Dead in the Moon's Shadow

November 05, 2018:

Dead Girl hunts a man for his sins and meets Moon Knight. Judgement, and justice, follow soon after.

South Hook - Gotham

The southern most point of Gotham is South Hook; also called
Tricorner Island. It is a triangular shaped island that was home to the
Tricorner Naval Yard (which was decommissioned by the Navy in the 70s). The
shipbuilding industry was massive here once and South Hook was a monolith
amongst the Eastern shoes of the United States in the industry for fishing,
commerce, transportation and marine-based activity.
It was a rather powerful force of economy but many accidental
fires, poor building planning and overpopulation had left it's stain upon
the Dockside District, and the finale of it all in 2016.
The entire island itself was dotted with smaller islands, small
naval yards, docks, warfs and fishing businesses that thrived and worked
alongside the port, Gotham Harbor and major facilities that called Tricorner
Island home.
After the corruption was bled out of South Hook it was also home to
many communities and perhaps some of the largest concentration of GCPD
residential houses. Even former Commissioner James Gordon had a home on
South Hook.

…But then Apokolips dropped an Obelisk upon the community and
forced even Gordon from his residence. This is not what it used to be and is
now a site of slums and squalor as well as devastation.


NPCs: Greg Hollard, The Ghost of Kevin Hollard



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Fade In…


A shriek tears through the night- not unexpected in a place like Gotham's slum infested South Hook. A man is running- screaming in terror as he hurries through rainy, mostly empty night-touched streets.

It's not possible to see what is chasing him… because Dead Girl is chasing him through the stones of the streets, a ghost in form as she stalks him. Following him wherever he goes.

The man is burley, wielding a pistol that he holds onto with a white-knuckled death grip. "Jesus Christ, someone help me!!" he shouts.

But this is Gotham. No one will open their doors to that call- not here. Not in this place. "She's going to get me, help! For god's sake, someone!"


And yet the streets, while mostly empty, are not entirely so.

A limousine appears from a cross street and stops in the middle of the intersection a block ahead of the terrified man.

One of the rear doors opens and a man dressed in an all-white suit and a mask that covers his entire head steps out. He adjusts his sleeves' cuffs with hands in white leather gloves.

"/Someone/ has heard you, traveler in the night," he calls out in a calm voice. "But /should/ she get you?"


"Jesus Christ, she's the devil, man!" The man shouts, "I didn't do anything! I just got home and she was there. She's been following me all night, help me! She's going to get me!"

Terror. It's a real terror- here, that man in white can see the man has been slashed on the face- like from the claw of a beast. It's a light cut- blood already coagulated and closing the wounds. "She's out to get me, Man! Help, please!" he says.

"Oh. He won't help you." Comes a voice from the darkness- a pair of red orbs suddenly there from a nearby alley. "No one can help you, now. I'm here for him. For *him*." comes the surprisingly sweet voice. "Did you think he'd forget? Just because he is dead, doesn't mean he is gone. He trusted you. Trusted you…" That sweetness turning darker and darker as a pale corpse of a woman steps out of the darkness- "He killed a child. Yes. His own child. His own son."

"It was an accident!" The man shrieks, raising his pistol to fire at Dead Girl- he hits. Five good shots into her body. Her head turned inside-out as one bullet rockets through her skull. Still, she shambles forward, as her head shifts and turns and soon seems unbothered at all. IT wasn't much of an inconvenience.


The man in white tilts his head slightly to one side. "Hunted by ghosts in the darkness?" he asks, walking slowly toward the man. "Luckily, the moon has its own knight to protect its children."

He pauses mid-step, however, at the disembodied voice. "Hmm," the white-clad man muses, lifting a hand to his chin. "So perhaps the knight has already failed, then."

As the rounds are fired at the woman with seemingly no effect, Mister Knight lifts his arms out to either side of his body. "You don't have much farther to run, it seems!" he shouts. "I suspect, though, that /those/ were not accidents."

He moves swiftly, a trio of small crescent-shaped throwing weapons appearing between his fingers before being flung at the man's pistol arm.


The man fires again at Dead Girl- and it hits, true, where her heart is. A blast of meat from behind as the 10mm bullet tears through human flesh. Human flesh that stirs and heals in moments after the bullet has shattered through her rib cage. One can see the muscles, bones- her heart itself coming back together.

The man shrieks in pain as the throwing weapons embed into his arm, causing him to drop the pistol. "Jesus Christ! It was years ago, I've changed! I swear it, I didn't mean for it to happen!" The man sobs out as Dead Girl continues to approach- baleful red eyes like the piercing fires of the underworld. "It was an accident, I swear!"

"The Dead can speak now, Greg Hollard. The Dead speak to Dead Girl, don't you know, that justice comes for those who make ghosts. Justice for Kevin. Justice for your son." She growls as she gets closer and closer- the man staring now between the two as he tries to run off again into the dark. Into an alley.

Dead Girl moves, suddenly, faster than almost any human could hope to move. Faster than an Olympic sprinter, as she tackles the man bodily, they're both on the ground soon with Dead Girl on top. One hand on the man's throat, the other quite sharp as claws pierce his forearm to lock him onto the ground. "You *murdered* him. MURDERED him… to get to his mother." she growls, even as the man grabs a knife from his boot and stabs it through the side of Dead Girl's head. Again, she is unaffected- the military style knife stuck in her skull, point sticking out the other side.


