he'll be moving again shortly. The people he exposed are unhappy- they killed his wife and his daughter and are coming after him, now. His daughter continues to protect him, beyond death." she goes on to explain…. still smiling as she starts to pull the sword out of her body- along with the throwing weapons. "These are pretty neat."


Jack Knight raises an eyebrow, "Well, let me just give you a crazy thought of mine - just don't kill anybody. Like, actively try not to. I get that it may not be a black and white thing for you and that's okay. But it's really not that hard not killing people. I've managed not to do it and I have this giant stick to smite people with," he says.

He listens to the story about the guy and frowns, "Well. That sucks. Poor dude. Maybe we put a little bit of extra scare in them and they won't be back." he says. He squats down and looks at some of the weapons, lifting one up, "Nothing vintage. Guess you don't take heirlooms out on the battle field, even if you're a ninja. But I think that stuff counts as, like, evidence now."


Dead Girl is quiet, nodding slowly. "Hopefully, they won't be back." she says, smiling sadly over towards Jack. "It isn't that simple, Jack. I have to decide for the Dead. If killing a murderer releases a soul to rest… is it a crime? I'm already dead, I know what that is like. I know what it feels like to be murdered."

Not something that can easily be shared. Most of the time- nearly all the time- the murdered don't come back. "I killed my murderer… well. I drove him to suicide." she clarifies, "But I am responsible for that death- was that Murder?" she wonders, as she leans against the wall as the holes in her body seem to seal almost immediately. she's good as new.5r


Jack Knight reaches into his pocket and pulls out a silver cigarette case, flipping it open, Mickey Mouse's visage etched into the outside of it. "Look, I don't know. Honestly, yeah, it seems kind of complicated. I'm not judging or anything, except maybe a little, but I feel bad about it and know I should just mind my own business. Truth is, I get bein' mad enough to do that sort of thing, especially about something personal. But a lot of this isn't. Superhero stuff is just…trying to fight the bad guys. And that means not becoming a bad guy yourself. I know, it sounds dumb, but the ones who actually do it that way are usually the best at it."


Dead Girl just grins quietly, "What are they going to do? Kill me?" she asks, that grin slightly wicked as those red eyes stare at Jack - a balefire glare across the shroud of life and death to stare directly at Jack.

"We fight for different people, I think, Jack. I fight for the Dead. I speak for the Dead." she offers, "But, if given the choice, I'd rather not send more to join them. It makes more work." she says, off hand as her body turns somewhat more translucent and she floats over to join him in the air. In the void- now seeming all the more like a ghost. She hovers in the air near him- looking at him closer now.

So close he could see her youth- her face not unlovely, but for the corpse-blue tone. There is no doubt that this is a reanimated body and that Dead Girl is exactly as she says- dead.

"I really only care about the living when the two intersect. TO help a child because his mother requests it. To defend an old man because his daughter loves him." she says, glancing back at the area where the Ninja lay in various states of pain or fear.

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