Mister Knight strides toward the grappling duo, a baton gripped in his right hand.

"You can't silence the dead," he says firmly, even as Greg stabs the dead girl in the skull. "No matter how much you might want to. They just won't stay quiet. Or down," he adds, glancing at the moving corpse-woman.

Mister Knight points his baton at the man's arm and presses into its side. With a *PAFFF* sound, the head of the baton springs out like a small grappling hook attached to a line deploying from within the baton.

"And when the dead come back," Knight adds, trying to tug sharply on his hook and line, "it's really best to humor them. At least if you really do want that silence in the end."


The man's arm, once on the knife, is suddenly pulled down and way from Dead Girl. The knife goes flying, his fist still held on it before it's suddenly yanked away. "I know what happened. I've *seen* it. Kevin is here. Now…." she growls, and indeed the barrier between worlds starts to waver as the ghost of a boy can be seen- a hole between his eyes like the void. Holding a small bear in both arms. It's only a moment, a moment where the man sees the face of his dead son- and then he starts shrieking in abject terror.

"Oh, he was kidnapped, you said, broke his mother up. She committed suicide. You collected the insurance money- but no, she left no ghost. No… only Kevin to watch it all, to watch as you destroyed his mother, after murdering him." she growls… her hand tightening around his throat, as one finger grows long- a claw. She presses it between the man's eyes- blood starting to flow as it so easily breaks skin.

"How about we let the other make the decision, yes?" Dead Girl asks, turning her gaze towards Moon Knight. "Should he die for his sins?" she asks, "Should I send his soul to hell?" she turns her face back towards the terrified man- who's screams have been cut off by that strong hand around his throat. He struggles to breath, now. "You know that is where you'll go.. don't you? Straight to perdition."


"You've got my role here confused," Mister Knight says, leaning down to unwrap his hook's line from Greg's arm, one of his heels on the man's wrist to keep him from holding onto the knife. "I am the servant of Khonshu, not Anubis. I'm not the one to weigh sins."

He turns to look up at the moon, which is currently not quite a quarter visible.

"Make your own choice, Hollard. If you want your son to rest - to let /you/ rest - you'll need to make amends. Somehow." He nods at the knife. "That's one solution. The other, I imagine, would be to give that money you collected to help other children alone and in need."

Knight sighs. "Either is likely to reduce a burden." He glances at Dead Girl. "Does that sound fair to the boy?"


The ghost hangs there in the air before speaking. "Protect other children. Save other children…." Dead Girl nods, as she draws her claws down the man's face- leaving a trail of blood as she so easily slices through the skin. "That's the funny thing about sons. Even now, he still loves." he whispers into the man's ear, "Worthless as you are, he wants you to live." she growls softly before drawing her hand around his throat back- bruising there. "He'll always be there, watching you, Mister Hollard. He will tell me if you fail him a second time… do you promise?"

"I promise!" Greg chokes out, "Please, I promise, I'll help people. I'll help children, I swear to God. I swear I'll never hurt another person as long as I live, I swear to God."

Dead Girl stands up, easily dragging Greg to his feet, holding him up as if he weighed nothing at all. Glowing Red Eyes focused on his. "I will come for you if you fail him. I will find you, you can not hide from me- you can not hide from him." The Ghost child starts to fade away, even as Dead Girl just drops the man, who's taken sobbing, whispering words- begging for forgiveness from his long dead son as he crawls and tries to escape this terror. Tries to escape this nightmare.

Dead Girl turns then to face Moon Knight- curious, perhaps as she approaches slowly. Looking at him with eyes that can see into the mystical realms, beyond the shroud of death. "Dead Girl." she offers a hand, fingers no longer like claws- albeit still bloody.


Mister Knight watches the ghost child fade away, his arms folded across his chest. "So it is sworn and witnessed." He turns to look at someone - something? - next to him and nods several times for no reason.

Then, when Dead Girl approaches him and introduces herself, Knight smiles beneath his mask and takes her hand. "Enchante," he replies. "You can call me Mister Knight - for now, at least."

Knight gestures back to his limo. "Greg Hollard can find his own way home, I think. But can I offer you a ride somewhere?"


"He's got to find his way on his own from here. Hopefully, he chooses correctly." Dead Girl replies quietly, nodding her head, "A pleasure, Mister Knight." she says, as she looks to the limo. "I don't have any more plans for the evening." she states simply.

"Why, do you want to go somewhere?" she asks, next, curious. "Who were you talking to?" she wonders, then- looking to that blank space- checking the Astral plane for anything to be seen.


"Hm? Oh, that wasn't - that is - hm," Mister Knight says with a sharp exhale through his nose. "It's just that, ah, someone I know thought - thinks - you're important." He pauses. "Yes. Khonshu. Enough already," he adds in a hiss.

Clearing his throat, Knight adjusts his tie. "I have other denizens of the night to keep an eye on. Thought you might be interested. Another time, perhaps."

He pivots on a heel and begins walking back toward his limo.


Dead Girl watches for a long, quiet moment. Quiet as only the Dead can be. No breathing. No heartbeat. She just nods quietly, before she seems to just fall through the ground- into nothingness. Away on spectral feet towards no-where in particular.

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